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Chapter 1240 - Li Qianmei

Liu Yingjie's expression was gloomy as he stared at Lu Yuncong. He still remembered that 1,000 years ago, it was this person who became the first rank 5 sect that dared to challenge the number 1 sect of the rank 6 region, the Celestial Music Sect.

Although their challenge failed in the end, it was a disgrace to the Celestial Music Sect. This person had stepped on the Celestial Music Sect to make the Purple Dao Sect famous and allowed the name "Lu Yuncong" to spread across the Cloud Sea!

Lu Yuncong was even more menacing in this grand competition and had become much more powerful than 1,000 years ago. It was likely that he would challenge the Celestial Music Sect again!

If they were challenged by a rank 5 sect twice, the Celestial Music Sect would lose face. If they showed a bit of weakness, even if they won, they would still be secretly ridiculed.

"Lu Yuncong, everyone can talk. I just don't know how this person named Liu will kill me like an ant!" Liu Yingjie expression gradually calmed down. He was a gloomy person, but he didn't like to show it. It only took a few seconds for him to suppress the anger that had risen up.

The there was a flash of coldness in Lu Yuncong's eyes. He could naturally see through Liu Yingjie's personality, but the more he saw, the more he disliked him.

"If he comes, you will find out!" Lu Yuncong's voice was cold. Aside from the competition, the biggest reason he had come to the Everlasting Sect was to see Wang Lin again.

Therefore, he paid a lot of attention to the Origin Sect.

However, just as Lu Yuncong spoke, a strange voice that seemed to come from between someone's teeth surrounded the area.

"I'm also looking forward to this person named Liu you speak of, Lu Yuncong."

The moment this voice appeared, Lu Yuncong's expression changed. Not only him, but the expressions of everyone in the Origin Sect, including Lu Yanfai, changed.

This voice sounded weak, but the moment it appeared, it affected everyone's origin souls and caused them to fluctuate violently.

If one's cultivation level wasn't high enough, their face would turn pale and their origin soul would be injured in this confusion.

Only Liu Yingjie remained normal, but there was a look of surprise in his eyes. He turned around and respectfully clasped his hand. "Greetings, Senior Zhao."

The space behind Lu Yingjie twisted and ripples echoed as a person gradually walked out. This person was a middle-aged man, and his most notable features were his hook-like nose, thin lips, and gloomy eyes. These made him look very vicious.

Lu Yuncong's expression changed, and after a long time, he said, "Greetings, rank 7 Mountain Seeking Sect's Senior Zhao." Lu Yuncong's words pointed out this person's identity as a warning to Lu Yanfei and the others.

Lu Yanfei's face revealed a moment of bitterness as she and the other Origin Sect cultivators respectfully greeted this person.

This person's appearance immediately made the surroundings cold. Some of the onlookers immediately backed up, and some even straight up left. This was originally about the Origin Sect, but it had quickly changed to be a matter between the Purple Dao Sect, the Celestial Music Sect, and the Mountain Seeking Sect.

The focus of their confrontation seemed to be the mysterious person named Liu that Lu Yuncong had brought up.

The middle-aged man named Zhao walked next to Lu Yingjie and nodded slightly. Lu Yingjie became even more respecteful.

"Since this man has said this person can kill you like squeezing an ant, then you should accept this challenge. I also want to see if this mysterious person named Liu is real or fake," the middle-aged man slowly said, and his voice was as as feminine as always.

Lu Yingjie revealed a smile and nodded. "Since that is the case, then I really want to see how powerful this mysterious person named Liu is. However, if this person doesn't show up or isn't as strong as fellow Lu says, then what should we do? Senior Zhao, please give us guidance."

The middle-aged man named Zhao looked at Lu Yuncong and gloomily said, "If that is the case, then I'll naturally be the witness. This is no small matter; how can such empty words be said?"

Lu Yuncong's expression remained gloomy and he didn't speak for a long time. Although the Mountain Seeking Sect wasn't the strongest among the rank 7 sects, Senior Zhao was an external elder and had a good relationship with the Silent Soul Sect. If he came forward, he could make a lot of noise about this matter.

Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip and saw that Lu Yuncong was in an embarrassing situation. A moment later, she softly said, "This matter has nothing to do with Fellow Cultivator Lu. This is a matter of my Origin Sect. If…"

Before Lu Yanfei could finish speaking, the middle-aged man named Zhao's eyes turned cold and he stared at Lu Yanfei. This gaze was like a pair of swords that flew out and landed in Lu Yanfei's eyes.

