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Chapter 1282 - Beginning of a Great Opportunity

Daoist Water let out a miserable scream, and at this moment, an invisible flame seemed to burn his soul. This caused a violent pain that erupted inside his body!

The seven-colored nail was specially made for killing third step cultivators! The mysterious meteorite that was refined by the Sovereign contained a power not even the Sovereign himself understood. This power could damage a third step cultivators to an unimaginable degree!

Even the Lord of the Sealed Realm died after being stabbed by over 90 seven-colored nails! The incomprehensible force caused unimaginable damage.

Right now, if this seven-colored nail hadn't completely entered Daoist Water, he wouldn't be in a life and death crisis.

However, the avatar of the old man from the Wind Celestial Realm arrived, and his surprise finger had pushed the nail five inches deep. This made Daoist Water almost crazy, and he couldn't suppress it.

Using his powerful third step cultivation, Daoist Water barely suppressed it by force. He was going to kill Wang Lin and enter closed door cultivation to heal.

However, he could have never expected that the moment his spell arrived to kill Wang Lin, his master's jade would appear!

The shock the jade had brought him wasn't any weaker than seeing the Heaven Defying Bead or his master! However, none of this brought him despair, until… the finger appeared!

Daoist Water was too familiar with this finger. He recognized at a glance. It was… dis master's finger!

This discovery made him almost lose his wits. He didn't have time to beg before the finger descended, causing the seven-colored nail to completely enter his skull!

At this moment, when the seven-colored nail had completely entered Daoist Water's skull, the seven-colored nail began to melt. It gave off a powerful seven-colored glow that filled his brain!

At this moment, Daoist Water's orifices all gave off seven-colored light! His head was like a cork with seven holes where seven-colored light could shine out of!

While screaming miserably, Daoist Water seemed to have gone crazy, and he rapidly retreated. His eyes were filled with a monstrous struggle as he resisted the seven-colored light in his mind. It was just that no matter how much he struggled, it was useless. The seven-colored nail had turned into liquid in an instant and filled his mind.

The pain was heart-wrenching, and Daoist Water let out painful screams. The struggle in his eyes became even weaker and he almost lost his mind.

"Master, you gave me a charm to exempt me from three dangers. Now that the three times have been used up, you came to kill me… Karma, karma, karma!!!" Daoist Water let out a miserable smile, but his face looked ferocious.

"I won't obey! After you died, I reached the third step and became a powerhouse. I'm the lord of the God Sect. I'll take your place! 1.5 billion Water Dao disciples, explode for me!! Give me your Joss Flames to resist the Seven-Colored God Void Nail!!" Daoist Water let out a mournful roar as he retreated like crazy. He broke through the void and retreated back toward the God Sect.

The giant cultivation planet closely followed him. The 1.5 billion Water Dao disciples collapsed and the Joss Flames that belonged only to third step cultivators rushed into Daoist Water's brain to resist the seven-colored light. Thunderous rumbles echoed inside Daoist Water's body and disappeared with him.

Daoist Water was crazed the whole way. He constantly suppressed the destruction inside his body and quickly disappeared!

The thunderous rumbles gradually weakened after he left. Only silence remained. It was so quiet, it was as if no other existence was left!

Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes. He had broken everything. Even though he hadn't self-destructed to take Daoist Water down with him, his injuries were far more serious than the ones he sustained back in the Demon Spirit Land!

All his vitality had been consumed and he had become old. The moment he closed his eyes, the three vortexes returned to his body and the fives essences moved to inside his body.

However, no matter what, they could not recover the lost vitality.

Just as he closed his eyes, a vortex appeared between his eyebrows and the Heaven Defying Bead slowly flew out. The moment it appeared, it melted and spread out across his entire body.

At this moment, Wang Lin seemed to become a stone person! A statue of an old man!

At the same time, the jade floating before him also melted and entered Wang Lin's eyebrows, disappearing without a trace.

Shortly after, not far away, where the trident collapsed, there was a cloud of crystal light. The light closed in on Wang Lin and disappeared into his right hand.

