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Chapter 1249 - Mu Bingmei

After reaching the Nirvana Cleanser stage, one wouldn't need a bag of holding as they could use their own power to open a storage space. This storage space was a lot safer and was loved by many powerful cultivators.

Wang Lin had opened one, and this time he was going to open a second one just for accommodating mosquito beasts!

This storage space had to have sufficient celestial spiritual energy and origin energy. Wang Lin was not lacking in these as he still had a lot of celestial jades and origin crystals left.

At this moment, his right hand reached out and the sound of space tearing echoed. A giant crack hundreds of feet wide opened and cold wind blew out of it.

The star of law turned and thunder flew out. The thunder flashed around the crack, stabilizing it.

At the same time, blue fire charged into the crack and swept through. This caused the cold air to dissipate, and the space expanded greatly.

Shortly after, Wang Lin took out celestial jades and origin crystals and threw them into the storage space. They exploded and filled the space with enough celestial and origin energy.

All of this was completed in an instant without wasting anything. When the storage space was completed, he sent out a message, and the mosquito king below him immediately let out a roar.

When it roared, the 10,000 mosquito beasts charged into the crack. As he moved forward, the number of mosquito beasts around him gradually dropped.

In the end, all of them entered the crack, including the two purple and one gold mosquito beasts!

The mosquito king was the last one to etner. It looked at Wang Lin before entering. After all the mosquito beasts had entered, Wang Lin waved his hand and the crack disappeared.

Now he was the only person left in the Wind Celestial Realm!

Behind him was an endless mosquito herd chasing like crazy and getting closer! Wang Lin took a deep breath and took out a speed charm. He put it on his body without hesitation, and his origin soul begun to activate, ignoring his injuries. The aura of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator spread out and fused with his ancient god power.

He turned around and stared at the mosquito herd behind him, and especially at the giant mosquito king. There was doubt in his mind. This mosquito king was very powerful, but it hadn't used any spells and its speed wasn't that amazing either.

However, right now was not the time to ponder about this. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he suddenly charged forward. Large amounts of ripples appeared around him and he took a step!

In an instant, his body became blurry and he disappeared without a trace!

Spatial Bending!

This was the first time Wang Lin had used Spatial Bending in the Cloud Sea! The Cloud Sea was covered in fog and shrouded in a mysterious force, making Spatial Bending have almost no effect!

It was due to this reason that even though Spatial Bending was already considered rare among powerful cultivators in other star systems, it was even more rare in the Cloud Sea.

The environment determined the vision, state of mind, and also the direction of spell. If the remaining three major star systems were also filled with star fog, then Spatial Bending would never exist. After all, it was useless to the people of the Cloud Sea.

Even if they gained enlightenment, it was useless, and they didn't have a place to use it. Even in the Wind Celestial Realm, this spell was seriously hindered.

However, Spatial Bending was the only way to survive in the Wind Celestial Realm! You couldn't move far or merge with the world freely. If you didn't have an accurate target in mind, you were likely to appear in unfamiliar places. If you appeared within a herd of mosquito beasts, you would be in extreme danger.

After all, the most secure way to use Spatial Bending was to think of a place you had been to before and then merge with the world.

In truth, Wang Lin's thought was very accurate. It wasn't that people hadn't reached the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm, but all of them had used Spatial Bending and had to be very careful. The simple explanation what that too few people in the Cloud Sea knew Spatial Bending, and even fewer had come here.

At this moment, Wang Lin was thinking about the crack to leave the Wind Celestial Realm. Origin energy began to gather and the earth-shattering roar of the mosquito herd gradually disappeared from his ears.

It was as if he had entered a strange realm and his body turned into nothing, without any feel of existence. It was as if he had become part of the world. The spatial crack to leave the Celestial Realm became even more clear in his mind until it replaced everything!

When Wang Lin felt that feeling of nonexistence go away, he took a step. At this moment, origin energy gathered and his body quickly reformed as he took that step.

The spatial crack going to the rank 8 region appeared before him!

Looking back, there were still ripples echoing, and even further away, there was a roar that seemed to travel through time. Wang Lin was calm as he charged into the crack and left the Wind Celestial Realm!

The moment he left the Wind Celestial Realm, the eyes of the petrified old man on one of the three continents in the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm shined brightly.

"This time I'll help you… Next time I'll need you to help me…"

Wang Lin walked out from the crack and entered the rank 8 region. He looked at the familiar fog and felt some discomfort. After all, in the Wind Celestial Realm, there was no fog, so he could see far and wide. In the Cloud Sea, the star fog made it difficult to see far.

