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Chapter 1281 - Jade of the Sealed Realm

Daoist Water was scared out of his wits from the essences that had come from Wang Lin's body, and his eyes almost popped out. Wang Lin's three essences were far beyond his imagination. He didn't dare to think about the destructive power Wang Lin would have if he lived and became a third step cultivator in 1,000 years!

"The moment he reaches the third step, he will be powerful enough to face those that have been at the early stage of Nirvana Void for tens of thousands of years. In fact, they will be no match for him at all. Such a heaven-defying figure would even make the heavens jealous. He should never appear! I will kill him, I must kill him. If not, there will be no place for me in the future!"

At this moment, Daoist Water didn't even know that three essences weren't even Wang Lin's limit.

He had given up his life and comprehended his first essence, the life and death essence. He had shattered his ancient god stars and comprehended his second essence, the karma essence. He had destroyed his star of law and comprehended his third essence, the true and false essence!

However, within his body, which hadn't dissipated yet, there was still the fire of the Vermillion Bird!

This Vermillion Bird fire had already gone through three metamorphoses. Each metamorphosis had greatly increased his comprehension of fire. The third metamorphosis allowed Wang Lin's mastery of fire to reach a terrifying degree!

All fire spells had to yield before him!

If there was a cultivator that cultivated fire spells, Wang Lin could waved his hand and trigger the other person's fire to kill them. Even if they didn't cultivate fire spells, Wang Lin could use their anger and burn them to death!

In this world, the most powerful fire was the flame of anger. Everyone had it and it was invisible, but once it began to burn and you couldn't hold out, you would die!

Above the fire of anger there was also the burning fire which had earth-shattering power. The burning fire was burning fire itself, allowing the fire to burn a second time, resulting in incredible power!

However, above the burning fire there was still dao fire. If Wang Lin could reach that realm, he could directly burn another's domain. This was no longer a spell or ability, but something infinitely close to a dao spell!

Wang Lin's comprehension of fire was not at all inferior to his comprehension of life and death, karma, and true and false. If those three could give birth to essences, then naturally the fire would also give birth to an essence!

However, this essence was well hidden, and Daoist Water simply couldn't notice it. This was due to his cultivation level!

If there was a third step cultivator at the Spirit Void stage, they would be able to see the fourth essence that would shock all third step cultivators!

Four essences, four! More than Sovereign, Qing Lin, and even more than the Lord of the Sealed Realm. More than any cultivator that had gained enlightenment in both in the Inner and Outer Realms. If the Sovereign knew of this, he would do whatever it took to take Wang Lin as his disciple, no matter the cost!

If Daoist Water knew of this, he would be even more shocked. To him, Wang Lin was like a seed that could become the true ruler of the Ancient Star System, a real ancient celestial, and a legendary fourth step cultivator. Although this person was still growing, it was still shocking!

However, four wasn't Wang Lin's limit!

Under the hidden fire essence inside Wang Lin's body was his last essence, the fifth essence!


Heavenly thunder essence!

He had devoured half an ancient thunder dragon origin soul, transformed his origin soul for over 1,000 years, and absorbed the thunder from the ancient Scattered Thunder Clan. This allowed him to exercise the right over thunder in place of the heavens, but if were to go one step further, he could replace "in place" and command his own thunder!

Then, if he gained enlightenment and devoured nine different kinds of thunder, he could become the master of thunder and complete his thunder dao, giving him incredible power!

Others would be acting in place of the heavens, but Wang Lin would be acting according to his own will!

These two essences were hidden deep within his body, and Daoist Water couldn't detect them at all. If he knew Wang Lin actually had five essences, what kind of shocked expression would he have?

However, all of this was extremely weak and dangerous! As long as Daoist Water's attack descended, he would completely kill Wang Lin and make Wang Lin die right now!

Once dead, these five essences would disappear. The birth of five essences on one person, which had never happened in the Inner or Outer Realms, would be lost!

Right now Wang Lin was too weak before a third step cultivator. However, as long as he had time and opportunity, Wang Lin could quickly become a powerful existence that even third step cultivators would have to yield to!

None of this was completely certain, but when faced with Daoist Water's life and death crisis, Wang Lin had given birth to five essences under the pressure. Everything changed and Wang Lin became the cultivator with the most essences in history!

