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Chapter 1237 - Closing In

The mosquito king that turned blue circled around the mountain range and slowly moved toward the mountain. The moment it closed in, those herds of red mosquitos immediately looked over with gloomy gazes.

The mosquito king let out a cry, and the red mosquito beasts all moved aside, opening a path. The difference in ranks made it so they wouldn't dare to stop the blue mosquito, letting it fly by.

Those hundreds of blue mosquito beasts near the mountain all looked over with ferocious gazes, and hisses echoed. The ferocious aura immediately increased as they immediately recognized that this mosquito didn't belong to their herd. The hostility was obvious, and a few even charged out at Wang Lin's mosquito.

These mosquito beasts moved like blue meteors and instantly closed in. However, when they got close, the mosquito king released a fierce aura and quickly dodged. Then its mouth swept out and stabbed into the closest blue mosquito beast.

The blue mosquito beast let out a roar. But not only did it not retreat, it charged at the mosquito king. However, the moment it got close, the star of law formed from Wang Lin's origin soul flashed for a moment. At the same time, a pressure enveloped the blue mosquito beast's body.

The blue mosquito beast's body trembled and stopped for a moment. Just at this moment, the mosquito king's sharp mouth stabbed deep into the blue mosquito beast's body. The mosquito king immediately inhaled, and the blue mosquito beast's body trembled before immediately turning into a skeleton. All of its essence and blood were absorbed by the mosquito king.

The three blue mosquito beasts that had also flown over let out a cry and flew at the mosquito king. There was still blood on the mosquito king's mouth as its eyes revealed a fierce gaze. It let out a roar as it rushed out and collided with one of them.

They collided with a bang. The blue mosquito beast was obviously no match and was knocked away. Before it could recover, the mosquito king's mouth penetrated the blue mosquito beast and inhaled all its essence before flying off toward the next blue mosquito at an even faster speed.

All of this happened in a flash, fast beyond imagination. In an instant, the four blue mosquito beasts died by one by one, leaving only the mosquito king buzzing in the air. It stared coldly at the hundreds of blue mosquito beasts ahead.

Song Luohai was hiding himself under a stone below the mountain, keeping his aura hidden. He was an elder of the Silent Soul Sect. Rather than participating in the competition that was occurring in the rank 8 sects, he was hiding here.

He had been here for three months, and was cautiously moving forward. His goal was the king among this mosquito herd.

Song Luohai believed he understood the mosquito beasts very well. His goal was to capture a mosquito king to verify the speculation in his heart. However, just catching a mosquito king was so difficult that it was almost impossible to do. First, it was extremely difficult to get past all the mosquito beasts to get to where the mosquito king was, but even if he reached that place, if he couldn't capture it in one try, then any mistake would alert the rest of the mosquito beasts. At that time, he wasn't sure he could escape alive.

Three months ago, Song Luohai had locked onto this mosquito herd and was determined that there was a mosquito king here. Therefore, he spent three months of time to sneak here while not disturbing the red or blue mosquito beasts.

However, he was facing a dilemma. It was all because of the two white mosquito beasts that had flown here half a month ago. Song Luohai had only seen them once before, and he could clearly feel the aura and pressure of Nirvana Shatterer cultivators coming from them.

Song Luohai did a comprehensive preparation for this trip. He analyzed that he had a 30% chance of successfully completing his objective. Once his speculation was verified, his name would be known throughout the entire rank 8 region. Even those old monsters would have to avoid him.

Even the rank 9 region would favor him. All those various benefits were what had lured Song Luohai to take this risk. However, the arrival of those two white mosquito beasts messed everything up.

Song Luohai still had a feeling that those two white mosquito beasts had become vaguely aware of his existence but hadn't found his hiding place, so they hadn't moved. But if he were to move an inch, they would immediately detect him.

Song Luohai's heart felt very bitter throughout this half month. He was very tense and didn't dare to move at all. Although he was an elder of the Silent Soul Sect, he was near the bottom of the elder hierarchy, only at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer.

Just as Song Luohai was getting desperate, he saw a blue mosquito beast fly over. Originally, he didn't care and didn't have the time to care about something not related to this own survival.

However, what happened next shocked him greatly.