Lu Yanfei only felt her body tremble, and a roar echoed in her origin soul. She couldn't help but retreat several dozen feet. Her face turned pale and blood came out from her mouth. Her entire body became weak.

"A little girl like you isn't qualified to speak here!"

The surroundings immediately quieted down. The people of the Origin Sect were all angry, but none of them dared to say a word. They could only swallow this humiliation and let the bitterness fill their bodies.

After pondering for a long time, Lu Yuncong looked at Zhao Long and said, "If Brother Liu doesn't come or can't kill Lu Yingjie like crushing an ant, then I'll naturally give Senior Zhao an explanation!"

Zhao Long revealed a gloomy smile and let out a harsh laugh as he turned to leave. Beside him, Lu Yingjie directed an apologetic gaze at Lu Yanfei but even didn't even look at Lu Yuncong as he turned to leave with Zhao Long.

The place they were in was merely a drop in the bucket compared to the platform the competition was held on. At this moment, a ray of white light closed in on the various platforms the competition was being held at. This white light crossed the sky and created a series of thunderous rumbles. Before it got close, it had already attracted the attention of the surrounding cultivators.

The aura of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator spread out from the white light. Several shadows flew out from the Everlasting Sect to greet it.

After the white light closed in, it slowed down. This allowed all the cultivators who looked over to see that it was a woman inside. They also saw the blue hair that belonged only to one person in the Cloud Sea!

Li Qianmei!

Rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect!

An uproar suddenly occurred as the nearly 100,000 cultivators here all recognized the identity of the blue-haired woman!

"It turns out to be the Heaven Breaking Sect's Li Qianmei. I didn't think the Everlasting Sect's competition would attract her to attend!"

"Rumors say that she was battling the beast tide at the Demon Sect. It is unexpected for her to leave and come here!"

"Rumor has it that during the battle against the beast tide, no cultivator involved is allowed to leave. How did Li Qianmei obtain the Demon Sect's permission to leave?"

The sounds of discussions spread across the platform with the appearance of Li Qianmei. Not even the battle of the rank 4 sects could attract anyone's attention anymore.

Lu Yingjie naturally also saw Li Qianmei high up in the sky, and his eyes lit up. He knew Li Qianmei; she once asked him three questions.

Even Zhao Long beside Lu Yingji became serious as he looked up. He respected Li Qianmei, who came from the rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect. Whether it was her cultivation level or sect, they were both things he couldn't compare to.

The person in charge of the competition today was an old man named Feng Hai. There were six other Everlasting Sect elders with him. After sensing Li Qianmei, he immediately flew out with the elders along with a few dozen disciples. After them, the hundred people responsible for the event also flew up.

This large group of people greeted Li Qianmei's arrival.

"It is our Everlasting Sect's great honor for Fellow Cultivator Lu to come. My name is Feng Hai." Feng Hai smiled, and he was very enthusiastic as he clasped his hands.

The six elders behind him also smiled and clasped their hands in respect. The disciples all revealed respectful expressions. They also looked at Li Qianmei with eyes filled with admiration and awe.

Aside from these people, more than 10 rays of light were flying over from the far side of the planet. This was another core group of the Everlasting Sect, showing how much they valued Li Qianmei.

"I believe Fellow Cultivator Li just came from the beast tide. Please come with me to a place the Everlasting Sect has prepared for you to rest. I presume the Sect Master had also learned of your arrival. It is great honor for us that Fellow Cultivator was willing to come." Feng Hai clasped his hands as his laughter echoed.

Although Li Qianmei had become the focus of everyone, she was still calm. She didn't rashly spread out her divine sense to search herself, but looked at everyone before her gaze fell on Feng Hai. She softly said, "Rest isn't urgent. Fellow Cultivator Feng, did the rank 5 Origin Sect come to this competition?"

"Origin Sect?" Feng Hai was startled. A disciple immediately flew over and spoke into his ear.

"This Origin Sect has indeed come." After Feng Hai heard this, he smiled, but doubts appeared in his heart. Could the small Origin Sect have some relationship with Li Qianmei?

Li Qianmei suppressed her emotions before asking, "Where are they?"

Feng Hai's doubt became even stronger, but he didn't show any of it. He looked at the disciple behind him that had spoken to him earlier. He was a youth, and he quickly said, "In the northern platform… on the edge."

When his words got to this point, Li Qianmei's divine sense spread out and enveloped entire northern area. She immediately found the people of the Origin Sect. Compared to the entire platform, that place was truly insignificant.

However, the moment Li Qianmei found the Origin Sect, she flew over like lightning!

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