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Chapter 1241 - Did He Come?

Feng Hai’s eyes shrank indiscernibly and he quickly followed. The six elders behind him followed with doubt in their hearts.

Their movement caused the Everlasting Sect members behind him to move as well. The movement of over a hundred people immediately attracted the attention of the cultivators all over the platform!

All sorts of speculations began, and some impatient people simply flew north. With someone taking the lead, even more people followed.

At this moment, the competition began to turn chaotic. The two people from the rank 4 sects were originally fighting fiercely, but now they bitterly smiled and looked north.

Even further away, the dozen or so rays of light rushing over also closed in. The one in front was a red-haired elder who gave off a Nirvana Shatterer aura, and the dozen or so elders that followed him all had high cultivation levels.

After closing in, the red-haired old man immediately saw the chaos caused by the tens of thousands of cultivators and frowned. He shouted, “No flying!”

After he spoke those two words, they turned into a thunderous rumble that spread out. Some cultivators that had just flown into the air trembled and immediately landed on the ground.

His voice spread out as shockwaves, immediately suppressing the chaos and causing everyone to calm down.

Frowning, the red-haired old man immediately saw Li Qianmei’s figure and rushed over with more than a dozen elders behind him.

Li Qianmei quickly flew, disregarding how she had alarmed the entire Everlasting Sect. She flew straight north to where the Origin Sect was. When she got near, she landed and her gaze swept forward.

The joy in Liu Yingjie was even stronger. Before, he only saw Li Qianmei from far away and didn’t dare to spread out his divine sense, so he hadn’t heard Li Qianmei ask about the Origin Sect. At this moment, he took a deep breath as he put a kind smile on his face. The moment Li Qianmei got close, he said, “Lady Li it’s been 100 years since we last met. I wonder if you still remember me.”

Zhao Long, who was beside him, also revealed a look of respect and clasped his hands with a smile. “So Fellow Cultivator Li knows Liu Yingjie. I’m the rank 7 Mountain Seeking Sect’s Zhao Long.”  

After the two of them spoke, the surrounding people were all shocked. It was obvious that no one thought the reason for the daughter of the heavens to rush over would be Liu Yingjie!

“Liu Yingjie is rumored to be very romantic. I didn’t think that even Li Qianmei would be acquainted with him, or would even come to the Everlasting Sect due to him.”

“If this matter is true, the Celestial Music Sect will become famous before even competing. I didn’t expect this, I didn’t expect this!”

“I wonder what about this Liu Yingjie allowed him to gain Li Qianmei’s favor. I just don’t understand.”

Even the Everlasting Sect people who had followed Li Qianmei here looked at Liu Yingjie, but Feng Hai and company frowned. They had clearly heard Li Qianmei ask about the Origin Sect, but now with Liu Yingjie appearing, their doubts became even stronger.

Liu Yingjie smiled even wider as all the attention was on him. He walked forward a few steps and was about to catch up with Li Qianmei, who had just landed.

After Li Qianmei heard Liu Yingjie speak, her gaze locked on to him, and she frowned. As Liu Yingjie walked up, she indifferently walked past him.

She had battled against the beast tide in the crack for almost 100 years and had just come from the battleground without any rest. Her body was naturally filled with killing intent, and one gaze caused Liu Yingjie’s heart to feel a chill. His face immediately stiffened but soon returned to normal, and he clasped his hands, smiling. “It has been 100 years, but Lady Li is still so valiant and formidable…”

However, before Liu Yingjie could finish speaking, Li Qianmei walked past him without stopping. This caused Liu Yingjie to stiffen and swallow his words.

Not only him, but even Zhao Long, who was originally smiling, froze.

This sudden scene caused the surrounding cultivators to raise their eyebrows. This surprise completely reversed the situation; there was even a hint of mockery in the eyes of the surrounding cultivators.

Li Qianmei didn’t even look at Liu Yingjie and headed straight for the Origin Sect. When she got closer, her gaze swept by everyone and landed on Lu Yanfei.

Lu Yanfei wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth as if erasing the bitterness on her body and looked at Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei silently pondered and bit her lower lip. After a long time, she softly said, “Did he come…”

These words clearly entered the ears of the surrounding cultivators and immediately caused an uproar. Everyone was guessing who this “he” was!

Even the people of the Everlasting Sect were wondering the same thing. Feng Hai’s eyes lit up and an answer to his doubts gradually formed. At this moment, the red-haired elder with more than 10 other elders arrived and saw this. There was a hint of shock in his eyes as he looked at Feng Hai, and they both had their own thoughts.

Liu Yingjie also heard these words. Even with his mental strength, his expression changed. After experiencing what he just had, it was extremely difficult to remain calm. His expression was extremely ugly, but he also had vague feeling that something bad was going to happen.