Also, at this moment, where the third God Slaying War Chariot's butterfly had collapsed, there was a weak, seven-colored glow. A vague seven-colored butterfly formed and struggled to flap its wings. It slowly flew toward Wang Lin and dissipated into specks of seven-colored light that entered Wang Lin's body.

There were also those two black and white short swords. They reformed as phantoms as if a mysterious force had brought them back to life. They turned into black and white deer before entering Wang Lin's body.

Everything was over.

Wang Lin's consciousness was immersed in darkness and he slowly fell asleep.

His body became stone under the mysterious power of the Heaven Defying Bead and slowly floated among the stars.

The rank 5 region had collapsed. It was now filled with spatial cracks and the cold wind coming from within them. There was also a large amount of hidden vortexes. Wang Lin floated through the rank 5 region.

After an unknown amount of time, it could be one day, 10 days, or maybe one month… Wang Lin had turned into a statue of an old man and continued wandering the rank 5 region. Sometimes he would encounter a vortex and get thrown far away. Sometimes he would encounter a spatial crack and cracks would appear all over his body.

There was also a woman in the rank 5 region. She had arrived an unknown amount of time ago. When she arrived at the battle ground where Wang Lin and Daoist Water had fought, tears flowed down her face.

"Am I late…" The woman bit her lower lip until blood came out. She looked sadly ahead. At this moment, it was as if her heart had died.

A death aura surrounded her body and lingered.

"Do you want to save him…" An ancient voice came from the stars and landed in the woman's ears.

The woman's body trembled.

"He isn't dead, but he is dead. You need to find the stone statue he turned into and then I'll teach you of a way. Maybe… it can bring him back, but this method has a big price…" The voice became weaker until it felt as if it was never there.

However, his words made had the woman's eyes shine with determination. She gently nodded as she wiped away her tears and began searching through the collapsed rank 5 region.

Time passed by. Three days, 10 days, 19 days… until 30 days later...

In the corner of the rank 5 region, the woman saw the statue of an old man filled with cracks. She hugged the statue and her tears fell down on it, but no sound came from the statue.

Holding the stone statue and shedding tears, the woman gradually left to a place no one could find. To a wild continent hidden in an unknown region of the Cloud Sea.

There were many fierce beasts on this continent because very few people had found this place over the countless years. When the woman arrived, the fierce beasts began to roar, but they immediately became silent. It seemed the aura coming from the woman's body had made the beasts tremble, and they didn't dare to make a sound.

In the northern part of this wild continent, the woman descended into a valley with the stone statue. She tidied the valley up and silently looked at the stone statue as they settled down together.

Every day, the woman would stand before the stone statue, bite her fingertip, and cover the stone statue with blood. The stone statue was very rough, so the pain in her finger was intense. However, the woman looked at the eyes of the stone statue as if she didn't know what pain was.

The stone statue was very big, the size of a person. To cover it in blood would take a long time, and her wound would often heal halfway.

After doing this many times, this pain was like torture!

Day after day, this pain was worse than any torture!

Every time she covered the statue with blood, the statue would absorb the blood. It would shine as if it had recovered some vitality, and it even looked less old! At the start, after covering it in blood, it would take a full day to absorb, but as time passed, the speed increased and the blood would often dissipate in 10 hours, causing the woman to have to cover it again.

One month, two months… four months… seven months… one year!

A whole year had passed. The woman needed to cover the entire stone statue with blood without missing a spot. She looked very beautiful while carefully covering the statue...

In this year of time, the stone statue had become brighter and brighter. Its appearance slowly changed from an old man and became younger. Only the woman's face had become more and more pale. The large amount of blood loss that contained origin energy made her look like a blooming flower that was wilting.

"He has lost his vitality. If it was ordinary vitality, it could be restored. However, what he lost was the vitality of his mind, his origin soul, and his soul. If you want to revive him, you must nourish him with vitality…"

The woman silently looked at the statue. Her gaze seemed eternal...

At this moment, Wang Lin was seeing a dream while he slept… A dream with one of the biggest opportunities in his life, and it was related to the Heaven Defying Bead...

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