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Chapter 1283 - Lord of the Sealed Realm

This dream was very deep, so much so that it was impossible to separate it from reality. Before Wang Lin, there was fog. Some elongated light sources inside the fog quickly flashed by.

Wang Lin was only an invisible soul as he wandered the foggy world in a daze. He slowly moved and gradually dissipated, until one day his soul would completely disappear and would cease to exist. He was very cold, and the cold was intense as it spread across his soul.

He had moved for an unknown amount of time. There was no sun or moon or even the concept of time. It was different from the outside world. As he moved forward, Wang Lin gradually realized that the light moving within the fog contained the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth elements.

They gave him a very familiar feeling, as if all five elements felt very familiar to him.

"This is… the world of the Heaven Defying Bead…" One month; two months; three months, or one year; two years; three years… Wang Lin didn't know how much time had passed, but his soul didn't dissipate...

During these countless years, a warm, blood red light would sometimes come from all directions and dispel the coldness within Wang Lin. This gradually nourished his soul, causing him to slowly turn from transparent to half-corporeal.

The confusion surrounding Wang Lin gradually dissipated as the blood light nourished him. He looked around and gradually remembered many things, including the world he saw almost 2,000 years ago.

"I collected the five elements here…" Wang Lin silently pondered when the confusion dissipated. A feeling of awakening washed over him, only to find that after awakening, he was still in a dream.

He silently felt his surroundings and looked back. During this unknown amount of time of wandering, he had entered deep into the Heaven Defying Bead. Now he was unable to find his way back.

Even if he found it, there was no path out. He seemed to be trapped here and would have to wait for an eternity.

"Wan Er is also here…" Wang Lin was used to being lonely, used to being the only person in the world. He felt no discomfort here.

"However, I remember that I have already collapsed everything. Why did I appear here…" Wang Lin frowned as he looked at his body and revealed a bitter expression.

He saw his body in a half-transparent state. It was obvious he was only a soul. He also saw the warm blood light coming from all directions nourishing him, allowing him to get rid of his confusion and for his soul to take shape.

"This blood light is…" Wang Lin was stunned as he watched the blood light enter his body and give him a warm feeling. However, no matter what, he couldn't think of what the blood light was...

"Could it be a mysterious force within the Heaven Defying Bead that can nourish the soul?" Wang Lin pondered for a moment. It seemed like only this answer could explain everything.

However, he felt like there was something wrong. Just as he was about to think about it more, a whisper suddenly came from the distance inside this dream.

"Here… Here…"

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. This whisper entered his ears and turned into a ripple that echoed inside his soul. Staring ahead, Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

"This voice is strange. It can shake the soul. I'm the owner of the Heaven Defying Bead, so I want to see what this voice is!"

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slowly moved forward.

He didn't move fast, and because he was only a soul, he moved like a breeze floating forward. He entered the fog and disappeared.

Wang Lin moved faster and faster. As he moved forward, he clearly felt the blood that was always there. The blood light chased after Wang Lin and nourished his soul, causing that warm feeling to become stronger and stronger.

"What is this blood light…" As Wang Lin moved forward, he frowned. He couldn't think of the origin of this blood light.

As he moved forward, his speed was faster than lightning. He broke through the fog with a thunderous rumble. Now he moved countless times faster than when he was confused.

The fog was pushed back and immediately collapsed before Wang Lin's speed. Wang Lin pierced his way through. Time slowly passed. One year, two years, three years...

Wang Lin continued to fly. He was a soul and used no origin energy. This was the Heaven Defying Bead, and he was its owner, so he was like a fish in water. As he moved forward, the fog became thinner.

Throughout these years, the blood light didn't stop at all, continuing to nourish Wang Lin's soul. This caused his soul to no longer be transparent; it had turned corporeal.

However, Wang Lin could feel that although this blood light was still warm, it was weakening and gradually becoming cold...

An unknown amount of time had passed. As Wang Lin flew throughout the years, the whisper would come and become more and more clear.

