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Chapter 1238 - New King

This was a roar that contained the might of a mosquito king. Under this pressure, all mosquito beasts must obey and become part of this mosquito king's herd.

Wang Lin's mosquito beast's actions had obtained the recognition of the purple mosquito king, so it personally appeared to accept it as a member of its herd.

This was also Wang Lin's goal!

As the mosquito king let out its roar, Wang Lin's mosquito beast also let out a roar, acting as if it was surrendering. Wang Lin controlled the mosquito king to slowly fly forward, closing in on the purple mosquito king.

The moment the purple mosquito king appeared, Wang Lin clearly felt the aura of mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator from it, so this mosquito king wasn't very strong. This mountain was the home of its herd. It was clear that it would spend most of its time deep inside the mountain, struggling with metamorphosis, and would not casually come out. Although Wang Lin's mosquito beast was weaker, it had transformed into a golden mosquito beast, so it was difficult for this purple mosquito king to notice that Wang Lin's mosquito was hiding its aura.

Wang Lin's mosquito beast's movement didn't catch the attention of the surrounding mosquito beasts. Even the two white mosquitos didn't notice and only coldly stared at Wang Lin's mosquito king.

Wang Lin's mosquito beast used three breaths of time to close this short distance. At this moment, Wang Lin's mosquito beast was less than 100 feet away from the purple mosquito king.

The purple mosquito king's eyes revealed a hint of doubt, and it let out another low roar.

Wang Lin's mosquito beast also roared in response, but then it suddenly sped up and crossed this 100 feet distance. At this instant, all the surrounding mosquito beasts began to roar fiercely.

The two white mosquito beasts released ferocious gazes and were about to charge out. Even the purple mosquito king's aura immediately became cold.

However, just at this moment, the star of law with Wang Lin's origin soul inside rotated rapidly and flew out. It released a harsh glow and transformed into Wang Lin's origin soul!

His appearance immediately caused an uproar from the surrounding mosquito beasts. They all rushed over, hissing like crazy.

However, none of this distracted Wang Lin at all. Although this trip was dangerous, Wang Lin had calculated that he had an almost 80% success rate.

Everything could be described by fast!


The moment Wang Lin's origin soul took form, he stepped forward and waved his right hand. Large amounts of origin energy gathered and swept out as a gust of wind. The two white mosquito beasts beside the purple mosquito king were hit by the wind and pushed away.

The moment the two white mosquito beasts were knocked away, Wang Lin didn't stop and arrived before the retreating purple mosquito king. His eyes lit up as he lifted his left hand and thrust his left palm at the void. Origin energy began to gather like crazy, and at the same time, Wang Lin's right hand quickly pointed to the back of his left hand.

Once his finger landed, the heavens and earth trembled and endless origin energy gathered on the finger like crazy! The mark of the star of law flashed on the back of Wang Lin's left hand. It moved to his index finger and began to flash.

The purple mosquito king immediately felt a life and death crisis it had never felt before in its life. This feeling was very strong, making it roar violently as it retreated like crazy.

Wang Lin didn't stop. His right hand drew an arc and pointed out once more. When the second finger landed, it was as if countless bolts of thunder had exploded in the sky. It felt like even the earth itself was trembling. Another star of law appeared on the back of his left hand. It moved to his middle finger and flashed violently.

As he moved forward, Wang Lin's right hand moved again and his finger landed once more! This time the earth seemed to crack and a thunderous rumble echoed across the heavens and earth. A large vortex appeared in the sky and gathered large amounts of origin energy that seemed to enter the back of his left hand with a movement of his right hand.

A third star of law appeared and stopped on the ring finger of the left hand.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin took three steps in the sky, and the purple mosquito king retreated hundreds of feet. Its body flashed purple, and it was flying downwards.

The surrounding mosquito beasts were rushing over like crazy in an attempt to stop this from happening. They seemed to want to tear Wang Lin into pieces! Even farther away, as the mosquitoes roared, the sky seemed to distort as even more mosquitos rushed over.

Wang Lin's expression was cold as he took a fourth step. His right hand reached at the sky, causing the sky to rumble violently. The vortex that appeared seemed to have been grabbed by Wang Lin and then rapidly shrank. With that, Wang Lin gathered the power of the fourth finger, and the power entered the back of his left hand.

This fourth star of law formed!