"Die for me!!" Daoist Water revealed a crazed look with a hint of terror and excitement. These expressions together showed his perverted personality. He wanted to kill this heaven-defying, talented person. He wanted to kill this person he suspected to be the reincarnation of a fourth step cultivator. He want to kill this person that could match the most powerful treasure in the world!

On the cultivation planet he threw, the 1.5 billion Water Dao disciples gave off a shocking force and descended on Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's eyes were completely calm. At this point, he had let go of everything. Live or die, it didn't matter as everything was flashing by. The only things he couldn't cut off were his parents, Wang Er's love, and his friendship with Situ and Qing Shui.

He didn't want to cut those off; he was unwilling to cut them off. He would simply… take them all and walk toward death together!

The fire of death could be brighter than any star. If one died with no one near their heart, their death would be lonely and cold.

However, if there were still lingering feelings in the heart, even death could be as bright as a star and shine far and wide.

"You want to kill me, then let us… die together!" As the giant cultivation planet smashed down, Wang Lin opened his arms. The three vortexes moved like crazy and the fire and thunder essences inside his body rushed out!

This attack was beyond the 100 punches of life, more powerful than the God Slaying War Chariot. This was an attack using the essences Wang Lin had just comprehended to launch the most brilliant attack in his life, his last spell!

The heavens and earth rumbled as the star fog collapsed and dissipated. The entire rank 5 region shattered and five giant spatial cracks appeared in the rank 6 region. They become an eternal separation line in the Cloud sea!

Even in the rank 7 region, a spatial crack split it in half!

This attack was infinitely close to a third step spell. It was enough to destroy any Nirvana Shatterer cultivator and Heaven's Blight powerhouse. Even the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor would without a doubt die!

Wang Lin could only use this attack once because it was used at the cost of collapsing the five essences he had just gained. By destroying his five essences this little cultivator was able to launch an attack comparable to that of a Nirvana Void cultivator!

It was brilliant and amazing!

There was no hesitation in Daoist Water's eyes. His shock could lift the world, but he had to attack and kill Wang Lin. Even if it would result in an injury that would make him have to go into closed door cultivation for thousands of years. Even if he would have to destroy the 1.5 billion Water Dao disciples he had gathered, he still had to attack!

If he retreated now, he would without a doubt die in the future. It would be better if he killed Wang Lin here and destroyed any potential issues!

"Die!" Daoist Water's eyes revealed monstrous killing intent as the large cultivation planet descended and touched the vortex containing five essences!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change that no one could have thought of occured!!!

Before this battle, Wang Lin had combined with the All-Seer and used a Defying Ones bead to break the fog and see a hope of survival!

That chance of survival was a jade that belonged to Liu Jinbiao!

At this moment, Daoist Water's cultivation planet was about to collide with Wang Lin's essences vortex, and Wang Lin was about to explode his essences so they would both die together. The jade that had integrated with his origin soul that disappeared with the heaven Defying Bead and couldn't be found by Daoist Water suddenly appeared!

The jade shined brightly as it came out from Wang Lin's body and floated before him. The moment the jade appeared, Daoist Water trembled violently and his eyes became filled with fear and panic. His face became pale without any trace of blood.

Even the cultivation planet formed by his spell stopped in the air, and the 1.5 billion Water Dao disciples all trembled violently!

An indescribable pressure came out of the jade like crazy and spread out among the stars!

"This is… it's Master!! This is Master's aura, this is Master's jade, and this is the Sealed Realm Jade!! This is the only thing Master brought with him from the Ancient Celestial Realm!" Ever since his master died, he had always been nervous. Now that he saw the jade, the fear he had for his master erupted! 

Just at this instant, the jade floating before Wang Lin released a golden light and a finger suddenly appeared. This finger shot out as a ray of golden light and pressed down mercilessly on the nail between Daoist Water's eyebrows!

Its speed was unimaginable. Daoist Water seemed to have forgotten to resist, as his fear for his master had filled his body.

He didn't dare to resist! He also had no time to resist. The finger landed on the seven-colored nail and it sunk in two more inches!

The seven-colored nail that had already sunk in Daoist Water's skull five inches had been completely embedded into Daoist Water's head!

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