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Chapter 1250 - Rebuking the Everlasting Sect (1)

Mu Bingmei's words were soft as if she was recalling the past. A hint of melancholy and an inexplicable mood slowly entered the ears of everyone in the Everlasting Sect.

The woman named Wang Shanshan blinked and smiled. "Little Sister really wants to meet someone who Big Sister Mu would praise so much."

Mu Bingmei shook her head and softly said, "I'm afraid there is no chance. After he left, I have no idea where he went. After we parted, everything has changed. The chances of him coming to the Cloud Sea aren't big."

The middle-aged man from the Everlasting Sect was obviously someone with very high status, or else he wouldn't be sitting here with the sect master. After hearing this, he calmly said, "After hearing from Fellow Cultivator Mu, I'm also very curious. Is this person really as talented as Fellow Cultivator Mu says? I wonder what his name is. I hope Fellow Cultivator Mu can tell me so if I meet him one day, I won't be disrespectful."

This remark was a bit rude. Mu Bingmei frowned as she coldly looked at the middle-aged man and calmly said, "There is no need to tell you his name. It might not necessarily be lucky for you to encounter him!"

The middle-aged man laughed as he didn't mind and shook his head. "A mere Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, I hope to know his name so that if I meet him, I can give him a grand opportunity. However, since Fellow Cultivator Mu doesn't want to say it, forget it!"

The Everlasting Sect's sect master, the middle-aged man, looked calm, but he was not happy in his heart. He looked at the middle-aged man, but in the end he didn't say anything.

Wang Shanshan was clever. She smiled and dodged the topic. "Sect Master, I heard Big Sister Li also came. I wonder where she is."

With that, Wang Shanshan explained to Mu Bingmei, "Big Sister Li is one of the geniuses of our Cloud Sea. In just 1,000 years of cultivation, she has already reached the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage."

Even Mu Bingmei's expression changed a bit when she heard this, and she nodded.

"Fellow Cultivator Li has some relation with my Everlasting Sect's branch sect, the Origin Sect, so she is not here and is with them instead," the old man explained. He was also very confused about this.

"Origin Sect? What rank is this branch sect?" Wang Shanshan was shocked. She had never heard of this sect before.

"Elder Feng, you saw this personally, so explain it to everyone." The elder in white looked at Feng Hai.

Feng Hai's expression was a bit strange as he got up to clasped his hands at Wang Shanshan and Mu Bingmei. He looked around and found many old monsters looking at him. It looked like many people didn't know the details and had only heard about it.

In truth, it was no wonder they were puzzled. Li Qianmei was famous, and was unexpected for her to be close to a rank 5 sect. And it wasn't just mere acquaintances as she was willing to kill a rank 7 sect cultivator for them.

After letting out a dry cough, Feng Hai let out a wry smile. "Sect Master, this old man also doesn't know the specifics. The moment Fellow Cultivator Li arrived, she ask about the rank 5 Origin Sect. At that time, Lu Yingjie from the Celestial Music Sect and Zhao Long had some private affairs with the Origin Sect. Then Fellow Cultivator Li attacked, destroying Fellow Cultivator Zhao's body and almost killing Lu Yingjie.

"All of this seems to be related to someone named 'Lu' in the Origin Sect!"

After he finished, everyone in the Everlasting Sect became curious. Wang Shanshan smiled. "Big Sister Li is a quiet person who rarely gets angry. If she attacked, there must be a reason. Elder Feng, who is this person named Lu?"

Feng Hai nodded and said, "This person named Lu is indeed mysterious. This old man secretly investigated and found that this person is of the senior generation in the Origin Sect and is a relative of Lu Yanfei. Then I check the records and indeed found that the Origin Sect has someone named Lu Zihao!

"He was crazy about alchemy and left many years ago, seeking herbs. He has been unaccounted for since then. I wonder how he met Fellow Cultivator Li and got along so well...

"Lu Yuncong also seems to be close to this person. He stepped forward for the Origin Sect and was willing to offend the Celestial Music Sect and Zhao Long. Listening to his words, it seems this Lu Zihao's understanding of dao is higher than his, and Lu Yuncong admires him greatly. There are even hints that he has enlightened Lu Yuncong before.

"Lu Yuncong said that that if Lu Zihao comes to the competition, then forget being first among the rank 5 sects, he can even be number 1 among the rank 6 sects with just himself. He also stated that Lu Zihao could kill Lu Yingjie like squashing an ant!

The reason Fellow Cultivator Li didn't hurt Lu Yingjie was because he didn't believe those words and wanted to fight Lu Zihao. Thus Fellow Cultivator Li gave him the chance."

After he finished speaking, everyone immediately became silent. The people sitting here were all people with very high status in the sect. They fancied Lu Yuncong and wanted to nurture him. However, when they heard from Feng Hai how much Lu Yuncong admired Lu Zihao, their attention shifted to this Lu Zihao.