At this moment, four of Wang Lin's fingers contained the power of law. His hand seemed to have become the hand of law. The moment the fourth finger landed, a handprint landed on the purple mosquito king, creating a thunderous rumble!

Although all of this sound slow, it all happened in three breaths!

The handprint landed on the purple mosquito king. At this moment, even the wind in the Wind Celestial Realm paused for a moment.

A thunderous rumble echoed as popping sounds echoed inside the purple mosquito king's body. Even large amounts of cracks appeared on its huge mouth. A clear handprint appeared between its eyebrows, causing its body to collapse at a rapid pace. A lot of blood gushed out from the hand print, making the purple mosquito king let out a mournful cry. As its large body quickly retreated, large amounts of purple mist escaped from its body, but it quickly withdrew back into its body.

This happened three times in a short period of time. Every time the purple mist appeared and withdrew, it would make the handprint between its eyebrows a bit more blurry.

It was as if this purple mosquito king was using this method to rapidly heal. As the same time, as it retreated, all the hair on its body stood up and law seemed to surround its body. A phenomenon that only occurred when Nirvana Shatterer cultivators were about to use spells appeared.

At this moment, the two white mosquito beasts that had been pushed away by Wang Lin charged in like crazy. The hundreds of blue mosquito beasts that gave off the aura of Nirvana Cleanser cultivators desperately charged in.

The thousands of red mosquito beasts circled like crazy. All the hairs on their bodies stood up as they stared at Wang Lin, and their hisses were earth-shattering!

Even farther away, the ripple in the horizon distorted even more as a boundless, red ocean was rapidly closing in.

Just at this instant, the blue light on Wang Lin's mosquito beast flashed and surrounded the area. However, the next instant, this blue light collapsed and was replaced with a golden light. It became the only golden light within this 5,000 kilometer area!

The mosquito beast in the golden light was like the real king, and it let out a thunderous roar! This was the cry of the king, the roar of a mosquito king!

The moment this golden light appeared, the red mosquito beasts trembled and unexpectedly stopped. Their eyes were filled with awe, but there was even more fear in them as they looked at the golden light.

The hundreds of blue mosquito beasts also paused for a moment while charging. There was struggle in their eyes, but they didn't dare to approach.

Even the two white mosquito beasts stopped and circled around them. Even their roars had weakened a lot.

The retreating purple mosquito beast that was healing was startled, but soon its eyes revealed a monstrous, fierce gaze. It began to roar at the same time as Wang Lin's mosquito beast began to roar!

All of this was changed greatly because Wang Lin's mosquito king had released its aura! This was no longer a battle between a cultivator and the purple mosquito king, but a battle between two mosquito kings!

No mosquito beast could participate in the battle between two mosquito kings. They didn't dare to participate, and they couldn't participate!

This was a vital part of Wang Lin's plan! Wang Lin's mosquito king released the golden light, then it let out a roar and charged out like a bolt of golden lightning. It charged directly at the seriously injured purple mosquito king!

At the same time, Wang Lin's origin soul rapidly dissipated, turning back into the star of law, and fell on the mosquito beast's body. However, the moment it fell, Wang Lin executed the last part of this plan!

The Stop spell!

His origin soul's right hand raised and pointed at the purple mosquito king! The moment his finger pointed, the heavens and earth trembled. No origin energy came, but endless celestial spiritual energy rushed over.

He was using the celestial spiritual energy of the Celestial Realm to achieve the peak power of the Stop spell!

When the finger fell, the purple mosquito king's body trembled and all its movements were sealed!

The moment its body was stopped, Wang Lin's mosquito beast closed in. Its golden mouth stabbed into the purple mosquito king's body, then it began to inhale like crazy.

The purple mosquito king's body trembled and rapidly withered before it completely disappeared. Even its body turned into essence that was all absorbed by Wang Lin's mosquito king!

A roar filled with joy came from Wang Lin's mosquito king. Along with this earth-shattering roar was a powerful pressure that surrounded the area!

"The birth of a new mosquito king!!" The mind of Song Luohai, who was hiding inside the mountain, trembled. Everything that he saw had broadened his horizons. Song Luohai immediately recognized that the origin soul that appeared wasn't the spell of a mosquito king, but a real origin soul!

"There is a cultivator's origin soul in that mosquito king!" Song Luohai's eyes lit up as he stared at the mosquito king, and his heart skipped a beat.

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