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Chapter 1268 - The Heaven Defying Bead Disappears!

At this moment, the entire world was surrounded by the countless restrictions Wang Lin had scattered. It was like an expanded sphere that was rapidly condensing.

The old man inside the jade revealed a hint of despair, but at this moment, a hiss came from the jade. Black mist came out of the jade and formed a giant centipede almost 1,000 feet large!

This centipede was completely black and had a golden line on its back. It was extremely fierce!

After it appeared, it suddenly spat a mouthful of poison at Wang Lin! This poison mist contained a powerful poison. When it touched the restrictions closing in, they suddenly collapsed.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He didn't stop at all and charged forward. He raised his right hand to point at the sky and shouted, "The thunder of the world, listen to my command!"

After he spoke, countless thunderbolts appeared in the sky above Mo Luo and replaced the world. All of them descended down toward the giant centipede.

The centipede let out a hiss and showed signs of desperation. The moment the thunder closed in, a strange scene unfolded. More black mist came out of the jade and six more 1,000 foot centipedes appeared!

A total of seven centipedes hissed like crazy as they spat out poison mist that collided with the thunder.

Thunderous rumbles echoed along with miserable roars. Three of the seven centipedes collapsed and turned into nothing. The remaining four centipedes quickly retreated.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he charged forward. He charged into the thunder and attacked with his right hand. There was a boom, and two of the remaining four centipedes collapsed!

The last two centipedes quickly retreated while hissing. They were about to return to the jade.

However, how could Wang Lin let them return? He waved his hand and two short swords flew out toward the two centipedes.

Popping sounds echoed as the sword energy swept by and the two retreating centipedes collapsed!

All seven centipedes had died and Wang Lin's restrictions closed in. There were nothing blocking them now. They completely surrounded the jade, making it so it could no longer escape!

All of Wang Lin's spells were enough to kill a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Although he had killed the seven centipedes, the jade wasn't damaged at all!

The more Wang Lin looked at the jade, the more extraordinary it seemed. It had to be some powerful magic treasure. When he searched for a path where he could live, the last thing he saw was Liu Jinbiao. He was now sure that his survival had to do with this jade!

As the restrictions closed in, Wang Lin closed in toward the jade and his right hand reached toward it. However, at this moment, a fierce aura came from inside the jade.

Black mist came out from the jade once more and a 10,000 foot centipede came out. Wang Lin was too close, and the centipede was right next to him. It opened its mouth to spit out poison mist and tried to devour Wang Lin.

At the same time, Liu Jinbio's expression became hideous and he roared, "Jade, devour him! He is a Nirvana Shatterer old monster, so he must have lot of treasures and origin crystals. Devour him. I don't want any, I will give it all to you!"

When the centipede was closing in, Wang Lin's expression didn't change at all. With his mental fortitude, how could he not be on guard against this strange jade? As the centipede closed in, Wang Lin opened his mouth and roared!


This wasn't the roar of a cultivator, but the roar of an ancient god! The roar of an almost 6-star royal ancient god! This roar shook the heavens. It was as if a hole was going to be torn in the sky!

The earth trembled and countless mountains collapsed in the distance. Rivers flowed in reverse and roared!

The roar of an ancient god, adding on Wang Lin's cultivation, could directly shatter any Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, destroy the body of an early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, and damage the soul of any mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

It could cause a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator lose all their senses! Even peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would be injured at such close range, and their ears would buzz!

The 10,000 foot centipede let out a miserable roar before it could even devour. It was as if a violent gust of wind had hit it, or a carriage that weighed a million kilograms had smashed into it!

With a thunderous bang, the centipede's body collapsed and completely disintegrated!

The tragic hiss before its death still echoed in the world!

After losing the centipede, the light from the jade dissipated, but a faint, gentle light surrounded the jade. It unexpectedly didn't mix with any of the world's light. It was as if it was something that didn't belong to this world!

Wang Lin's right hand reached out and grabbed the jade!

The moment he held the jade, there was a roar inside Wang Lin's mind. An indescribable force came out of the jade and rushed into his body. It swept through his origin soul, and the Heaven Defying Bead released a light that seemed to resonate with the jade!

