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Chapter 1254 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (5)

The Heavenly Finger didn't use celestial spiritual energy as this spell wasn't a celestial spell. It was something Wang Lin could use when he fused with the All-Seer's soul for a moment.

What it consumed was the All-Seer's soul, and even more so Wang Lin's origin energy. If not for the that fact his cultivation level had increased, he wouldn't have been able to use it so easily.

However, the might of this Heavenly Fate Finger was far weaker than when the All-Seer used it. After all, there was a huge gap in their cultivation levels, and the method of using the spell was very different.

Wang Lin had used the Heavenly Finger right away because he wanted to shock everyone. He was still injured, so he had to show that his spells were powerful and unpredictable. Only then could he achieve his goals at the Everlasting Sect.

Unless it was the last resort, he wouldn't casually call out the mosquito beasts. They were his hidden ace!

The earth still trembled and the shockwave echoed. The sound of wind still echoed in everyone ears. The smell of blood was still reminding the almost 100,000 cultivators of that shocking scene.

Wang Lin destroyed the body of the Everlasting Sect's branch sect master and killed the branch sect's great elder and head disciple. All of this happened in the Everlasting Sect, and when the Everlasting Sect's Elder Feng Hai tried to speak, Wang Lin unceremoniously said one line.

"Anyone who try to save them will suffer the same penalty!"

There were people who had the power and status to do this, but very few had the guts to do it!

Wang Lin's clean attack had completely shocked everyone here.

Lu Yanfei lowered her head and looked calm, but there was a feeling of warmth around her heart.

Mu Bingmei had a complicated expression, and the bitterness in her heart increased. She thought about the Alliance Star System, about the Brilliant Void Realm being destroyed, and about Tuo Sen's strength. Her situation was similar to Lu Yanfei's.

However, Lu Yanfei had him standing behind her, while herself… in her helplessness, she could only silently be strong and endure it all.

Li Qianmei's expression was calm as she silently looked at Wang Lin. There was a smile on her face just like 100 years ago.

Wang Shanshan frowned as she thought of the finger and seemed to be thinking of something.

The old monsters of the Everlasting Sect had high cultivation levels and were all very cunning. At this moment, it was impossible to tell their mood, but their gazes toward Wang Lin seemed a bit cold.

Only the Everlasting Sect's sect master was different because he was the only person who could see through Wang Lin's cultivation. He revealed no expression at Wang Lin killing the people of the Celestial Music Sect, as if he didn't even see it.

Wang Lin turned around. His expression was calm, but his killing intent spread out. He looked at the Mountain Seeking Sect in the distance and slowly walked over.

The surroundings were completely silent. Nearly 100,000 gazes were gathered on Wang Lin. All of those gazes didn't make Wang Lin feel unwell at all.

He wasn't fast, but every step he took caused the hearts of the people of the Mountain Seeking Sect to skip a beat. They felt like they were facing a fierce beast from ancient times that had opened its mouth and was going to devour them.

The sect master of the Mountain Seeking Sect was completely pale. Although he was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, but he didn't have the courage to face Wang Lin. When he thought about how this person was the same person that forced his sect to move their continent, his scalp went numb and he didn't dare to have any thought of resisting at all.

"In the rank 7 region, the Mountain Seeking Sect is only a small sect. It is not wise for a mere elder to go against such a person!" His eyes lit up and he looked at the head elder. The head elder had profound cultivation; he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer. 

Even the head elder almost lost his wits when he realized that Wang Lin was the terrifying person who had charged through the rank 7 region. He personally saw Wang Lin use the War Spirit Print and knew he was no match. He noticed the sect master's gaze, and they immediately understood but hesitated.

However, this hesitation collapsed as Wang Lin stepped forward. The tragedy that was the Celestial Music Sect was before them. The sect master clenched his teeth and dodged to the side. At the same time, the head elder also moved to the side.

The moment the two of them dodged, the people of the Mountain Seeking Sect all scattered to the sides. The people before them also opened a path. At this moment, there was no one around Zhao Long. His origin soul trembled as he stared at Wang Lin.

"You, come out." Wang Lin stopped and pointed at Zhao Long's origin soul.

"This old man is going all out!!" Zhao Long's eyes were red and his mind trembled as if his whole body was becoming cold. Although he had a lot of people around him, he felt like he had been abandoned by the world. In this vast world, he was the only one left!

As he roared, Zhao Long charged out like crazy, staring at Wang Lin. An invisible fire began to burn. Being forced into a corner, he decided to burn his origin soul in exchange for power.

