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Chapter 1261 - The Calamity From the God Sect

The Everlasting Sect's sect master noticed Wang Lin's expression and smiled. "This mountain is named Lu Su. It is rumored that a long time ago, a sword from the outside fell and stabbed into the ground to form this mountain!" 

"Good name! I wonder who named it." Wang Lin's shock wasn't revealed on his face, but waves were being set off in his heart. What he was shocked by wasn't the sword intent the mountain gave off. Instead, he found this very familiar to Tu Si's memory of refining the trident and casually throwing it to condense a treasure soul.

As he closed in on the mountain, he vaguely felt the ancient god stars hidden between his eyebrows rapidly rotating.

"This name was given by my Everlasting Sect's first generation sect master. He spent his last years on the mountain and comprehended the dream dao. In his dream, he saw a giant sword fall and turn into a mountain. He also heard a mighty voice echoing the two words 'Lu Su!'" The one who explained was the high elder, and when he said this, his eyes were filled with respect.

"Lu Su… Lu Su...LU SU!" The strange light from Wang Lin's eyes gradually calmed down, but the shock in his mind was 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 time more intense!

It was very easy for "LU SU" to be heard as "Lu Su!" But in the language of the ancient gods, it meant something else!

Going with the straightforward definition, it should mean a sword that was refined from a star!

Wang Lin suppressed the shock in his mind. The closer he got to the mountain, the more clearly he felt the ancient god aura. If he wasn't a royal ancient god, it would've been almost impossible to detect it!

This was also the aura of a royal ancient god!

This aura had already existed for an unimaginable amount of time; it was even older than Tu Si! What shocked Wang Lin was that this aura had weakened over the years. If it he wasn't as close as he was now, it would be impossible to notice it.

This was the truth. Tuo Sen had also come to the Cloud Sea, but he didn't notice it.

When Wang Lin's feet landed on the mountain, he had a feeling that the mountain was trembling. It was as if a soul was slowly awakening due to his arrival.

This soul gave off a sense of desolation, as if it had been buried here for far too long… too long...

Wang Lin took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in his mind. He went to a tall pavilion at the top of the mountain with the sect master and high elder.

Inside the pavilion, the feeling of the awakened soul became even stronger. However, aside from Wang Lin, no one could detect it. They could only feel the origin energy and celestial spiritual energy in the area become a little denser.

After being rushed by the aura given off by the soul, the ancient god stars between Wang Lin's eyebrows rotated even faster. The sixth star he had shattered in the Seven-Colored Realm showed unexpected signs of completion!

This discovery made Wang Lin lower his head to hide the shock he felt.

Fortunately, the sect master and the elder didn't care too much. After all, Wang Lin had gained their recognition, so they retreated him like a peer.

After they sat down, disciples of the Everlasting Sect brought tea and then respectfully left.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master pondered a bit and said, "My Everlasting Sect does indeed have some of the extreme Yin souls Fellow Cultivator Lu talked about. However, most of them are scattered and being grown by the branch sects. But they don't even belong to my Everlasting Sect; they were given to us by the God Sect. They only gave them to us to cultivate it on their behalf."

Wang Lin picked up the tea and took a sip as he concealed the shock in his mind. He felt like the longer he stayed here, the better it was for him, but he also felt like if he stayed here for too long, someone would inevitably notice something.

He clearly felt the aura that was slowly awakening become even more intense, like boiling water. He feared that it wouldn't take long for others to notice it as well!

In particular, someone at the Heaven's Blight stage would have even keener perception of the world. If the aura in the mountain was asleep, they might not notice, but if it were violently churning, they would naturally be suspicious.

"What kind of sword is hidden under this mountain, and what stage ancient god was willing to expend one of their own stars to refine this sword!?" Wang Lin put down the tea cup and was silent.

"The extreme Yin souls Fellow Cultivator Lu wants are indeed useful for healing, but…" Seeing Wang Lin silent, the sect master and high elder looked at each other. The elder hesitated for a bit and said, "Since Fellow Cultivator Lu needs it to heal, then this old man thinks it's OK to accommodate…"

It wasn't that the two of them didn't doubt Wang Lin's purpose for them, but both extreme Yin and Yang souls were good for recovering. They could also clearly see Wang Lin's injuries.

