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Chapter 1269 - Without a Home (1)

Wang Lin floated in the air and began to ponder. The key to his chance to survive was this jade form Liu Jinbiao. However, the jade had unexpectedly disappeared, and the Heaven Defying Bead had disappeared along with it.

This change caught Wang Lin off guard. He was puzzled, and there was also a faint sense of uneasiness within him.

“The chance of survival has something to do with the jade, but now both the jade and Heaven Defying Bead have disappeared. How do I resolve this issue?” Wang Lin frowned as he returned to the Origin Sect.

Inside the Origin Sect, Lu Yanfei and others were waiting for Wang Lin. They immediately greeted Wang Lin when he arrived, but Wang Lin was pondering and only barely nodded.

The jade Liu Jinbiao had sent out had become a normal jade and lacked the aura of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. This jade was quite simple, Liu Jinbiao had simply taken the centipedes’ aura from the jade, so it had real Nirvana Shatterer aura and revealed no flaws.

Now that all eight centipedes were dead, the aura had disappeared and the jade had become an ordinary object.

Lu Yanfei looked at Wang Lin and softly said, “Uncle-Teacher, my Origin Sect has sorted everything and can leave at any time.”

Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at the Origin Sect. He still had some feelings for this place. This was where he had spent his first period of time in the Cloud Sea and where he got his identity in the Cloud Sea.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slowly said, “You all go first, I still have some other matters to deal with. If there is a chance, I’ll find you all at the rank 7 sect.”

There was a hint of gloominess in Lu Yanfei’s eyes, but she understood that with Wang Lin’s cultivation level, there was no way he would stay at the small Origin Sect. She just didn’t expect he to leave this soon.

Biting her lower lip, Lu Yanfei bowed respectfully at Wang Lin. She wanted to say something, but in the end didn’t. Letting out a sigh in her heart, she took the people of the Origin Sect and left through the transfer array.

Every single Origin Sect member respectfully bowed at Wang Lin before leaving.

Looking at these Origin Sect disciples leave, Wang Lin took a deep breath. He sat down in the empty square as he looked up at the sky with a cold gaze!

“Every future I saw resulted in death. Even if I leave with the Origin Sect to the rank 7 region, it will be the same. Even if I escape now, it would still be the same! I, Wang Lin, have spent my entire life as a heaven-defying cultivator. Since there is no path, then I must struggle to make one!

“Third step cultivator… If I don’t die to this calamity, one day, I’ll make third step cultivators bow before me!” Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder.

He waved his right hand and his storage space appeared. Two short swords came out. He had obtained them in the Seven-Colored Realm. There was a seal on each of them, and he hadn’t had the time to open them. Now that he was facing a crisis, he decided to open them by force to add to his strength.

While Wang Lin was preparing for the life and death calamity, far away, in the rank 9 region, in the Heaven Breaking Step, Li Qianmei was trapped by a formation set by three elders. Li Qianmei looked at her teacher and soflty said, “Teacher, you don’t want Qianmei to leave? Can you give Qianmei a reason?”

Li Qianmei’s teacher, the Heaven Breaking Sect’s sect master, remained silent. It was as if he had lost all life and only left behind a body.

Li Qianmei lowered her head and opened her mouth. “Teacher, Qianmei grew up by your side, and you caught me to cultivate. With the battle going on at the Demon Sect, Qianmei asks for nothing more than to go back to the battlefield.”

Li Qianmei’s teacher pondered a bit and said with a hoarse voice, “Teacher has already sent a message to the Demon Sect. You will go back in three months, there no need to rush!”

Li Qianmei’s eyes narrowed as she looked at her teacher. Her mind trembled. She had try to understand why her teacher was doing this, and he had even called out three elders. After all, with her cultivation level, there was no need to call three elders.

These three elders were apparently playing the role of surveillance and witnesses. They were monitoring...

Li Qianmei’s face immediately became a bit pale. She originally thought that the three elders were not here to watch her, but her teacher! Originally, she thought her teacher was doing this because she had left the battlefield at the Demon Sect. However, seeing how her teacher had told her to return to the Demon Sect in three months, it seemed like this matter had nothing to do with the Demon Sect!

“What matter made Teacher act like this…” Li Qianmei felt shock. She wasn’t worried about herself, but for some reason, Wang Lin’s figure appeared in her heart.

“Teacher, what did Qianmei do for you to force me to stay here for three months?” Li Qianmei raised her head. Her eyes were filled with determination as she looked at her teacher.

Li Qianmei’s teacher let out a sigh before looking at his most important and beloved disciple. There was kindness and complication in his eyes. After a long time, he slowly said, “You…”

Before he could finish speaking, one of the three elders clasped his hands and said, “I ask the sect master to think twice!”

“I know what I’m doing!” Li Qianmei’s teacher, the Heaven Breaking Sect’s sect master, coldly looked at the elder that had spoken up.

“Li Qianmei, do you know a person named Lu Zihao?” The Heaven Breaking Sect sect master’s gaze landed on Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei’s expression was neutral, but a huge wave was set off in her mind.

“I know this person. Teacher once made me go to the rank 5 region to find Senior Brother Sima’s jade and relic. On the way, Qianmei met this Lu Zihao.”

The sect master looked profoundly at Li Qianmei and slowly said, “That is the reason I’m keeping you here for three months!”

Li Qianmei silently pondered as a force gathered inside her weak body. She would leave the Demon Sect for Wang Lin. Now that she had heard her teacher’s words, with her intelligence, she immediately felt a life and death crisis descend on Wang Lin. This danger was so great, not even her teacher could do anything but call her back. Although it looked like she was trapped here, it was actually for her own protection.

While pondering, Li Qianmei’s expression gradually calmed down, but a sense of determination and bitterness filled her body. She slowly stood up.

Just as she stood up, the expressions of the three elders became cold. One of them shouted, “Li Qianmei, what are you doing?!”

“Teacher, Qianmei is a orphan, and you raised me. You gave me kindness, you taught me how to be an adult. Although I call you ‘Teacher,’ in Qianmei’s heart, you’re like a father!” Li Qianmei’s voice was calm but filled with sincere gratitude.

She looked at her teacher as she slowly knelt down and kowtowed once.

“Teacher, if Qianmei has another life, I’ll die ten thousands times to repay it!”

Li Qianmei’s teacher’s mind trembled. He looked at Li Qianmei, and his gaze became even more complicated. He had raised Li Qianmei from a young age, so he understood her personality very well.

“You taught me cultivate and helped me refine pills, allowing Qianmei to reach the Nirvana Shatterer stage in just 1,000 years. Qianmei knows that you used a large amount of resources from the sect, even provoking some elders! They were not happy with you… Teacher, I can’t forget this kindness. If there is another life, even if I become a cattle or a horse, I’ll still repay you.” Li Qianmei kowtowed a second time. She couldn’t repay her teacher’s kindness.

“Qianmei also knows that these elders always suspected that Qianmei was from a foreign clan due to the color of my hair. Because they suspected I’m not from the same clan, they were dissatisfied that you spent a large amount of the sect’s pills on me. They were even unhappy that you taught me dao! However, you didn’t care about this, and you have been gentle with me like a father. You even helped me refine pills to consolidate my foundation at the expense of your own origin soul. How can Qianmei repay you…”

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