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Chapter 1233 - Movement of Wind

After charging out from the Chaos Beast Fog Realm, Wang Lin entered the rank 8 region. Wang Lin revealed a look of joy after he charged out, and he looked back at the fog. Just now, he had felt the aura of a rank 13 beast.

It was this aura that made him give up on killing the centipede. After all, the most important thing right now was to reach the Wind Celestial Realm!

"There is indeed a reason for this Chaos Beast Fog Realm to be so famous!" After pondering a bit, Wang Lin flew off into the distance.

After entering the rank 8 region, Wang Lin no longer acted so arrogantly. He knew that there were many old monsters in the rank 8 region. The elder that was observing his battle in the fog was obviously one of them.

Although he hadn't fully healed, with his power, along with various spells and treasures, he could be arrogant in the rank 6 and 7 regions. However, in the rank 8 region, he would need to be more cautious.

Therefore, Wang Lin withdrew his aura and slowed down. At the same time, he studied the route to the Wind Celestial Realm. He didn't charge in a straight light, but avoided certain areas as he rushed toward the Wind Celestial Realm.

Compared to the size of the rank 8 region, Wang Lin was like a fish in the ocean. He gradually headed toward the Wind Celestial Realm while he purposely kept himself hidden.

Wang Lin flew for several days straight. It had been almost one month since he had begun his trip in the rank 5 region.

The Wind Celestial Realm was seriously damaged back then, but because it was occupied by the Mosquito Beasts, the ruins were left mostly intact. There were still some cultivators that would enter. Every now and then, groups of cultivators would enter in an attempt to capture some lone mosquito beasts along the outer edge.

There was no need for a Wind Furnace to enter the Wind Celestial Realm. There was a huge spatial rift, and as long as one had the courage to charge through the dense mosquito beast herd, they could enter.

However, very few people could actually do this. Only when there were a lot of people with a powerful cultivator leading the way could they break through, or if there were several powerful old monsters working together. However, most people only moved in the outer region. After all, some fierce beasts would occasionally appear outside the crack. These beasts contained trace amounts of rare celestial spiritual energy, and after a long time, precious crystals filled with celestial spiritual energy would form.

Although it wasn't much, it was better than nothing.

At this moment, there were more than 10 cultivators outside the crack to the Wind Celestial Realm. They seemed to be waiting for more people to enter. Wang Lin gradually came out from the fog. His white hair was very conspicuous. The moment he appeared, the gazes of all the cultivators gathered.

At this moment, on the continent of Mo Lou in the rank 5 region, Lu Yanfei stood on the mountain where she first spoke to Wang Lin. The wind caused her hair to flow, and she looked like a celestial.

There was a hint of melancholy on that beautiful face.

The competition of the main sect was nearing. Everyone participating in the competition was prepared and waiting for the main sect to open the transfer array to the main sect.

The transfer arrays built in each branch sect could only be opened by the main sect; they had no right to activate it.

Lu Yanfei had stood here for one hour already. She always looked at the sky, expecting to see the figure again. She had waited 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, but even now, that figure still had not appeared.

After a long time, the earth trembled and a bright light came from the Origin Sect. Large amounts of origin energy began to gather in the Origin Sect, but none of this caught Lu Yanfei's attention. She bit her lower lip and stared at the sky. There was sadness in her eyes.

"Why… You promised, you said you would come…"

Behind Lu Yanfei, Xu Yun arrived like a breeze. She looked at her teacher and pondered silently for a moment before she finally said, "Teacher, the main sect has already opened the transfer array. Uncle-Teacher asked me to bring you over… We… We're leaving."

She let out a sigh, then Lu Yanfei withdrew her gaze from the sky and the look of melancholy disappeared from her face, replaced with a determined gaze. She looked at Xu Yun and softly said, "After this trip, you and I will no longer be teacher and disciple. You have very good talent and will likely become a core disciple in whichever branch sect you're sent to…"

"Teacher!" Tears flowed down from Xu Yun's eyes, and she was about to speak.

"No need to say more, I have decided!" Lu Yanfei looked profoundedly at Xu Yun and walked down from the mountain.

As Lu Yanfei's three senior brothers stood outside the transfer array, a pressure build up. They looked at their surroundings to get a good last look.

When Lu Yanfei arrived, everyone stepped into the formation. The moment the formation activated and they were teleported to the Everlasting Sect in the rank 8 region, a crystal teardrop fell from Lu Yanfei's eyes.

"When you come back, perhaps you will find that the Origin sect… is already gone…"

At the same time, in the rank 9 region, after the last fierce beast was killed outside the crack, the beast tide seemed to have died down. This allowed the Cloud Sea cultivators to have a moment of rest.

