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Chapter 1236 - Another Mosquito King

With Wang Lin's speed, they made a large circle around the Wind Celestial Realm. While searching for mosquito beasts, Wang Lin also discovered some celestial jades.

Maybe it was due to there being too many mosquito beasts, preventing cultivators from entering, but Wang Lin harvested a lot of celestial jades.

However, what made him gradually frown was that fewer and fewer mosquito herds were being brought over by the wind. He would often have to fly for several hours before spotting another herd.

This was a very abnormal phenomenon. If the Wind Celestial Realm only had this many mosquito beasts, it would be impossible to stop the cultivators of the Cloud Sea and make their expressions change the moment they talked about the Wind Celestial Realm.

On this day, Wang Lin floated in the air and looked into the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm. During his two days of observation, most of the mosquito beasts in the Wind Celestial Realm gathered in the inner part. As for the clouds of red fog he had seen so far, the wind had blown them here from the inner region, and that's why there weren't many of them.

"There is a large amount of mosquito beasts in the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm. There 

will certainly be more powerful mosquito beasts and even other mosquito kings inside. If it's like this then… I can't just rush in recklessly." After pondering a bit, Wang Lin's  eyes lit up and he thought of something. The mosquito king immediately hissed and one of the red mosquitos next to it suddenly let out a sharp roar. This roar had a strange penetrating power; it sounded as if it had encountered a life and death situation and was calling for its companions.

This roar formed invisible ripples and spread across the Wind Celestial Realm. Wang Lin took a deep breath and stared into the distance. Shortly after, there was a thunderous rumble as a monstrous, red light rushed over from the horizon.

They were far away, but the red light was heaven-shaking. There were also crazed roars coming from the red light that would cause the mind of anyone who heard to tremble. Even the sky shook, and large amounts of spatial cracks appeared.

Wang Lin's expression remained the same, but his pupils shrank. There were almost 1,000 red mosquito beasts inside! This was only the first wave. Wang Lin could imagine that soon, even more mosquito beasts would appear, and it wouldn't just be red mosquito beasts. Even more powerful mosquito beasts would appear.

A moment later, the almost 1,000 mosquito beasts closed in, but the moment they closed in, a mosquito beast flew out. A pale golden light shined and a pressure immediately spread out. Among the almost 1,000 mosquito beasts, there were nearly 100 dark red mosquito beasts and more than 10 brownish red mosquito beasts. Under this pressure, they all trembled.

Those red mosquito beasts immediately surrendered, and the nearly 100 dark red mosquito beasts struggled for a bit before surrendering. Only those dozen or so brownish red mosquito beasts immediately retreated and were about to escape.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He was about to signal the mosquito king to chase, but at this moment, another violent roar came from the sky. Far away, there was a large mosquito beast herd with no less than 10,000 mosquito beasts charging over!

This scene immediately made Wang Lin's scalp go numb. He knew that it would be extremely difficult for the mosquito king to gather 10,000 mosquito beasts in its current state. Wang Lin also spotted a large amount of blue and even a small amount of white lights inside this herd.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin moved, and the nearly 2,000 mosquito beasts surrounded him. He hid himself and sent out a command. The mosquito king immediately retreated with the 2,000 mosquito beasts and avoided that large mosquito herd.

Fortunately, the large herd of mosquito beasts only looked around for a bit after arriving. When they couldn't find any enemy, they flew away, but this dense mosquito herd was engraved in Wang Lin's memory.

In particular, those blue mosquito beasts within the herd had auras no weaker than that of Nirvana Cleanser cultivators. This made Wang Lin's heart beat in excitement.

The blue mosquito beasts were far stronger than the red ones, so their numbers shouldn't be high. However, with how large of a population the mosquito beasts had, there should be plenty of them.

What made Wang Lin even more excited were the mosquitos with translucent white bodies within the white light. The aura these mosquito beasts gave off was enough for greed to arise in Wang Lin's mind!

