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Chapter 1267 - You're Liu Jinbiao?

Just as Wang Lin was calculating the future with the Defying Ones' spell, the disciples of the Origin Sect had already finished packing everything. They were waiting for Wang Lin in the main square.

Originally, they were talking. There was confusion and excitement in their words. They already knew that the Origin Sect wasn't going to be disband and was going to be moved to the rank 7 sect.

However, just at this moment, the clear sky darkened and a shocking wail arrived. A ray of golden light closed in on the Origin Sect.

In an instant, this golden light arrived, and there was a jade inside the light. After the jade arrived, it floated above the Origin Sect's square.

This sudden change caused an uproar among the disciples. Even Lu Yanfei and company's expressions changed because the aura from it was something only Nirvana Shatterer old monsters could release!

It wasn't just any ordinary Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, but one at the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage. Just a jade was able to produce such a heaven-shaking effect. The sky changed colors, the clouds churned, and there were even faint signs of law!

"This old man is Liu Jinbiao, dao name: Master Jin Biao!"

The majestic voice came from the jade and shrouded the entire Origin Sect. Even the continent of Mo Luo trembled under this voice.

Lu Yanfei had seen a lot in the rank 8 Everlasting Sect and therefore wasn't just an ordinary Nirvana Scryer cultivator. Her eyes lit up and she clasped her hands. "I don't know why Senior Jin Biao came to my Origin Sect!"

"Disaster is upon you and you don't even know it yourself, so I'll tell you. Three days ago, someone found this old man. They wanted to buy the life of your entire Origin Sect!"

The voice was filled with an inexplicable pressure. As the voice echoed, it was as if thunder was echoing, and it turned into law that merged with the world. All of this turned into pressure that weighed down the minds of the Origin Sect disciples! 

Lu Yanfei's expression immediately changed!

"However, this old man has no feud with your Origin Sect. Although I need origin crystals to refine pills, I would rather not do something like this. However, if I have no other choice, I can only take the lives of your entire Origin Sect."

Lu Yanfei's eyes became cold as she sneered, but the other Origin Sect disciples were filled with fear.

"All of you have already packed, ready to be disbanded. Forget it, the Everlasting Sect's sect master once saved his old man and I owe him one. If you all satisfy me, this old man will send out a letter and prevent your Origin Sect from being disbanded!

"This old man doesn't wish to kill your entire Origin Sect. If you can take out enough origin crystals or something equivalent, I'll put this matter to rest!" The ancient voice gave off an undeniable aura along with the intent of threat. Due to the Nirvana Shatterer aura, this threat could shock the mind of those who heard it.

Lu Yanfei pondered, but her expression became even more cold.

Just at this moment, inside the chamber, Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at the wall as if his gaze could pierce through it.

"Liu Jinbiao!" Wang Lin's face became cold as he stood up and separated from the All-Seer's soul. He swallowed the Celestial Sealing Stamp and left the chamber. He appeared in the sky above the square in the Origin Sect.

"This old man's time is limited. I will only give you 15 minutes to consider. After 15 minutes…"

The peak Nirvana Shatterer aura spread out like crazy, but he didn't noticed that Wang Lin was staring at it with a cold gaze, and his divine sense spread out.

Wang Lin fused all his cultivation with his divine sense and swept it across Mo Luo. Using the aura from the jade, his divine sense quickly gathered in a mortal capital city in the southern part of the continent!

This capital was busting and the streets were filled with people. In the southern part of the city, there was an inn, and at this moment, inside a closed room, there was an old man sitting there. He gave off the air of a celestial, had white hair, and wore a white robe. His eyes were closed and there was a jade floating before him!

This jade was crystal clear and seemed to contain the world, but, strangely, it gave off no aura!

Even while looking at it closely, you wouldn't feel anything strange about it. Only when you looked at it with your eyes would you feel that shocking feeling!

".... After 15 minutes, if you don't send over the origin crystals, everyone in your Origin Sect will be instantly annihilated!" The old man sat there as if he was speaking to himself. Those words were absorbed by the jade and sent to the Origin Sect tens of thousands of kilometers away!

