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Chapter 1277 - Rebirth

In this battle, Wang Lin had shocked Daoist Water many times. Now Daoist Water saw the strange meteorite that had charged into the Ancient Star System countless years ago and was refined by the Sovereign!

This meteorite was composed of a unknown metal and was refined by the Sovereign for 10,000 years into 108 seven-colored nails! Named the Seven-Colored God Void Nails!

Rumor has it that this unknown metal meteorite was extremely mysterious. The Sovereign wanted to use a time spell to see where it was from. When he was about to succeed, a mysterious force interrupted him and he was almost seriously injured.

However, even so, because the Sovereign's was so powerful, he was able to see a blurry past of the meteorite when he was interrupted!

"The world was born and turned into the Ancient Star System. Then it was split in to into the inner and outer realms! However, in this vast universe, it seems the Ancient Star System wasn't the only one! In the beginning of the world, the Ancient Star System wasn't the only one created. This meteorite seems to have come from another star system that was equal to the Ancient Star System but is separated by an eternal gap!"

This was something the Sovereign said after he saw through time, and he didn't hide this matter but declared it to the world. Therefore, the Seven-Colored God Void Nails' reputation sored. All the powerhouses knew of them!

Daoist Water had personally witnessed the Sovereign use them against his master. Daoist Water wasn't the main force in that battle, but when his master was studying the Heaven Defying Bead in closed door cultivation, the Sovereign used an extremely vicious treasure refined with the help of the Ancient Celestial Realm cultivators to injure his master!

Then the three lords of the Ancient Star System and several Ancient Celestial Realm cultivators began a life and death battle against his master. What the Sovereign used were the 108 Seven-Colored God Void Nails!

At this moment, when he saw the Seven-Colored God Void Nail, he was shocked and quickly retreated. He was well aware of the power of this nail. If an ordinary third step cultivator at the Nirvana Void stage had a nail pierce their body, they would suffer serious damage!

These nails weren't made to kill cultivators, but to specifically kill third step cultivators!

This strangeness of the seven-colored nails was something not even the Sovereign had figured out. He only knew that the nails were strong against someone strong and weak against someone weak. The higher the cultivation level, the greater damage it would inflict!

It was impossible to figure this strange aspect of the nails out without knowing the origin of the meteorite. Nirvana Shatterer cultivators could survive a hit from the nails, such as Sima, who had come up with a method of breaking free, or Wang Lin, who had a body powerful enough to force it out.

However, it was extremely difficult for third step cultivators to force it out!

After reaching the third step, there would be a strange change in the body. This change was an increase in power but also a bizarre change.

However, this change was stopped by the seven-colored nail. The higher the cultivation level, the more difficult it was to break free from the seven-colored nail!

This matter was very strange and couldn't be explained.

Daoist Water was first shocked by the large mosquito herd, then he met the woman in silver. The moment he saw her, he immediately recognized her. The shock caused his mind to enter a rare state of chaos!

While his mind was a mess, he didn't think a mere ant like Wang Lin could break free from his Stop spell and use the seven-colored nail!

All of this caused Daoist Water's expression to change greatly!

The seven-colored nail swept through the strange space and rushed at Daoist Water's divine sense. After it tore his divine sense to shreds, it charged out from the storage space and headed directly for the area between Daoist Water's eyebrows.

He was too close, so Daoist Water retreated like crazy, but the seven-colored nail was also fast. It appeared and released a roar as it broke through the the world, appearing between Daoist Water's eyebrows in a flash!

There was a thunderous bang as the seven-colored nail stabbed one inch into Daoist Water's skull! It rotated like a drill as it attempted to enter his brain and destroy his dao!

Daoist Water's face was deathly pale as his hands formed a seal, attempting to resist the seven-colored nail. However, he had underestimated Wang Lin once more!

He wanted to take out the woman from the coffin and touch Wang Lin's bottom line! Li Muwan was Wang Lin's bottom line!

If Wang Lin was already crazy facing the life and death crisis, then when Daoist Water was going to take out Li Muwan, he became insane. This kind of insanity was no different from being stabbed by the seven-colored nail!

This was no longer a fight for his life, but something even more important!