As a result, even if they were suspicious, this suspicion wasn't too strong. They had also seen Wang Lin's spells and found him very mysterious. Maybe pills couldn't help someone like this recover fully.

The sect master pondered a bit and then slowly said, "Forget it. After the God Sect gave out the extreme Yin souls, they never collected them, and quite a lot have gathered. It should be fine to gift Fellow Cultivator Lu some." 

The purpose of his words was to let Wang Lin know that Wang Lin's demand was not simple. He was basically giving the tribute to the God Sect to Wang Lin.

Although it wasn't as serious as what the sect master had said, it was the truth.

Wang Lin revealed a grateful expression as he looked at the two and clasped his hands. "In order to help me recover, you two are willing to take out the tribute for the God Sect. I thank you for this and will certainly go all out in the competition between the rank 8 sects!"

As he spoke, the ancient god aura entered his body like his crazy through his feet toward this brow. This caused the collapsed sixth star to rapidly reform.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master nodded with a smile at Wang Lin. His hand reached at the void and took out a jade. He engraved a message inside, then the jade began to burn and he threw it. It immediately flew far away.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, wait here for a moment. I've already ordered someone to bring some extreme Yin souls."

Wang Lin nodded and picked up the teacup to drink more. He had been waiting for the sect master to say that. Even if the sect master wanted him to leave, he would have tried to find a way to stay here a bit longer.

In just this short period of time, the sixth star between his eyebrows began to show signs of forming a vortex. As the ancient god energy entered him like crazy, Wang Lin clearly felt an aura that terrified even him coming from the sword refined by the ancient god star.

"It allowed my star to show signs of recovery in just an instant. Could the star used to form the sword be from a… from a 9-star royal star ancient god?" Wang Lin put down the tea cup and suppressed the shock in his mind.

On the other cultivation planet, under the order of Feng Hai and other elders, the nearly 100,000 cultivators dispersed. Each sect returned to their place of residence. As for the Origin Sect, Feng Hai personally moved them from their remote residence to the place for the rank 7 sects.

At the same time, a powerful formation activated around the planet. No one could leave without a token, but entering was no problem.

Li Qianmei moved in with the people of the Origin Sect. She stood in the courtyard as the sky darkened. She looked at the sky and waited for Wang Lin's return.

Mu Bingmei stood silently by herself 10,000 feet from where the Origin Sect was saying. The moonlight shined on the lonely figure, making her look bleak. She bit her lower lip as she waited like Li Qianmei for Wang Lin. She had something she wanted to say to Wang Lin, something she had to say...

Similarly, far away from the rank 8 region, deep within the rank 9 region, covered in dense fog, there was a huge cultivation planet. There was a palace on it that gave off an awe-inspiring aura, and inside sat a boy.

This boy had a rosy complexion, but his hair was white. His eyes opened and closed as they shined. There were seven jades floating before him, and each of them had a name engraved on it. On the third jade, the named engraved on it was "Lu Zihao!"

The body raised his right hand and pointed at each jade before finally landing on the one with "Lu Zihao."

"Since I detected Master's aura, I used the power of the God Sect to search the Cloud Sea, looking for suspicious people. I found seven people! After ruling them out one by one, only this Lu Zihao remains…" There was a flash of killing intent in the white-haired boy's eyes.

Just at this moment, he frowned as his hand reached out and a fire began to burn. A jade appeared in the flames. It had been sent by Wang Shanshan using a special method.

The boy's left hand reached out and the fire strangely entered his hand. The scene of what Wang Lin did at the Everlasting Sect clearly appeared!

The boy was originally sitting, but after seeing his, he suddenly stood up. When he stood up, seven of the jades with names carved on them collapsed, except for the one with "Lu Zihao!"

Source energy, similar to Allheaven's Master Lu Fu's, spread out from the boy and even caused the fog around the cultivation planet to shake fiercely!

"It's him! Even if we kill 1,000 wrongly, we can't allow one suspicious person go!"

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