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Chapter 1255 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (6)

The rank 7 Green Cloud Sect was ranked third among the rank 7 sects last time. This sect's spells focused on change and were unpredictable. Their sect was very large, with more than 7,000 people, and over the countless years, they had produced many powerful cultivators.

These powerful cultivators were often chosen by the Everlasting Sect to be groomed.

That calm voice came from a middle-aged man wearing a robe. He looked calm and his skin was slightly yellow, as if he was seriously ill. After he spoke, he jumped off the platform. It looked as if there were invisible clouds under his feet as he gradually approached the arena.

This man, Yun Shan, was very famous in the rank 7 region. Normally, he would stay in closed door cultivation and not wander around the outside. He had only come out because it was the main sect's competition. His cultivation level was high; he released a late stage Nirvana Shatterer aura.

Rumor had it that he was one of the three that were going to represent the Everlasting Sect in the competition between the rank 8 sects. The Everlasting Sect had paid him a lot of attention in the last 1,000 years. Large amounts of pills, magic treasures, and even spells were sent over to help him. Even one of the seven grand elders of the Everlasting Sect had gone to teach him for 1,000 years.

It could be said that he was someone who the Everlasting Sect had put a lot of effort into raising in order to win the competition between the rank 8 sects!

As he stepped forward, the surrounding people began to talk.

Although Yun Shan didn't look old, he had cultivated for thousands of years. He was calm as he arrived before Wang Lin and clasped his hands. "Fellow Cultivator Lu, please advise me!"

After he finished speaking, his eyes shined brightly and his late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation erupted. A vortex formed with him as the center and swept outwards. From afar, you could vaguely see a giant vortex that was slowly rotating.

The shadows of nine red tigers suddenly appeared in the vortex, and their roars were heaven-shaking.

"Tiger Soul Nine Transformation!" There were those who were knowledgeable, and their eyes became serious.

On the grandstand where the Everlasting Sect was, Feng Hai had a gloomy expression as he looked at Wang Lin. He was very cunning, and unless forced into a corner, he wouldn't fight someone he wasn't confident in winning against. He was going to take this chance to see what was the limit of the person that had killed Zhao Long!

The rest of the Everlasting Sect elders all though of Yun Shan as their peer. They knew that if not for the fact that he was assigned to be one of the three people competing against the other rank 8 sects, he would have already become an elder of the Everlasting Sect.

The sect master of the Everlasting Sect narrowed his eyes and revealed a look of admiration. He knew that Yun Shan wasn't the strongest of the three people chosen, but just his late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation was enough to display the Everlasting Sect's strength.

In the previous several great competitions among the rank 8 sects, the Everlasting Sect had been near the bottom. This time, the old man believed that even if they couldn't win, they wouldn't be at a bottom.

Yun Shan's eyes revealed battle intent as his hands formed a seal and pointed forward. At this moment, the nine red tiger souls formed by the vortex immediately roared and charged out. In the sky, they grew to more than 1,000 feet tall and charged at Wang Lin from nine different directions.

It seemed as if the world had become red along with the appearance of these nine tigers.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he wasn't bothered at all. The key to achieving his goal at the Everlasting Sect was to be fast. Only then could he shock everyone and make the Origin Sect famous.

If he dragged it out for too long and his suppressed injuries became worse, it would not be worth it.

The moment the nine tigers arrived, Wang Lin took a step and his domain changed. The space around him began to distort as if it was impossible to distinguish true from false. At the same time, Wang Lin waved his hand and a blue fire appeared, forming a vortex.

"Activate!" Wang Lin roared, and the fire vortex around him began to rotate in reverse and spread out. It immediately collided with the nine incoming tigers.

A thunderous rumble echoed and violent ripples spread out. The nine tigers were surrounded by the blue fire, and three of them immediately collapsing, creating a heaven-shaking shockwave.

Wang Lin charged out from the fire toward Yuan Shan. At the same time, he pointed at the sky and shouted, "Fire of the heavens and earth!"

After he spoke, all the cultivators that cultivated fire were shocked. They all clearly felt that the fire element inside their bodies had become crazy and were about to go out of control. It was as if the fire wanted to charge out of their bodies as if someone was summoning them!

The cultivators that cultivated fire felt like their bodies were burning. Monstrous fire appeared and gathered toward Wang Lin's right hand!

