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Chapter 1265 - Shocking Change!

Mu Bingmei left.

She had come to tell Wang Lin what happened in the Alliance. There was no other talk between them; it was as if he didn't want to mention it and she didn't want to talk about it.

Before she left, Mu Bingmei's figure under the moonlight stopped outside the courtyard. She paused for a moment and didn't turn around but whispered something.

"Li Qianmei is pretty good… However, you still can't forget Little Sister Wan Er… I believe that if Little Sister Wan Er woke up, she wouldn't want to see you be lonely for thousands of years… I don't want to see you like this either. After today, I'll head to the God Sect to recover and probably won't leave closed door cultivation for 1,000 years. I don't know if we will meet again in 1,000 years. However, Wang Lin… I have something I want to say to you.

"I'm Liu Mei, Wang Ping's mother… When I unshackle myself from the Brilliant Void Realm, I'll accompany Wang Ping through countless reincarnation cycles and be a real mother," Mu Bingmei muttered as she gradually walked away. Her dao heart gradually moved toward completion after she spoke these words.

Thousand Illusion Ruthless Domain… Ten Thousand Illusion Demon Domain… In the end, it slowly changed.

Among the Brilliant Void Saintesses, only one person had ever succeeded in the spell inherited by the Brilliant Void Saintess, and everyone else failed. Mu Bingmei had taken a shortcut by using avatars but failed with Liu Mei. Her dao heart was incomplete and thus a crack appeared on the strongest spell of the Brilliant Void Realm.

This crack was Liu Mei, also Wang Lin, but more so Wang Ping! However, at this moment, as Mu Bingmei had experienced everything so far, she no longer avoided that crack. She chose to face it, to accept it.

It was due to this change that her dao began to show signs of completion. Ruthlessness and affection were two sides of the same coin!

Cultivation, cultivation, if one uses the ruthlessness of the heavens to cultivate dao, the final result won't be good enough to be called dao!

When a cultivator had a hint of affection, they would be able to use it to defy dao. This allowed the cultivator to have something precious to guard so they would be willing to struggle against the world.

The crack on Mu Bingmei's dao heart already contained Wang Lin's figure. As her way of thinking changed and her dao gradually recovered, his figure became an imprint under her ruthless domain.

Taking this imprint, her dao had entered the path to completion.

Inside the courtyard, under the moonlight, there were fragrances of two different women that had accompanied Wang Lin. He stood there under the moonlight, pondering for a long time.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, several days went by. The competition between the rank 8 sects was approaching, and it was time to depart.

Mu Bingmei left the Everlasting Sect with Wang Shanshan. Wang Shanshan received word from her teacher to quickly return to the God Sect. The Everlasting Sect naturally didn't dare to stop them. Before they left, Mu Bingmei didn't turn around. She was proud, she was the Brilliant Void Saintess!

The Brilliant Void Realm was destroyed, leaving only her. From this moment on, she no longer belonged to herself. It was her responsibility to cultivate to restore the Brilliant Void Realm, to fulfill the responsibility of the Brilliant Void Saintess. This was a responsibility she had avoided for a long time, but now she chose to confront it and would no longer run away.

Her conversation with Wang Lin had resolved the disturbance in her heart. She buried that memory deep within her heart and sealed it.

Li Qianmei was also going to leave. She had received an urgent call from her master to return. The jade didn't include what happened, but with harsh words, he ordered Li Qianmei to use the Everlasting Sect's transfer array to return to the Heaven Breaking Sect!

It felt like something hidden was moving.

Li Qianmei couldn't disobey her teacher's words. The Heaven Breaking Sect had given her everything and her teacher had raised her. Although her teacher didn't say the reason, she had never seen such stern words from him.

She only had time to say goodbye before entering the transfer array of the Everlasting Sect. After being transferred several times, she went to the Heaven Breaking Sect.

Her heart was confused. She didn't know why her teacher had sent out such an anxious order. In her memory, her teacher had always been calm and had never been like this. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

After Mu Bingmei and Li Qianmei left, Wang Lin left the Everlasting Sect with the sect master and high elders. They headed to the location of the competition between the rank 8 sects. That was the real main event!

The Everlasting Sect's sect master was very confident in this battle. He believed that the other rank 8 sects would without a doubt lose and the Everlasting Sect would become number one!

Because with Wang Lin's arrival, the competition was no longer balanced. The Everlasting Sect had an overwhelming advantage. In the eyes of the sect master and high elders, the battle was no longer important, it was all about the expressions of shock on the rest of the rank 8 sects once the battle was over.

