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Chapter 1247 - The Mosquito King's Mutation

This was a roar between two mosquito kings and the challenge between two mosquito kings!

Wang Lin's mosquito king stared at the giant mosquito king struggling to get out of the crack. Its eyes were filled with violent desire and red light. It could clearly feel that the giant mosquito king inside the crack contained very pure blood of the mosquito beast bloodline.

This blood had a deadly attraction for Wang Lin's mosquito beast. It wanted to take a sip, even if it was just one drop!

This desire passed into Wang Lin's mind and made Wang Lin ponder for a moment.

There were simply too many mosquitos in the surrounding area. The auras given off by the blue, white, and purple mosquito beasts were heaven-shaking, enough to even shock any cultivator. Forget about advancing, they would even feel that there was no place to retreat to.

As Wang Lin's mosquito king roared, the endless mosquito herd looked over and stared at Wang Lin's mosquito king that was hiding inside the mosquito herd.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he clenched his teeth. With a thought, the mosquito king under him roared once more. As the pale gold light shined from its body, it charged out.

The moment it charged out, the endless mosquito herd roared in response. The red and blue mosquito beasts didn't move forward. Even the white mosquito beasts only hovered in the perimeter.

This was a battle between mosquito kings, and they weren't qualified to participate.

However, among the countless mosquitos, the purple mosquitos revealed cold glares. Thousands of purple mosquitos charged out toward Wang Lin's mosquito king.

Wang Lin originally didn't intend to go out with his mosquito king; he wanted hide his aura inside the mosquito herd. However, seeing those purple mosquitos charge in, his eyes lit up and he stepped out without any hesitation!

As he moved, thunder rumbled. Wang Lin stepped away from the mosquito herd and appeared before the endless mosquito beasts.

The moment he appeared, the surrounding mosquito beasts let out heaven-shaking roars, causing an unimaginably fierce aura to rise into the air!

As those mosquito beasts roared and released that fierce aura, Wang Lin took a second step and arrived on the back of his mosquito king. His right hand reached at the void and black lightning appeared, forming a giant trident in his hand!

At the same time, Wang Lin's mosquito king roared once more and revealed a ferocious expression. As it roared, it released the pressure of a mosquito king. Its aura spread out like the violent waves of the sea and seemed to want to submerge this mosquito herd!

The red, blue, and white mosquitos stopped. A battle between mosquito kings was not something they could participate in; this was engraved into their souls. Only purple mosquitos or higher were eligible to participate.

Although they stopped, those almost 1,000 purple mosquitos charged in like crazy, and a fishy smell rushed forward. They were too fast; each of them had an aura similar to that of a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, so they closed in in an instant.

Wang Lin's white hair flowed as the trident in his right hand swept forward. Popping sounds echoed inside him as the ancient god power filled his body. The star of law appeared between his eyebrows, and as he swept the trident, the heavens trembled. Thunder roared and a sea of blue fire appeared.

Wang Lin shouted, "Charge!"

The mosquito king under him let out a roar as if responding to its master. Its body released a golden glow and it charged out. The pale golden light made it look like a sun!

The light scattered like sharp swords as the mosquito king charged forward!

The closest purple mosquito beast roared and closed in. Its large mouth could compare to any treasure in the world. Once it stabbed into Wang Lin, it would only need to suck once to suck Wang Lin dry.

The moment the purple mosquito beast closed in, Wang Lin waved the trident in his right hand. The thunder all began to descend with that purple mosquito beast as the center.

Wang Lin didn't stop there. He swung the trident backward toward a purple mosquito beast that was charging toward him from behind.

As he stabbed forward, blue fire appeared and formed a mouth at the tip of the trident, devouring the mosquito beast. After all, mosquito beasts were still only beasts and not humans. They couldn't use magic treasures, and although they were as powerful as Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, they were still inferior to them in battle.

The mosquito king under Wang Lin was extremely nimble as it flashed past several purple mosquito beasts. However, one more purple mosquito beast immediately appeared before it, blocking its path, and charged forward.

