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Chapter 1279 - Injured

100 punches!

There seemed to be no force in this world that could resist the 100 punches Wang Lin that had used his entire life to throw!

These 100 punches contained Wang Lin's endless vitality, his 2,000 years of cultivation, all of his origin energy, and all the power from that mysterious blood from the iron sword!

This was a pinnacle of Wang Lin's life. This was the strongest attack he had used with the intent to die. These 100 punches were Wang Lin. Like a moth going at the flame, these punches charged at Daoist Water!

A moth flew at the flame to put it out! To use its own body to put out this ancient flame!

Daoist Water's eyes became serious and were filled with disbelief. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The ant before him had managed to use vitality to punch 100 times!

These were no ordinary 100 punches, they were created by the essence of his entire being. It was brilliant! It gave Daoist Water a powerful sense of danger!

If it wasn't for the fact that he was using all his power to resist the seven-colored nail, there would've been no danger. After all, the power of the third step was difficult to imagine. However, right now these 100 punches shocked Daoist Water greatly!

Thunderous rumbles turned into an endless storm that swept toward Daoist Water!

Daoist Water's eyes lit up as his hands formed a seal and he pointed forward. A giant vortex of water appeared before his chest. The moment it appeared, it shot out like a big mouth ready to devour!

"The heavens and earth are infinite, Water Dao Devour Spell!" Daoist Water let out a roar as the huge vortex began to devour everything before it.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The endless rumbles almost caused the rank 6 region to collapse. There was no star fog left, as if a giant hole had appeared within the star fog!

As the roar rumbled, Wang Lin's entire body was covered in blood. His heart beat weakly before it suddenly shattered. There was almost no light in his eyes.

The collapse from the 100 punches was strong enough to destroy everything. Even someone at the Heaven's Blight stage would die! The shockwave spread out in all directions and swept across the Cloud Sea!

As the shockwave spread out, all the star fog collapsed, all fierce beasts died, and even many wild continents collapsed. Even the rank 6 region suffered the same fate!

It was as if a giant hole was opened in the Cloud Sea. Wind howled from the hole as if a terrifying demon was going to crawl out!

Under this bombardment and shockwave, popping sounds echoed around Daoist Water. His hand continued to move and he quickly retreated. The water vortex was pushed back and immediately went back into his body.

Daoist Water's clothes exploded and turned into fragments. Even his hair was scattered. His face was pale and blood came out of the corner of his mouth!

A third step cultivator was actually injured!

"I underestimated him…" Since Daoist Water was injured, he could no longer suppress the seven-colored nail. The seven-colored nail shined brightly ahd roared once more as it drilled in three inches more, breaking his skull!

Intense pain washed over him as Daoist Water coughed out blood. The blood turned into countless runes that turned into seals to seal the nail.

"Good, good!! For an ant like you to injure me, even if it was when I was resisting the Seven-Colored God Void Nail, you have shocked the world and can laugh in the afterlife!" Daoist Water wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, then monstrous killing intent filled his eyes. He took a step forward toward Wang Lin and raised his right hand. His right hand instantly covered the sky and descened on Wang Lin!

"You can now die! Even if you are reborn, I'll kill you! Carefree Reincarnation Dao! This old man will kill you in 100 reincarnation cycles. I want to see how you will be reborn!"

Daoist Water's voice was like a cold wind. As he waved his right hand, he seemed to extract all the reincarnation law in the world and formed his own reincarnation cycle. A giant wheel appeared as his hand moved. There was a howl as it smashed down on Wang Lin.

Once Wang Lin was hit by this, he would be destroyed 100 times, and there would be no chance for survival!

Just at this instant, a gust of wind tore through everything in this collapsed battleground.

"Slave Daoist Water, if you kill him, I'll kill you!" An ancient voice came from the void and echoed in this battlefield. Water Daoist's body suddenly stopped!

He suddenly looked around at the void and his expression became gloomy.

"Old fellow, you want to stop me? You were sealed by the Ancient Celestial Realm into a stone. They trapped you for 100,000 years to refine you into a magic treasure. Right now you are borrowing the power of the outside star system from the mosquito beasts to survive, yet you want to interfere? You want to stop me? What qualification do you have to stop me?" Daoist Water let out a cold snort. He no longer hesitated and his right hand slammed down on Wang Lin.