As this light resonated, the jade in Wang Lin's hand suddenly disappeared, entering his body. It appeared in his origin soul next to the Heaven Defying Bead. The Heaven Defying Bead sucked the jade in!

At this instant, the Heaven Defying Bead suddenly collapsed and disappeared inside his origin soul as if it had never existed! But Wang Lin could clearly feel the existence of the Heaven Defying Bead. At this moment, he even felt like he had become the Heaven Defying Bead!

This feeling was very vague, but Wang Lin didn't have time to think about it, because the moment it disappeared, his mind trembled. Memories that didn't belong to him appeared.

Inside the memory, it was completely dark, and a jade was buried in the earth. After countless years, there was no change, until one day, the soil loosened and eight small centipedes arrived next to it. As if the jade had granted them intelligence, they began to absorb the jade's aura.

Time slowly passed and countless years went by. As the eight centipedes absorbed from the jade, they began to emit the aura of cultivators. On a certain day, the eight centipedes' bodies trembled and they died, but the origin souls they had cultivated entered the jade. They became treasure spirit-like beings.

However, they were made by an external force and couldn't control the jade. They could only use 1/1,000th of its power!

Countless years passed. The earth trembled once more and the originally buried jade was exposed to the surface.

An old man with a bruised face was fleeing in panic. There were faint sounds of cursing coming from behind the old man, shouting things like "crook" and "cheater."

While the old man was escaping, his injuries seemed to worsen, and he coughed out blood. The blood accidently fell on the jade and it shined, allowing the escaping old man to notice it.

The old man picked up the jade. After taking a look, he immediately fled...

Wang Lin suddenly awakened. Although it seems this vision took long, it was only half a breath of time. However, outsiders wouldn't be able to see anything. Liu Jinbiao stared at Wang Lin and saw the jade disappear from Wang Lin's hand.

He felt pain in his mind as his connection with the jade was cut off.

However, compared to his life, this jade was considered nothing. Liu Jinbiao's eyes were filled with fear as he knelt down and began to howl.

"Senior, forgive me. Senior, forgive me. Junior has never killed and only occasionally cheats and frightens other. At best, I have taken some possessions, but I've never killed anyone. My sin is not worth death, my sin is not worth death, Senior. Please let me go Senior. Junior will never cheat again and will be a good person. I'll never cheat again…"

This Liu Jinbiao continued to kowtow. He was scared out of his wits of Wang Lin and began to plead.

"This jade is too shocking. Eight ordinary centipede were able to cultivate to almost the Nirvana Shatterer stage! This Liu Jinbiao was able to do as he wished across the Cloud Sea. He has cheated countless people but was never seen through!" Wang Lin took a deep breath. He didn't want to listen to Liu Jinbiao talk. He waved his sleeves and immediately put Liu Jinbiao into his storage space.

"This person's crime is indeed not worthy of death. He has cheated for many years, but that has nothing to do with me. However, he tried to cheat the Origin Sect, so he must be punished! Xu Liguo, you always complain you're lonely, so I give this person to you. Teach him a good lesson or two!" Wang Lin's divine sense fell on Xu Liguo, who hadn't come out in a long time.

Xu Liguo was depressed and had been cursing in his heart over the past hundreds of years. He missed the beauties, and he especially thought of the evil he had done in Allheaven. He constantly yearned for it again.

While feeling lonely, he suddenly heard Wang Lin's message and saw Liu Jinbiao fall into the storage space. His eyes filled with excitement; he almost roared in excitement.

"Master, rest assured, haha, Little Xu will definitely teach this guy a good lesson and let him know my strength!" Xu Liguo excitedly rubbed his hands and revealed an evil smile. He slowly approached the old man called Liu Jinbiao. The fear in Liu Jinbiao's eyes became even stronger, causing Xu Liguo's eyes to shine.

"Damn it, how long has your Grandpa Xu been lonely for? How many years, ah? Today, God finally noticed me and let you offend that fiend. Good job!" Xu Liguo pounced at Liu Jinbiao while laughing. No matter how you listened, that laughter contained evil intent...

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