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Chapter 1280 - Three Essences!!

This finger appeared too suddenly, without any warning. Daoist Water thought he had destroyed the other person's avatar, and his mind was being affected by the madness from the seven-colored nail when it appeared!

This finger appeared at a heavenly opportunity! There was no better time for it to appear; it was right when Daoist Water was defenseless!

Daoist Water's expression changed greatly and his speed of retreat reached a limit, but he still couldn't dodge. The shadows that appeared before him attempted to dodge, but they suddenly collapsed!

Rumbling sounds echoed across the world as the shadows were all destroyed by the finger. Finally, after destroying everything, the finger rushed out and pressed down on the seven-colored nail between Daoist Water's eyebrows.

An indescribably powerful force rushed out and Daoist Water screamed. The seven-colored nail mercilessly stabbed in. It broke through everything by force, three inches, four inches, five inches!

This nail was only seven inches long, and now it was embedded five inches deep. Just two more inches and it would be completely inside, and at that time, Daoist Water would be seriously injured!

Because this nail had pierced the spot between his eyebrows! It was a weak point for cultivators, unlike the shoulder, where Wang Lin was stabbed!

At this moment of crisis, Daoist Water's face turned pale and fear filled his eyes. He was well aware of how powerful the Seven-Colored God Void Nails were. When he saw his master being stabbed by 94 nails, that painful expression was something Daoist Water could never forget!

"Master, save me!!!" Daoist Water retreated, but the finger followed to push the nail in even more. At the moment Daoist Water cried out, a powerful force came from within his body. This powerful force condensed on the back of Daoist Water's right hand and turned into a charm!

The moment the charm appeared, s a golden light lit up the dark space and spread out. The finger pressing down toward the Seven-Colored Nail was hit by the golden light and dissipated, releasing a hiss in the process.

"Lord of the Sealed Realm, back then you said this slave that had helped you a lot, so you gifted this slave a charm that would protect his life three times! When he betrayed you, you clearly had two chances to kill him, but you let him go, wasting two uses of the charm. In the end you died. Now tens of thousands of years have passed, and the third use of the charm is being used. You're still going to protect the dao slave that betrayed you!

"I admire your cultivation, but I disdain your ways! Your ideals are too inflexible!" The ancient voice let out a sigh and slowly dissipated.

Daoist Water was soaked in sweat. At this moment, enduring the pain between his eyebrows, he felt a lingering sense of fear. He grinned and let out a roar at the sky.

"Master, thank you. You still have to protect me after death, which makes me somewhat sorry about what happened, but you must die, you must die!" Daoist Water had been shrouded by the madness from the seven-colored nail, but he was suppressing it with his powerful cultivation. However, that madness had changed his personality. Otherwise, given his cultivation level and age, he wouldn't speak like this.

"As long as it hasn't drilled all the way through, once I kill this ant, I can enter closed door cultivation to force this nail out!" Daoist Water's eyes lit up. He no longer hesitated and charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes were still open. He felt himself slowly walk toward death as watched everything that had happened. When he saw Daoist Water charge at him, there was no panic in his eyes. Instead, there was absolute calmness, as if all the madness from before had been released with his vitality!

"Life and death, karmic cause and karmic effect, true and false. All of these are opposite existences. After life, there is still death. I have used a fist of life, but I can still explode all the death within me. Let us both die together!

"I can collapse all my ancient god stars in exchange for one more attack at my peak!

"I can destroy my star of law in exchange for endless origin energy and split the heavens!" Wang Lin seemed to become enlightened in something, and his eyes revealed a strange light. The death aura within him suddenly formed a vortex. This vortex could destroy the world, break yin and yang, and shatter reincarnation. Unexpectedly, there was a hint of essence coming from this vortex!

This was essence! This was the most important thing to becoming a third step cultivator!

Wang Lin was no stranger to essence, as he had obtained some before. However, he had obtained it from the Battle Scrolls. It wasn't Wang Lin's own essence, but an external force!

At this moment of life and death, Wang Lin gained enlightenment in life and death. The moment his death aura erupted, he comprehended his own life and death essence!

Even though this essence was very little, this meant that the door to the third step had opened a crack for him!

This was like a bucket of cold water being poured on Daoist Water. The madness in his eyes dissipated greatly and was replaced with shock!