Among these cultivators, the blue-haired Li Qianmei was the focal point of everyone. She wiped the beast blood from her sword, but she was still calm.

Looking at the distance, Li Qianmei silently left the battlefield and walked toward the branch the Demon Sect had set up here.

"I'm going to leave for three months." In the Demon Sect, Li Qianmei looked at the vague figure in the hall. Although her voice was soft, it was filled with determination.

The hall was completely silent as a blurry figure slowly raised his head. Two rays of light appeared from the figure and landed on Li Qianmei's body.

Li Qianmei's expression was calm; there wasn't any change.

Not many people could remain calm before such a breathtaking gaze. Even the owner of the gaze couldn't help but reveal some admiration.


"I'm just informing you." Li Qianmei turned around and walked away.

"A bigger beast tide is imminent, and if you leave now, you will be a disgrace to your Heaven Breaking Sect!" The blurry figure seemed to frown as his unstable voice echoed.

Li Qianmei didn't speak and walked out from the hall.

"If you dare to walk half a step, you will be guilty of defecting!" The voice was still unstable, but the world seemed to turn cold.

Li Qianmei stopped and pondered for a moment. She didn't turn around and softly said, "I want to leave for three months."

After she finished speaking, she raised her foot and walked forward without any hesitation.

The hall was silent.

"Why must you be so resolute? Is there something more important than facing the beast tide and making sure the Cloud Sea remains untainted?" There was a hint of anger in the voice.

"There is one thing that's more important to me than what you said!" Li Qianmei gradually walked way.

It wasn't until Li Qianmei was gone for a long time that a sigh echoed in the hall. There was no longer any anger or coldness in the voice.

"Since you're so resolute, then take my jade and leave via the teleport formation. That way, you can save some time." With the voice, a gentle light shot out of the Demon Sect and landed in Li Qianmei's hand.

Li Qianmei took the jade and looked into the distance. She softly said, "After disappearing for 100 years, he should appear to help the Origin Sect in the competition… Will he go…"

In the Cloud Sea, there was a wild continent floating in the fog that was extremely cold. It was as if all life would be frozen here.

In the east side of the wild continent, there was a cave in a mountain. Mu Bingmei was sitting there. Her eyes would sometimes open and look outside at the strange land. There was loneliness and homesickness in her eyes.

Her injuries were very serious. If she wanted to recover, it couldn't be done in a short period of time, so she was waiting. After she arrived, she threw out an ancient jade of the Brilliant Void Realm. It was something only the Saintess of each generation could possess.

While cultivating, Mu Bingmei would often recall her own life. Her life was very dull, and almost all of it was spent in the Brilliant Void Realm. The happiest moment was when she recalled the experiences. It was as if she was looking at another life.

Liu Mei was the most special existence among her avatars, and it was all because of one person. At times, Mu Bingmei wasn't sure if she was Liu Mei or Mu Bingmei...

She was like an outsider watching Liu Mei, and she gradually became lost, as if someone from the outside had walked in.

Thinking about it, tears flowed down from the corners of the eyes of her origin soul. However, these tears weren't real; they were just her heart being torn apart.

After an unknown amount of time, a gentle voice came from outside the cave and entered her mind. She was awakened her from thoughts, but she wasn't surprised, as if she had been expecting it.

"Is the person inside the Brilliant Void Saintess, Elder Sister Mu Bingmei?"

Mu Bingmei softly said, "Please enter."

A woman wearing a yellow dress walked in from outside the cave. She looked very delicate, and although she wasn't as beautiful as Mu Bingmei, she wouldn't look any worse if they stood together.

The woman looked at Mu Bingmei and apologized. "After receiving the jade, Teacher was going to come personally, but something occurred, so Junior Sister here came to pick up Big Sister. I haven't introduced myself, my name is Wang Shanshan."

"Named Wang…" There was a hint of loneliness in Mu Bingmei's eyes as she nodded and softly said, "I'll be troubling Little Sister Shanshan."

This woman named Wang Shanhan was very feminine. After taking out some pills, she smiled. "Big Sister Mu is really beautiful. Little Sister has never seen a woman so beautiful before."

There was a hint of bitterness in Mu Bingmei's smile, and she didn't speak.

"Big Sister Mu, the big competition of the rank 8 sects of my Cloud Sea Star System will be taking place soon. Since it is on the way to the God Sect, we should go there together. Little Sister rarely gets to come out, and I don't want to go back so soon."

Mu Bingmei looked at the woman before her and nodded.

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