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Chapter 1278 - 100 punches

The demonic red light surrounded Wang Lin’s entire body. This red light came from the blood that fused with his origin soul. With the power of this strange blood, Wang Lin was able to reform his body in an instant after collapsing.

Not even Wang Lin had time think about this sudden development. He could clearly feel that the power from the blood was rapidly dissipating.

It wouldn’t take long for the power of the blood to completely dissipate.

However, Wang Lin no longer cared about all of this. Now that his body had reformed, a crazy idea filled his body. He looked at Daoist Water and charged out.

As he charged out, his body rapidly changed and he changed into an ancient god that was thousands of feet tall! The six stars between his eyebrows rapidly rotated, and the star of law appeared a well. At a glance, he looked like a 7-star ancient god!

A crazed aura came from his ancient god body. At this moment, it was as if Wang Lin had devoured countless Celestial Ascension Fruits!

He couldn’t die, he must not die. He had to kill everything, kill everything before him no matter the cost!


As Wang Lin roared, he was like a vicious spirit from ancient times. His right hand formed a fist and smashed down on Daoist Water. At the same time, a complex chant came from his mouth!

The ancient god clan didn’t have many spells, but each one was extremely powerful and not something cultivators could understand. As Wang Lin’s words echoed, a powerful vitality force erupted from his body! In this world, nothing could match an ancient god’s vitality!

“Ancient god spell, Life Exchange!”

Wang Lin let out a roar and threw a punch. This punch was so earth-shattering that the void before him suddenly collapsed. With this punch, Wang Lin’s vitality dissipated rapidly, and the impact in that punch shot straight at Daoist Water.

There was a thunderous bang and the entire rank 5 region was about to collapse. Wang Lin’s fist collided with Daoist Water’s right palm! Bang! Wang Lin coughed out blood and his body was thrown back, but he stopped himself after flying 10,000 feet. He revealed a mad expression and charged out once more.

Daoist Water’s expression was unchanged, but his right felt slightly numb. He was using all his power to resist the seven-colored nail and had only split off a bit of power, but that palm was enough to destroy a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator.

“To exchange life for power, this is only a temporary boost. I want to see how many punches you can throw!”

As he spoke, Wang Lin had come again and thrown the second punch. As he threw the second punch, a portion of his vitality dissipated. His originally white hair was now grey and the stars between his eyebrows were dimmer.

The second punch arrived! The moment it collided with Daoist Water’s palm, Wang Lin endured the injury in his body and revealed a bitter smile. Even though he was injured, he threw the third punch, fourth punch, fifth punch sixth punch.,.. In a flash, Wang Lin threw 10 punches!

These 10 punches wasted too much vitality. When the 10 punches landed, the shockwaves spread and the entire rank 5 region collapsed!

Countless spatial cracks appeared in the rank 5 region, and the cold wind swept the rank 5 region. Wang Lin’s hair fell, wrinkles appeared, and he suddenly became old.

However, his eyes were still red and gave off a crazed battle intent!

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo as the punches continued to fly at Daoist Water. Daoist Water’s expression was still the same after the second punch, but after the sixth punch, he pulled his right hand back. He retreated a few steps and spat out fog.

He used this fog to resist Wang Lin’s remaining punches!

“Even if you have the body of an ancient god, you can’t withstand this kind of spell that expends life. To fight his old man with this kind of spell is laughable!” Daoist Water sneered. He had been able to hold off the seven-colored nail between his brows. No matter how hard it drilled, it couldn’t break into his skull, but that heart-wrenching pain was still present.

“The Sovereign’s Seven-Colored God Void Nail is too strange. Fortunately, this child doesn’t know how to properly use it. However, it is best to prevent any sudden changes!” Daoist Water let out a roar as he erupted his full cultivation in an attempt to force the seven-colored nail out!

A majority of Wang Lin’s vitality had dissipated from his body. He was like an old man who was near the end and gave off waves of death aura. The stars between his eyebrows were dim and wrinkles filled his body. It seemed like his body was aging rapidly.

However, the fire in his eyes became even stronger. He let out a desolate roar and rushed out like a moth flying to a fire knowing he was going to die. How many knew that a moth flying toward a fire sometimes wasn’t a yearning for the fire, but the determination to put that fire out!

As he rushed out, Wang Lin’s right hand formed a fist and waved. Thunderous rumbles replaced all sounds in the world as he threw the 11th punch, 12th punch, 13th punch… Until the 19th punch suddenly erupted.