Zhao Long charged like crazy, and an aura of sadness surrounded the area. As he charged, his cultivation level increased like crazy from early stage Nirvana Shatterer to mid stage Nirvana Shatterer. From afar, his body was like a burning meteor that was flying toward Wang Lin.

As he moved forward, the feeling of madness became even stronger. In the end, even the light from the sky became dim, until Zhao Long's burning origin soul became a bright light that attracted the attention of all the surrounding cultivators.

"If you want me to die, you have to pay the price!!" At the last moment of his life, Zhao Long let out a roar that shook the heavens and earth. Even the minds of the surrounding cultivators trembled.

Even the people of the Everlasting Sect were moved!

It was not common for someone to be able to force a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator to burn their origin soul and choose self-destruction! However, this was happening before everyone.

The burning origin soul that was going to explode would release a crazy amount of destructive power. Even cultivators with higher cultivation levels would subconsciously choose to avoid it, but Wang Lin didn't dodge, and instead, his eyes lit up.

Feng Hai's expression was gloomy. He was an elder of the Everlasting Sect and was responsible for the competition. Wang Lin had just killed the people of the Celestial Music Sect while disregarding his words! If that was it, it would've been fine, but now this person was going to kill people of the rank 7 region!

The sects in the rank 7 region were very precious to their members. Other people would not care about if Zhao Long lived or die. They didn't have to care if Zhao Long's reputation plummeted, but he, Feng Hai, cared because he was from the Mountain Seeking Sect before becoming an elder of the Everlasting Sect.

If Li Qianmei killed someone, it would be fine because Li Qianmei had the Heaven Breaking Sect behind her, and he couldn't say anything about it. However, right now it was different!

"Fellow Cultivator, please give this old man some face and do not attack anyone from the Mountain Seeking Sect." Feng Hai's words were gloomy as he revealed a cold aura and charged at Wang Lin.

Just at this instant, Zhao Long's burning origin soul closed in on Wang Lin like a meteor. Wang Lin's expression was calm as a monstrous killing intent exploded from his body.

This killing intent was very strong, the moment it appeared it caused the sky to change color. It was as if countless ghosts were crying in the sky causing the surrounding area to be enveloped in endless coldness.

This killing intent appeared suddenly and exploded. Under this impact, Feng Hai's expression changed greatly and he stopped. He had a feeling that if he were to take another step, he would enter the range of Wang Lin's spell, and what awaited him would be merciless slaughter. Just at this moment, Wang Lin moved.

Facing that crazy, burning origin soul Wang Lin, stepped forward. His body turned and his right foot lashed out. His right foot immediately collided with the burning origin soul.

His white hair flowed and white robe fluttered! There was no spell, and he didn't dodge, nor did he use any fancy technique. He used the most basic, most direct, and most memorable attack!

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed like crazy. Wang Lin's right foot didn't stop and landed on Zhao Long's origin soul. Even though Zhao Long had burned his origin soul, he couldn't resist absolute power. Even though he was burning his origin soul, he still had to die!

The rumble continued as the meteor collapsed into specks of light. Wang Lin withdrew his leg and looked extremely calm. His cold gaze swept past the surrounding cultivators before landing on Feng Hai.

"Fellow Cultivator, your words were too late."

Feng Hai's expression was gloomy as he stared at Wang Lin. He didn't speak for a long time and walked back toward the Everlasting Sect's stand.

The surroundings were dead quiet, but after the brief moment of silence, an uproar spread across the platforms. From the few short moments since Wang Lin appeared, he had killed people from the Celestial Music Sect and the Mountain Seeking sect's Zhao Long. All of this made the shock even more intense.

His spell was shocking, but his body was even more amazing!

The eyes of the old man in white shined brightly. The Celestial Music Sect and Mountain Seeking Sect were simply insignificant compared to a powerful cultivator like this.

Wang Lin turned around and looked at the surrounding cultivators. His voice was bland, but everyone could hear it clearly.

"I represent the Origin Sect to challenge all rank 6 and 7 sects. Who dares to come first?" Wang Lin's voice was like a cold wind that caused everyone to become silent once more.

Lu Yuncong took a deep breath as he suppressed the shock in his heart. He looked at Yuan Fei among the cultivators and revealed a smile that wasn't a smile.

Yuan Fei's face was deathly pale as he stared at Wang Lin in the arena. He pondered for a moment and still didn't dare to step forward.

A calm voice slowly echoed across the sky. "I'm the rank 7 Green Cloud Sect's Yun Shan. I wish to spar with Fellow Cultivator Lu." 

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