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Chapter 1251 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (2)

Lu Yuncong took a deep breath and nodded at Lu Yanfei before heading toward the grandstand without a word. Lu Yanfei pondered as she flew like a butterfly toward the stand.

Of the two, the male was graceful and magnificent. The female was weak, but determined and beautiful. At this moment, when they moved together, it had a certain visual power.

Even Mu Bingmei couldn't help but sigh. Whether it was Lu Yuncong's cultivation or words, he could be considered an elite in the Cloud Sea! Beside her, Wang Shanshan's beautiful eyes scanned Lu Yuncong.

Lu Yuncong quickly arrived on the stand. After pausing for a moment, he said, "Disciple Lu Yuncong greets Sect Master and elders." As he spoke, his gaze swept over and saw Mu Bingmei next to Wang Shanshan. He fell into a trance for a moment, as if everyone else had disappearing, leaving behind only this cold but gorgeous woman.

Lu Yuanfei was beside Lu Yuncong as she bowed respectfully and softly said, "Disciple Lu Yanfei greets Sect Master and elders."

Most of the people on the stands didn't look at Lu Yanfei, but at Lu Yuncong with looks of admiration. The middle-aged man named Zhou looked at Lu Yuncong with kindness in his eyes.

"Lu Yuncong, is the person you spoke of Origin Sect's Lu Zihao?" The old man in white's voice was calm and gave off an invisible pressure. His peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivation spread out,  but from the looks of it, it was very casual and wasn't his real cultivation level.

Lu Yuncong pondered a bit and then slowly said, "Disciple doesn't know this person's name, but my guess is he should be Lu Zihao."

The old man in white calmly looked at Lu Yuncong and asked, "What is this person's cultivation level?" 

"Early stage Nirvana Cleanser… But…" Lu Yuncong heistated a bit before saying, "Disciple only felt as if his cultivation was at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser but couldn't see through him, as if he was hiding his real cultivation level."

After he spoke, the people of the Everlasting Sect looked at each other. The old man in white pondered a bit and said, "How did you meet this person? Tell us in detail!"

Lu Yuncong nodded as his eyes filled with reminiscence and he said, "He killed that damn son of mine…"

Just as he began to speak, not only were the people on the grandstand startled, everyone who was listening was also startled for a moment.

"That damn son of mine was a villain, so it was fine that he died. However, as a father, I still had to see the person who killed him, so I went to the Origin Sect… On the way, I met Fellow Cultivator Li, and we went together…"

Lu Yuncong began to recall everything that happened when he met Wang Lin. He also included Li Qianmei's three questions and how Wang Lin had answered them. The answer of how heaven was like a circle moved everyone!

The elders of the Everlasting Sect were all shocked. The old man in white carefully pondered for a while before his eyes shined brightly.

"What a good idea about seeing heaven as a circle!! What you are seeking is still in this world, while what he seeks is already beyond the heavens and earth. This man's understanding of dao has far surpassed yours!"

Wang Shanshan's beautiful eyes moved as she listened to Lu Yuncong and softly said, "I didn't expect our Cloud Sea to have such a talent, but I have never heard of him before."

"After I had discussed dao with Brother Lu, my comprehension deepened a lot, and I admire him greatly. I came here in hopes of meeting him again, but unfortunately…" Lu Yuncong let out a  sigh.

When everyone heard this, they understood why Li Qianmei had come and helped the Origin Sect.

"I didn't expect such a person to appear within the Origin Sect!" Feng Hai felt melancholy as he looked at the silent Lu Yanfei.

"Lu Yanfei, is this person really your Origin Sect's ancestor?" The person who asked was the white-robed old man who was the sect master of the Everlasting Sect.

This was the first time Lu Yanfei was questioned, but she didn't hesitate and softly said, "Yes, Uncle-Teacher wandered the world and came back to save the Origin Sect. He settled down… But after meeting Fellow Cultivator Lu, he set off once more. His whereabouts are unknown."

"Such a cultivator must wander the world to comprehend dao. His personality must make him want to avoid common matters, and only by doing so could he have such comprehension in dao." The person who spoke was the middle-aged man named Zhou. He felt rather regrettable.

"Will your uncle-teacher come here?" the old man in white asked. After he heard what Lu Yuncong said, he become even more interested. Even though this person belonged to the Origin Sect, the Origin Sect was a branch of the Everlasting Sect. In the end, this person was still a disciple of the Everlasting Sect!   

"When Uncle-Teacher left, he said he would come." Although Lu Yanfei's voice was soft, her words were filled with determination.

