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Chapter 1270 - Without a Home (2)

Tears fell from the corners of her eyes. She rarely cried in her life. Even when she was ridiculed as a child, even when she felt like she was the only person in the world, she rare shed tears. However, at this moment, she cried.

While crying, Li Qianmei kotowed a third time toward her teacher.

"Even if Qianmei dies, I won't forget all this kindness… But now, Qianmei has to leave!" Li Qianmei raised her head and let tears flow down her cheeks. 

"Is he worth you going…" Li Qianmei's teacher looked at the girl he had raised. In his heart, he considered her his own daughter. She looked at the teacher that was like a father in her heart.

"There is someone else in his heart. That woman is engraved deeply within his heart, and no one can replace her… Disciple doesn't know what her feelings for him is, I don't know clearly. However, in 100 years of time, for some unknown reason, his shadow has always been here. As if in a previous life, I was a fish under the water and he was a bird in the sky. I don't know… Even disciple understands that his heart will not accept another person, but this can't be measured by worth it or not. I only know that if I know everything and don't go, I'll never be happy…" Li Qianmei's voice was calm, but tears seemed to rise up.

Li Qianmei's teacher silently pondered, and after a long time, he slowly said, "The rank 8 sect competition was cancelled by the God Sect."

This sentence shook Li Qianmei's body. As a disciple of a rank 9 sect, she naturally knew that the only ones that could cancel the rank 8 sect competition was the… God Sect!!

Li Qianmei's teacher softly said, "The people of the God Sect have been investigating Lu Zihao ever since he appeared! Do you still want to go?"

The bitterness on Li Qianmei's face became even stronger, but her determination also became stronger. She looked at her teacher and nodded.

"I want to go…"

"An ordinary person can't make the God Sect stop the rank 8 sect competition. This order was issued by the God Sect's head elder, Daoist Water! Can you do anything before Daoist Water? Can you stop him? Forget you, even if my entire Heaven Breaking Sect went, would it be any help?" Li Qianmei's teacher closed his eyes.

Li Qianmei bit her lower lip until blood came out… The determination in her eyes didn't lessen but became even stronger.

"Disciple can't stop him, but I still have to go… Teacher, let me leave, Disciple must go!"

"I knew your personality. That's why, after learning of this matter, I made you come back. There's no more need to talk about this. Cultivate here in peace for three months, and after three months, you can leave!" Li Qianmei's teacher closed his eyes. He seemed to have made a decision.

Li Qianmei's face revealed dense bitterness and seemed to have lost all color. A sharp pain came from her heart, so painful that it felt like it was going to drown her.

Her body trembled and she subconsciously took a few steps back. She coughed out a mouthful of blood and her face immediately turned pale.

Seeing Li Qianmei cough out blood, the determination in her teacher's eyes immediately collapsed and he revealed a complicated look.

"Teacher… You can prevent disciple from leaving, but you can't stop me from dying…" Li Qianmei lowered her head. Her voice was soft, but there was a hint of farewell within.

"You." Li Qianmei's teacher's eyes shined and he quickly lifted his right hand. A mark formed. The mark went through the formation and landed on Li Qianmei's body. This caused the chaotic origin energy inside her body to immediately become suppressed.

Li Qianmei's face revealed a miserable smile as she raised her head. There was still blood on the corner of her mouth as she softly said, "Teacher you can stop Qianmei for now, you can stop Qianmei for three months, but can't you stop me for my entire life! He still hasn't answered my third question. If he really dies, Qianmei will go the world he went to. I will wait for him to  answer my third question there… You once told me as a child that in one's life, sometimes one needs an obsession and the courage to chase that obsession. One also needs the courage to struggle, to chase… If cultivators don't have the obsession and courage, they can't cultivate any grand dao."

Li Qianmei's teacher's face was extremely gloomy and filled with pain. He knew his disciple's personality well, but he didn't think she would resist by trying to kill herself. He could indeed stop her for now, for three months, but he really couldn't stop her for her whole life!

"Have you thought it through?" Li Qianmei's teacher silently pondered for a long time, and his voice gradually became cold.