Wang Lin's mosquito beast revealed a ferocious gaze and no longer dodged. Its body gave off a golden glow as it charged forward with the pressure of a mosquito king!

There was a thunderous rumble. Wang Lin only felt a tremble under him. The purple mosquito was only knocked back and wasn't injured at all. It became even more ferocious as celestial spiritual energy began to gather before it like a cultivator that was going to cast a spell.

There were many injuries on Wang Lin's mosquito king, especially the crack on its mouth. The pain made it even more crazy as its golden hairs stood straight and it charged out once more.

All of this happened in a flash; it was fast beyond imagination. Since Wang Lin had decided to help his mosquito king get a drop of that giant mosquito king's blood, he wouldn't back down. Although this battle was dangerous, it wasn't impossible!

For this sliver of a chance and his mosquito king's desire, Wang Lin's eyes shined and he let out a roar. He jumped off the mosquito king and popping sounds echoed inside his body. His body swelled up, and in the blink of an eye, he became a giant several thousand feet tall!

The trident in his hand also grew with his body and also become thousands of feet long!

His ancient god body appeared, and at this moment, an aura unique to the ancient gods appeared. As the aura caused the world to churn, Wang Lin condensed all his power into the trident and threw it!

A thunderous rumble echoed across the world. The giant trident was like a dragon as it rushed forward toward the spatial crack covered by a large amount of mosquito beasts!

The trident held Wang Lin's ancient god power and the star of law. The moment it was thrown, the thunder of the world gathered and formed ball of thunder that rumbled endlessly.

A sea of blue fire spread out. It was so hot that even the purple mosquito beasts dodged it. What was even more amazing was that the origin energy Wang Lin had injected into it turned into Bai Fang's celestial spells. At this moment, it looked like the apocalypse.

The surrounding mosquito beasts paused for a moment. At this moment, Wang Lin grabbed his  mosquito king and threw it!

The trident charged past the purple mosquito beasts and entered the range of the spatial crack toward where the golden mosquitos were. At this moment. an invisible ripple spread out before the trident and it suddenly collided with a mysterious force. As a thunderous rumble echoed, countless ancient runes appeared.

The impact of the trident was stopped by this ripple. Although it was stopped, Wang Lin's mosquito king charged out and looked eagerly at the giant mosquito king behind the hundreds of golden mosquitos.

Those hundreds of golden mosquito beasts were about to intercept when the mosquito king, who was damaged all over, shined brightly and let out a heaven-shaking roar!

The moment this roar echoed, a cracking sound came from inside the mosquito king as if its body was collapsing. Only, the blood that flowed out was no longer red, but gold!

This golden blood spread out and stuck to the wounds on its body, but there was a terrifying aura coming from this golden blood. Also, at this moment, a giant shadow appeared outside the mosquito king's body!

This was the shadow of a mosquito beast that was also hundreds of thousands of feet large!

This shadow gave off a dark golden glow. The moment this shadow appeared, whether it was the red, blue, white, purple, or even the golden mosquitos, they all trembled!

Even the giant mosquito king struggling to come out from the spatial crack also trembled. For the first time, it looked toward Wang Lin's mosquito king.

Wang Lin was stunned at the scene before him. The moment the golden light shined around his mosquito king and the giant shadow appeared, he clearly felt that there was golden light around his body too.

The large amount of mosquitos attacking him all avoided him and unexpectedly revealed awe!

Wang Lin suddenly understood. At this moment, he thought back to planet Suzaku when he first saw the mosquito beast. He had a vague guess as to why the mosquito beast had appeared on planet Suzaku! And why there was just one mosquito beast!

The moment the shadow appeared, the golden mosquito beast revealed awe and quickly moved out of the way as if they didn't dare to stop Wang Lin's mosquito king. Wang Lin's mosquito king charged toward the crack like a golden meteor!

The huge mosquito king inside the spatial crack revealed a serious expression and let out a roar! It began to struggle even more violently.

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