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Chapter 1257 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (8)

"Thank you, Fellow Cultivator Lu, for showing mercy!" Du Lin's face was pale as he clasped his hands. Blood flowed down the corner of his mouth and he quickly left in the rain. His back looked very bleak.

As the head elder of the rank 7 Purple Pine Valley and one of the focuses of the main sect, a large amount of pills had been delivered to him. Even powerful cultivators had gone to teach him dao, and he thought he already was standing at the top. But today, his opponent hadn't even gone all out. Just one spell that extracted the planet's soul had made him lose!

In truth, when he saw Wang Lin pull out the planet's soul, he knew he would lose. However, he thought he could resist for a moment or two. But the truth was cruel, and it was his complete loss.

This kind of metal blow made he him feel very bitter. He returned to the Purple Pine Valley's section in the rain and silently sat there.

Yin Yue was also pale as she bit her lower lip and clasped her hands at Wang Lin before turning away. She was also bleak in the rain.

Mu Bingmei stared at all of this, stunned. She originally thought she understood Wang Lin's cultivation the most, but now she found that her understanding of him was truly insignificant.

"100 years… I didn't think he would become this strong!" Mu Bingmei's gaze fell on Wang Lin, and at this moment, she felt him become unfamiliar. That white hair and white robe made the bitterness in her heart even stronger.

No one here knew Wang Lin's past like her; she even knew half of Wang Lin's life. The small cultivator that had his family killed and was forced to escape from the country of Zhao. The cultivator that had caused rivers of blood to flow in the country of Zhao.

This was the man that had gradually become famous on planet Suzaku, until he almost became the next ruler of the planet. Now he was strong enough to make the stars tremble with a stomp of his feet!

Li Qianmei also didn't think that Wang Lin would shock her her after 100 years. Killing the two people from the Celestial Music Sect, killing Zhao Long, easily beating Yun Shan, and finally using the planet soul extraction spell to beat Du Lin and Yin Yue!

As for Wang Shanshan, she also sucked in a breath of cold air. She had a clear understanding of planet soul extraction and had seen her teacher use it. Her teacher said that there were no more than three people in the Cloud Sea that could do this!

Above the planet's soul was the void soul. This void meant the soul of the star system. The spell to pull out the soul of a star system was a spell of the third step. Her teacher had said that among the second step cultivators, there was a legend from ancient times.

This legend spoke of the four great spells a second step cultivator could learn from comprehending the heavens. Two of the four were planet soul extraction and Spatial Bending!

These spells didn't need to be learn but could be comprehended based on one's luck. However, there were far too few people who could comprehend them.

The silence continued after Du Lin and Yin Yue left. It was as if no one was willing to break this eternal silence.

The elders of the Everlasting Sect all looked at Wang Lin with respect. They couldn't see through Wang Lin's cultivation or his spells. Whether it was the Heavenly Fate Finger, the heavenly fire, or the most shocking planet soul extraction, they were all shocking. The elders couldn't help but be in awe of Wang Lin.

They didn't know that what spells Wang Lin had, but they had a feeling that the spells he had shown weren't his limit. There were still too many secrets and shocking surprises hiding within him.

"Does anyone else from the rank 7 region dare to spar with me?" Wang Lin waved his right hand and the ancient aura slowly dissipated. It was as if the soul was being given back to the cultivation planet.

The earth trembled slightly and gradually returned to normal. It was as if everything that had happened was only an illusion and never happened.

However, the rain and flashing thunder clearly reminded everyone of how real and terrifying it was.

Wang Lin's words didn't break the silence. It was as if his voice was the root of the silence. As his words echoed in the rain, this silence became even more intense.

Absolute silence would often cause an invisible pressure. At this moment, the source of the pressure was Wang Lin. He stood there upright, and his white robe made this pressure even stronger.

No one dared to stand out, and they all stared at the platform, at the man in the rain that felt like the heavens. At this moment, Wang Lin's appearance and demeanor were all engraved deeply in their hearts. It was something they could never forget.

In this silence, the eyes of the Everlasting Sect's sect master lit up as he stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu injured the three disciples that were meant to participate in the competition between the rank 8 sects. You will have to give his old man an explanation!"

