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Chapter 1253 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (4)

"He came…" Lu Yuncong stared at the sky, at the endless thunder, and at the white figure behind the endless thunder. His mind trembled.

Li Qianmei suddenly stood up and stared at the sky. She immediately saw the figure behind the thunder and stared at the figure that separated from her 100 years ago. Now she looked at the same figure 100 years later walking on thunder. She bit her lower lip and became even more calm, as if it should always have been like this. He had walked on heavenly thunder right into her heart. 

Mu Bingmei's expression was complicated, with a hint of an inexplicable mood as she silently looked at the familiar figure in the thunder. A lot of memories flashed before her eyes. Unexplainable bitterness, unspeakable sorrow, but there was also a hint of warmth. For a moment, she lowered her head.

The flow of tears in Lu Yanfei's eyes became even stronger and two streams of tears flowed out as the figure closed in. All of her grievances surged out as her tears.

Wang Lin had crossed the Cloud Sea and arrived wearing thunder!

At this moment, not only the people familiar with Wang Lin were like this. All the surrounding cultivators, including the people of the Everlasting Sect, were shocked.

Feng Hai suddenly stood up and his pupils shrank as he stared at the white figure in the air. He could clearly feel that the origin energy in the air was not something an ordinary Nirvana Shatterer cultivator could have. This kind of origin energy could only be obtained after one had deep understanding in their own law, something only peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators could have!

Not only him, but the old man with red hair also took a deep breath and his mind shook. His law and domain were also related to thunder. At this moment, he could clearly feel himself losing control of his origin soul. His origin soul that had half-turned into thunder felt the need to worship. It was as if he wasn't looking at a cultivator, but at heavenly thunder that had existed since the beginning of time!

The middle-aged man named Zhou stared at Wang Lin inside the thunder, and his eyes were like lightning. His mind trembled and he was terrified. What terrified him was that he hadn't noticed Wang Lin arriving at all; it wasn't until the thunder echoed across the sky that he noticed this person arrive.

This kind of spell that could hide one's aura shock the middle-aged man named Zhou. He wasn't thinking about spells, but the fact that this person's cultivation level was just far above his own!

The old man that took his disciples to the Chaos Beast Fog Realm was the most calm right now as he was the only person that had seen Wang Lin before. He let out a sigh. "When I met Brother Lu back then, I didn't think we were in the same sect. My name is Mu Jiangping. Greetings, Fellow Cultivator!"

The old man who saw Wang Lin's figure had a serious expression. Before, he didn't believe what he had heard, but now he was convinced. This person had the power to sweep through the rank 6 and 7 regions!

The sect master of the Everlasting Sect's eyes lit up. He was the person with the highest cultivation level here. Although he wasn't the strongest in the Everlasting Sect, he was at the first Heaven's Blight!

It was because he had reached this rare state that he could see something no one else could see. He stared at the spot between Wang Lin's eyebrows, and although there was nothing there, he could clearly feel the power of law there!

What terrified him was that this law didn't seem to belong to the heavens. It seemed to exist out of the heavens' control, a new law!

Under this law, even he felt a sense of awe, especially when he felt the domain of the person before him. This domain seemed to be very ethereal, and he found it difficult to see what it was in a short period of time!

This was what terrified him the most. He wasn't confident in winning a life and death battle against this kind of cultivator!

"This person is indeed injured, but his injuries don't seem too serious… It seems he had his own concerns for coming late."

Lu Yingjie stared dumbfoundedly at the white figure inside the thunder. A terrifying feeling suddenly appeared inside him and completely submerged him.

His body trembled. This was due to terror and fear, especially when he thought about how he had offended the Origin Sect, teased Lu Yanfei, and said that he was going to battle this person. His scalp went numb and his vision blurred.

Even his fellow Celestial Music Sect members were all terrified.

"He… He… He unexpectedly is so powerful. When Lu Yuncong said he could kill me like an ant, he was telling the truth!" Lu Yingjie was a mess; his face pale and his mind were a mess.

Not only him, the Mountain Seeking Sect also quieted down. Zhao Long stared at the figure in the sky, and his expression changed drastically. His pupils shrank, and at this moment, his mind was blank.

The sect master and head elder of the Mountain Seeking Sect were completely pale. The moment they saw Wang Lin, they immediately recognized him as the person that had forced them to move their continent and respectfully send him off.

"It… It's… It's him!!!" The two of them looked at each other and saw the terror in each other's eyes.

The surrounding almost 100,000 cultivators were all people from the rank 6 and 7 regions. They had all heard a little about the heaven-shattering scene that occured in the rank 6 and 7 region. Even if they hadn't seen it themselves, they knew it well from the people around them.

There were also some old monsters that had personally seen Wang Lin's figure. Now that they got a closer look, an uproar spread everywhere!

"It's him!! He charged through the rank 6 region. No one dared to even attempt to stop him!"