Under this insanity, there was also the blood from the iron sword that had fused with Wang Lin's origin soul. This was the blood of an 9-star ancient god and also the blood of the heavens. When it fused with Wang Lin's origin soul, his body began to burn, his origin soul began to burn, and even his soul began to burn.

It was as if there was an indescribable force erupting from his body. Popping sounds echoed as the Stop spell around him collapsed. Wang Lin charged out with a roar as his ancient god stars rotated and his star of law appeared as well!

Holding the trident, Wang Lin charged straight at Daoist Water!

His eyes were red and the red light extended several feet out from his eyes. Popping sounds came from his body like crazy. It was impossible to tell if it was his heartbeat or his bones colliding.

Even Daoist Water felt shocked when he saw this! In particular, the monstrous red light coming from Wang Lin's body made his pupils shrink. He took a step back and his speed suddenly increased while retreating.

What he feared wasn't Wang Lin's spell, but the red light inside Wang Lin's body!

At this moment, all his power was being used to resist the seven-colored nail between his eyebrows, so he had no time to pay attention to Wang Lin. His eyes lit up, and the speed of his retreat could collapse the void!

How could Wang Lin let him retreat? All his preparation, all his spells, and all his treasures were used to create this situation. If the enemy had time to resist the seven-colored nail and suppress it, he would without a doubt die!

The moment Daoist Water retreated, Wang Lin charged out like crazy. The blood that he had devoured began to burn, and he was like a burning meteor. As he rushed, he threw the trident in his hand.

His body trembled as he used all the power in his body on the trident. The trident turned into a vicious dragon that charged at Daoist Water.

The seven-colored light between Daoist Water's eyebrows shined brightly and was rotating rapidly to break into his skull. However, Daoist Water was using all his power as a third step cultivator to resist it. The dragon formed by the trident closed in, and as Daoist Water retreated, his eyes lit up.

"Even with the Seven-Colored God Void Nail, it's useless. Let me show you the gap between third step cultivators and ants like you!" There was indifference in Daoist Water's eyes as he waved his right hand. A portion of his power gathered in his right hand.

"I wanted to search your soul, but since you're looking for death, this old man will fulfill your wish! Carefree extinction dao, extinguish everything before him!" Daoist Water's right hand formed a seal and pushed forward.

This palm caused a thunderous roar and a blast of air gathered from all directions within 10 million kilometers. White lines began to form. If one looked from far away, they would clearly see that a giant diamond shape was forming within the 10 million kilometer area!

The moment the diamond shape appeared, there was a thunderous roar and the diamond rapidly contracted. As it contracted, the shockwave became even more powerful. It was as if the world inside the diamond was separated from the outside, forming an unimaginable pressure!

Daoist Water wanted to use this method to squeeze Wang Lin to death!

The diamond shape rapidly contracted and soon shrank from 10 million kilometers to 1 million, 100,000; 50,000; 30,000; 10,000! A destructive aura filled the area as the diamond shrank once more to 8,000; 5,000; 3,000; 1,000; 500... until it was only 1,000 feet wide!

It instantly contracted from 10 million kilometers to 1,000 feet. This rapid contraction formed an earth-shattering pressure that could crush all existences in the world. At this moment, this powerful pressure crushed down on Wang Lin and the dragon formed by the trident!

"Destroy, Extinguish, Collapse!" Daoist Water retreated as words came from his mouth!

The moment he spoke, the diamond-shaped lines contracted like crazy toward Wang Lin. It gave off a flash that lit up the entire star field and wrapped around Wang Lin's body!

The power of 10 million kilometers of space condensed onto one person was the same as almost a dozen cultivation planets exploding.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars and shook the star system. At this moment, the rank 5, 6, 7, and even 8 regions could hear this thunderous rumble!

Wang Lin's body suddenly collapsed under this destructive force!

His flesh and blood shattered; even his head exploded! The trident immediately shattered and let out a miserable groan. The soul of the trident died!

Absolute power. The might of a third step cultivator that couldn't be challenged was displayed by Daoist Water. From ancient times, no second step cultivator could overcome a third step cultivator. This was almost the same as the law of the heavens!

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin's exploded body gave off a demonic red light. Time seemed to reverse as the light gathered, and, like he was being reborn, Wang Lin's body reformed!


"This… This is impossible!!" Daoist Water was stunned for a moment.

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