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Chapter 1260 - Glimpse of a Life and Death Trial

Not only was the high elder of the Everlasting Sect scared almost out of his wits, almost all 100,000 surrounding cultivators were scared out of their wits.

The power of Sundered Night had already shocked all of these cultivators, so there was no need to mention the effect of time reversing. Thanks to Flowing Time, in addition to the white-haired old man, all the surrounding cultivators were sucked in and felt varying degrees of time reversal.

The endless memories and the shock made it so everyone looked at Wang Lin with awe.

He became famous in one battle!

At this instant, everyone knew about the Origin Sect and the Origin Sect's Lu Zihao!

The resentment in Feng Hai's heart had collapsed. It was forcibly dispersed by the awe in his heart, and he no longer dared to have the types of thoughts that were going through his mind before. He had personally seen Sundered Night and Flowing Time, and they caused his scalp to tingle. He knew that if either of those were targeted at him, he would without a doubt die!

There were elders of the Everlasting Sect with similar thoughts to him. They were now all silent and looked in awe at Wang Lin's upright figure above the collapsed platform.

Profound and mysterious!

Only these words could describe the shock Wang Lin had brought everyone. No one knew what other spells Wang Lin still hadn't used. It was because of this that their impression of Wang Lin became even stronger.

In addition, rumors of him had spread before he appeared. Then, after he appeared, it was confirmed that he was the one that had charged through the rank 5, 6, and 7 regions and used the God Sect's War Spirit Print.

All of this made Wang Lin became even more profound and mysterious in everyone's eyes.

Almost everyone believed that Wang Lin hadn't shown off all his spells and that he still had some ace hidden!

Wang Lin represented the Origin Sect. After this, one thing circulated across the Cloud Sea,

People would rather go through the Beast Fog World than provoke the Origin Sect!

The Everlasting Sect's sect master let out a sigh. Although he had tried to overestimate Wang Lin's strength, in the end he was still too far off. Whether it was that finger, planet soul extraction, Sundered Night, or the time spell used at the end, they were enough to show Wang Lin's strength.

"This person must be a Heaven's Blight cultivator, but due to his injuries, his cultivation level fell. However, his spells allow him to fight against the high elders! This person also has no malice; otherwise, he would have taken out a lot of treasures to make this battle drag on! My Everlasting Sect must keep a cultivator like this… However, with him, my Everlasting Sect will rise in the competition with the other rank 8 sects!"

Lu Yanfei looked at Wang Lin's figure and was shocked. Even she didn't expect Wang Lin to be so strong. Thinking about her teacher's words before he died, Lu Yanfei's eyes lit up.

Lu Yuncong's face was filled with bitterness as he shook his head. He thought his cultivation had grown and although he wasn't as strong, he thought that the difference between them wasn't that big. However, now he knew that he was wrong, and he was wrong 100 years ago as well. If he had attacked 100 years ago, he would have long been destroyed.

Li Qianmei's mind also shook as she looked at the figure before her. She couldn't separate this figure from the one from 100 years ago. She didn't understand how his power had changed so much, but that wasn't important. What was important was that she was with him here.

What was important was that she had left the Demon Sect to see one person, and she saw that person… That was all.

Mu Bingmei bit her lower lip. Every time she saw Wang Lin, he would be completely different. However, she didn't think he would be so different in this accidental encounter.

However, Mu Bingmei understood that none of this had anything to do with her. She knew that when they said their goodbyes at the Brilliant Void Realm, they became strangers. Even if they met, they would just pass by each other.

It seemed it was destined that they would be not familiar yet not unfamiliar. This sense of apathy between them would exist forever.

No one realized that Wang Shanshan from the God Sect had a strange light in her eyes as she stared at Wang Lin. She gently took out a jade and recorded everything she had witnessed. Then she squeezed the jade and it disappeared within her hand.

Using this strange method, Wang Shanshan passed everything she had seen to her teacher at the God Sect. She did this unintentionally; she only wanted to send this information to her teacher because she wanted to show her teacher a genius of the Cloud Sea. She even thought that her teacher would certainly take this person to the God Sect after seeing this!

However, she couldn't have expected the huge wave that would be set off when her teacher saw what was recorded in that small jade!!!

Although a butterfly's wings look like their flapping gently, no one knows where a storm could be raging!

"This old man admits defeat. I have never seen spells like Fellow Cultivator Lu's in my life. I believe Fellow Cultivator has a profound understanding of dao. This old man admires you!" The white-haired old man took a few steps back and then his expression returned to normal. He now looked at Wang Lin like a peer.

