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Chapter 1275 - The Four Void Realms

The God Slaying War Chariots were refined by the well-known refining mad man of the Celestial Realm. He was still looking for materials to complete them when the Celestial Realm collapsed!

During that calamity, he died with monstrous regret. He had spent everything he had learned and cultivated on producing these war chariots. He didn't hesitate to travel the world to find materials and spend all his effort, causing his endless lifespan to rapidly wither. Near the end, he was white-haired and almost out of vitality. Even if the calamity hadn't come, he would have died after the God Slaying War Chariots were complete.

His dream was to create the strongest treasure in the world. To kill even the gods, to destroy law, and split the world open!

His regret was left in the jade, and in the end it fell in Wang Lin's hands. Today, at this moment, it was in Wang Lin's hand that it revealed its terrifying power to destroy the gods!

Even though Daoist Water had lived for tens of thousands of years, even though he was the disciple of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, even though he was the head elder of the God Sect, he couldn't have known about everything that happened in the four Celestial Realms. Let alone a celestial that had made a heaven-defying treasure that could threaten third step cultivators!

"It's not a Nirvana Void treasure. It is impossible to figure out its rank. This… What kind of treasure is this?" The white-haired boy's expression changed. He was here to kill Wang Lin, and he was 100% certain he would. The only thing he was worried about was the Heaven Defying Bead. He didn't think Wang Lin would have this kind of terrifying treasure.

There wasn't time for him to think as the spear from the Thunder Beast broke through the sky. It split the rank 5 region in half and charged straight at Daoist Water.

There was no howling sound, only an indescribable killing intent. It was as if the spear had its own will. Once it flew out, it had to kill!

After entering the third step, Daoist Water had rarely used his full power to fight an enemy. However, at this moment, he revealed a serious expression. The moment the spear closed in, he waved his hands before his body. His right hand formed a claw and mercilessly slashed forward!

"Carefree Slicing Dao!" As Water Daoist's words echoed across the world, his right hand seemed to form the strongest slicing dao. As he waved, popping sounds echoed, and it even felt like the void before him was being sliced up.

The collapsed void suddenly expanded in a jagged shape and spread out. The popping sounds instantly reached a limit and echoed across the world like a roar. It quickly collided with the spear, creating a deafening roar. This violent roar quickly spread across the rank 5 and 6 regions. Countless cultivators coughed out blood, their eyes filled with horror.

The spear was surrounded by the jagged void. Thunder rumbles echoed, becoming louder and louder. The sound of friction spread out, and it was extremely sharp. When it entered Wang Lin's ears, it made him bleed from his orifices, as if his body was being cut up. Intense pain filled his body and he quickly retreated while coughing out blood.

Water Daoist's eyes became even more serious and shined brightly. He raised his right hand up and mercilessly sliced down!

"Carefree cutting blade, destroy all laws!"

A thunder boom echoed and a giant crack appeared before Water Daoist. This crack had an irregular shape, as if it separated the heavens and earth. The moment it appeared, it shot forward!

Everything it passed by was cut in half! In an instant, it closed in on the spear and mercilessly swept by.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

As the thunderous rumble echoed, the last wild continent Wang Lin was on collapsed into countless pieces. His face was pale and blood was spewing out from many part of his body; he was covered in blood.

As for the spear, it trembled as the spatial crack passed and then was split in half. It was forced in half by Water Daoist's spell!

After destroying the spear, Water Daoist didn't relax at all. His eyes became even more serious. After the spear collapsed, a ray of seven-colored light shot out toward Daoist Water!

This was the third God Slaying War Chariot, the strongest of the three war chariots!

This bright, seven-colored light was what Daoist Water was really worried about. He felt like it was somewhat terrifying! The seven-colored light was too fast, and for the first time, Daoist Water retreated three steps as he waved his right hand. The spatial crack swept by and was about to cut the seven-colored light.

However, the moment the crack touched the seven-colored light, the crack began to rapidly shrink. It was took an instant for it to completely close as if it was never there.

This sudden change caused Daoist Water's expression to change greatly, and he retreated a few more steps. His hands formed seals as his eyes lit up and he spat out a cloud of fog.

