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Chapter 1252 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (3)

Hearing all of this, Mu Bingmei's eyes lit up and she couldn't help but smile wryly in her heart. No matter where he went, he would always do some shocking things.

Li Qianmei also listened to this carefully. She bit her lower lip, but her eyes were bright. She smiled and looked at the sky. She felt very happy.

Lu Yanfei's mind went blank, and after a long time, the joy in her heart suppressed the shock. She understood that Wang Lin hadn't forgotten his promise from 100 years ago. He had charged his way through the rank 6, 7, and 8 regions to come here!

Even Wang Shanshan revealed a strange gaze as various scenes she thought up appeared in her mind. A person in white rushing through space. She was just very confused about why he would know the War Spirit Print.

Lu Yuncong revealed a wry smile. He didn't think that Brother Lu would have set off such a big wave before even arriving. This had nothing to do with him, it was due to what the two elders of the Everlasting Sect had said.

The entire grandstand was silent, and the old man in white let out a deep breath. He had to believe it! At this moment, he no longer looked at this mysterious person like a junior, but someone of the same generation!

"Lu… Lu Yanfei, you don't need to go back. Wait here. I presume that by the time the rank 6 sect competition is over, your uncle-teacher will be here." The Everlasting Sect's sect master let out a dry cough. He looked at Lu Yanfei with a look of admiration toward a junior.

Li Qianmei didn't leave, but sat down due to Wang Shanshan's invitation. The moment she sat down, Mu Bingmei's lightning-like gaze swept over.

The two women met for a moment with Wang Shanshan in between. Wang Shanshan was in the middle and introduced them when she suddenly shivered. She leaned slightly backward so there was now no obstacle between their gazes.

Mu Bingmei looked at Li Qianmei for a long time before she withdrew her gaze and said in a soft but cold voice, "Lady Li is indeed a  genius; your cultivation is extraordinary."

Li Qianmei was a bit confused as to why this strange, beautiful woman was looking at her. When she with her gaze, Li Qianmei softly said, "In terms of beauty, I really can't match Fellow Cultivator Mu."

The people of the Everlasting Sect became even more excited for the competition. However, what they were waiting from was the person the two elders had talked about.

The competition between the two rank 6 sects was no longer interesting, but one person stood up just like Lu Yuncong in the past!

This person was Yuan Fei, the head disciple of the Giant Spirit Sect. He was always in closed door cultivation and had left the sect many years ago, returning only 200 years ago. He had missed two competitions as a result. He was middle-aged and was at the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer. He was extremely vicious; people that fought with him would often be seriously injured.

This person was number one among the juniors of his rank 6 sect. If not for the fact that he was always away, the Celestial Music Sect wouldn't have gotten its top spot and Lu Yingjie wouldn't have become famous.

He represented the juniors of his sect. Even Lu Yingjie was weary and silently sneered, but he didn't appear. This allowed Yuan Fei's fame to soar!

At this moment, he stood on the platform and looked at the grandstand. His gaze fell on Mu Bingmei and company. He didn't hide the desire in his eyes at all.

"I wonder how I compare to the cultivator that Fellow Cultivator Li spoke of!" His voice echoed like thunder.

Li Qianmei's expression was calm as she looked at Yuan Fei on the arena and only said one word.


Yuan Fei silently pondered for a bit before smiling as if he didn't care. His gaze landed on Lu Yuncong and he coldly said, "Lu Yuncong, I wasn't here for the last competition. Do you still want to challenge me?"

Lu Yuncong's eyes revealed a cold gaze, and after a long time he said, "If Brother Lu of the Origin Sect doesn't come, I shall fight you!"

Time slowly passed. The rank 6 sects' competition was nearing its end, but the Lu Zihao everyone was waiting for still hadn't come.

The rank 7 sects' competition was about to begin. In the past, the rank 4, 5, and 6 competitions were only the preview, while the rank 7 sects' competition was the main event. However, right now the rank 5 sects' competition wasn't over yet. If it continued like this, it would be a bit  inappropriate.

There were still many people watching, including many people from outside the sect, which made it even more inappropriate for the rank 5 sects' matter to be dragged out.

Feng Hai hesitated and looked at the sect master. The old man pondered a bit and then looked at Lu Yanfei and Lu Yuncong. As the sect master, he had to consider all sides. The competition was a great event, and it would be inappropriate for the rank 5 sects' competition to keep dragging on.

