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Chapter 1248 - Accept

However, there was an incomprehensible force around the spatial crack. Even this hundred thousand feet mosquito king had to struggle for a long time before it could come out.

At this moment, half of its body was inside the crack and the other half outside, but it was stuck. It began to struggle violently, and as it struggled, even the spatial crack began to tremble. It showed signs of being torn even wider.

Wang Lin's mosquito king charged in like a golden meteor. It didn't give the giant mosquito king a chance as its large mouth swept forward and was about to stab into its body.

The giant mosquito king let out a roar and struggled violently as its roar echoed. As its body struggled, the world began to distort and large amounts of ripples appeared.

Just at this instant, the giant, golden shadow formed around Wang Lin's mosquito king let out a roar and its large mouth swept forward. It broke past the ripples and stabbed into the giant mosquito king.

The giant mosquito king stuck inside the spatial crack trembled.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin's mosquito king charged in and seemed to merge with the giant shadow around it. Its mouth moved with the shadow and stabbed into the body of the giant mosquito king.

Compared to the giant mosquito king, Wang Lin's mosquito king was really insignificant. However, its mouth stabbed into the giant mosquito king, and its eyes were filled with longing and greed as it sucked mercilessly!

As it sucked, the giant mosquito king began to roar and struggle violently. The spatial crack that was trapping it was ripped open even wider.

With one suck, all the injuries on Wang Lin's mosquito king suddenly disappeared and the golden light around it became even stronger! The longing in its eyes became even stronger, and it sucked again!

This time the giant mosquito king roared and a violent force erupted as it struggled. This turned into a powerful shockwave that knocked Wang Lin's mosquito king away.

At this moment, as the giant mosquito king struggled, the crack trapping it was ripped open and more than half of its body rushed out. A powerful fierce aura comparable to source origin spread across the world!

Wang Lin's mosquito king let out a roar and quickly retreated. The shadow around its body quickly dissipated and merged into its body. As it retreated, all the surrounding mosquito beasts retreated as if they wouldn't dare to stop it.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his right hand reached out and the trident flew back into his hand. His body rapidly shrank and returned to the size of a normal person in the blink of an eye. He landed on the back of his mosquito king and rapidly retreated.

Just at this moment, the remaining eight continents that were guarding the three inner continents collapsed with the roar of the giant mosquito king. Countless mosquito beasts flew out!

These nine continents were all made of mosquito beasts!

The number of mosquito beasts was terrifying. Wang Lin couldn't calculate them at all, but based on his gut feeling, he guessed there were millions.

The mosquito king had sucked two mouthfuls of blood, and now its body was releasing a golden glow. A pressure several times more powerful than before descended on the area!

In an instant, almost 10,000 red mosquito beasts trembled. They were the closest to Wang Lin's mosquito beast, and after a moment of trembling, there was awe in their eyes. They surrounded Wang Lin's mosquito beast and formed a red cloud that took them far away.

There were almost 1,000 blue mosquito beasts that made their choice and charged into the red cloud. They let out roars as if answering the mosquito king.

Not far away, almost 100 white mosquito beasts trembled, and their gazes struggled between the spatial crack and Wang Lin's mosquito beast. Finally, they let out roars and chose to follow Wang Lin's mosquito king!    

If that was it, it would've been fine, but among the few purple mosquito beasts, two of them were hesitant. One of them was the one that had collided with Wang Lin's mosquito beast.

When it roared, its hesitation disappeared and it revealed a determine gaze. It charged toward Wang Lin's mosquito beast like a purple meteor.

When Wang Lin saw the purple mosquito beast, he revealed a look of joy! A purple mosquito beast had an aura equal to a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

Wang Lin's joy didn't end as another one filled his heart. As the first purple mosquito flew over, another pale purple mosquito also decided to follow!

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he suppressed the excitement in his heart. This trip was worth it!

Just at this moment, a scene that made his pupils shrink and caused him to reveal a look of disbelief occured. One of the golden mosquito beasts charged out toward Wang Lin's mosquito king!