Meanwhile, at the competition, Lu Yuncong only took six steps forward and caused the sect master of the other rank 5 sect to retreat with a pale face. Every step he took seemed to land on that person's heart and caused that person's mind to become chaotic.

This scene immediately caused everyone who was watching to become serious and begin to talk. It was obvious that Lu Yuncong's footsteps were integrated with his domain and seemed to merge with the world.

The sect master that was against Lu Yuncong wryly smiled and clasped his hands. "This old man admits defeat. You are indeed worthy of being an elite of our Everlasting Sect. This old man admires you." With that, he bowed at the grandstand and quickly left.

The rank 5 competition was about to end, and because of Li Qianmei's presence, the Origin Sect still hadn't gone up yet. Now the Origin Sect was the only one that hadn't gone up.

The elder in charge of the rank 5 competition appeared in the air. He looked at where the Origin Sect was and calmly said, "Origin Sect, enter the stage!"

The Origin Sect was still in the northern corner, and a repressive aura filled their area. Li Qianmei also sat there, looking at the sky with confusion and reminiscence as if she was thinking about something.

Lu Yanfei's face was pale as she bit her lower lip, and after a long time, she stood up. She was the person with the highest cultivation level in the Origin Sect, so she had to enter this competition.

After she stood up, she looked at the people of the Origin Sect. This included her three senior brothers and her disciple.

After letting out a sigh, she moved like a butterfly as she floated toward the platform.

"Teacher…" Xu Yun's eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Lu Yanfei go. She didn't know what the fate of the Origin Sect would be after this. Maybe they would really be disbanded...

At this moment, the people around the arena became silent and looked at the arena. The all had heard of what had happened and were all looking to see if that mysterious person from the Origin Sect would appear.

Tens of thousands of gazes gathered, and Lu Yanfei's face became even more pale. However, her eyes became even more determined as she moved faster and faster before she arrived before Lu Yuncong.

Lu Yuncong looked at Lu Yanfei with a complicated gaze.

"The Origin Sect doesn't need anyone else to compete. Just me is fine." Lu Yanfei stood on the arena as the countless gazes gathered on her. Her figure was weak, but at this moment, there was a mysterious power supporting her; it allowed her to remain calm.

"He promised me he could come… I'm sure he will come!" Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip and looked up at the sky. She faintly saw a figure giving her an encouraging smile.

The surroundings were completely silent. This competition of the rank 5 Origin Sect originally wouldn't have been given any attention. However, due to that mysterious person, it caught the attention of every cultivator.

Even the rank 6 and 7 sects had their gazes gathered on this fight.

"Fellow Cultivator, please advise me." On the arena, Lu Yanfei had a firm gaze as she bowed slightly toward Lu Yuncong.

Lu Yuncong pondered for a moment before he turned toward the Everlasting Sect's master and elders. He clasped his hands and his voice was clear, but it revealed his Nirvana Cleanser cultivation as his voice rumbled.

"Seniors of the main sect, Disciple is not willing to compete with the Origin Sect. This matter is unfair!"

On the platform Mu Bingmei was sitting on, the old man in white frowned. Feng Hai, who was in charge of the competition, had a heavy expression as he shouted, "What is unfair?! Lu Yuncong, what is the meaning of your words?"

His voice was mighty and completely suppressed Lu Yuncong's words. It was earth-shattering.

Lu Yuncong's face turned slightly pale. With his cultivation level, he was simply insignificant before old monsters like Feng Hai. However, he took a deep breath and clasped his hands. "Disciple knows someone from the Origin Sect. This person has a high cultivation level and a profound understanding of dao. If he were to come, Disciple would be inferior! If Disciple competes with the Origin Sect before he gets here, it will be unfair to the Origin Sect! Disciple Lu Yuncong came to battle him. I want to confirm the effort of my dao. If I win, I want a true victory, or to lose without regret!"

After he spoke, the surrounding cultivators were all in an uproar. The mysterious person had already become the focus of everyone, but with Lu Yuncong's words, the fame of the mysterious person rose once more. It had reached a peak.

At this moment, everyone was guessing what that mysterious person was like. What kind of ability did he have to make Lu Yuncong like this, to make Li Qianmei like this!?

"This Lu Yuncong is indeed someone worthy of Teacher's praise; he is truly a manly man." Wang Shanshan looked at Lu Yuncong's upright and extraordinary figure with interest in her eyes.

"Lu Yuncong and Lu Yanfei, the two of you, come forward!" The person who spoke wasn't Feng Hai or any of the Everlasting Sect's elders, but the old man in white, the Everlasting Sect's sect master!

He now had great interest toward this mysterious Lu Zihao!

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