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Chapter 1256 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (7)

Not everyone among the cultivators around knew what Wang Lin's action meant. They only felt Wang Lin's hand grasp at the ground and cause it to tremble.

They only felt this tremble, but in truth, the earth didn't move. What moved was their hearts!

It was as if at this moment, everyone's minds were pulled out by Wang Lin and dragged into the earth. Then they were once more pulled out from the earth!

Their visions blurred as if the world was filled with an ancient aura. This aura was so dense, it would be enough to suffocate you!

All of this seemed like a hallucination, but real enough to be terrifying. It was as if Wang Lin's hand was a vortex that could instantly suck in the origin energy of the world, the soul of the planet, and the minds of all the surrounding cultivators.

Whether they resisted or not, whether they agreed to or not, they were all sucked away by force!

Many people didn't know about the spell to extract the planet's soul, but all of them had an inexplicable feeling that they had fused with the planet and that their souls were pulled out by Wang Lin!

The movement shook the heavens and earth, and the calmness sealed the star and extract the soul!

"It's planet soul extraction!" Only a few people in the rank 7 region knew of this spell. The cultivator that exclaimed was one of them, and he suddenly stood up. His eyes were filled with disbelief!

Not only him, all the old monsters and cultivators that knew about this spell were shocked. They didn't dare to believe what they were seeing was real!

"Rumor says that cultivation planets have souls. If one's cultivation reaches a certain level and their comprehension of the heavens is high, they can extra the soul of a cultivation planet to use as a spell!"

"There were rumors of this before the Wind Celestial Realm collapsed, but there was no way to prove the existence of this spell. This Lu Zihao... he… really can use it. This kind of origin energy and ancient aura match the ancient records. There is no mistake, this is planet soul extraction!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm. As two people flew over Wang Lin's right hand seemed to have grabbed hold of the entire cultivation planet and suddenly lifted it!

In an instant, the earth released a silent rumble. The reason it was silent was because it couldn't be heard but could clearly be felt. The earth, this cultivation planet, was trembling!

The ancient aura became dense like crazy, as if the cultivation planet was awakening from its countless years of slumber for the first time. This was not a gentle awakening, but a forceful awakening. It was as if the ancient aura that had condensed for countless years was going to be pulled out with the soul.

Everything in the world had a soul, even trees and grass, so a cultivation planet naturally had a soul as well. However, the soul of a cultivation planet would take countless years to form and was very powerful. It contained the ancientness of the world and also a hint of the heavens' law.

Although planet soul extraction sounds simple, very few people can actually achieve it!

At this moment, this cultivation planet was no longer a planet, but a spirit. What he was extracting was the soul of this spirit! As Wang Lin lifted his right hand, a milky white gas came out from all over the cultivation planet. The white mist charged like crazy toward the platform, toward Wang Lin, toward his right hand!

At this instant, all the cultivators saw an illusion that all the grass on the planet was withering, becoming yellow, and eventually disappearing into ashes.

All the mountains on this cultivation planet became grey, and no more spiritual energy was left as it was all sucked away! Even the water in the rivers became cloudy until they dried up, revealing the bottom of the rivers.

Even the sea that occupied 20% of the cultivation planet seemed to boil and set off monstrous waves. The rumbling of the waves seemed to have transmitted all the way here for everyone to hear.

What was even more shocking was that the ancient aura seemed to represent time. As it gathered, the soul of the planet was stirred violently into this white mist that suddenly erupted from the earth!

The white gas charged out from the platform below him and gathered in his right hand. The surrounding cultivators were all dumbfounded when they felt the soul of this cultivation planet get pulled out by this youth in white!

It was as if as long as he willed it, he could completely pull out the soul. At that moment, there would be no spiritual energy left and this planet would become a ruin!

It was even likely that this planet would collapse!

This made their minds tremble and go blank. Even the people of the Everlasting Sect all stood up, and their eyes were filled with terror.

Even Feng Hai subconsciously gasped, and for the first time, he looked at Wang Lin with fear. However, soon he sneered. Wang Lin had publicly killed Zhao Long and made the Mountain Seeking Sect lose face, so he had to pay a price. Feng Hai wasn't the only person who had left the Mountain Seeking Sect; there was one more before him. That person was very powerful but had an eccentric character. He no longer bothered with worldly matters and didn't secretly help the Mountain Seeking Sect either. However, he was the first generation sect master of the Mountain Seeking Sect, and he was now a high elder of the Everlasting Sect!