Wang Lin laughed loudly and quickly flew off into the distance with the mosquito king while being surrounded by a herd of mosquitos.

In the red cloud that covered the sky, the blue, white, purple, and gold mosquito beasts were extremely eye-catching!

These mosquito beasts flew at full speed and quickly flew away with the help of the wind. The surrounding mosquito beasts only looked and didn't dare to stop them at all.

After a long time, a heaven-shaking roar filled with anger echoed across the realm. The mosquito king hundreds of thousands of feet large charged out from the crack!

The moment it charged out, the surrounding mosquito beasts let out a unified heaven-shaking roar!

The giant mosquito king revealed a fierce gaze toward where the mosquito herd had disappeared. It let out a roar and chased at an unimaginable speed!

Its movement caused the millions of mosquito beasts to follow. They covered the sky as they gave chase!

At this moment, the entire Wind Celestial Realm surged as the earth shook and countless cracks appeared in the sky. Roars echoed across the realm as the boundless mosquito herd formed a majestic scene as they slowly spread out.

The mosquito king under Wang Lin quickly flew across the world with over 10,000 mosquito beasts. They were moving at top speed as they rapidly escaped. They charged out from the inner part of the Wind Celestial Realm toward the exit to the rank 8 region.

After several hours, the mosquito herd was rushing across the sky. Wang Lin stood on the back of the mosquito king and suddenly turned around. Far behind him, he could see a red cloud spreading. There was also the rumble of the sky collapsing. Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he revealed a cold glare and h raised his hand to place down a large amount of restrictions.

As the mosquito herd flew across the sky, Wang Lin continued to lay countless restrictions down. It was the collapse of these restrictions that allowed Wang Lin's mosquito herd to stay ahead.

However, the pursuing mosquito beasts were getting closer and closer, and a blast of fishy-smelling wind flew toward them. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his mind went into the Celestial Sealing Stamp and merged with the All-Seer's soul.

In an instant, Wang Lin's aura suddenly changed, revealing a calm gaze, as if everything in the world was in his control. His right hand reached at the void and a stone bead flew out from his storage space.

At the same time, a seven-colored light shined in Wang Lin's right hand, and it reached a limit. Its glaring light scattered everything, and Wang Lin threw it. The stone bead seemed to absorb all the seven-colored light and suddenly exploded.

Just as it exploded, Wang Lin's calm voice echoed across the world.

"Summon the Defying Ones!"

The moment his voice echoed, the sky of the Wind Celestial Realm darkened as if it was becoming night. However, right after it dimmed, an endless amount of seven-colored light appeared. It shrouded the world and a powerful pressure descended from the sky!

A giant compass suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The compass was 10,000 feet wide and gave off a blinding, seven-colored glow. It spun rapidly and became a barrier between Wang Lin and the pursuing mosquito herd.

As it rotated, a powerful force spread out.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his mind split from the All-Seer's. His face turned pale. After all, he was too seriously injured and hadn't recovered yet. At this moment, he didn't look at the result of the Defying Ones' spell and instead opened his arms. Black gas appeared and turned into black dragons that surrounded the mosquito herd. They quickly carried them into the distance!

Shortly after, a muffled rumble came from behind Wang Lin. Even the world seemed to tremble as a powerful shockwave spread. Wang Lin didn't turn around and charged forward like crazy with the mosquito herd.

He eventually arrived at the outer edge of the Wind Celestial Realm, and the exit was not far away! It would only take a few hours to leave, and he had used spell after spell to block the pursuing mosquito beasts. But in the end, it was not enough, as the endless mosquito herd was less than 50 kilometers behind him. If one looked from a distance, they would see that the huge mosquito herd occupied the entire Celestial Realm. It was like flood that was slowly closing in on Wang Lin.

The hundred thousand feet mosquito king stared straight ahead within the mosquito herd, and its roars were heaven-shaking.

Wang Lin frowned and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He stood on the mosquito beast's back and his right hand reached at the void.

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