"I heard from the ancestor of my sect that this person used one spell to break the barrier to the rank 7 region. Even Ancestor was shocked by this!"

"This old man personally saw this person use the War Spirit Print, forcing many sects to move their continents to make way for him!"

"Rumor has it that three Nirvana Shatterer cultivators tried to stop him, but they were all forced to retreat with serious injuries!"

"It wasn't three. My senior brother saw seven Nirvana Shatterer cultivators attack at the same time. But this person used one spell to kill four and injured three! Even a wild continent collapsed under his spell!"

An uproar started, but a thunderous rumble across the sky suddenly caused everyone to quiet down. The rumbling thunder in the sky all gathered inside Wang Lin's body until not a trace of it remained.

A person wearing white with white hair flowing in the air descended from the sky. He landed next to Lu Yanfei on the arena.

Wang Lin looked at the fragile Lu Yanfei with an apologetic look and softly said, "I'm late." 

Lu Yanfei could no longer hold the tears in her eyes as she looked at Wang Lin and shook a hear head. She revealed a happy smile and softly said, "You're not late. As long as you can come, it's never late."

"You go back. With me here, no one can move the Origin Sect! In this competition, whether it is the rank 5, 6, or 7 sects, I'll make the Origin Sect number one!" Wang Lin waved his sleeves and a gentle wind flew Lu Yanfei back toward where the Origin Sect members were.

Wang Lin looked over at the Everlasting Sect and clasped his hands at the old man who spoke. However, he was startled when he saw Li Qianmei and… Mu Bingmei.

He withdrew his gaze after a moment of shock and looked at Lu Yuncong, who had a complicated expression and a bitter smile.

"Brother Lu's cultivation… is very different from 100 years ago. My Purple Dao Sect lost this rank 5 sect competition!" Lu Yuncong clasped his hands with a bitter smile. If Wang Lin's cultivation was only a bit stronger than his, he'd have the heart to battle. However, his mind was already a mess just from standing here, and what was even more terrifying was that he felt like his dao heart was going to collapse. It was as if the person before him was a vortex that was sucking in all dao intent. If he was just a bit unfocused, he felt like all his dao would be sucked away.

Wang Lin faintly smiled, but his expression became cold and he softly said, "Brother Lu, I have one thing I'd like to ask! Lu Yanfei is injured. Who did it?"

Lu Yuncong didn't hesitate to point at the Celestial Music Sect and say, "The Celestial Music Sect's Lu Yingjie!" Then he pointed toward the Mountain Seeking Sect.

"The Mountain Seeking Sect's Zhao Long! They had lustful thoughts about Lady Lu!"

Wang Lin nodded and looked toward the Celestial Music Sect. There was a flash of coldness as he stepped into the air and charged toward the Celestial Music Sect.

In the Celestial Music Sect's area, Lu Yingjie's expression changed greatly and he retreated. His teacher and the elders of the sect all had serious expressions. His teacher grabbed him and they unexpectedly charged toward the area where the Everlasting Sect was.

The Celestial Music Sect's sect master stepped forth and blocked Wang Lin. He had a respectful expression on his face and was about to explain.

However, Wang Lin wasn't even going to listen. Seeing the person blocking his path, he waved his hand and a gust of wind roared. The wind contained thunder, and it collided with the Celestial Music Sect's sect master.

There was an earth-shaking rumble that shocked the world as the Celestial Music Sect's sect master coughed out blood and his body collapsed. His origin soul flew out, and his eyes were filled with terror.

Wang Lin didn't even pause. He walked toward the old man pulling Lu Yingjie. He wasn't fast, but every step would made the origin soul of those walking tremble.

All the cultivators on the surrounding platforms became silent!

"Main sect, help!" Lu Yingjie's teacher's forehead was covered in sweat and his eyes were filled with terror as he screamed at the people of the Everlasting Sect.

Feng Hai hesitated for a bit and clasped his hands to speak. "Fellow Cultivator Lu, please…"

However, Wang Lin waved his hand and interrupted him!

"He humiliated my Origin Sect, so he must die. Anyone that tries to save him will suffer the same fate!" Wang Lin slowly said and then raised his right hand. He had come to the Everlasting Sect to become a deterrent for the Origin Sect and push them up!

At this moment, with one finger, the world trembled and the Heavenly Fate Finger appeared. Ripples echoed across the sky as a giant finger appeared and gave off a monstrous pressure. Everyone gasped as they stared in a daze at the giant finger that occupied the world!

The finger howled as it descended, instantly landing on Lu Yingjie and his teacher with a bang. The earth trembled and it felt like even the cultivation planet shook!

Blood splattered everywhere. Lu Yingjie and his teacher's bodies shattered and their origin souls collapsed. Wind blew by and spread the smell of blood.

"Kill Lu Yingjie as easy as crushing an ant." The words that Lu Yuncong said a few days ago were like the cold winter's wind!

Wang Lin turned around and looked toward where the Mountain Seeking Sect was. He took a step toward them!

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