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Chapter 1274 - Expression Changed

A third step cultivator that wanted to kill a small Nirvana Shatterer cultivator had suffered a small wound from the Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Wang Lin knew that if news of this spread out, it would be enough to shock everyone in the Sealed Realm and the Outer Realm!

The third step was a legendary cultivation level. In the Sealed Realm, third step cultivators were extremely rare. Even in the Outer Realm, they were extremely rare. A third step cultivator could sweep the world and would even dare to battle heaven itself!

They were like the emperors among cultivators. All cultivators were like ants before them and could be easily wiped out!

A Nirvana Shatterer cultivator could be a teacher in a sect, and a Heaven's Blight cultivator could be a high elder, but before a third step cultivator, they were all like ants that could be killed at will!

This was strength, this was the cruel truth of the cultivation world. The law of the jungle!

If Wang Lin was a third step cultivator, Daoist Water would have been extremely cautious with his desire to kill him. He most likely wouldn't have chosen to fight at all and instead would have invited Wang Lin as an esteemed guest. Then the two would sit down and trade for what they wanted.

If Wang Lin was a third step cultivator, he could've swept through the Alliance, Cloud Sea, and Allheaven. Even Master Lu Fu would be very polite and would show respect; neither side would provoke the other.

Strength was everything, and it was the key to surviving in this cruel cultivation world!

"I underestimated you, little ant, but the more you struggle, the more this old man wants to kill you!" The ancient voice echoed throughout the world like thunder. The fog tumbled violently as a boy wearing a daoist robe walked out!

This boy had a head of white hair, but his skin was white and clear. When he came out, his gaze fell on Wang Lin below. Third step cultivators rarely appeared in person, as they could merge with the world and create a third step avatar anywhere.

Only life and death battles between third step cultivators would cause them to fight in their real bodies. But Daoist Water had unexpectedly come in his real body. This obviously showed his will to kill Wang Lin, but also showed how cautious and important he thought of this matter!

He was worried that Wang Lin was really the reincarnation of his master, he was worried that Wang Lin had heaven-defying treasures!

The moment the white-haired boy walked out of the fog, killing intent erupted from Wang Lin's eyes. He was waiting for this moment, waiting for the enemy to reveal their true body!

"I can't think about that chance of survival I predicted, or I'll have a fallback plan and there won't be that fierceness in my heart. As a result, I'll without a doubt die!

"Only by putting my back against the wall and throwing away my life can I obtain peak power!!!" Wang Lin revealed a ferocious and crazed expression. He cut off all thoughts of retreat and pushed himself into a dead end!

In truth, the moment the white-haired boy appeared, he was already at a dead end!

The moment the white-haired boy came out of the fog, Wang Lin waved his hands and let out a roar!    

"If you want to kill me, you will have to pay a price!" As Wang Lin roared, he flew into the air once more without retreating. Just at this moment, the 100 continents around Wang Lin began to roar and a blood light shined. Endless blood tattoos flew out. They completely filled the area, and it was impossible to calculate how many there were.

As Wang Lin roared, the blood-colored tattoos flew at the white-haired boy, carrying with them the power to destroy the heavens! The howling was horrifying!

Every single blood tattoo was formed by the blood essence of a fierce beast. They also contained dao intent unique to the beasts in the Cloud Sea, causing the power of the blood tattoos to be far more powerful than ones refined in the other star systems.

As they flew at the white-haired boy, the sky was dyed red, and a thunderous howl covered the sky.

"You know the Tattoo Clan's spell, but this spell is useless against this old man!" Daoist Water's expression was neutral, and the moment the boundless tattoos closed in, he casually waved his right hand.

"Carefree Dao Collapse!" Daoist Water's voice was calm, but it gave the illusion that a god was roaring. His voice became more intense as it spread out like crazy.

All the blood tattoos that collided with the invisible sound wave collapsed and couldn't get near Water Daoist at all. The collapse was endless, just like the amount of blood tattoos!

A thunderous rumble echoed and the entire rank 5 region trembled violently. There was a tearing sound as a spatial crack split the rank 5 region in half!

"Tattoos, turn into blood!" Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and he spat out a mouthful of blood. This blood had a demonic glow, and the moment it appeared, all the blood from the collapsed tattoos gathered. In an instant, the blood before him gave off a bright red light and charged forward, breaking all spells in its path as it shot toward Daoist Water.