The expression of Zhao Long beside him changed greatly. He was different from Liu Yingjie, and immediately looked at Lu Yuncong. After Lu Yuncong felt his gaze, he sneered and revealed an unhidden trace of disdain.

Zhao Long suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. He felt that the mysterious persion Lu Yuncong had spoken of wasn’t… as simple as he had thought!

Lu Yanfei silently pondered, and after a while, she shook her head. Although she hadn’t met Li Qianmei, she could clearly understand who the “he” Li Qianmei was talking about was.

“He didn’t come…” Li Qianmei let out a sigh as she raised her head and looked up at the sky with a hint of melancholy. Her blue hair gently blew with the wind, containing a crestfallen feeling.

“There hasn’t been any news of him in 100 years,” Lu Yanfei said as she looked at Li Qianmei. She hesitated for a moment but didn’t continue speaking.

Li Qianmei bit her lower lip as she shook her head and softly said, “Forget it.” With that, there was a flash of coldness as she looked at Lu Yanfei and gently said, “You’re injured? The injury is fresh. Who did it?”

Lu Yanfei’s expression was calm as she indifferently said, “Earlier, this Liu Yingjie said that after the Origin Sect disbands, I’ll become his cultivation furnace, and he threatened to fight Uncle-Teacher. Next to him is the rank 7 Mountain Seeking Sect’s elder, Zhao Long. He thought that this little woman’s voice was unpleasant and that I wasn’t qualified to talk, so he punished me.”

After Liu Yingjie heard this, his expression changed. He looked at Lu Yanfei before shouting, “She’s full of nonsense!” In fact what, he said was true. He didn’t say he wanted Lu Yanfei to become his cultivation furnace, but he did intend to make her one.

Zhao Long’s expression changed and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Li Qianmei’s expression calm down as she turned around to look at Zhao Long and Liu Yingjie. Liu Yingjie was about to speak, but Zhao Long quickly retreated. His hands formed seal and a spell began to appear.

However, just as Zhao Long retreated, Li Qianmei suddenly moved. She was very fast and created afterimages as she rushed forward. She cross the crowd in just a moment with her late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation and appeared behind Zhao Long before gently waving her hand.

A monstrous killing aura suddenly appeared. This killing intent was shocking and contained thunderous roars. It gave off a demonic feel, and it immediately enveloped Zhao Long’s body.

A miserable scream echoed as Zhao Long coughed out blood and was immediately throw into the air. His left arm collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. At the same time, his right arm and both legs exploded as well. Following that, his body exploded!

The smell of blood spread out as Zhao Long’s origin soul escaped with panic and fear in his eyes.

Li Qianmei calmly looked at Everlasting Sect’s Feng Hai and the red-haired elder and softly said, “If you two mind, I’ll give the Everlasting Sect an explanation.” After she finished, she looked at Liu Yingjie and said, “Since you want to fight him, I’ll leave you with your life. If he doesn’t come, then I’ll take yours and that person named Zhao’s lives!”

That sharp blow and simple words created a powerful impact. It made everyone who saw this gasp, and shock filled their eyes.

The people of the Everlasting Sect were also silent. Feng Hai looked at the red-haired elder before he coughed and said, “Fellow Cultivator Li, who is this person you speak of, I wonder? The Origin Sect’s Lu Yanfei’s Uncle-Teacher?”

Li Qianmei nodded. Then she let out a sigh and looked at the sky. No one knew what she was thinking.

Lu Yanfei no longer hesitated and softly said, “Uncle-Teacher said 100 years ago that he… would come!”

At this moment, the “he” that everyone was speculating about was moving across the Celestial Realm with nearly 5,000 red mosquito beasts and hundreds of blue mosquito beasts. It was like a red cloud that covered the sky, and it swept across the outer edge of the Wind Celestial Realm.

The wind wailed across the empty Wind Celestial Realm. However, this wind was nothing compared to the buzzing of the mosquito beasts. In the center of the mosquito herd, there was a golden mosquito king that was letting out thunderous roars! Every roar would cause the surrounding mosquitos to tremble in awe and rapidly fly forward.

Wang Lin was sitting on top of the mosquito king with flowing white hair as he looked at the inner part of the Celestial Realm. His eyes lit up. His injuries had recovered a bit over the past several days, but, more importantly, the large amount of mosquito beasts he gathered had increased his strength greatly!

“I want to enter the inner part of the Wind Celestial Realm! Then I’ll get enough mosquito beasts and then go fulfill my promise with the Origin Sect.” The golden mosquito king under Wang Lin let out a cry. The red cloud formed by thousands of mosquito beasts immediately changed directions and charged toward where most of the mosquito beasts were gathered in the Wind Celestial Realm!

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