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Chapter 1242 - After Sundered Night

Hiding inside the aura of the countless mosquito beasts made it almost impossible to find Wang Lin, but the deeper in the Wind Celestial Realm he went, the more cautious he became. The speed of the mosquito herd slowed down a lot as they flew deep into the Wind Celestial Realm.

As they moved forward, Wang Lin clearly felt the wind in the Wind Celestial Realm become even more intense. The wind was like the mournful cries of countless souls. It was earth-shattering, and at the same time the wind, formed vortexes that traveled across the Wind Celestial Realm.

The mosquito beasts seemed to be very fond of the wind, especially the vortexes. Wang Lin had seen many vortexes with hundreds of mosquito beasts inside being pushed into the distance. The thunderous rumbles echoed across the world, and sometimes it was not clear if the wind was moving the mosquitos or if the mosquitos were forming the wind.

As he moved forward, the collapsed land of the Wind Celestial Realm gradually appeared before Wang Lin's eyes. The pieces of collapsed land were like a broken mirror. The pieces were separated by cracks, and some cracks were so wide that they extended into the void.

There were countless ruins and debris on those these lands, along with many collapsed buildings. Every time the wind passed, it seemed to take some of it away, and those buildings had gradually disappeared due the wind over the years.

Looking at everything before him, Wang Lin couldn't help but feel desolate. In his near 2,000 years of cultivation, he had gone to the Rain Celestial Realm, the Thunder Celestial Realm, and now he was at the Wind Celestial Realm.

His experiences had been very exciting; not many people could compare to what he had experienced.

The Rain Celestial Realm gave Wang Lin the feeling that it was seriously damaged, and it was very difficult to find any trace of the Celestial Realm of the past. All that remained was the sorrow of being raided time and time again by cultivators.

The Thunder Celestial Realm was different compared to the Rain Celestial Realm as it wasn't as damaged. Although it was also collapsed, he could still feel the power and might of the Thunder Celestial Realm of the past.

However, whether it was the Rain Celestial Realm or the Thunder Celestial Realm, they couldn't compare to the Wind Celestial Realm at all. Due to the mosquito beasts, cultivators rarely came here after the collapse, causing the realm to be kept extremely intact. Only the wind echoed all by itself across the Wind Celestial Realm.

The entire Wind Celestial Realm gave Wang Lin the feeling of endless desolation and loneliness, as if this place had been forgotten for countless years. Only the wailing wind accompanied this place.

Wang Lin saw the largest piece of land in the Wind Celestial Realm floating before him. It gave off an ancient aura as if it had experienced countless years of life.

There was a giant, stone gate at the center of the large continent. This stone gate was hundreds of thousands of feet tall. Even from far away, you could easily see it at a glance.

The mosquito herd Wang Lin was in stopped. Sitting on the mosquito king, Wang Lin stared at the giant, stone gate in the distance, and his mind trembled as if he had lost himself. He lost all his senses; even the wailing wind seemed to disappear, and he even forgot that he was sitting on the back of the mosquito king. The only thing left in his eyes was the indescribable, stone gate!

A feeling of time gradually filled Wang Lin's mind. At this moment, he was immersed in time. He gradually lost himself as he watched the transformation of the world, watched the ages pass by, watched the constantly changing landscape.

It wasn't appropriate to call it a stone gate, because it was only a giant frame. It was like someone had put a short column between these two massive pillars to form a door shape. It simply towered over the land and remained unmoving before the wind.

Looking at the stone gate, Wang Lin seemed to return to his body after a long time. He took a deep breath and gradually returned to normal, but his gaze was still locked onto the giant, stone gate in the distant.

He wasn't unfamiliar with this stone gate; he had seen it several times in his life...

This stone gate was the gate formed by the Heaven Defying Bead when it activated. They looked exactly the same, without any difference. If there really was a difference, it would be that the gate from the Heaven Defying Bead was an actual gate and not just a frame.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin looked around. This was already the inner part of the Wind Celestial Realm. Going further would mean entering the center of the Wind Celestial Realm. Wang Lin somewhat didn't want to leave as he looked at the giant door. He jumped off the mosquito king's back, stepped on the wind, and walked on the world as he moved forward step by step.

The mosquito king followed behind, and around it were nearly 5,000 mosquito beasts forming a red cloud that covered the sky.