"Here… Here…"

Wang Lin moved faster and faster. On this day, he suddenly stopped and stared ahead. Before him, within the thin fog, a heaven-piercing door suddenly appeared!

Wang Lin was no stranger to this door, he had seen it several times!

This large door stood in the Heaven Defying Bead and was boundless. Anyone who stood before it would have the illusion they were an ant.

At this moment, as Wang Lin closed in, the giant, stone door rumbled and slowly opened. A giant crack opened, causing a thunderous rumble.

"Here… Here…" The voice came from the crack, and it was even more clear. At this close distance, the voice passed into Wang Lin's ears like ripples and caused his origin soul to distort!

"It indeed is him!" Wang Lin's pupils shrank as he stared at the stone door and became silent. He had thought of some guesses about the voice during these several years and naturally thought of the door that appeared from the Heaven Defying Bead. Seeing it now, although he was shocked, it was a surprise.

As he was being nourished by the blood light over the years, his origin soul had become even more solid, and he had regained more memories. He remembered the jade that suddenly appeared in his battle with Daoist Water!

He also remembered what Daoist Water exclaimed. This jade was the Jade of the Sealed Realm, and it was something that belonged to Daoist Water's master! Wang Lin had always been confused about something, and now he vaguely had an answer!

What he was puzzled about was why the white-haired boy wanted to kill him. However, now, after awakening his memory and after his battle against Daoist Water, Wang Lin had figured out that Daoist Water's master was the Lord of the Sealed Realm and the Heaven Defying Bead's last owner!

The white-haired boy had obviously felt his master's aura and had come to kill Wang Lin. That's why, after devouring Wang Lin's blood, he said, "Not a reincarnation!"!

Then he searched Wang Lin's soul for the Heaven Defying Bead. His goal was to find his master and kill him!

Wang Lin had seen through all of this. That's why the white-haired boy was so alarmed and revealed endless fear when he saw the jade!

The Lord of the Sealed Realm was obviously not dead. When Wang Lin's memories awakened, he clearly remembered that a finger had come out of the jade. It pressed the seven-colored nail into the white-haired boy's skull, causing him to escape with serious injuries!

"Here… Come in… Here…" Standing before the stone gate, the muttering became even more clear. It slowly swept forward and changed the world inside the Heaven Defying Bead!

Wang Lin was calm as he stared at the stone door and slowly said, "Who are you?"

After a long silence, a muttering voice came out. "I… I'm the Lord of the Sealed Realm, the ruler of the Sealed Realm… come in… I have no malice… I won't hurt you…" 

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He vaguely felt like there was a heaven-shaking secret inside that door. A secret related to the Heaven Defying Bead and a path for him to leave this place!

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin no longer hesitated and flew at the door. He closed in in an instant and stepped into the gap of the stone door!

Cloud Sea, rank 2 region. There was a remote wild continent hidden deep within the fog. Cultivators rarely came here, and it was a desolate place.

There was a valley on this continent. Li Qianmei was sitting inside the valley, and before her was a crystal clear statue.

The stone statue was covered in blood, and the blood gradually dissipated. Li Qianmei's face was extremely pale, with no trace of blood. Her blue hair was no longer shining, and she slowly opened her eyes. There was no light in her eyes, only sadness.

She raised her right hand. Her five fingers were cracked and dried. This was not the hand of a young woman, but the hand of an old woman.

After taking off a scab that hadn't healed yet, Li Qianmei's eyes gradually lit up and became filled with determination. She began covering the stone statue in blood once more.

Four years had passed. In these four years, Li Qianmei hadn't left this place. She silently accompanied the stone statue and nourished it with her blood.

Four years ago, she only needed to cover the statue in blood and then had 10 hours to rest. Four years later, the stone statue became even more shiny and required more blood. She had to cover it in blood four times a day, and her time to rest was less than four hours...

"I'll awaken you…" Li Qianmei looked at the stone statue. There were no tears coming out from her eyes. There was only a crack formed by tear constantly flowing. Within these four years, she had asked herself many time: was all of this… worth it...

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