This fog was black, and an earth-shattering roar came from inside. There were nine large and hideous ghosts inside. They immediately charged out at the seven-colored light and roared.

Every single ghost was equal to the full power of a third Heaven's Blight cultivator. Forget the two Carefree dao spells, just these nine ghosts would allow him to do as he wished in any star system, rarely meeting any resistance on the way!

At this moment, these nine ghosts let out hideous roars and closed in to devour the seven-colored light. They trembled as the seven-colored light shined brightly. The nine ghosts let out mournful screams and quickly retreated, not daring to stop it. Two of the ghosts that were too slow were slammed by the seven-colored light. They immediately disintegrated into large amounts of origin energy and dissipated.

Daoist Water's expression was gloomy as he retreated once more. His hands formed seals again as he used another spell.

At this moment, Wang Lin's face was pale, but killing intent filled his eyes. With a wave of his right hand, the trident appeared and his body quickly grew into an ancient god thousands of feet tall. He took a step forward and threw the trident at Daoist Water.

As he moved forward, his left hand formed a seal and pointed at the sky. Call the Wind suddenly appeared, turning into black dragons. As the destructive wind grew, the black dragons turned into a heaven piercing spear that charged at Daoist Water.

Summon the Rain also appeared. The raindrops turned into ice swords that shot out.

At the same time, Magic Arsenal activated, and the Celestial Sealing Print flew out from inside Wang Lin's mouth. Countless battle souls appeared and a series of mournful roars echoed. They charged at Daoist Water under the lead of Master Void and the All-Seer.

Mountain Crumble also appeared as Wang Lin moved forward and roared with his footsteps. Illusory volcanos erupted one by one, releasing heaven-shattering destructive power!

Daoist Water didn't care about any of this at all. The only thing he cared about was the seven-colored light that was charging at him like crazy. His hands formed a seal and he closed his eyes.

He opened his eyes an instant later. The moment he opened his eyes, his gaze seemed to turn solid and landed on the seven-colored light.

There was a bang and then a heaven-shaking impact spread out. The moment Daoist Water looked at the seven-colored light, one color collapsed. However, the other six didn't, and they closed in like crazy.

Water Daoist closed his eyes and opened them once more. In a short period of time, he closed and opened his eyes several times!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

This no name spell caused some of the seven lights to suddenly collapse, leaving only three colors. It was now only 100 feet away. With its speed, it couldn't even be described as an instant.

At this moment of danger, Daoist Water's eyes revealed a strange light and her said, "Stop spell!" 

The moment those words appeared, he stopped the heavens, he stopped the earth, he stopped all laws, he stopped all movement, he stopped all spells, and he stopped all living things!

At this instant, all the spells Wang Lin had used paused in the void; even his body stopped. His eyes were filled with shock. All the origin energy inside his body seemed to have stopped and he wasn't able to move even an inch!

The only three colors left, red, yellow, and blue, released a thunderous rumble as if someone was pulling the reins on countless wild horses. They struggled fiercely before they completely stopped 30 feet before Daoist Water!!

"What a powerful treasure! Unfortunately, there is obviously still one seal left; otherwise, even with my early stage Nirvana Void cultivation, I would've been injured. Even more, this old man was forced to use the Stop spell. Lu Zihao, for you to be able to do this, you can be considered a heavenly genius!

"Nirvana Void, Spirit Void, Arcane Void, and Void Tribulant! The third step has four realms. Only after reaching the Spirit Void stage would I not be injured by this treasure once completely activated!" Daoist Water's eyes lit up. This God Slaying God Chariot shocked him a bit. If not for the fact that he knew a spell that didn't belong to this world, it might have been an issue. Although he wouldn't have died, he would've suffered injuries before he could kill this Liu Zihao. And as a third step cultivator, to suffer the counterattack of an ant was an disgrace!

"You don't have the right to use this treasure, so this old man will take it!" Daoist Water waved his sleeves and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. The moment it appeared, it rushed out and devoured the red, yellow, and blue rays of light.

The cultivation level difference between the two was like an uncrossable gully. Wang Lin looked at all of this, stunned, but there was an unwilling flame burning inside his heart.

"I'm unwilling. I still have three more killing aces! Even if I die, I want this person to pay an unrecoverable price!"

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