His gaze seemed to become two rays of sword energy and shot at Wang Lin. His gaze seemed to caused the thunder in the sky not dare to approach the platform, and even the rain seemed to stop in the air.

It was as if the world had stopped moving!

All of this was because of the old man's gaze! Just his gaze could produce such a heaven-shaking effect. This was not something a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator could do; only someone who had experienced the Heaven's Blight could!

Wang Lin had the strongest feeling. He was being locked on by the gaze, and he felt as if everything in the world belonged to the other person. The gaze was like the arrival of the heavens' might.

 Thunder naturally had to dodge and rain had to stop in the face of the heavens' might. Even Wang Lin's mind rumbled.

The injuries that were being suppressed in his body showed signs of erupting, but Wang Lin's expression remained neutral. His eyes lit up and his gaze collided with the old man's.

Just at this instant, a thunderous rumble echoed across the world. A powerful pressure spread out like crazy when their gazes meet.

The cultivators around the platform all felt the howling wind. They felt like lonely boats in the raging sea. They all activated the origin energy in their bodies as it felt like they would drown if they didn't do this.

Li Qianmei's eyes became cold and killing intent erupted from her body. She was going to enter this pressure to help Wang Lin. However, the moment her aura appeared, the old man raised his hand and waved. An powerful pressure pushed the killing intent back and suppressed it to within seven inches of her body!

Mu Bingmei's eyes became cold and the origin energy in her body moved, revealing her Nirvana Shatterer cultivation. Her hands formed a seal and she was about to attack, but she immediately felt an irresistible force suppressing her, making it impossible to use her cultivation.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master's powerful cultivation was revealed to the world. To be able to become the sect master of a rank 8 sect meant that his cultivation wasn't normal!

Mu Bingmei's face became pale. She could feel the killing intent inside the sect master's pressure. Although this was likely fake, being concerned made her mind a mess. She didn't have time to think, so her hand formed a strange seal. It was a spell that was passed down from generations of Brilliant Void Saintesses.

The moment this seal appeared, an illusionary glass bottle appeared around her body and knocked away the force suppressing her. Her body rushed out, but her face became even more pale.

If she wasn't injured, she could have used this inherited spell perfectly. However, her body was destroyed and her origin soul was damaged, and using this spell had made her injuries worse.

This scene shocked the old man in white. At this moment, Li Qianmei also released a shocking aura. A monstrous killing intent was released; it was as if a demon had appeared and torn the suppression force away. Li Qianmei broke free of the old man's pressure and charged out.

There was a jade before her. This was the jade that the mysterious person in the Demon Sect had given her!

All of this happened in a flash. The moment Li Qianmei and Mu Bingmei rushed out, Wang Lin lifted his right foot and took a step forward. At this moment, he merged with the world and seemed to become one with the cultivation planet. An ancient aura filled his body.

"There is no need for you all to act." As he walked forward, he waved his hand and a powerful yet gentle energy surrounded Li Qianmei and Mu Bingmei, causing the two to stop.

"Heaven's Blight cultivator, I have already battled one before!" At this moment, a golden light erupted form Wang Lin's body. It was like a sun, gentle, but it also had the power to tear the night apart. The moment it scattered, the thunder that was avoiding this area gathered once more and the rain that had stopped fell once again. It was as if the world had begun to move again at this moment.

A sound of shock came from the old man in white. The moment he stood up, the rain collapsed into white gas that shot into the air.

"I can participate in the competition between the rank 8 sects, but you also have to give me an explanation for the Origin Sect!" Wang Lin immediately saw through the old man's intent. The killing intent was just fake!

The eyes of the old man in white shined and he smiled. Just as he was about to speak, his expression changed and he looked into the distance.

A thunderous rumble echoed as a ray of light came from the distance. This ray of light contained an aura without emotion as a low voice came from the sky.

"Do you dare to take one of my spells?"

"High Elder!" Everyone in the Everlasting Sect stood up and clasped their hands. Their expressions were very respectful.

Wang Lin raised his head. The golden light from his body was like the sun rising from the sea; it was dazzling. As he looked at the approaching light, even his eyes were golden.

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