He personally saw that lone, blue mosquito beast instantly suck dry four other blue mosquito beasts of the same rank. It was extremely fierce and seemed like it wanted to challenge them.

This discovery immediately caused Song Luohai's mind to tremble, and at the same time, he vaguely felt like his chance had come...

The mosquito king's roar echoed across the world. At the same time, one of the two white mosquito beasts coldly looked at the mosquito king. In a flash, a ray of white light charged through the group of blue mosquito beasts. The blue mosquito beasts moved out of the way as the white mosquito charged directly at the mosquito king.

Before it got close, an earth-shattering roar that carried an intense impact collided with the mosquito king.

There was a thunderous bang as the mosquito king was knocked back a few dozen feet. It let out a roar and charged forward again.

After the white mosquito beast knocked away the mosquito king, it floated in the air and coldly looked at the mosquito king with a trace of killing intent. It then charged out once more like a bolt of white lightning at the mosquito king.

The moment the two mosquito beasts collided, the star of law formed by Wang Lin began to rotate like crazy, and large amounts of origin energy enveloped the mosquito king's body. The origin energy crashed into the white mosquito at the moment of impact.

The moment the origin energy appeared, the surrounding mosquito beasts roared loudly. The hundreds of blue mosquito beasts immediately surrounded the mosquito king and stared at it.

There was a thunderous bang as the white mosquito beast trembled and was knocked back. Its eyes exposed a cold gaze as it flapped its wings, causing the hook-shaped hair on its body to become straight. This made it look like the white mosquito beast was covered with spears.

Then those hairs scattered. At a glance, it looked like the white mosquito beast had swelled up. The white mosquito beast charged at the mosquito king.

The mosquito king's body charged out without any intent to retreat. Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world as the two mosquito beasts began a life and death battle.

The two mosquito beasts collided dozens of times in a short period of time. The rumbles became more intense as the earth-shattering collisions echoed. The white mosquito beast was knocked back. There were many injuries on its body, which was covered in blood.

The mosquito king was also in a sorry state and looked a bit dispirited, but the ferociousness in its eyes became even stronger. This time it unexpectedly didn't wait for Wang Lin's order before it charged at the retreating white mosquito beast.

The white mosquito beast let out a roar. All the hairs on its body stood straight before they all fell off and flew around like flying swords. It was like a powerful spell, and all the hairs shot toward the mosquito king. 

As the mosquito king moved forward, not only did it not slow down, it flew even faster. Wang Lin's mosquito king was still in its growing phase and hadn't experienced many battles against its own clan, but it was learning. The moment it charged out, all of its hook-shaped hairs grew under a blue glow. In an instant, they grew until they were dozens of feet long. The moment it rushed out, it learned from the white mosquito beast. All of its hair fell off and shot forward.

There was a thunderous bang as the two rains of hair collided, and a series of rumbles echoed. The huge impact caused the surrounding mosquito beasts to all retreat.

The mosquito king became even more ferocious as it charged through the collision of hairs and charged at the white mosquito beast. As if had gone mad, it mercilessly slammed into the white mosquito beast, and its mouth kept trying to find a chance to stab into the white mosquito beast's body.

The white mosquito beast retreated anxiously, but just at this moment, an extremely powerful aura came out from the mountain. This aura contained a pressure that all mosquito beasts had to submit to!

The moment this aura appeared, the other white mosquito beast flew into the air and let out a roar. A large crack appeared on the top of the mountain, extending to the bottom of the mountain. It was as if someone had just ripped the mountain open.

A ray of purple light shot out from the crack in the mountain. At the same time, an ancient aura spread out and purple mist came out from the crack.

This mist was dense. After it appeared, it quickly withdrew. From inside the mist, a ferocious-looking mosquito beast about 1,000 feet large flew out!

This mosquito beast was covered in purple hairs. Although they were drooping and looked messy, the moment this mosquito beast appeared, all the surrounding mosquito beasts, red or blue, quieted down.

Song Luohai's pupils shrank as he stared at the purple mosquito beast with messy hair. There was a flash of greed in his eyes.

"Mosquito king!"

This purple mosquito king's indifferent gaze casually looked at where Song Luohai was hiding before falling on Wang Lin's mosquito beast. After a long time, it let out a low hiss!

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