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Chapter 1266 - A Chance of Survival

An undercurrent was moving within the Cloud Sea, and it had been caused by the God Sect. It was interfering with a series of people!

Li Qianmei was trapped by her sect and wasn't allowed to go anywhere for three months. Her teacher had come out of his perpetual closed door cultivation to stop their most important disciple.

He had his own difficulties. He had to do this for Li Qianmei's safety!

Mu Bingmei was confused about all of this, but she vaguely felt like something was wrong. She went to the God Sect with Wang Shanshan but didn't see Wang Shanshan's teacher, who was the person with the highest power in the God Sect. The head elder, Daoist Water!

The moment she entered the God Sect, she was placed into a closed door cultivation room. The God Sect would provide all pills, but she wasn't allowed to step out!

If she knew that the rank 8 sect competition had been canceled, with her intelligence, she would have become suspicious. Even if she couldn't find the real cause, she would have seen some clues.

However, right now Mu Bingmei didn't know any of this.

Even Li Qianmei didn't know that the rank 8 sect competition had been cancelled by the God Sect!

The undercurrent diffused across the Cloud Sea.

On the continent of Mo Luo, all the Origin Sect disciples were hastily packing up under Lu Yanfei's order. It had taken three days to clean everything up. They were now ready to leave this rank 5 region they had spent countless years living in and move to the new Origin Sect prepared by the Everlasting Sect in the rank 7 region.

Wang Lin was sitting inside a secret room in the Origin Sect. His mind was fused with the All-Seer's soul inside the Celestial Sealing Stamp. At this moment, he seemed to become the All-Seer.

Everything in the world seemed to be under his control, but that was only on the surface!

After fusing with the All-Seer's soul, Wang Lin sat down and his hands formed a seal. His mind spread into the sky and he began merging with the heavens. He took a day to finally reach a point where he was the heavens and the heavens were him.

Under this fused state, Wang Lin's origin soul seemed to leave his body and merge with the world. This allowed his and the All-Seer's souls to reach an unprecedented level of fusion..


If he was just using the All-Seer's attack spell, Wang Lin wouldn't have to merge with it so deeply. However, he wasn't attacking, but relying on the All-Seer's soul to predict the future to find the root of what was causing him to feel so terrified.

However, this kind of prediction was too difficult for Wang Lin. He was, after all, not the All-Seer, and was only using a small part of the All-Seer's original ability within his soul to predict the future by force.

At this moment, in his mind, his eyes were covered by boundless fog, making him unable to see anything at all. It was as if there was a force shrouding the world, not allowing him to see the root cause.

However, Wang Lin didn't give up, and all his origin energy moved, causing him to fuse even more with the All-Seer. As their integration became deeper, he seemed to forget some things.

He forgot that he was cultivating and that he was at the Origin Sect in the Cloud Sea. At this moment, he forgot all of this!

The fog that covered the world began to rapidly rotate, and a thunderous rumble echoed in his mind. It was as if a pair of giant, invisible hands were moving this fog, causing a vortex to appear!

The moment the vortex appeared, a thunderous rumble only he could hear descended and landed on the vortex. At this instant, the vortex collapsed and rapidly scattered.

The moment the vortex scattered, Wang Lin saw the scene hidden by the fog!

Inside the picture, there was a pair of eyes, and the eyes exuded a merciless, cold gaze. This pair of eyes was looking indifferently at a person looking up at the sky!

The moment he saw the picture, his mind trembled as if hundreds of thousands of thunderclaps had exploded in his mind. His mind nearly collapsed and the vortex split apart by the thunder rapidly reformed and hid the picture once more.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and his face instantly turned pale.

"That earth was the continent of Mo Luo! The cultivator who was looked up at the sky was… me! The owner of the eyes has heaven-shaking cultivation. Before him, I'll without a doubt die!"

Wang Lin looked up at the sky. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate through the chamber and land on the sky above Mo Luo. Right now the sky was clear and sunny.

"Fusing with the All-Seer's soul to see the future is my limit, but I'm unwilling to let this be. I want to see it again!"

While pondering, Wang Lin let out a cold snort, then his right hand formed a seal and pointed to between his eyebrows. He opened his mouth to spit out a ghostly light that turned into the Celestial Sealing Stamp before him!

The Celestial Sealing Stamp rapidly rotated. The wails that came out of it could shock the mind of anyone.