Every single punch was the peak of Wang Lin’s cultivation, a powerful blow from an ancient god, all in exchange for his vitality!

The thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Blood came out from Wang Lin’s orifices and he was on the brink of death. But those punches didn’t stop, and even Daoist Water was moved by this!

As the rumbles echoed, Daoist Water’s fog resisted it all. Not only did it not collapse, it was about to devour Wang Lin.

“Unfortunate. If you can last for more than 100 punches, you might be able to injure me while I’m resisting the seven-colored nail. However, 19 punches is your limit, and all the vitality in your body has collapsed. Without even me killing you, you would die in just a moment!”

Daoist Water’s indifferent voice spread out, but Wang Lin could not hear it anymore. His ears were filled with blood and he couldn’t hear much.

He was very tired and death aura had filled his body. A sense of the end filled his heart, seeming to want to take him far away. Away from this cruel cultivation world, from all this pain.

Even the red light in his eyes dimmed, and they were without light.

However, just as the fog pushed Wang Lin, he suddenly raised his head and his dimmed eyes shined brightly!

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!! I understand! This battle isn’t a battle intent, but the determination to resist even knowing death is coming!” Wang Lin revealed a miserable smile as he took a step forward and threw another punch!

20th punch!

After that punch, black blood leaked out of the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth and he began to laugh. This laugh was filled with the pride of an indomitable spirit that ruled above all living things!

“I, Wang Lin, began cultivating at 16 years gold!” The 21st punch flew out! The fog didn’t stop and charged at Wang Lin.

“I entered the Heng Yu Sect… Killed Teng Li!” The 22nd punch flew out, and the fog suddenly stopped.

“I escaped to the Sea of Devils and formed my golden core!” The 23rd punch! The fog shrank and let out a sharp roar.

“Reached the Nascent Soul stage, wiped out the Teng family, shocked planet Suzaku, became the All-Seer’s disciple!” Wang Lin continued to walk forward as he seemed to mutter to himself while laughing. This punch bombarded like crazy. The 24th, 25th, and 26th punches! The fog burst open and was forced back 30 feet!

“Yin and Yang stages, three realms of Nirvana! I faced a lifetime of crisis, never yielded, and killed countless people!” The 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th punches! The fog retreated as it roared even more violently. It was frightened and retreated in panic.

“I have killed countless people since then. It took more than 2,000 years of cultivation to reach where I am now!” The 31st punch… 39th punch!

“I battled the heavens, battle the earth, and today, I battled a third step cultivator! So what if I die!?” The 40th, 41st, 42nd… 53rd punch!

“The only regret is that I can’t resurrect my love, since I’ll die with her. But so what!?” The 54th, 55th, 56th, 64th punches! The fog that was knocked back dissipated into the void.

“Even if I give up all my vitality, so what!?” The 65th, 66th, 67th… 75th punch!

Blood spewed out from all over his body. He was now covered in blood. His body rapidly shrank and he began to rapidly age. Stiffness filled his body, making his internal organs decay, and his vitality was all gone!

In truth, at the 23rd punch, his vitality was used up. The remaining punches all came from the power from the blood that had fused with his origin soul!

“I walked through the world standing upright. If I die in battle, so what!?” Wang Lin’s voice was hoarse, as if even his voice contained the taste of blood. It could shock the mind of anyone who heard it!

The 76th, 77th, 78th… 84th punch!

“My vitality ran out and I’m about to die, but the punches from this spell aren’t over. Flowing Time, reverse time 5,000 years! Give me 5,000 years of vitality!” Wang Lin looked up and smiled. After 84 punches, he continued to walk forward like a battle celestial walking forward with the determination to die!

There was nothing before him that could stop him!

There was a rare sign of seriousness in Daoist Water’s eyes. For the first time, he felt like the experience this person had was not simple!

As Wang Lin spoke, the collapsed void around him turned into a sea, then a giant, stone door appeared. A desolate aura spread out and shrouded Wang Lin!

The 85th, 86th, 87th…. 100th punch!!

In this short period of time, Wang Lin had consumed all the power of the blood, all the vitality in his body, and used Flowing Time to gain 5,000 more years of vitality to complete the shocking 100 punches!

This was Wang Lin’s strongest 100 punches, this was his entire… life!

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