However, as the blood closed in, one gaze from Daoist Dao caused it to collapse! At this moment, the white-haired boy reached out and one drop of blood stopped collapsing. It quickly flew into the boy's hand.

The white-haired body held that drop of blood and swallowed it, then his eyes began to shine.

"He's not his reincarnation!!"

The collapse of the blood tattoos wasn't outside of Wang Lin's expectations. His 10 million sword shadows were able to leave a small wound. However, now that the other party had used third step spells, all other spells would collapse. The Tattoo Clan spell was still a spell, so it naturally would have no effect.

But this was exactly what Wang Lin wanted!

As the blood collapsed and the tattoos were destroyed, the world was almost completely dyed red. At this moment, Wang Lin waved his hand and shouted, "Restriction Dao!"

A restriction wasn't a spell; it was formed from a strand of aura from ancient times that turned into its own dao!

In particular, Wang Lin had fused the three great restrictions, almost reaching the origin of restrictions. At this moment, the 100 wild continents began to shake and rapidly rotated under Wang Lin's control, smashing toward Daoist Water!

"Annihilation Restriction, seal the world! Life and Death Restriction, seal the body! Time Restriction, seal the origin soul! Three great restrictions as one, seal! Seal! Seal! Seal your world, seal your body, and seal your origin soul!" Wang Lin pointed forward.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Aside from the wild continent under Wang Lin, all of the other wild continents circled around Daoist Water, creating a formation. A powerful pressure appeared and crushed down on Daoist Water!

The restrictions on these 100 wild continents that had been suppressed this whole time erupted. The Annihilation restriction burst out, forming a giant cage that trapped the world!

The Life and Death Restriction formed two auras, one of life and one of death. They surrounded the white-haired boy, forming the Life and Death Restriction!

The Time Restriction had reversed 5,000 years due to Wang Lin's Flowing Time spell. Now it erupted with an ancient aura that shrouded the white-haired boy's origin soul!

As Wang Lin spoke, the three great restrictions suddenly erupted!

"Three great restrictions!! Unfortunately, the fourth restriction isn't present, or it might have had some power!" Daoist Water's eyes lit up as he waved his right hand once more.

With a wave of his hand, the world collapsed. The Carefree Dao Collapse he had just used hadn't dissipated, and the wave caused its power to reach a peak. It could collapse all living things in this world!

The endless collapse echoed like crazy, causing cracks to appear on the 100 wild continents, and in the blink of an eye, they started collapsing one by one!

It took a lot of power to collapse 100 wild continents; it was something only third step cultivators could do!

However, although the wild continents were collapsing, the three great restrictions were absorbing the blood left from the blood tattoos. The restrictions formed an octagon and sealed the white-haired body inside!

The three restrictions could seal the world, the flesh, and the origin soul, but they couldn't seal the soul, because they were lacking the last restriction to truly fuse into one!

However, Wang Lin was very smart. He had used the blood of the countless beast tattoos destroyed by this white-haired boy to dye the restriction. This allowed it so contain soul and show signs of a deformed completion!

"The spell of a mere ant. Even if you use the blood to complete it, it is still useless!" The white-haired boy took a step forward and no longer used any spells. Instead, he forced his way forward.

He had reached the third step and had completed his law. Where there was law, spells couldn't stop him. As he walked forward, the world seemed to create a path for him!

Even the fusion of three restrictions trembled as no spells could stop him. The Time Restriction broke first, no longer sealing his origin soul. Then the Life and Death Restriction collapsed, no longer sealing his body. Finally, the Annihilation Restriction dissipated, no longer sealing the world.

Although those three great restrictions were destroyed, because they weren't spells or laws, the white-haired paused for just an instant!

Everything Wang Lin had done was for this pause!

Wang Lin's pupils shrank, his hair became disheveled, and his eyes turned bloodshot as he roared, "God Slaying War Chariot!!"

The spear on the war chariot formed by the Thunder Beast shot out as a ray of light toward Daoist Water. It was powerful, and as it flew through the air, it split the rank 5 region!

After the spear, the seven thorns from the seven-colored war chariot formed a rainbow that condensed and shot at Daoist Water!

At this moment, all law collapsed before these God Slaying War Chariots! Laws couldn't stop them, the world couldn't stop them; no power could stop these two God Slaying War Chariots!

This was the real God Slaying War Chariot! It had the power to slay the gods!

Daoist Water's expression changed for the first time!

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