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Chapter 1271 - Awaiting Your Arrival

The sword hymn shook the world. The swords seemed to form a dragon that wanted to break the sky. A dense killing intent appeared in this world.

This killing intent was cold like the swords!

Wang Lin's figured became a blur within the endless sword shadows; it was impossible to see him clearly, as he was surrounded by the endless sword shadows.

"I didn't think they'd be able to transform into 1 million sword shadows after forcibly opening four of the nine seals!" Wang Lin opened his eyes, and his eyes shined brightly.

His gaze seemed to combine with the surrounding sword shadows and become part of them. The moment his eyes opened, all the sword shadows trembled as if they couldn't bear this pressure. It was as if a primal animal was about to charge gout!

"Four seals already have such power. It seems I underestimated these two short swords. In this case, I'll forcibly open more with my cultivation. I want to let the person that wants to kill me know that I, Wang Lin, am not so easy to kill!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold as his hands formed a seal and pointed at the two short swords.

Those two swords, one black, one white, released an earth-shattering howl that was like the roar of the dragons. It was as if two dragons were roaring at the sky. The two swords suddenly moved and pointed toward Wang Lin as if they were going to rebel!

Wang Lin let out a cold snort and the star of law appeared. As it rotated, the new law that was created appeared. Thunder echoed across the sky and countless balls of thunder appeared and gathered. Also, at this instant, blue fire appeared around the two swords.

A battle intent erupted.

Wang Lin waved his right hand as he roared, "Fifth seal, break for me!" Popping sounds came from the two short swords.

In an instant, large amounts of cracks appeared before the two short swords and unexpectedly exploded. What appeared before Wang Lin was still two swords, but now they could only be called daggers, as their appearance had shrunk a lot.

The moment the two daggers appeared, the sword shadows around Wang Lin erupted. 1.5 million, 2 million… until there were 5 million!

5 million sword shadows covered the sky and spread across the continent of Mo Luo. Even in the space outside Mo Luo, one could feel the terrifying, destructive aura.

What was even more shocking was that each of the 5 million sword shadows contained the power of thunder, fire, and battle intent. It was as if they would battle the world without the need to control them!

"Five seals allows 5 million sword shadows. Good! Then I'll help you once more and refine you two daggers with the blood of an ancient god to break the rest of the seals in one go!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his hands formed a seal. His face immediately turned rosy.

Ancient god blood was filled with vitality and could dispel all demons in the world. He forced out a mouthful of ancient good blood and spat it out. It turned into a blood mist that surrounded the two daggers.

When he coughed out blood, an ancient god shadow appeared within the blood. The shadow split into two and entered the two daggers.

At this instant, popping sounds came out from the dagger and they collapsed once more. They collapsed twice in a row! A thunderous rumble echoed as the number of sword shadows around Mo Luo increased like crazy!

5 million, 6 million, 7 million, 8 million, 9 million!

In the end, there were exactly 9,999,999 sword shadows around Wang Lin. Just one more to collapse the world.

Wang Lin sat there and began to ponder. "Seven seals have been opened. Unfortunately, with my cultivation level, I can't break them in a short period of time. Otherwise, from the looks of these two daggers, once the eighth seal is broken, they would reach 10 million. Although it's only one more sword, the gap is great!" 

"No harm. Even though I can't open the eighth seal, I can still obtain the effect of the eighth seal. I'm an ancient god, and an ancient god's body is powerful. I will be the last sword!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he inhaled. The almost 10 million swords immediately howled and gathered toward him.

It looked like he was inhaling the world. Countless sword shadows entered Wang Lin's body. As the countless sword shadows entered his body, a thunderous rumble came from within him. He gave off a powerful killing intent that could shake the mind of anyone who saw him.

Ordinary cultivators couldn't handle so many sword shadows, but it was no problem for Wang Lin, who was an ancient god. When he inhaled them, even his body turned silver.

"Gather!" Wang Lin roared, and the almost 10 million sword shadows inside his body condensed and eventually gathered inside his right index finger.

"These two short swords are strange…" When the almost 10 million sword shadows condensed in his right index finger, the sky became clear. The two daggers had become two strands of black and white energy that also entered Wang Lin's finger.