However, just like what Wang Lin and Mu Bingmei said, the world was unpredictable!

Half a hour before the Everlasting Sect was going to leave, a ray of light shot out from the Everlasting Sect. This ray of light contained a heaven-shaking aura, and it shot straight toward the sect master.

There was an old man inside the ray of light. Wang Lin hadn't seen this old man before, but from the halo coming from his body, he was also someone at the Heaven's Blight stage!

This old man's expression was very gloomy, and without a word, he threw a jade at the sect master. The sect master frowned as he caught the jade. After his divine sense scanned the jade, his expression changed greatly!

Then his expression became gloomy and popping sounds came from his body. His anger had reached a limit!

He let out a cold snort and handed the jade to the two high elders beside him. After the two higher elders checked it, their expressions became gloomy. It seemed like the entire sky had darkened.

The high elder that fought with Wang Lin clenched his teeth and roared like the cold wind, "What arrogance from the God Sect!!"

"With one word from the God Sect, the grand competition that has existed among the rank 8 sects for tens of thousands of years was canceled. I wonder what made the God Sect go crazy to cancel the rank 8 sect competition! My Everlasting Sect has prepared for many years for this competition, and now, with Fellow Cultivator Lu here, we could've easily taken first place. We could've swept away all the shame from the previous competitions. What right does the God Sect have to cancel it?!" Another high elder sneered and revealed anger in his eyes.

However, a sense of unwillingness and being wronged outweighed that anger. They were all powerful cultivators, and the Everlasting Sect wasn't a small sect. However, with just one jade from the God Sect, they had to accept this humiliation!

The sect master silently pondered for a very long time and suddenly became tired. He let out a sigh and shook his head. "Since the God Sect has passed down the order to cancel the competition, they must have their reasons. Only, the reason is not known to us."

While feeling bitter, the sect master looked at Wang Lin and clasped his hands. "Fellow Cultivator Lu, the rank 8 competition has been cancelled by the God Sect. I must discuss this with rest of the elders. How about you take the Origin Sect back to the rank 5 region and prepare them to be moved to the rank 7 region?"

Wang Lin's expression was calm, but he felt a sense of fear, as if some heavening-shaking matter was descending. He pondered for a bit before his eyes lit up and he said, "Can I look at the jade from the God Sect?"

The high elder holding the jade waved his right hand and it flew toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin caught it and scanned it with his divine sense.

There was only one line inside the jade!

"There is no need to continue the rank 8 sect competition. It concludes now! God Sect jade!"

The moment Wang Lin's divine sense spread through it, he felt an indescribable power rush out from these words. It seemed to form a large handprint.

Wang Lin was shocked, and he withdrew his divine sense. He returned the jade to the Everlasting Sect before clasping his hands and leaving.

The Everlasting Sect members all had complicated feelings. Many were angry, but they were helpless and could only accept it.

"Li Qianmei accepted the Heaven Breaking Sect's summon and quickly left… Mu Bingmei and Wang Shanshan were called back, but they don't know the reason. These things alone aren't suspicious, but the rank 8 sect competition being canceled at the same time by the God Sect… All of this is too strange!

"Could it be that something big is going to happen in the Cloud Sea?" Wang Lin frowned and was very puzzled.

While pondering, he quickly returned to where the Origin Sect was and summoned Lu Yanfei and the others. They immediately packed up and used the transfer array to return to the continent of Mo Luo in the rank 5 region!

Wang Lin vaguely felt like something bad was going to happen. This terrifying feeling was getting stronger and stronger. Even when he tried to cultivate, he couldn't calm himself down.

"Quickly, sort out the matters of the Origin Sect. I'll take you all to the rank 7 region in three days, then I'll leave!" After he returned, he gave out the order and then immediately entered closed door cultivation. His origin soul quickly entered the Celestial Sealing Stamp and fused with the All-Seer's soul.

This time, he fused with the All-Seer not to fight an enemy, but to borrow All-Seer's power to forcibly predict the unknown!

At the same time, in the rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect, the moment Li Qianmei returned to the sect, her expression changed greatly! Her serenity completely disappeared due to the shock of what she saw.

Three of the ten high elders were sitting around the transfer formation Li Qianmei had appeared in. The transfer array no longer had the ability to transfer; it was now a sealing formation! Her teacher had left his almost perpetual closed door cultivation and was sitting outside the formation. The moment Li Qianmei appeared, his eyes lit up and he stared at Li Qianmei!

"You're not allowed to step outside this formation for three months! Otherwise, you will be punished in accordance to the sect's rules!"

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