It was as if Wang Lin felt an inexplicable attraction to this giant door. He slowly stepped on the air and closed in on the gate. The majestic aura of the gate became even stronger.

If you stood before the gate and looked up, you wouldn't even see the top. A powerful, desolate feeling enveloped the area as if there was an invisible vortex with the giant gate as the center, slowly rotating. Due to this vortex, it made it feel like there was layer of fog around the gate. It was difficult to detect from afar, but when up close, the fog was easy to feel.

Wang Lin stood on the ground and raised his head to look at the giant gate. His mind trembled as he subconsciously spread out his divine sense toward the gate.

The moment his divine sense spread over, a thunderous rumble echoed in his mind as if thunder had exploded in his years. This created a powerful impact that pushed away all the fog and allow the giant gate to appear clearly before Wang Lin's eyes.

What he saw was no longer a gate, but a creature!

This creature had a soul. It seemed as if it had existed for too long and gradually gained sentience. When Wang Lin's divine sense spread over, he seemed to fuse with that creature, and at that instant, Wang Lin seemed to forget his own existence.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin stood there motionlessly. He was in a very strange state; this state was very familiar to when he comprehended his first original spell, Sundered Night, on the seaside cliff.

There was an old saying: cultivators walk through the heavens and adapt the heavens as their own heart. Only then can they hold both heaven and earth and understand what dao is! Although this sounds complicated, it has its own reason.

It was like a painter who had never see the highest peak, the vast ocean, or the different states of life; how could he draw celestial-like mountains, dragon-like seas, or the relationship of humans?

Only after seeing first hand and experiencing first hand could one draw mountains and seas with spirit to create masterpieces that would be passed down throughout the ages.

Cultivation had the same logic, which was why all the disciples of big sects would go out to comprehend the heavens once their cultivation level reached a certain point.

However, painters were still people, and some people would not be moved by the heavens or earth. They never gained any comprehension and could only leave behind footprints that would gradually disappear with time.

There were also people who gained comprehension from seeing the heavens and earth, the mountains and seas, and even from the fishermen casting their nets. Although their footprints would also be washed away, the comprehension they gained would remain in their hearts and be taken with them.

Cultivation was like this, and some cultivators felt no comprehension. No matter how much they saw, it was all in vain.

Some cultivators had merged the heavens with their hearts and became their own comprehension. At this moment, Wang Lin captured the stone gate inside his heart! This was one of the three great realms, the Shi Realm!

Shi was the source of all creation!

Back then, when Wang Lin gained enlightenment on the seaside cliff, he was watching the sky, the earth, and the sea. He captured all those in his heart and took them with him to create his first original spell, Sundered Night!

Today, in the Wind Celestial Realm, under this giant gate, Wang Lin had this feeling again. He was immersed in this strange realm and was about to unconsciously capture this stone gate in his heart and take it away.

He didn't want to use it to create a second spell after Sundered Night. Just like how back on the seaside cliff, he didn't think about creating Sundered Night and displaying it to the world.

His body stood there, and his aura slowly merged with the gate until he completely disappeared within. At this moment, if a cultivator came and spread out their divine sense, they wouldn't be able to notice Wang Lin at all.

Even if they were standing beside Wang Lin, if they just tried to detect someone without looking, they wouldn't be aware of Wang Lin at all.

Wang Lin's aura and all his vitality disappeared without a trace! The mosquito king was still floating in the air, but the moment Wang Lin's aura disappeared, its eyes became filled with confusion. It looked down at Wang Lin and felt even more confused.

It could clearly see its master, but his master's aura had completely disappeared. Even their faint connection was severed.

The mosquito king let out a roar and rushed to Wang Lin. It seemed like only by doing this could it remain calm. As it roared, the surrounding mosquito beasts immediately surrounded the area.

The moment Wang Lin's aura disappeared, deep within the Wind Celestial Realm, there was a small continent. The sky was dim and buzzing sounds echoed endlessly. The entire world was filled with countless mosquito beasts.

These mosquito beasts roared. They were densely packed, but it was impossible to see the end of this herd.

On that continent stood a human-shaped, stone statue. Suddenly, the petrification around its eyes began to reverse. The stone rapidly melted around the eyes and the eyes slowly opened.

"There are nine laws inside that stone gate, ordered from strong to weak. Which one can he comprehend…"

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