However, just at this instant, the the wind turned into a giant hand that reached for the reincarnation cycle that had appeared!

"Junior slave, back then, you were only a slave before the Lord of the Sealed Realm and had to be respectful toward his old man. Now you have entered the third step but have become extremely arrogant. Even the evil ancient celestials couldn't kill me; they could only seal me for 100,000 years to refine me. You're a mere slave, a frog at the bottom of the well!"

The ancient voice was calm as the wind hand grabbed the wheel and suddenly pulled. A sharp howl suddenly echoed.

Daoist Water's expression changed and his hands formed a seal. Then he pointed and shouted "Stop spell!"

The moment he roared, the hand formed by wind stopped for a moment. It was just for a moment, then popping sounds echoed and it broke free. It grabbed the wheel and mercilessly squeezed.

The wheel collapsed and dissipated.

Daoist Water's pupils shrank violently and he exclaimed, "It's impossible. You have clearly been sealed! How can you resist my Stop spell!? I know you absorbed the source origin from the outer star system. You… You can absorb power from the outer star system!!"

"You have some insight!" The ancient voice let out a cold snort as the hand formed by the wind reached for Daoist Water.

Daoist Water let out a scream as his hands formed a seal and pointed at his chest. His cultivation suddenly exploded and a giant cultivation planet appeared behind him!

This cultivation planet contained dense origin energy and gave off powerful vitality. There was enough vitality to match a rank 5 ancient god!

Endless mutters come from the cultivation planet. The mutters turned into a strange energy that entered Daoist Water's body. His eyes lit up and he roared, "2 billion yin and yang disciples, roar, roar, roar!"

Daoist Water pointed at the sky and then quickly pointed threes times at the wind arm that was reaching towards him! Every time he pointed, the giant cultivation planet behind him would tremble. The shadow of a cultivation planet would appear and fly toward the arm, charging at Daoist Water.

When the finger pointed three times, three large cultivation planet shadows shot at the wind hand. A shocking pressure descended in this void!

"Just like your original body, these two billion yin and yang disciples are neither male nor female waste!" The ancient voice sneered. The wind arm didn't stop and charged forward.

Rumble, rumble, rumble! Three loud bangs echoed.

The three cultivation planet shadows exploded into a destructive aura that rushed at the wind hand. The hand formed a seal that was also made of wind and collided with the destructive force from the three cultivation planet shadows.

A thunderous rumble echoed. The hand didn't dissipate, but it was heavily damaged. It rushed toward Daoist Water and pressed down between his eyebrows!

"Old fellow, you're meddling. Your original body can't come, and this is a mere avatar. Die for me, die, die!" It was as if something had touched Daoist Water's weak spot. He revealed a hideous expression and his right hand reached out. He pulled the giant cultivation planet and mercilessly threw it!

"This old man has gathered 2 billion Water Dao disciples to worship for tens of thousands of years to create Joss Flames for me. Today I'll destroy 500 million Water Dao disciples to form Joss Flames and kill your avatar. Then I'll go to the Wind Celestial Realm and kill your real body!" Daoist Water let out a roar as the giant cultivation planet was smashed down by him and collided with the damaged hand.

A loud rumble echoed. The moment the cultivation planet smashed down, a powerful force appeared. This was an energy unique to third step cultivators. It was created from the collapse of 500 million Water Dao disciples. The damaged arm immediately collapsed.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The ancient voice let out a muffled groan as he was injured. The voice and the wind hand disappeared!

"Old fellow, you coming to stop me means that this ant is important, which makes me want to kill him even more! Now that your avatar has died to the Joss Flame of my Water Dao disciples, who can stop me?" Daoist Water's expression was extremely hideous. The seven-colored nail was rotating between his eyebrows but couldn't penetrate more than three inches. However, the part that entered his skull had begun to melt, causing a hint of madness in Daoist Water!

Daoist Water suddenly turned around and charged at Wang Lin. His fingers opened up and he closed in with killing intent!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occured! A finger made of wind suddenly appeared between Daoist Water's eyebrows and pressed down on the seven-colored nail!

Daoist Water's expression changed greatly and he stopped. Countless shadows appeared before him to block it, and he quickly retreated!

"You're still not dead!!!"

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