"Everlasting Sect…" Wang Lin rushed forward

"I obtained a large amount of mosquito beasts on this trip to the Wind Celestial Realm, though that's still not enough. However, if my injuries heal, adding the cooperation of the mosquito beasts, I'm not powerless to escape from Tuo Sen! I just need more time to allow the mosquito king to evolve and then I can obtain more mosquito beasts!" 

In the rank 8 Everlasting Sect, the rank 5 region competition was being held on the platform that took up a portion of a planet. The Purple Dao Sect swept the competition, and almost no one could match them.

Rumbles echoed across the platform and caught the attention of the surrounding 100,000 cultivators. The Everlasting Sect's Feng Hai and others were sitting in the most inner part of the stands. Beside him was the red-haired old man, along with some of the Everlasting Sect's powerful cultivators.

At the top of the stand, an old man wearing white was pointing at the Purple Dao disciple fighting against a disciple of one of the rank 5 sects and laughing. "The rise of the Purple Dao Sect is all credited to Lu Yuncong! Fellow Cultivator Wang, the God Sect can't take him away."

The old man in white looked graceful and was filled with vitality. His eyes shined when they opened and closed. His cultivation level was high; he revealed the aura of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator without hesitation.

There were two woman sitting beside the old man. Both of these two women had stunning appearances. The woman in purple could cause the heart of everyone who saw her to pound. There was a trace of coldness on her face, as if nothing in the world would move her heart and make her show weakness.

Her beauty was like something that shouldn't exist in the world, like a real fairy. Just by sitting there, she attracted the attention of all the surrounding cultivators. However, she was simply too cold, seeming as if she was cut off from her surroundings, giving off a feeling of loneliness.

Just like a lily that bloomed by its lonesome or a gust that arrived at a foreign country. Everything was unfamiliar, and there was not a single familiar… face.

Beside her was another woman. Although she wasn't as pretty, her beautiful and gentle face would cause anyone to fall in love. Her smile was like a blooming, white flower that would intoxicate people.

This woman was smiling and her eyes were bright. Her voice was like a bird song as she laughed. "Sect Master is too serious. This little girl merely mentioned that Teacher has praised his Lu Yuncong before. As for whether he will be accepted into the God Sect or not is not something I can decide."

The old man in white smiled and no longer mentioned this, but they continued to chat. He would occasionally look at the indifferent woman but couldn't guess her identity.

At this moment, on the platform, Lu Yuncong walked out from the Purple Dao Sect's area. He was the sect master and also had to participate. His purple robe made him look very ethereal and majestic; he was like a mountain!

On the other side was another sect master of a rank 5 sect. It was an old man wearing black, and his expression was extremely ugly.

Wang Shanshan looked at Lu Yuncong on the platform and softly said to the woman next to her, "This Lu Yuncong is indeed good and worthy of Teacher's praise. Although his cultivation level isn't high, he seems to merge with the world, so his understanding of dao must be very deep. What does Big Sister Mu think?" 

Mu Bingmei had no interest in the competition in the Cloud Sea. She had only come because of Wang Shanshan's proposal. She looked at Lu Yuncong and calmly said, "He can be considered an elite."

She didn't know why, but when she saw Lu Yuncong, the figure of another person appeared in her mind.

"Oh? There must be a lot of cultivators like Lu Yuncong where Big Sister Mu is from." Wang Shanshan winked and smiled.

"It's OK." Mu Bingmei seemed unwilling to keep talking.

"I'm a bit interested. Lu Yuncong has cultivated for about 3,000 years and didn't rely on any pills. He reached the Ascendant stage in 1,000 years, 1,000 more years to reach the Nirvana Scryer stage, and 1,000 more years to reach Nirvana Cleanser. His understanding of dao is very profound. Even the Heaven Breaking Sect's Li Qianmei seeked him to discuss dao. Are there people like him where Fellow Cultivator Mu is from, I wonder?" The person who spoke was not the old man in white, but a middle-aged man next to him.

Mu Bingmei pondered, and after a long time, she softly said as if she was reminiscing, "I know a person that reached the Core Formation stage in 200 years, Soul Transformation in 500 years, Ascendent in 800 years, and the Yin and Yang stage in 1,000 years. Before I left, he had cultivated for less than 2,000 years and had already reached the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser. His domain was life and death, and that evolved into karma. There are very few people in the world that can compare to him! Perhaps this Lu Yuncong has a higher cultivation level, but when comparing dao, he is no match! Even in a life and death battle, he would still be no match!"

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