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Chapter 1262 - Came Back…

Inside this gloomy palace, a storm set off with the boy's voice. This storm caused the star fog around the planet to churn and give off a thunderous rumbles.

"Master, I, Daoist Water, have battled the against the world with you and have nearly died many times, so I have repaid you for saving me. The karma between us is over. After you died, although I took over the God Sect, the God Sect naturally needed a leader, so I wasn't wrong in doing so!

"However… Did you die or not!?" The boy's expression suddenly became ugly as he looked up at the void outside, and his expression became ugly.

"You should have died. Under mine, the Sovereign, and Daoist Miao Yin's combined attack, along with those mysterious cultivators from the Ancient Celestial Realm, even if your cultivation was heaven-shaking, you should have died!

"However, why did I feel a sliver of your aura a few months ago? Could it be that you didn't die but reincarnated and cultivated again!?"

The expression of the white-haired boy became even more ferocious, and his eyes revealed monstrous killing intent.

"If you reincarnated, then those Ancient Celestial Realm cultivators that searched your soul should have known… But a few months ago I felt your aura, there is no mistake!" Thinking about the aura from several months ago, the white-haired boy's mind trembled. It was because of this aura that he panicked and even used the entire God Sect to investigate like crazy. Even after he received the jade from the Brilliant Void Saintess, despite his greed for the Brilliant Void Realm's inheritance, he sent out his disciple instead.

He had cultivated for countless years, and this was the first time he had felt fear like this since his master had died. This fear made him recall the scenes before his master's death.

This fear existed until his master died. However, a few months ago, when he felt his master's aura, that fear returned once more.

After pondering for a bit, the white-haired boy clenched his teeth, and his killing intent was crazy. He coldly muttered, "If you have really reincarnated, I'll kill you again! Also, those Ancient Celestial Realm cultivators were after the Heaven Defying Bead. You can hide inside the Heaven Defying Bead, and although I wouldn't dare to touch it, I can still force out your hidden soul!"

The white-haired boy's eyes shined and he slowly kneeled down. After pondered a bit, he closed his eyes.

"Lu Zihao, none of your spells revealed anything to this old man except one thing! The Stop spell! In this world, only Master, Qing Lin, and I know it. Qing Lin didn't think it was that great of a spell because he hadn't followed Master for as long as me. He didn't know that this spell had heaven-shaking power, and it was a spell that Master had brought from the Ancient Celestial Realm!

"Stop the body, stop the soul, stop the celestial spiritual energy, stop the origin energy, stop the heavens and earth, stop the flow of the river of stars, and stop space and time. After Master died, no one knew this spell more than me!"

"You're at the Everlasting Sect right now, so I'll let you live for a bit longer. After I finish refining this Nine Ancient Reincarnation Mirror, whether you've reincarnated or are hiding inside the Heaven Defying Bead, you won't escape!" The white-haired boy opened his eyes, and there was a flash of coldness in them.

He was extremely cautious about this trip. What made him cautious was not Wang Lin, but his master! He wouldn't recklessly head in and make all the preparations he needed.

Inside the Everlasting Sect, on top of Lu Su Mountain, Wang Lin was sitting in the pavilion, and he put down his tea cup. The ancient god aura entered through his feet like crazy and gathered between his eyebrows.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master and high elders were talking with Wang Lin, trying to find where he had learned such spells. Normally, Wang Lin would just ignore them and act polite.

However, the other party had agreed to give him the extreme Yin souls, but more importantly, Wang Lin was absorbing the ancient god aura like crazy. The more he absorbed, the more intense the change to the surrounding origin energy would be. In order to distract them, he smiled and chatted with them.

What they talked about were mostly high concepts, but there were some truths within.

"The heavens' dao relies on the heart. As long as the heart contains dao, it can naturally transform into everything. Once it's integrated with your domain, it will naturally turn into your own spell…"

Just as Wang Lin was speaking, two rays of light flew toward the pavilion and turned into two middle-aged men. The two respectfully stood outside, and one of them clasped his hands. "Disciple has brought the extreme Yin. Sect Master, please check them."

Wang Lin's expression was calm, and he didn't even look outside the pavilion as he kept talking. It wasn't until he finished talking that he looked outside the pavilion.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master was focused on Wang Lin's words before revealing a bitter smile. What Wang Lin said was like nothing at all, but it also felt like he had said something. In short, it was very strange.

