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Chapter 1259 -  Rebuking the Everlasting Sect, Flowing Time

The white-haired old man continued to retreat, but his eyes were filled with monstrous battle intent. His hands formed a seal and he pointed forward. Every time he pointed, there would be a thunderous rumble from his body, and he began resisting the power of Sundered Night.

This old man's power was extremely shocking, and Wang Lin's Sundered Night wasn't perfect. The rumbles echoed, and after the old man retreated 10,000 feet, the power of the Sundered Night was cancelled out.

The red halo was like blood around him. An illusionary red halo appeared behind him and became giant. The red light this red halo gave off surrounded the area.

"Since you took one of my spells, then I'll take one of yours!" The white-haired old man's expression was extremely serious. He no longer gave off an old aura but instead released his shocking cultivation. The red halo was redder than blood as he charged forward. He crossed 10,000 feet in an instant as he rushed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. He didn't have much origin energy left after using Sundered Night, but his eyes also released monstrous battle intent. The star of law between his eyebrows flashed like crazy and rotated rapidly. As it rotated, the origin energy of the world began to condense toward Wang Lin like crazy.

It was extremely difficult for him to kill someone at the first Heaven's Blight. Only if his injuries recovered and he released the seal on his cultivation to reach the Nirvana Shatterer stage would there be a chance!

However, it was obvious none of this was possible.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The moment the white-haired old man closed in, he raised his hand and waved. As he waved, a mighty force surged out from the sea under him.

At the same time, an image appeared in Wang Lin's mind. In that image there was a huge, stone door on an endless ocean. It was towering and gave off an ancient aura. It was as if it had existed since the beginning of the world!

This image was the door in the Wind Celestial Realm!

As the image appeared in his mind, it replaced all his thoughts. With a wave of his right hand, he displayed his image to the world through a strange method!

As his right hand waved, the waves on the sea raged, and a giant whirlpool appeared. The earth trembled and a thunderous rumble echoed as a giant stone door slowly rose up from the sea. At this moment, this scene was identical to the one in his mind!

The moment the giant, stone door appeared, an unspeakable pressure enveloped the world. This shocked awake all the cultivators that were still in a trance from Sundered Night. However, after a moment of being awake, they were shocked once more. Looking at the stone gate above the ocean, the sense of time filled their hearts.

The white-haired old man charging over suddenly stopped and gasped. His eyes were filled with disbelief. The moment he saw Sundered Night, he thought that was the limit of Wang Lin's spells. However, looking at the stone door, he was shaken. With his cultivation level, he could feel the power of time even more clearly, and he had a bad feeling.

"How could this person have so many spells?! Ever since he got here, he hasn't taken out any treasures; he has just used spells. To have such strength with just spells, isn't he a bit too powerful?" The old man took a deep breath, and the battle intent in his eyes became even stronger. Given his position in the Everlasting Sect, he wasn't allowed to retreat!

His cultivation level also didn't allow him to retreat without battling, even though he had a vague feeling that there was a slight change to the world after the stone door appeared.

The moment stone door broke through the sea, Wang Lin didn't move, but the stone door rapidly rose him into the sky. It looked like he was watching over all life!

Wang Lin's eyes were completely calm, without any emotion, but he gave off an aura of desolation. This aura was like the Wind Celestial Realm, so dense that it wouldn't dissipate at all. At the same time the stone door appeared, a gust of wind flew across the sea, went past the door, and circled the world.

Wang Lin's figure on the stone door felt even more desolate. He stood there as if he was at the peak of the world, but aside from his position, the sky was still the sky, only it seemed extremely lonely.

The feeling of desolation became even stronger with this loneliness, as if it had accompanied him for countless years.

The white-haired old man's figure closed in and the red light around him shined brightly. The red halo behind him pressed toward Wang Lin with a destructive aura!

As the old man moved forward, the sea roared and the waves surged. The platform began to fragment and collapse.

This platform that took up a small portion of the planet collapsed and turned into gravel. Even the sky was filled with cracks as if it was going to be torn apart while the old man charged!

