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Chapter 1276 - Counter Attack!

At this moment, in the Wind Celestial Realm, the endless wind continued to flow through the realm. This gave the whole realm a desolate feeling as the wind howled, and this sense of desolation was so strong that it wouldn't dissipate at all.

Herds of mosquito beasts moved with the wind. They were the only masters of the Wind Celestial Realm.

In the deepest part of the Wind Celestial Realm, there were three floating continents, and one of them was dark red. The smell of blood lingered in the air as countless mosquito beasts floated in the sky, buzzing.

There was a stone human statue on this dark red continent. At this moment, the stone person's eyes began to move and opened, revealing his ancient eyes.

A strange aura slowly spread out from this person, but, strangely, it didn't attract the attention of the mosquito beasts. It was as if this stone person didn't exist in their eyes.

"How can that Daoist Water kill a piece I spent so much effort to place?" The eyes of the stone man shined and he let out a cold snort.

"However, by borrowing his power, I can see if that child is really the reincarnation of that old man Sealed Realm Lord, or if the Heaven Defying Bead is really in this child's hands!"

The wind of the Celestial Realm became even stronger. A wisp of wind flew out from the Celestial Realm's door and disappeared among the stars.

The vortex between Daoist Water's eyebrows devoured the three rays of light and then he closed his eyes for a moment to absorb them. When he opened his eyes, there were red, yellow, and blue lights rotating in them. It was a shocking scene.

His Stop spell was very different from Wang Lin's. At that moment, he stopped the world, and he was the only thing left. All the spells stopped in the air but, strangely enough, didn't dissipate. It was as if without this white-haired boy's will, they would just linger there for tens of thousands of years.

The spear formed by Summon the Wind floated in the air motionlessly. Even the destructive wind surrounding it stopped.

The ice crystal swords formed by Summon the Rain stopped in the air. They looked like icicles floating in the air.

There were still the countless battle souls from Magic Arsenal, including Master Void and the All-Seer. They all just floated motionlessly.

Some of the many illusory volcanoes that had appeared before were previously giving off black smoke and magma had begun to flow out of them. However, at this moment, the black smoke was still and the magma had stopped. Everything had stopped, including Wang Lin, who was stepping through the void above the black smoke.

Wang Lin was still holding the trident tightly in his hand!

"Six of Thunder Celestial Bai Fan's Triple Celestial Spell. If this Li Zihao had learned learned them all, it might've been a bit difficult to kill him. Even if he had just learned Dark Moon, Clear Skies, this would've been a bit difficult. However, compared to Dark Moon, Clear Skies, these are all mere tricks!" Water Daoist shook his head and no longer paid attention to Wang Lin. Instead, he arrived next to the God Slaying War Chariot formed by the Thunder Beast.

His gaze swept the God Slaying War Chariot and he let out a cold snort. He raised his right hand and smashed down, causing the war chariot to collapse. The Thunder Beast was destroyed while still frozen.

"There are too many flaws with this treasure. Since I don't need it, I'll destroy it!" Daoist Water was extremely arrogant and had a rather eccentric personality. He liked to destroy things other people treasured, provided they were useless to him.

As a third step cultivator at the early stage of Nirvana Void, Daoist Water was indeed qualified to do this!

When the war chariot formed by the Thunder Beast collapsed, Wang Lin's eyes filled with sorrow. The pain in his heart turned into a boundless invisible flame that burned inside his body. However, it was all trapped inside his body. The grief caused two lines of blood tears to flow from his eyes!

The God Slaying War Chariot had accompanied him for a long time, but now it was destroyed.

The cry in his heart set off like a storm as he stared at Daoist Water with a gloomy gaze.

"If I, Wang Lin, don't die from this calamity, I swear I'll kill this person!! I must kill this person!! I'll make him endure all kinds of torment before death. If I don't fulfill this oath, then let me be destroyed on the heaven-defying path!"

Daoist Water's gaze swept past Wang Lin. His favorite thing to do was look at someone when their powerful treasures were destroyed. That look of anger made him feel powerful, it made him feel the dignity he had lost many years ago.

Seeing Wang Lin's gaze, Daoist Water felt even more pleased as he thought that Wang Lin was the owner of the Heaven Defying Bead and his master's descendent. 

While walking forward, Daoist Water arrived next to the seven-colored God Slaying War Chariot. His eyes revealed a strange light as he waved his sleeve to take it away. However, there was a flash of light and the seven-colored butterfly appeared. The butterfly flapped its wings and dissipated into specks of light.

When it dissipated, the seven-colored God Slaying Chariot became an ordinary object.

"The treasure spirit would rather self-destruct than be taken by this old man…" Daoist Water's eyes flashed cold as he raised his hand and smashed down. The God Slaying War Chariot with the treasure spirit was torn apart.