Two illusory deer let out long hisses and circled Wang Lin's index finger. Eventually, they turned into two tattoos that imprinted on his finger.

At this moment, Wang Lin's index finger could destroy the body of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Even an ordinary Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure was no match; if one touched Wang Lin's index finger, it would immediately disintegrate!

What was even more frightening was that this index finger also contained the laws of thunder, fire, and battle intent. It also contained Wang Lin's strength as an ancient god. This one finger could shock even a ghost god!

"Even a Heaven's Blight cultivator would have to dodge this finger!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he let out a breath that fell on his right index finger. The two tattoos were hidden and his index finger returned to normal. No one could see anything special about them.

"If I can catch that person off guard, then these 10 million sword shadows can definitely put him in a sorry state!" Wang Lin looked up at the sky with a smile, but his eyes were gloomy.

"There are too many mortals on the continent of Mo Luo for the battle to occur here. It is the responsibility of us cultivators!" Wang Lin silently got up and turned into a ray of light that quickly flew away from the continent of Mo Luo.

His figure was a blur among the stars, and it didn't take long for him to find a wild continent. In a flash, Wang Lin charged at the wild continent.

With a bang, his feet landed on this wild continent. His powerful divine sense spread out across the continent.

"Since I can't escape, I'll use this place as the battlefield!" Wang Lin chose the highest peak in a mountain range and sat down.

"When I fused with the All-Seer's soul, I found out that there are still seven more days until this life and death calamity. Seven days is more than enough time for me to prepare," Wang Lin muttered to himself as he raised his right hand and hit his forehead. 100 strands of milky white gas flew out of his head and turned into 100 balls of light.

"The world is ever changing, gather 100 avatars, ancient clan ability!" After Wang Lin spoke, the 100 balls of light moved and turned into 100 Wang Lins!

These were all avatars and souls! This was an ancient god spell Wang Lin could use after his sixth star had slightly recovered.

As his hand pushed forward, the 100 avatars scattered in all directions and rushed through the star fog.

Wang Lin closed his eyes as if he was cultivating.

Time gradually passed, and in the blink of an eye, two days went by. His 100 avatars all contained the power of an ancient god and were all very powerful. In these two days, with his understanding of the rank 5 region, his 100 avatars brought back 100 wild continents!

These 100 wild continents were moved here like crazy and surrounded the wild continent Wang Lin was on.

This scene was enough to shock all the cultivators in the rank 5 region. At this moment, the area where Wang Lin placed the 100 wild continent had already taken a large portion of the region. From far away, it looked like the home of a clan from the Ancient Star System!

These wild continents surrounded Wang Lin to form a giant formation! This formation used these continent as the frame and reached a terrifying level of power.

The 100 avatars all returned and Wang Lin opened his eyes. He waved his hand and the Annihilation Restriction flew out around him and slowly rotated.

Staring at the restriction, Wang Lin revealed a sneer.

His hands moved like wind and didn't stop. Restrictions continued to spread out, permeating through the wild continent. They continued to spread until they were on all the wild continents and then connected as one!

Creating this many restrictions had consumed a large amount of origin energy, but Wang Lin was half a foot into the Nirvana Shatterer stage and therefore could absorb endless origin energy. He also had large amounts of origin crystals and didn't hesitate to take them out and absorb them.

He also summoned the woman in silver and ordered her to use the life and death restriction. The woman in silver used it without hesitation, and with enough origin crystals, her life and death restriction also covered the continent and synchronized with Wang Lin's restrictions.

If this was it, it won't revealed Wang Lin's method. After he left the Seven-Colored Realm, he had begun studying the Time Restriction. Although he hadn't fully learned it, as the inheritor of the Annihilation Restriction and with his understanding of restrictions, he had grasped a bit.

At this moment, he used it, and the Time Restriction started to appear. On the fifth day, the Time Restriction also filled all the continents!

"The power of Time Restriction depends on time. I have the Flower Time Spell and can reverse time to help the Time Restriction reach a certain peak in a short period of time! The fusion of the three great restrictions has heaven-shaking power. Person who wants to kill me, even though you are a third step cultivator, you won't know all the things I have prepared for you!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes!

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