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Chapter 1284 - The Origin of the Heaven Defying Bead

Wang Lin didn't know any of this was going on...

At this moment, he stepped into the door in the Heaven Defying Bead. With one step, he seemed to have entered another world! This place had an endless starry sky. There was no fog, only bright stars. It looked very beautiful!

This starry sky was very, very quiet...

It was also very unfamiliar to Wang Lin.

"You're the third person… to enter this door…" The murmur echoed slowly in the starry sky. At this moment, the stars began to shine and light erupted from the endless stars. The light condensed before Wang Lin to form a starlight vortex.

"Come in… The third person fated with me…"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he stepped into the vortex. The moment he entered, his soul disappeared, and when he appeared once more, what appeared before him was a blue sky and black earth!

There was a planet in the door. The black earth contained grass that rustled as the wind blew.

The sky was blue without any clouds. It was like the sea upside down in the air.

There was a giant tree piercing the heavens before him. The tree was as tall as the heavens, and a green light was coming from the tree, but it couldn't hide the damage the tree had suffered.

This giant tree seemed to have lost all life and was slowly dying as it struggled.

Wang Lin looked at the giant tree before him and sucked in a breath of cold air.

The murmur came from the giant tree and echoed across the world. "This tree was formed by my life Nirvana Realm treasure. It is the only reason I have survived until now…" 

Wang Lin's mind trembled as he looked at the giant tree. It was very big, enough to compete with the ancient gods.

"I came from the Ancient Celestial Realm. I have long forgotten my name. After arriving, people called me the 'Lord of the Sealed Realm' or 'ruler of the realed realm…' Before you, two more people came here. I don't know their names, but to be able to enter here means they are fated with me. I gave the first person a superb dao spell and my comprehension of the world...

"The second person that entered, I gave him half a body of law, making his talent shocking!

"You are the third cultivator to enter here. What do you want…"

Wang Lin silently pondered. After a long time, he looked at the giant tree and slowly asked, "You forced Daoist Water to retreat?"

"If you hadn't found my jade, I wouldn't have been able to help you. But you found jade, so I can use it to help you a bit… That slave betrayed me, but I gave him a charm to protect him three times. The last time had been used, and that's why I attacked…"

Wang Lin suppressed the shock in his heart and calmly asked, "Why are you helping me?"

Wang Lin's words caused the giant tree to become silent. After a long time, a whisper came from the old tree.

"A long time ago, there was no inner or Outer Realm in the Ancient Star System. In this boundless star system, there was a holy place called the Ancient Celestial Realm. The Ancient Celestial Realm ruled the Ancient Star System and caught people. All living beings, after reaching a high enough cultivation level to open their own space, could enter the Ancient Celestial Realm and become a member of the Ancient Celestial Realm...

"Everything was moving as it should, but a treasure that came from a foreign star system caused a dramatic upheaval!

"This upheaval caused the Ancient Celestial Realm to split in half and dissipate. The path to ascension was closed and all passages were shut off...

"Due to this, the Ancient Star System was split into the Inner and Outer Realms, and the Sealed Realm formation was created. The part of the Ancient Celestial Realm on the outside became the holy place for the Outer Realm… And in the Inner Realm, there was the other part of the Ancient Celestial Realm. I came from there…"

As Wang Lin listened to the ancient voice, a shockwave spread through his mind. This secret was known by very few people. He also never thought the Inner and Outer Realms had such a connection!

The Ancient Celestial Realm had split in two and caused the Ancient Star System to split into the Inner and Outer Realms!

"The Ancient Celestial Realm suffered heavily under that upheaval, and countless people died. Even the Celestial Emperor, who existed since the beginning, was seriously injured by that treasure. He went into closed door cultivation and no longer asked about the outside. However, the Ancient Celestial Realm people that went to the Outer Realm always eyed the Inner Realm under the leadership of the Nine Celestial Concubine. What they wanted was that treasure and the path to the Ancient Celestial Realm!

"As the ancient Dao Celestial, I descended from the Ancient Celestial Realm to rule over the Inner Realm to resist the Outer Realm's invasion and battle them! However, before I could complete my mission, I was betrayed by my dao slave. I was seriously injured by the people of the Outer Realm and the ancient celestials of the Outer Realm. In the end, a celestial concubine attacked, destroying my body. I was forced to enter the Heaven Defying Bead and exist as the treasure spirit…"

Wang Lin's mind trembled, and he quickly asked, "What is the Heaven Defying Bead?"