What was even more shocking was that at this instant, a bright red dot appeared between the eyebrows of almost everyone watching. These dots were blood red, as if they contained the essence of the blood in their bodies.

Only a few cultivators activated their origin energy by force to resist the red dot from appearing!

This blood dot was the law of the white-haired old man. At this moment, his cultivation erupted like crazy. While it stirred up the world, it also affected the surrounding cultivators!

The old man let out a roar and charged out toward Wang Lin. However, when he got close, Wang Lin's eyes opened as if he had awakened from years of slumber. His gaze fell on the white-haired old man.

The moment Wang Lin's gaze landed, the white-haired man's mind trembled. He felt it even more clearly now. The small change to the world was unexpectedly time!

"Flowing Time…" Wang Lin's voice was very calm and low. However, at this moment, his words entered the old man's mind and affected his memories. This caused the old man to immediately stop. His eyes were filled with confusion and struggle.

The Flowing Time spell didn't attack the body or the origin soul, but one's memories!

During his trip to the Everlasting Sect, Wang Lin found that Flowing Time had a similar effect to the Dao Scatter spell used by the old man in the Severn-Colored Realm!

One breath was 100 years!

The world seemed to become eternal. The flow of time seemed to become silent, and it quietly passed. One breath, one breath… in the blink of an eye, 10 breaths passed.

The wrinkles on the white-haired old man dissipated a lot and the struggle in his eyes became even more intense. At this moment, he was immersed in his memories as 1,000 years passed by like pages of a book being flipped...

What moved wasn't only the old man's cultivation, but almost all the surrounding 100,000 cultivators' memories. 1,000 years of memories went by in just 10 breaths of time.

The eternal time appeared in the world like a giant hand and released the sealed confusion.

One breath of time passed by at a time. In the blink of an eye, another 10 breaths passed...

2,000 years of memories were unconsciously flipped through. The white-haired old man struggled as he recalled 2,000 years of memories in a short 20 breaths of time.

His cultivation was gradually suppressed and became less lively as it slowly dissipated. The old man saw his favorite disciple die in the spatial crack 3,000 years ago. He was battling the beast tide at the Demon Sect. No remains were found, and only a broken sword was sent back.

He saw that broken sword, and the sadness from back then entered his heart once more. He recalled 4,000 years ago and 5,000 years ago, before he reached the peak of the first Heaven's Blight. He struggled in closed door cultivation as he resisted the decay the first Heaven's Blight was causing to his body.

As his memories were moved, he seemed to return to his past, and the pain filled his whole body, drowning him. His cultivation level also returned to what it was 5,000 years ago and rapidly dissipated.

He saw himself roaring in the pain and letting out an unwilling roar. The roar echoed in his mind, which made the struggle in his eyes even more violent.

"I have cultivated 19,000 years. I refuse to yield to the first Heaven's Blight! I have killed countless people and comprehended the law of blood. I won't allow myself to die like this!!!"

As the white-haired old man roared, a crackling sound could be heard around him. The old man coughed out blood and quickly retreated. He had broken free from the Flowing Time spell!

As he retreated, all the red dots on all the surrounding cultivators flashed and flew out toward the old man. However, the old man's face was also pale as he retreated and looked at Wang Lin with shock and fear!

"What kind of spell is this?!" He had never seen such a bizarre spell in his life. This spell was beyond his imagination. If it wasn't for the fact that he had broken free at the critical moment and prevented time from reversing 10,000 years, he was scared to think of the consequences!

For the first time, he felt like Wang Lin was extremely profound. He no longer had any intent to teach Wang Lin a lesson, he only felt endless terror!

Wang Lin's eyes were calm, but he let out a sigh. He had just comprehended Flowing Time and still hadn't perfected it. He also didn't have much origin energy left, and the other party was simply too strong. Reversing 5,000 years was his limit, so he couldn't trap the white-haired old man.

However, Wang Lin was confident that this spell had scared the old man!

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