It was the aura of Nirvana Shatterer cultivators!

Among those 10,000 mosquito beasts, there were nearly 300 white mosquito beasts. If he could control that force, then it would better than controlling tens of thousands of red mosquito beasts!

"This Wind Celestial Realm is a place of life and death, but for me it is the biggest treasure trove I have seen in my life!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart.

"I wonder what level of cultivation the purple mosquito beasts in Tu Si's memories match…" Wang  Lin pondered, but there was still one thing that puzzled him.

He looked at the mosquito king beside him. He had found this mosquito on planet Suzaku, but he still didn't know why this mosquito beast had appeared there. There was also another thing that puzzled Wang Lin greatly.

His mosquito beast had reached purple and was now even gold in color, but it was far weaker than the ones in the Wind Celestial Realm. If not for the aura of a mosquito king, Wang Lin would even doubt if his mosquito beast was real!

This matter had troubled Wang Lin for a long time, and even thinking about it now, he still found no answer, so he gave up. After the large herd left, he took the 2,000 mosquito beasts and flew into the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm.

The scene of tens of thousands of mosquitos coming stopped Wang Lin from acting on the idea of luring mosquito beasts over. Once an accident happened, the cost would be too great, and once it happened, there would be no way to control it. After contemplating for a bit, Wang Lin decided to slowly entered the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm.

On the fifth day after entering the Wind Celestial Realm, as Wang Lin slowly moved toward the inner region, he was still on the outer part of the Celestial Realm. Only now he was a bit closer to the center.

There were was a Celestial Realm fragment floating here. The moment they got close to it, there was a flash of blue light. Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he became excited. He clearly saw a mosquito beast inside the blue light!

This mosquito was completely blue and gave off the aura of Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

It wasn't moving in a group, but by itself. As it flew, the mosquito king under Wang Lin let out a hiss. The blue mosquito immediately stopped and stared at Wang Lin and the mosquito king below him. There was confusion and struggle in its eyes.

Just at this moment, the mosquito king under Wang Lin let out a roar and turned into a ray of pale gold light that shot toward the blue mosquito beast. It instantly closed in and use its large mouth to whip the blue mosquito beast.

The blue mosquito beast let out a miserable hiss, but it didn't dare to avoid the hit, so it was knocked back several hundred feet before stopping. The struggle in its eyes weakened but was still there. It suddenly let out a violent roar as it turned around and fled into the distance.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the mosquito king below him gave off an even brighter pale gold glow. It let out an even more powerful roar. The moment this roar echoed, the surrounding red mosquito beasts trembled and their eyes filled with fear and awe.

In the distance, the blue mosquito beast's body trembled as if there were two different ideals colliding inside its body under this pressure. Slowly, the blue mosquito beast no longer escaped but slowly flew toward the mosquito king and revealed the appearance of surrender.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he jumped off from the mosquito king and closed in on the blue mosquito. The blue mosquito became ferocious and revealed a cold gaze. Although it had surrendered to the mosquito king, it was still ferocious toward Wang Lin.

However, as the blue mosquito beast's mouth swept toward Wang Lin, he didn't even stop, letting out a cold snort. He lifted his right hand and pointed with his finger. The blue mosquito suddenly trembled and remained motionless, as if it was frozen in place.

Then Wang Lin raised his right hand and placed it on the blue mosquito beast's head. His divine sense rushed into the mosquito's mind. With his understanding of the mosquito beasts and his powerful cultivation, he easily found its memories and began to search through them.

After a long time, Wang Lin raised his hand and began to ponder.

When the blue mosquito beast recovered, it became ferocious once more and was about to attack. However, at this moment, the mosquito king let out a roar, and the blue mosquito beast immediately became obedient and flew next to the red mosquitoes.

The moment it got close, all the red mosquito beasts scattered. They didn't dare to get close at all.