Wang Lin's face was extremely pale, but he was calm as he clasped his hands and said, "Fellow Cultivator is too kind."

At this moment, a laugh came from the grandstand. It was the sect master of the Everlasting Sect, who smiled and got up. He closed in on Wang Lin and smiled. "Why is Fellow Cultivator Lu being so modest? Everyone saw what happened today. Even this old man admires Fellow Cultivator Lu's spells."

Wang Lin smiled and clasped his hands but didn't speak.

The white-haired old man looked at the Everlasting Sect's sect master and softly said, "With Fellow Cultivator Lu at the Origin Sect, it would be inappropriate for them to still be at the rank 5 region."

As a high elder of the Everlasting Sect, he had devoted himself to cultivation and never asked about worldly affairs. For him to ask for a sect to be promoted showed his intent to befriend Wang Lin and make up for trying to test and teach Wang Lin a lesson.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master smiled and nodded. "Elder Liu is right. Fellow Cultivator Lu came from the Origin Sect, so it would be inappropriate for them to remain in the rank 5 region. Fellow Cultivator Lu, how about moving the Origin Sect to the rank 7 region?"

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral as he clasped his hands and smiled. "If you'll do that, I thank you two."

The Everlasting Sect's sect master waved his sleeves and smiled warmly. "No problem, this is something this old man should do. About the matter we talked about before…"

"I can enter the rank 8 competition, but I'm seriously injured and need something to help me recover. If you can give it to me, then I'll naturally go all out in the competition!" Wang Lin silently smiled looking at the Everlasting Sect's sect master.

After hearing Wang Lin's words, even the high elder was curious and asked, "Oh? What does Fellow Cultivator Lu want?"

"Fellow Cultivator can ask, there is no harm. As long as it's within my power, then forget the rank 8 competition, even if there was no competition, I'd give it to Fellow Cultivator Lu to help you recover." The Everlasting Sect's sect master smiled.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his lips moved and he sent out a divine sense message to the two.

After the two of them heard, their expressions changed. They looked at each other and began to ponder.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, this is not a place to talk. Now that the competition is over, how about we go to the back mountain and talk?" The sect master seemed to be worried about something and clasped his hands.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and smiled. "Since Sect Master asks, I'll naturally listen."

The Everlasting Sect's sect master smiled and looked back at the people on the grandstand. His expression became serious and he said, "Elder Feng, the competition is over, so take care of the rest. However, the competition between the rank 8 sects is near, so the cultivators here, please stay for a few more days." In the end, the sect master's voice became cold and contained killing intent.

For the sake of the competition between the rank 8 sects and to prevent any information about Wang Lin being leaked, even if it would to offend some people, he was going to prevent any information from leaking.

Feng Hai's eyes lit up and he nodded as he understood the sect master's intent.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master looked at Li Qianmei, Wang Shanshan, and Mu Bingmei with a bit of hesitation. He didn't call them but smiled at Wang Lin and flew away.

Wang Lin immediately followed, but before he left, he looked back and let out a sight but remained quiet.

The high elder flew away with Wang Lin and explained the Everlasting Sect to Wang Lin. They talked and laughed. It was a joyous mood, as if the unpleasant matter hadn't happened.

The Everlasting Sect wasn't on this cultivation planet, but somewhere else. All three were powerful cultivators, so their speed was amazing. With the sect master leading the way, they flew off the planet toward another one, and the sect gradually appeared before them!

As a rank 8 sect, the Everlasting Sect's sect was the entire cultivation planet. There were many spectacular buildings standing all over the planet, and countless squares filled the land.

When they got close, Wang Lin felt the power of restrictions from all over the planet. They also felt hundreds of spatial cracks on the planet. There must've been other worlds hidden in them!

"There are a total of 372 pocket spaces. 111 of them are boundless void and the rest are all storage or were closed door cultivation spots for powerful cultivators in the past," the high elder explained to Wang Lin.

As they moved forward, they passed over many buildings, and the moment people encountered them, they all revealed looks of respect. They quickly clasped their hands, and only after the three left did they dare to move.

The three of them were all extremely fast, so not long after, a mountain that pierced the clouds appeared before Wang Lin. This mountain was shrouded in fog and gave off a faint feeling of being a celestial mountain.

There was also a feeling of domain that filled Wang Lin's mind the moment he saw the mountain.

This domain was the comprehension of the sword. It was as if this mountain had turned into a sword that would slice the world open!

The moment he saw this mountain, Wang Lin's body stopped and his eyes lit up.

He vaguely felt like he had found something, and his mind trembled!

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