"This child has the potential to become a third step cultivator! He actually comprehended his own essence. There are countless cultivators in this world, but third step cultivators are extremely rare. This child… This child could actually reach this point! If given enough time, I fear that he could become a third step cultivator in just 1,000 years!" Daoist Water's expression become gloomy, but his determination to kill Wang Lin grew even stronger.

"He must die!" Daoist Water charged at Wang Lin. He raised his right hand and the giant cultivation planet appeared before him. He was about to use the power of this cultivation planet to crush Wang Lin, who he thought of as an ant that had turned into a mortal that had turned into someone with the potential to become a third step cultivator!

The death aura around Wang Lin rotated like crazy. The life and death essence inside was growing. Although it was slow, it was real. It seemed like it was going to break free from the death vortex and appear in this world!

At this instant, the royal ancient god stars, including the just recovered sixth star, all shattered!

Shattered stars!

All six stars exploded. At this moment, an even larger vortex appeared outside the death aura vortex. This vortex was filled with unimaginable ancient god aura, and another essence came out of this vortex!

This essence was born from reaching completion in the karma domain!

The ancient god shattered stars were an action of karma. Without the stars shattering, how could there be power? Shatter and power were karma! In this moment of life or death, Wang Lin's shattered stars allowed him to comprehend his second essence!

Karma essence!

"This… This…" Daoist Water's expression changed greatly. Wang Lin's life and death essence had already shocked him, but at this moment, a monstrous wave was set off in his heart!!

"There was actually a second essence!! Just one essence is enough to become a third step cultivator, but having two essences is extremely rare. Only people like Sovereign, Qin Lin, and other amazing talents could enter dao with two essences and reach the third step! If this child can reach the third step, then the moment he enters, I will be no match!! My only choice will be to escape!" Daoist Water had only ever met two people with two essences, Sovereign and Qing Lin!

These two people were all extremely powerful, so much so that Daoist Water could not compare to them. However, now he was looking at a third person with two essences. At this moment, he even had the thought of taking Wang Lin in as a disciple.

However, the moment this idea arose, it was erased by him!

"This child hates me to the bone, but his talent is extremely rare. Even in both the Inner and Outer Realms, such a talent is one of a kind in tens of thousands of years. This kind of person will die by my hand. This gives me more joy than the destruction of any amount of magical treasures!! Haha!! Such a gifted person will be killed by me!" The madness in Daoist Water's eyes became even stronger as the cultivation planet closed in on Wang Lin!

Just at this moment, the star of law between Wang Lin's eyebrows suddenly collapsed!!

The collapse of this star of law formed a third vortex that swept the world and surrounded Wang Lin. In this third vortex, there was actually… actually essence as well!!

The true and false domain was contained inside his star of law. The moment this new law collapsed, the true and false domain reached completion!

A true and false essence came from the vortex. This was Wang Lin's third essence!

Life and death was the first essence. Karma was the second. True and false was the third essence!

Three essences suddenly rushed out from the three vortexes. However, they were still weak and needed a long time to grow. When they reached a certain point and became complete, Wang Lin would be able to enter dao with three essences and become a heaven-shaking third step cultivator!

This scene caused Daoist Water's attack to stop, and his eyes almost popped out!

"Impossible!! Absolutely impossible!! Three essences, three essences, no one in this has entered dao with three essences! This child is heaven-defying. If he enters the third, even if he has just entered, I won't even be able to escape from him!!!

"Three essences! Sovereign and Qing Lin only have two essences. Even Master only had two and half, unable to completely realize the third one! How could his child have three essences? This kind of person is someone even the heavens will want to destroy. If he becomes a third step cultivator, even Void Tribulant cultivators will be no match! He could destroy the world and rule supreme!

"Who the hell is he?! He can't be an ordinary cultivator, but the reincarnation of some powerful cultivator. What kind of powerful cultivator would have the ability to reincarnate and cultivate three essences!?

"Unless… Unless he is the reincarnation of a legendary, fourth step Heaven Trampling cultivator!!" Daoist Water was a third step cultivator but at this moment he was frightened by everything he saw!

"Since I have provoked such an existence, I must kill him, or else there will be no place left for me!!!" Daoist Water's face was pale as he clenched his teeth. His power as a third step cultivator erupted as he fused with the cultivation planet and smashed down on Wang Lin!

"Even if you are the reincarnation of a fourth step Heaven Trampling cultivator, you will still die for me. For this old man to kill this kind of person, it was worth it!! Die, die, die!!"

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