Among the people of the Everlasting Sect, one of the elder's expression changed greatly. He cultivated fire, and at this moment, his hands quickly formed seals before pointing several times at his own chest. Only then did he stabilize the fire origin in his body.

It was as if at this moment, Wang Lin had incarnated into the first fire that appeared in the world and became the ruler of fire. All fire in the world had to listen to his command.

Rays of fire flew out from the crowd and gathered toward Wang Lin. All of this happened in almost an instant. As Wang Lin charged forward, fire gathered from all directions to form a fireball. The fireball immediately merged with Wang Lin's right hand.

Yun Shan's expression changed and he immediately retreated. His hand reached at the void to open his storage space, and he was about to take out treasures to resist.

However, how could Wang Lin let him take out treasures? Nirvana Shatterer cultivators all had a few very powerful treasures. If these treasures were taken out, this battle wouldn't end in a short period of time.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his left hand pointed at Yun Shan and he muttered, "Stop!"

With one word, Yun Shan's body stopped for a moment. The moment he stopped, Wang Lin turned into a sea of fire and closed in. His right hand, which had the fireball fused within, pointed three times at Yun Shan's chest as Wang Lin passed by.

Each time he pointed, there was a thunderous rumble. Yun Shan's body trembled, and he was surrounded by a sea of fire. He then coughed out blood and a powerful force threw his body backwards.

If that was it, it wouldn't show Wang Lin's spell. Although he had stopped, his right hand mercilessly reached out!

With this, endless fire appeared from the void and filled the sky. It made it feel like this had become a world of fire.

The moment the endless fire appeared, it charged toward Yun Shan's body, and thunderous rumbles echoed. In the end, blood mist exploded from Yun Shan's body, but his body didn't collapse. A milky white light came from inside his body and offset the fire.

Yun Shan's face was pale when landed on the platform 10,000 feet away. The moment he landed, crackling sounds echoed and countless cracks appeared on the platform before it shattered.

His body retreated once more. He didn't stop until he had retreated 1,000 more feet. He coughed out another mouthful of blood that landed on the ground. It was a shocking sight!

"Thank you, Fellow Cultivator, for holding back." Yun Shan pondered for a bit before clasping his hands at Wang Lin and leaving.

The surroundings were completely silent. Wang Lin's expression was calm, as if that battle meant nothing to him. He indeed had held back, or else that last attack would've destroyed his opponent's body.

However, the cost of this attack was enormous. Wang Lin had forced himself to use his full power, so his injuries had become worse. However, outsiders couldn't see this at all.

The surrounding cultivators all stood up and stared at Wang Lin when Yun Shan lost. Their eyes were filled with respect.

The elders of the Everlasting Sect were all terrified. Although they had heard of Wang Lin's strength, it was only talk. Even if they believed it, it wasn't as shocking as seeing it in person.

When Wang Lin killed the people of the Celestial Music Sect and Zhao Long, he was bullying the weak. Although his spell was shocking, the elders of the Everlasting Sect knew that they could do it as well, so they didn't care too much.

However, this was completely different!

Yun Shan's cultivation level wasn't much different than theirs. They felt bitter when they realized that if they traded places with Yun Shan… they would still lose!

More importantly, Lu Zihao looked extremely calm, as if it was nothing. This caused their hearts to shake for a moment.

Feng Hai silently pondered as he looked at Wang Lin, and his eyes lit up.

The elder that cultivated fire looked at Wang Lin with a hint of fear in his eyes. He had the most profound feeling, and at that last moment, he felt that if Wang Lin wanted it, his fire would have left his body for Wang Lin to use! He had battled many people, but this was the first time he had encountered such a strange thing.

Wang Lin's gaze was calm as he looked the sky and slowly said, "Today I want to battle. Who will accompany me!?"

"Rank 7 Purple Pine Valley's Du Lin will battle Fellow Cultivator Lu!"

"I'm the rank 7 Heaven Yin Sect's Yin Yue. Please advise me!"

A man and a woman's voice came out at the same time. One came from the south and one came from the east toward the arena. However, when they saw each other, they couldn't help but pause for a moment.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the sky and calmly said, "Both of you, come together!" His right hand rose into the air and pressed down on the platform. The platform that occupied a small portion of the planet trembled, and even the entire cultivation planet seemed to tremble. An ancient aura seemed to be pulled out from the planet by Wang Lin! Wang Lin's body became a blur inside his aura.

"The power to extract the soul of a planet!" a cultivator immediately exclaimed, his voice filled with terror!

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