"The thing that caused the huge upheaval in the Ancient Celestial Realm, the treasure that came from a foreign star system was the Heaven Defying Bead. But the real treasure was a compass. There were nine heavenly treasures on this compass. When we got the compass, there were only three treasures left, and the Heaven Defying Bead was placed at center. The Ancient Celestial Realm of the Inner Realm got the other two. I was supposed to rule the Inner and Outer Realms, so the Celestial Emperor had given me this bead...

"However, I wasn't the first owner of the Heaven Defying Bead. In my countless years of study, I found that there were two more masters of the Heaven Defying Bead. Each of them was far stronger than me… They must've been cultivators from a foreign star system!

"Also, I inferred that the Heaven Defying Bead was the most important part of the compass! Unfortunately, the Celestial Emperor was in closed door cultivation; otherwise, he would've been able to break through and find the final secret of the Heaven Defying Bead. The location of the Ancient God Realm!"

"Ancient God Realm!" Wang Lin obtained more and more shocking secrets, each one more shocking than the last. He had just heard of the origin of the Ancient Celestial Realm and the Heaven Defying Bead. Now he was hearing about the Ancient God Realm!

"The Ancient God Realm should exist… I don't know much about it either… At present, I should be dead, but my mission isn't complete. The Celestial Emperor is still in closed door cultivation and the Ancient Celestial Realm is still sealed. We mustn't let the Outer Realm people enter; otherwise, the consequences will be unthinkable! 

"The two other people that entered here didn't become the masters of the Heaven Defying Bead; they are only my pawns. However, you are different. You made the Heaven Defying Bead accept you as its master, so I want to help you. I want you to become the Lord of the Sealed Realm and guard the Sealed Realm for me. Resist the invasion of the Outer Realm until the Celestial Emperor comes out of closed door cultivation, until the seal to the Ancient Celestial Realm opens!

"After I help you, I'll completely dissipate. I will turn into a Nirvana Realm treasure and fuse with the heart of the Sealed Realm Formation to strength it and give you more time to grow!

"If you can complete this great task and hand the Heaven Defying Bead to the Celestial Emperor when he awakens, you will be greatly rewarded. All your wishes will come true, even if you wish for the woman inside the coffin to be reborn!"

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and stared at the giant tree. He became silent.

"This person has observed me for a long time and knows everything about me. He knows my desire to resurrect Wan Er. He is using this to make me yield to the so called Celestial Emperor!

"He wants me to hand over the Heaven Defying Bead once the Celestial Emperor awakens. Once I obey, I will be in complete control of the Celestial Emperor. Everything will be in his control. If he is happy, he can revive Wan Er, and if he isn't, he could kill us both. How could I do such a thing? However, if I want to leave, I must deal with this person. This person doesn't have ill intent towards me, he is just old-fashioned to an extreme. After Daoist Water betrayed him, he still kept his word on protecting Daoist Water three times, missing the chance to kill the traitor until now!"

Wang Lin pondered for a moment and slowly said, "What can you give me?"

Just after he spoke, the giant tree trembled and a shocking pressure came out. This aura was like a storm, and it charged straight for Wang Lin. After surrounding Wang Lin, it directly pulled Wang Lin into the giant tree.

"I have studied the Heaven Defying Bead for many years. There are too many secrets in here, and I can't find them all. However, I found the ability to extract power from outside the Ancient Star System and imprint it on your soul. This won't make you step into the heavens, but it'll allow you to enter the dao realm. As for what you can obtain, it will be up to you." The old voice echoed and shook the world before it gradually dissipated.

Time reversed and the wheel of time was revealed. Unknowingly, autumn left and spring arrived. The sun and moon alternated and another two years passed. On the wild continent in the rank 2 region, Li Qianmei had accompanied Wang Lin's stone statue for almost six years.

Six years was slow for mortals, but there was also the phrase "10 years in the blink of an eye." Six years wasn't much, but it wasn't little either.

For a cultivator, six years was like the flick of a finger, and it would pass in an instant. However, Li Qianmei had spent these six years covering the stone statue in blood. These six years were like 600...

Although she was still beautiful, she looked sickly and had become a lot more slim. However, her eyes were still filled with determination and persistence.

Right now she had less than two hours of rest a day. She would spend these two hours pouring all her effort into cultivating to strive to recover more vitality before covering the statue in blood once again.

Her fragile appearance was like a fallen flower. Anyone who saw her would feel heartbroken for her.

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