"Now let me see if you have the Heaven Defying Bead!" Daoist Water let out a cold snort and turned around to look at Wang Lin. At this moment, it felt like the world was trembling and all the stars had dissipated. Wang Lin and Daoist Water were the only two people left. His gaze contained a powerful penetrating force when it landed directly on Wang Lin.

At this instant, Wang Lin's body suddenly trembled. He felt like his body was being torn apart. Even his origin soul and soul felt like they were being pierced. All the secrets in his body were clearly revealed before this gaze.

The intense pain caused the veins on Wang Lin's face to bulge. His body strained and sweat fell down like rain. However, he couldn't make a sound, as all of it was confined inside his body.

Daoist Water swept Wang Lin's body inch by inch. In particular, he carefully examined Wang Lin's origin soul, and he gradually frowned.

"Nothing's there? Master said that the Heaven Defying Bead will merge with the origin soul, but his origin soul doesn't have the Heaven Defying Bead… He isn't Master's reincarnation, nor does he have the Heaven Defying Bead… Did I get the wrong person?!" Daoist Water frowned as he arrived next to Wang Lin. He raised his hand and chopped down.

A thunderous roar echoed and a spatial crack opened. It was Wang Lin's storage space! Daoist Water used his shocking cultivation to easily open Wang Lin's storage space. His divine sense swept inside.

"If this storage space doesn't have Heaven Defying Bead, I'll search his soul!" There was a flash of coldness in Daoist Water's eyes as he searched Wang Lin's storage space.

"There are many low rank things, but all of them are trash. Collapse!"

Thunderous rumbles echoed inside Wang Lin's storage space. All treasures that were looked at by Daoist Water collapsed into ashes.

As he swept through, his eyes narrowed when saw Xu Liguo inside Wang Lin's storage space.

"This is an interesting sword spirit! But it's still trash!" Under his gaze, Xu Liguo's body trembled, and he was about to us his flattery skills. However, before his could, the old man's destructive will descended.

Just as the will was about to destroy Xu Liguo, Daoist Water was suddenly shocked and moved toward Xu Liguo. He immediately locked on to what he saw, which was a boundless group of mosquito beasts. Although they were in another storage space, it was connected to this one, so Daoist Water was immediately able to see them.

"This… This many giant mosquito beasts!!" Daoist Water was surprised, and his divine sense swept once more. This time he saw a coffin giving off a silver glow.

There was a sleeping woman inside the coffin.

"Not everything inside his storage space is trash. He even has the Lightning Celestial Emperor's Heaven-Avoiding Coffin! This Heaven-Avoiding Coffin is a good treasure and is useful to me!" Daoist Water split a portion of his divine sense toward the coffin and was about to take it, along with the woman inside.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin's body trembled violently and his eyes revealed a never-before-seen madness. His bottom line wasn't the Heaven Defying Bead, his ancient god body, or the secrets in his soul, but this coffin, the woman inside this coffin!!

"Eh?" Water Daoist paused for a moment and noticed Wang Lin's abnormality. There was a flash of mockery in his eyes.

"You seem infatuated. This woman must be very important to you. I originally wanted to take this woman's body out later, but now I'll take her out in front of you. Rumor has it that a body not taken out from the Heaven Avoiding Coffin correctly will perish completely. Let's see if this rumor is true!"

Daoist Water's divine sense moved and surrounded the coffin to open it. His divine sense split off into many parts, looking for the Heaven Defying Bead.

Just as he was about to open the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin, one of his divine senses trembled as it saw the woman in silver inside the storage space.

The moment his divine sense arrived, the woman in silver opened her eyes and her gaze collided with Daoist Water's divine sense.

"You… You… You are…" Even with Daoist Water's mental fortitude and status as a third step cultivator, his expression unexpectedly changed. There was a hint of panic and his mind became a mess.

While his mind was a mess, an indescribably powerful force erupted from Wang Lin's body and his eyes became filled with monstrous killing intent. The moment Daoist Water was going to open the coffin, he devoured the blood he had refined from the iron sword that for some reason wasn't discovered by Daoist Water!

Borrowing this destructive aura, his body rumbled. With this explosion of power, his imprisoned body gained some mobility.

"Seven-colored nail!!" Wang Lin let out a heaven-shaking roar. From an area in his storage space Daoist Water hadn't searched yet came a seven-colored light. The seven-colored nail shot out toward Daoist Water's divine sense.

A thunderous rumble echoed and Daoist Water's expression changed greatly. The seven-colored nail was too fast as it pierced through his divine sense and shot toward the area between his eyebrows!

Daoist Water was very close to Wang Lin. The moment he saw the seven-colored nail, his pupils violently shrank.

"Sovereign's Seven-Colored God Void Nail!! You have this!!"

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