If Wang Lin hadn't kill Zhao Long in the Everlasting Sect, it would have been fine, but he had killed Zhao Long here and forced the Mountain Seeking Sect to back down. This would likely provoke the anger of this high elder.

The expression of the Everlasting Sect's sect master changed. As he stared at Wang Lin, his eyes shined brightly.

If they were like this, then there was no need to talk about Du Lin and Yin Yue, who had come to battle Wang Lin. The man and woman both stopped, shock filled their eyes, and their expressions changed greatly!

Wang Lin's expression was calm as his right hand rose up like lightning. The white mist was pulled like threads, then they surrounded his right hand to form a fist-sized ball of white light!

The ancient aura within this ball of light seemed like it could cause the world to decay and make all cultivators insignificant before it. However, now this terrifying ball was floating in Wang Lin's right hand. The way he casually held it made the surrounding cultivators gasp.

This was the first time Wang Lin had extracted a planet's soul! But to be more accurate, it was the second time!

The first time was when the scattered devil had taken over his body and battled in Allheaven! The second time was when Wang Lin had extracted the planet's soul to help transform planet Suzaku, but at that time, he didn't master it; he had only gained some shallow understanding.

However, right now, this third time could be considered the second time. Because Wang Lin's domain had grown, his cultivation level had increased, and his star of law had formed, they allowed him to almost perfectly extract the planet's soul to use in battle!

It was a bit of a pity to use the spell made by the planet's soul to just battle one person. This was why Wang Lin had told Du Lin and Yin Yue to attack together!

His right hand held the soul of the cultivation planet as if he was holding the planet itself. Wang Lin's expression was calm as he waved his right hand. The ball of light shot toward Du Lin and Yin Yue.

The ball of light wasn't big, only the size of a fist. It also wasn't fast. With Du Lin and Yin Yue's cultivation levels, they could have dodged it countless times. However, right now they felt as if they had no place to dodge!

This feeling was absolute. Although this ball of light was small, it was made of the soul of a planet, and it represented the entire planet. They had the illusion that the cultivation planet below them had come to life and was attacking them!

Although it sounds like this took long, it was very fast. When the ball of light closed in, it exploded when it was few hundred feet away from Du Lin and Yin Yue. This time, the earth trembled for real and a powerful force shot at the two.

It was at this moment that the sea in the west side began to boil and quickly turned into water vapor. The water vapor dissipated like crazy as if it was being sucked away. Large amounts of dark clouds appeared in the sky and rain began to fall. It wasn't just one part, but the entire cultivation planet was enveloped in rain.

Thunder and lighting whistled; it was heaven-shaking. Du Lin's body was knocked back and he coughed out blood. After withstanding the attack of the entire planet, his body almost collapsed. If it wasn't for the fact that Wang Lin had no killing intent, he would have without a doubt died!

Yin Yue's body also trembled, and she coughed out blood that turned into a blood mist that was quickly washed away by the rain. Her body was hit by a powerful impact and knocked back. Her face was pale and her hair scattered. The rain completely soaked her.

The surroundings were strangely silent, with only the sound of rain falling and the occasional thunder.

At this instant, everyone's gazes gathered on the white figure in the rain. The raindrops would immediately be pushed five feet away from his body when they approached him, and not a single drop fell on him!

"This… This is the planet soul extraction spell?!" Every old monster that knew of the spell was shaking. The scene just now was engraved for an eternity in their minds!

Due to pills and fierce beasts, there were far more powerful cultivators in the Cloud Sea Star System than the other three star systems. However, because of the pills and the Wind Celestial Realm being blocked, they couldn't get access to the spells left by the celestials. The cultivators of the Cloud Sea were far behind the other three star systems in terms of spell comprehension!

The planet soul extraction spell was a powerful spell, but in the Cloud Sea, it was only a legend… It wasn't that no one had mastered it, but far too few had.

After reaching the second step, one's spells would be related to their domain and understanding of the heavens. The cultivators of the Cloud Sea relied on pills, so compared to the cultivators of the other three star systems, who had to comprehend their domains by struggling against the world, they were far too weak.

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