Wang Lin's hands formed a seal, and he placed a seal on the Celestial Sealing Stamp. It immediately trembled and began to shine. It lit up the dark room completely.

Inside the ghostly light, the All-Seer's soul stepped out and stood before Wang Lin.

"Magic Arsenal, Soul Return, Heaven and Earth are Boundless, Accommodate Heaven's Tribute!" Wang Lin rarely recited the full chant when using spells. However, the spell he was trying to use was very powerful; it was a profound dao intent within Magic Arsenal!

The moment he said the chant, the All-Seer's soul's eyes shined brightly and he walked forward. He went through Wang Lin and seemed to overlap with Wang Lin!

At this moment, the All-Seer's soul turned around, facing the same direction as Wang Lin, and sat down!

It looked like the All-Seer's soul had become Wang Lin's origin soul. At this moment, his origin soul seem have become integrated with Wang Lin!

This was no longer the fusion where Wang Lin's mind entered the Celestial Sealing Stamp, this was a complete integration! The moment the All-Seer's soul sat down and they overlapped, it was already impossible to tell them apart!

His body seemed to change drastically; it sometimes became the All-Seer and sometimes became himself.

At this moment, Wang Lin's eyes closed and his mind trembled. The boundless fog appeared again, and this time it was even stronger. There was also a vortex rapidly rotating, and as Wang Lin roared, the vortex collapsed and the fog scattered once more!

It revealed a picture inside!

This picture wasn't static, but moving!

Inside the picture, Wang Lin coughed out blood on the continent of Mo Luo. His body immediately collapsed, and the moment his origin soul flew out, it dissipated!

The picture changed once more. This time Wang Lin's face was pale as he fled through space. He didn't get far when a mirror appeared before him, and that pair of ruthless eyes was in it!

With one gaze, Wang Lin's body collapsed and his origin soul died!

The picture changed again. This time it was more complete. What appeared was Wang Lin inside the chamber. He looked up and didn't hesitate to leave. He paid no attention to the sect that was still packing and flew off into space!

The picture didn't show the passage of time. An unknown amount of time passed, and as Wang Lin escaped, a pair of eyes seemed to pierce through the star fog, landing on his body.

The picture moved again. This time Wang Lin had turned into an ancient god, and he was roaring at the sky. In the sky was an old man wearing a daoist robe. The old man raised his hand and pointed down.

Inside the picture, Wang Lin's body lost all ability to move. The old man closed in and pressed the spot between Wang Lin's eyebrows. He died once more!

Pictures continued to appear, and it was different each time. It was unexpectedly Wang Lin thinking of all kinds of ways to struggle and escape. But in the end, he died! Died! Died!

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and stared ahead. Cold sweat flowed down his forehead and his body. In a short period of time, his body was soaked by sweat.

"Dead! Dead! Dead! Thanks to the All-Seer's spell, I saw through thousands of possible futures, but I survived in none of them. No matter what, I'll die!!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with madness, but even more so, a sense of unwillingness!

He was sure that Li Qianmei's departure was related to him. Mu Bingmei's departure was related to him! The rank 8 sect competition being stopped was related to him!!

There was an extremely powerful third step cultivator that wanted to kill him! This was not the same as the Seven-Colored Realm, where the third step cultivator had used power across space to make one palm. This was a third step cultivator coming in their original body to take his life!

"I, Wang Lin, have been a heaven-defying cultivator all my life, and I have encountered countless life and death crises. No matter how big the crisis, I'll have to face it! I don't believe I can't find a way to break this death trap. If there is no way out, so what if I die?" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes as his hand reached out. His storage space opened and a number of fake Heaven Defying Beads flew out.

He looked over the beads and then picked one up. Seven-colored light shined from his eyes, and as it shrouded his body, it entered the bead.

The bead absorbed the seven-colored light and then suddenly collapsed into a seven-colored vortex that floated before Wang Lin.

Staring at the seven-colored vortex, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and inhaled it into his mouth. His mind suddenly rumbled!

"Summon the Defying Ones, World Prediction Spell!"

Wang Lin's voice was filled with killing intent. He used his body as the heavens and earth to summon the spell of the Defying Ones to find that sliver of chance for survival!

The moment his words echoed, Wang Lin's mind trembled and a powerful aura burst within his body. It rushed into his mind and fell on the picture. It tore apart all fog and allowed that last picture to appear!

There was one person in that picture!

"This old man is Liu Jinbiao, dao name: Master Jin Biao!"

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