At this moment, he saw Wang Lin's gaze outside the pavilion, and he coughed and said, "Hand it over to Fellow Cultivator Lu to check."

The two people outside the pavilion respectfully nodded and walked inside, stopping before Wang Lin. They respectfully took out six small flags and handed them to Wang Lin. Wang Lin checked them with his divine sense and immediately found that each of the flags had a very pure extreme Yin soul inside!

While smiling, Wang Lin stood up and looked toward the sect master and higher elder. He clasped his hands and said, "Thank you both, I'm very grateful to you two!"

The sect master stood up and smiled. "Fellow Cultivator Lu is being polite. The rank 8 sect competition will be in five days. I hope Fellow Cultivator Lu will give it his all to help the Everlasting Sect win!"

The high elder stood up and clasped his hands, smiling.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he nodded. "Rest assured, I will do my best! I have left the Origin Sect for 100 years, so I won't disturb you two any more and will go catch up with the juniors."

The sect master smiled even wider and said, "Brother Lu is also one to care about your juniors, so this old man won't make you stay. Sun Dei, lead Fellow Cultivator Lu back to where the Origin Sect is!" 

One of the disciples that had brought the extreme Yin soul quickly responded.

"I'll take my leave!" Wang Lin clasped his hands at the sect master and high elder before turning into a ray of light, flying into the air. He let out a big sigh of relief.

He had felt the ancient god aura under the mountain become even more intense, and it was about to stir up the surrounding origin energy. If he had been there for a few moments longer, the change would've been clearly detected by other people.

That's why he had to leave quickly!

In just the short period of time he had spent on this mountain, the collapsed sixth star had reformed and became a faint vortex. Although it was not fully restored, compared to before, it was like heaven and earth!

"It's a pity… However, as long as no one notices, there will be many opportunities to absorb more ancient god energy from this place! Even that sword formed by a star will land in my hands!" Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he calmed himself and followed the Everlasting Sect disciple.

After he left, the ancient god aura weakened again until it went back to sleep.

From start to end, Wang Lin had been absorbing extremely carefully to not attract too much attention. At best, someone would feel like there was something different about the origin energy here, but they would not be able to see through any flaws.

In the pavilion on Lu Su Mountain, the sect master's smile disappeared and he said, "This person is not normal! As soon as he arrived, he caused some change to the origin energy here."

The high elder beside him nodded and gently said, "That is indeed the case. Since he is from the Origin Sect and also a member of my Everlasting Sect, it is best not to pressure someone like that too much. For him to be willing to participate in the rank 8 sect competition is great news for our Everlasting Sect!"

The sect master pondered for a bit before waving his sleeves, and his divine sense message echoed across Lu Su Mountain.

"Gather all high elders, we need to talk about it!"

Wang Lin flew through the atmosphere, following Everlasting Sect disciple as he left this planet and returned to the planet where the formation had been activated. Along the way, the disciple was extremely respectful. Although he was leading the way, in truth he was half a step behind Wang Lin and didn't dare to get ahead of Wang Lin at all.

Upon entering the sealed cultivation planet, the disciple immediately took out a jade. After finding out where the Origin Sect was, he immediately led the way.

It didn't take long for the two of them to arrive at the Origin Sect's courtyard. The disciple respectfully said to Wang Lin, "Senior, this is where the Origin Sect is staying. If you have no other orders, Junior will take his leave."

Wang Lin nodded, then the disciple respectfully retreated and flew off into the distance.

At this moment, Wang Lin was the only one in the sky. He naturally saw Mu Bingmei in the distance and also Li Qianmei in the courtyard.

Li Qianmei stood in the courtyard. The moonlight on her body made it look as if she was wearing a layer of silver silk. Her beautiful face was exceptionally calm under the moonlight.

Li Qianmei raised her delicate hand as she looked at Wang Lin floating in the air and revealed a heartwarming smile.

"You came back…"

Wang Lin landed in the courtyard several dozen feet from Li Qianmei. After pondering a bit, he softy said, "....I came back."

The moonlight also landed on Wang Lin and stretched this shadow. There seemed to be some overlap on the edge of his shadow with Li Qianmei's shadow, but they soon separated.

The surroundings were completely silent, with only the gentle wind swaying the flower and plants, causing a soft rustle. However, both Wang Lin and Li Qianmei became silent under the moonlight.

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