"Just a lone light blue mosquito beast is already this difficult to control. If there are more, it will be even more difficult to make them obey… This is related to the fact my mosquito beast wasn't raised here. From the memories of this blue mosquito beast, there is actually a mosquito king not far away… This Wind Celestial Realm is very large, so although there aren't a lot of mosquito kings, there still should be some… According to the habit of the mosquito beasts, if their mosquito king dies and is absorbed by my mosquito beast, then they should accept the control of my mosquito beast!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he thought of an idea. Only, this idea was a bit too bold...

While pondering, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked into the distance. After a long time, he mercilessly clenched his teeth and flew down toward the celestial fragment below.

Beside him, the 2,000 mosquitos roared and followed the mosquito king under Wang Lin. Wang Lin was at the center of a red cloud. If a cultivator came, it would be difficult to see anyone inside.

Sitting on the ground, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and pointed to between his eyebrows. His body trembled and the star of law appeared. It rotated between his eyebrows before flying out and landing on the mosquito king's body.

At the same time, Wang Lin's origin soul flew out and entered the star of law on the mosquito king. The mosquito king trembled, then its eyes lit up and it let out a roar.

The pale golden light from its body gradually hid itself before it was completely gone. Then a blue light appeared and surrounded its body.

At this moment, it looked like a blue mosquito beast without any flaw. Even the pressure of a mosquito king was completely sealed by Wang Lin's origin soul, and none of it leaked out.

A moment later, the mosquito king let out a roar and flew out. It flew half a circle in the air before sending out the order to protect Wang Lin's body, then it flew off into the distance!

Although it had left, the almost 2,000 mosquito beasts obeyed the mosquito king's order. No matter what happened, even if they all died, they would protect Wang Lin's body.

The blue mosquito beast became the most powerful among the mosquito beasts. Although it still released a fierce aura toward Wang Lin's body, right now it was the closest to it, and it was closely guarding it.

Wang Lin's origin soul entered the star of law and attached itself to the mosquito king's body. It turned into a ray of blue light and flew across the Wind Celestial Realm. The mosquito beast seemed very happy and let out roars as it flew. However, under Wang Lin's seal, it no longer gave off the pressure of a mosquito king. It looked like an ordinary, blue mosquito beast without any abnormalities.

After several hours of flying, more than 100 blue mosquito beasts closed in. Each one of them was extremely ferocious, and their mouths gave off a fierce aura.

Wang Lin even saw a deep blue mosquito beast among them that gave off an aura equal to that of a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator.

They flew by the mosquito king and didn't stop at all. Only the deep blue mosquito beast looked over with a hint of confusion when it passed by.

Wang Lin controlled the mosquito beast and didn't stop at all as they charged ahead. Along the way, he saw three waves of 100 blue mosquito herds and was extremely shocked.

"No wonder even Tu Sei had to escape in embarrassment back then. Although these mosquito beasts aren't strong alone, their numbers are simply too much! And this is only the outer region. Once I'm deeper inside… Once a large number of blue and white mosquito beasts appear, I fear not even Heaven's Blight cultivators would have a chance of surviving!"

As Wang Lin flew with the mosquito beast, he looked around. There was no aura of cultivators around here, make it clear that very few cultivators could come here and stay for a long period of time.

This place was the world of mosquitoes!

As the mosquito king flew ahead, what appeared before Wang Lin was a large mountain range at the edge of the continent. The mountains seemed to pierce the sky and gave off a majestic aura.

"This is the place!" Wang Lin gathered his origin soul within the star of law and began to carefully observe.

Outside this mountain range, there were thousands of red mosquito beasts, and there were hundreds of blue mosquito beasts as well. The blue mosquito beasts were extremely arrogant. Often, when the red mosquito beasts encountered the blue mosquito beasts, the red mosquito beasts would have to quickly avoid them.

Deeper inside, flying above the mountain, Wang Lin saw two white mosquito beasts. They weren't flying, but were standing on the side of the mountain. Their large mouths were rubbing the mountain, making sharp sounds.

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