"We waited. If Lu Zihao comes late, he can't say anything." The old man's eyes lit up and he said, "Lu Yuncong, Lu Yanfei, the two of you, enter the arena and finish the rank 5 sects' competition!"

The moment he spoke, he caught the attention of all the surrounding cultivators. Lu Yuncong pondered for a moment before looking at the old man. He clasped his hands at Lu Yanfei and flew toward the arena.

Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip. She knew that Wang Lin was most likely on the way, but right now she had to fight.

Letting out a sigh, Lu Yanfei flew like a butterfly toward the arena. She landed on the arena, and her gaze became even more determined.

"Even if he doesn't come, I must continue on with this battle!"

This was a private matter of the Everlasting Sect, so Li Qianmei didn't have a reason to interfere. She silently watched Lu Yanfei's figure. However, if the Origin Sect was to be disbanded, she made up her mind to take everyone in the Origin Sect back to the Heaven Breaking Sect.

The moment Lu Yuncong and Lu Yanfei arrived on the arena, everyone became quiet and looked over.  Due to one person from the Origin Sect, they had caught everyone's attention. For the first time, such a small sect was remembered by the countless cultivators here.

All of this was because of the person who hadn't arrived yet!

Not everyone's gazes contained good intent. Like Lu Yingjie from the Celestial Music Sect. He stared at Lu Yuncong and Lu Yanfei with a venomous gaze.

"That ridiculous person, weren't you all certain he could come? I want to see if that person is as truly as amazing as you all say!" Lu Yingjie clenched his fist.

Even further away, in the place where the Mountain Seeking Sect was, it was covered in a gloomy atmosphere. Zhao Long had lost his body and only had his origin soul. He floated next to the sect master and head elder, but his venomous gaze was far stronger than Lu Yingjie's.

"Brother Zhao can rest assured; I'll not let this matter go! If he doesn't come, he is lucky, but if he does, I'll kill him on the spot!

"Even if Li Qianmei tries to stop me, she is only herself; she doesn't represent the Heaven Breaking Sect! We won't offend her, but that mysterious person named Lu must die!"

What happened on the grandstand was too far away, so no one aside from the people of the Everlasting Sect knew. They had only seen a vague image but didn't get a clear look.

There was also Yuan Fei from the rank 6 sect. He stared at the two people in the arena and sneered. He hoped that the mysterious person would come. He wanted to see for himself what was so special about that person!

Lu Yanfei stood there calmly as a lonely feeling appeared in her heart. She didn't care about the countless gazes on her, but the person she had waited 100 years for still hadn't appeared.

She raised her head and looked at the sky. There were tears in her eyes, but they didn't fall. She turned toward Lu Yuncong and softly said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, please advise me."

Lu Yuncong also withdrew his gaze from the sky as if he was waiting. He looked at Lu Yanfei and said, "I won't hold back in this battle. You should be careful!"

Lu Yanfei let out a tragic smile but gave a determined gaze, which made her strangely beautiful. She gently nodded and took a few steps back. Her hands formed a seal and her origin energy began to move.

This origin energy formed a vortex in the air and caused a thunderous rumble. However, at this moment, this vortex became crazy, as if a strange force had appeared from the void and stirred up the vortex!

At this moment, the sky changed colors. For some reason, the vortex continued to grow. It broke out from Lu Yanfei's control and flew into the sky!

Lu Yanfei was completely startled, but her body immediately began to tremble and she looked up!

Not only her, at this moment, Lu Yuncong also felt his body shake and his origin soul tremble. It was as if an indescribable pressure was coming from the distance. This pressure was earth-shattering, and once it shrouded the area, it made it impossible for him to resist.

He was familiar with this aura, very familiar!

He suddenly raised his head and stared into the sky!

At this moment, aside from those two people, the nearly 100,000 cultivators felt this pressure. The thunder in the sky rumbled endlessly. This earth-shattering sound set off an echo that replaced everything.

Silver snakes covered the sky; there were simply too many of them. It was as if all the thunder had gathered at this place and replaced the sky!

The thunder rumbled as the wind blew and the sky changed colors. The thunder formed a net in the sky and then descended!

A white figure slowly appeared in the endless, rumbling thunder! His white hair flowed in the rumbling thunder and made the entire world into a thunder hell!

The thunder suddenly let out a roar that seemed to come from ancient times. This roar could shock the minds of cultivators and make them terrified!

The thunder and clouds surged to welcome only one person!

"He came!"

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