"However, this old man knows that your Origin Sect doesn't have anything valuable. Forget it, all of you just take out all your bags and the things in your storage spaces and this old man will pretend none of this happened. Not only will this dispel your danger, I'll also send a letter to your Everlasting Sect's sect master… This old man rarely shows this kind of compassion, so think about it carefully!" As the old man spoke, he shook his head. He controlled the tone of his words very well and grasped it perfectly.

After he finished speaking, he opened his eyes. His eyes shined and he revealed a smug sneer.

He had already received information that the Origin Sect would likely be disband, so he had waited here. He had waited for the cultivators to return from the competition, and while they were all panicking, he could succeed in one go.

However, due to the Everlasting Sect sealing all information, he didn't know about what had happened to the Origin Sect, nor of Wang Lin's existence!

"This has almost 100% chance of succeeding. This old man never does anything that could fail! It's a pity that this old man can't show up in person. That Lu Yanfei is known as the number one beauty in the rank 5 region. Unfortunate… If this old man could taste a fairy, that would be wonderful."

The old man sighed and looked at the jade. The pride in his eyes was even stronger. He raised his hand to reach for the jade.

However, just at this moment, a cold voice echoed in the room.

"You're Liu Jinbiao."

This voice appeared too suddenly and frightened the old man enough that he almost jumped into the air. His face instantly paled as he turned to see a person standing in the corner of the room!

This person had white hair, white robe, and his gaze was cold. When the old man met this person's gaze, his mind trembled and he immediately cough out blood.

The old man's eyes were filled with monstrous fear as he exclaimed, "Nirvana Shatterer old monster!" After he spoke, he rushed forward and went for the window to escape.

Wang Lin coldly stared at the old man as he lifted his foot and took a step. A heaven-shaking pressure spread out, causing the old man to tremble and cough out blood once more.

The old man was terrified as he screamed in terror, "Jade, protect me!"

The jade floating in the air shined and shot at the old man. It was fast; even Wang Lin only saw a blur before it arrived before the old man. It released a bright glow and took the old man. Then they smashed through the window and shot into the sky.

The moment the old man escaped, Wang Lin's right hand pushed forward. Endless origin energy gathered from all directions toward the old man.

However, just as it closed in on the old man, the light from the jade shined brightly and a thunderous rumble echoed. Wang Lin's attack that could kill Nirvana Shatterer cultivators unexpectedly collapsed!

The old man wasn't injured at all, thanks to the protection of the jade, and charged off into the distance.

Wang Lin's mind trembled as he stared at the escaping old man. He wasn't looking at the old man, but at that jade!

This old man named Liu Jinbiao was what appeared in the last picture when Wang Lin was predicting his future. However, Wang Lin was puzzled because this old man's cultivation leve was really…. too low!

From the looks of it, he had just broken through the Ascendant stage and reached the Illusionary Yin stage!

Even if hundreds of him were put together, they wouldn't be able to resist Wang Lin's attack. However, the old man wasn't injured at all with the protection of the jade. This made Wang Lin's eyes shine!

"What kind of jade is this?" Wang Lin chased after the old man like crazy.

The old man was pale and blood was flowing down from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were filled with panic that had never appeared before. He had cheated people for many years, and due to the jade, he had never been found. He had also been very careful to not be found, but now someone had found him and was after him!

"Nirvana Shatterer old monster!" Just thinking about the other person's cultivation level, the old man became even more fearful. He only hated that he couldn't escape faster.

"Jade, ah, jade, I'll depend on you for this crisis. You have never disappointed me before. Today's life and death crisis will depend on you. You have to help me! Most of the origin crystals I cheated were absorbed by you!" The old man's face was even paler, but his words seemed to have an affect. The jade shined once more and the old man's speed increased.

However, when the old man had escaped tens of thousands of kilometers away, ripples appeared before him and Wang Lin walked out. He waved his right hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, then a powerful storm appeared and collided with the jade.

A thunderous rumble echoed as if the world was going to be torn apart. However, the light from the jade didn't seem damaged at all. It changed directions and continued to escape.

"I want to see where you're going to run!" Wang Lin's voice was cold, and as he spoke, his hands formed seals. Large amounts of restrictions appeared and shot toward that jade!

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