"Disciple has already thought it through, please let me go…" Li Qianmei looked bitterly at her teacher.

"Once you step outside the formation, you will no longer be part of the Heaven Breaking Sect, nor will you be my disciple. From then on, you won't need to call me 'Teacher,' because once you step out you, will have no teacher! Think about it yourself!" Li Qianmei's teacher waved his sleeve and the formation around Li Qianmei collapsed. The formation scattered in all directions and Li Qianmei was freed!

The expression of the Heaven Breaking Sect elders changed greatly, and one of them shouted, "Sect Master, what is your intent!?"

"Scram!" Li Qianmei's teacher suddenly looked up and let out a roar. The aura of having passed through the third Heaven's Blight erupted from his body. The three elders coughed out blood and were knocked back.

"Li Qianmei, Teacher is awaiting your choice!" Li Qianmei's teacher's gaze fell on her. Although his voice was calm, she could hear a hint of trembling within it.

Li Qianmei stared at her teacher, and the void in her heart became even bigger. It turned into extreme pain, making her heart even more torn. The Heaven Breaking Sect was her home… Her teacher as her father… However, right now she had to face a choice!

The surroundings were completely silent as Li Qianmei revealed a miserable expression. She lowered her head and knelt down, kowtowing six times. Looking at Li Qianmei, her teacher's eyes revealed regret and pain!

"You can go!" Li Qianmei's teacher turned around and looked at the sky. His heart seemed to be torn.

Li Qianmei quietly stared at her teacher for a very long time. Tears flowed down before she turned around and flew into the sky in a daze...

"There's no more home… Was it worth it…" The confusion in Li Qianmei's eyes became even stronger.

After Li Qianmei left, her teacher closed his eyes. The pain in his heart washed over his body.

An elder that was knocked away roared, "Sect Master! Once Li Qianmei offends Senior Daoist Water and angers the God Sect, my Heaven Breaking Sect won't be able to bear it! I must inform the God Sect of this matter. If the God Sect gets angry, you will have to pay the price!" 

Li Qianmei's teacher suddenly turned around and roared at the howling elder, "Scram, scram, scram!!" His Heaven's Blight cultivation erupted, causing the elder to constantly cough out blood and fly back like a broken kite. With a bang, his body collapsed and his origin soul escaped in terror.

"The Heaven Breaking Sect has been a slave to the God Sect for tens of thousands of years. All of you have become like slaves. If you fear the God Sect, then once Li Qianmei provokes Senior Daoist Water's anger, I'll bear all the responsibility!" Li Qianmei's teacher waved his sleeve and disappeared.

His voice echoed like thunder and spread out across the Heaven Breaking Sect. However, his voice couldn't shake the heart of the Heaven Breaking Sect cultivators that had been enslaved by the God Sect for tens of thousands of years!

Just like the fog in the Cloud Sea, how many people could see through the fog?

Everything Li Qianmei had done, whether it was leaving the battlefield at the Demon Sect or cutting her ties with the Heaven Defying Sect, they were all things Wang Lin didn't know about. At this moment, Li Qianmei was like a woman without a home as she flew toward the rank 5 region in a daze.

She was already a lonely woman who had been an orphan since her childhood. Due to her blue hair, she didn't have a happy childhood. It was due to her strength and serenity that she had come all this way… However, now that she lost her home, it was like falling into the abyss. The loneliness from her childhood filled her, making her more bleak and weak. It was as if she would be blown by the wind to some place no one could find… Where she would silently await her death.

At this moment, in the Origin Sect in the rank 5 region, there were two short swords floating before Wang Lin, one white and one black. The two rays of sword energy crossed and created thousands of shadows. These shadows formed a vortex and stirred up the world.

As he continued to refine them and break the seals, the two mysterious short swords he got from the Seven-Colored Realm were slowly displaying their true power!

As time passed, more and more black and white sword shadows appeared around Wang Lin!

10,000; 50,000; 100,000; 300,000; 500,000… until… 1,000,000!

1,000,000 black and white sword shadows connected to form a sword that gave off a heaven-shaking sword hymn!

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