"Good, then let's wait for him! This old man wants to see what kind of person this Lu Zihao is! You return, and the competition between your Origin Sect and Purple Dao Sect will be held off. Elder Feng, tell the rank 6 sects to start!" The old man in white smiled. He was very happy.

The competition of the rank 6 sects officially began, and thunderous rumbles echoed. However, they couldn't attract too much attention, as everyone's attention was still on the grandstands of the Everlasting Sect.

"Fellow Cultivator Mu, you also heard all of this. How does this Lu Zihao compare to that person you spoke of?" The middle-aged man named Zhou looked over and smiled.

While Mu Bingmei was listening to Lu Yuncong's words, she was silently pondering. She had a very strange feeling. It seemed… it seemed like the Lu Zihao Lu Yuncong had spoken of was very familiar.

At this moment, she didn't respond to the middle-aged man's words, but looked toward Lu Yuncong and said indifferently, "Can you tell me what this Lu Zihao looks like?"

Lu Yuncong looked at Mu Bingmei, his heart pounding. The moment he heard her words, he unabashedly revealed admiration in his eyes and nodded. "This person has white hair and likes to wear white…"

After saying those words, Lu Yuncong revealed a smile as he waved his hand and a crack to his storage space opened. A jade flew into his hand and he quickly imprinted Wang Lin's image.

Then he injected origin energy into it and the jade exploded. As the pieces scattered, a figure appeared from within!

This figure wore white and had hair white like snow. His indifferent expression revealed a hint of loneliness, but there was an unspeakable temperament that surrounded him.

The moment this image appeared, the elders of the Everlasting Sect stared at the image. Two of them stood up, looked at the image, and exclaimed, "It's him!"

Mu Bingmei's body trembled as she looked at the figure, and she immediately became excited. But she quickly suppressed it, then it was replaced by an inexplicable sadness.

Just like how a lonely person met a loved one in a foreign land. She bit her lower lip and was stunned.

Lu Yanfei was also filled with confusion as she looked at the figure. She felt bitterness in her heart.

Lu Yuncong was startled. Before he could speak, a ray of light suddenly flew over from the northern platform. This ray of light caused a thunderous rumble and carried with it a hundred years of killing intent. It was earth-shattering as it swept across the sky, and Li Qianmei appeared before the grandstand where the Everlasting Sect elders were sitting. Her gaze locked onto the two Everlasting Sect elders who had stood up.

"The two of you have seen him?" Li Qianmei's voice was calm, but there was a bit of trembling in her voice that she didn't even notice. Looking at the figure before her, there was an obsession in her heart. For this obsession, she didn't hesitate risking the punishment of the Demon Sect to come here to the Everlasting Sect just to see that figure again.

One hundred years wasn't long, but also not short. Even Li Qianmei didn't know what that inexplicable feeling was. Only that during the hundred years of fighting, every time she left the battlefield tired and injured, his figure would appear.

Li Qianmei's appearance caused Wang Shanshan to stand up. She was about to speak when she noticed that Li Qianmei's state wasn't right, and a thought appeared in her mind.

This was the first time Mu Bingmei had laid eyes on Li Qianmei. Li Qianmei's beauty and calmness caused a hint of bitterness to arise in her heart. She bit her lower lip and remained silent.

The sect master of the Everlasting Sect frowned and looked at the two elders that had stood up.

One of the elders was still shocked. He took a deep breath and said, "I didn't know he was Lu Zihao! Although, what Lu Yuncong said was still somewhat wrong! How can this person be a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator? I took my disciples to the Chaos Beast Fog Realm to train and saw this person easily killing rank 11 fire centipedes and also seriously injuring a rank 12 beast. If not for the fact that he was injured, I'm afraid not even I would be a match for him!"

After he spoke, all the elders of the Everlasting Sect were shocked. If someone else said it, they might not have believed it, but Elder Wu Tian, who was always calm and steady, had much more credibility.

"So Elder Wu has seen this person. This old man hasn't seen his face, but I have seen his figure. Earlier, this old man received reports from the rank 6 and rank 7 region. Someone charged from the rank 5 region through the rank 6 region. His speed was shocking and was at the level of a peak Nirvana Shatterer or first Heaven's Blight cultivator. He passed by countless continents, but no one dared to stop him at all!

"He charged through the rank 6 region and broke the formation into the rank 7 region. One of the branch sects had three Nirvana Shatterer cultivators who tried to stop him. This person used the War Spirit Print! The War Spirit Print destroyed several wild continents, and many were forced to move their continents so he could pass! He charged all the way into the rank 8 region!" After he spoke, everyone was even more shocked!

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