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Chapter 1232 - Shocked Appearance

"Fire of the world, listen to my command: burn!" Wang Lin's voice revealed a cold intent. The moment he spoke, the fire around the centipede went through a startling change!

Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird had gone through its third awakening and had fused with the law of fire, becoming part of the law. Before Wang Lin, unless their fire was outside the law, as long as Wang Lin wanted to, he could extinguish it!

The moment Wang Lin's words fell, the sea of fire around the red centipede suddenly trembled before it charged at the centipede.

At the same time, popping sounds echoed inside the centipede's body. An even more powerful fire suddenly erupted from within its body.

The moment the centipede's eyes became filled with fear, the fire inside its body erupted forth. A burst of mournful cries echoed, but soon it all stopped.

A fireball about 1,000 feet large appeared and lit up the surrounding fog. It gradually extinguished, and the centipede inside was burnt to ashes!

All of this happened in an instant, and Wang Lin had merely raised his finger!

He didn't look at the result. After pointing, he turned around and followed the War Spirit Print.

The moment the fire centipede died, roars of grief echoed in the distance. It was the several other thousand feet centipede coming even faster.

The hatred in the ten thousands feet blue centipede became even stronger. It let out a roar and moved even faster.

"If my injuries had healed, it wouldn't be hard to kill this rank 12 beast… Even now, because it is a fire beast, it shouldn't be easy to kill." Wang Lin frowned, and shortly after, there was a flash of killing intent on his face.

"Courting death!"

A red light came from the fog to Wang Lin's right, and a sea of fire shot out. This sea of fire was more than 10,000 feet wide, and it seemed like it was going to burn the fog. It shot straight toward Wang Lin, and there was another fierce 1,000 foot centipede charging at Wang Lin. It was very fast and closed in in an instant.

The sea of fire gave off an intense heat, and it was less than 1,000 feet from Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort and waved his hand, causing a shocking change. The sea of fire suddenly stopped and was pushed back. It crashed toward the centipede like an angry wave.

At the same time, the fire around the centipede went crazy and pounced on the centipede. Another huge fireball suddenly appeared.

The centipede couldn't even let out a miserable hiss before it was burned by the fire. Also, the fire that burnt it was no longer red, but revealed a hint of blue.

The moment this fireball appeared, two more centipedes charged at Wang Lin. Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He originally didn't want to brother with these beasts, but they seemed unwilling to give up, unless they died. There was a flash of coldness in his gaze as Wang Lin decided to kill. The star formed by law appeared between his eyebrows and blue fire appeared around him before being shot into the fog to the left.

A moment later, a shocking sound came from the fog as a monstrous, blue flame echoed. The moment the miserable hiss appeared, it immediately disappeared, and the endless heat spread across the fog.

Shortly after, blue fire appeared in another direction. A huge fireball appeared before exploding into countless specks of blue flames.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin walked out from the fog with a cold expression and chased after the War Spirit Print.

Along the way, no more fierce beasts blocked his path. It was obvious that the battle just now had caused the beasts to become extremely afraid.

However, the ten of thousands of feet blue centipede closing in was still angry, but it was simply too far away. Even now, moving at top speed, it would still require a lot of time for it to catch up. As it roared, the blue centipede became crazy and dense, blue fire appeared around it. Then its body suddenly shrank and popping sounds echoed inside its body.

In an instant, a flash of blue light spread across its ten of thousands of feet long body. It was as if an invisible force had opened a crack from the beginning to the end of its body.

The moment this cracked blue light came out from it, a smaller centipede, about 8,000 feet long, flew out. Its speed increased several fold as it charged ahead covered in blue fire.

Shortly after, cracks appeared on the 8,000 feet centipede and a smaller, 6,000 feet centipede flew out. Its speed increased once more.

Using this strange method, the centipede continued to shed its skin and shrink, but its speed increased like crazy.

Wang Lin quickly moved through the Chaos Beast Fog Realm with the War Spirit Pring opening a path, gradually closing in on the rank 8 region. Along the way, he met many fierce beasts that tried to block him, but his slaughter and the War Spirit Print broke through. He moved extremely quickly through the fog.

The longer he was inside the fog, the more Wang Lin felt like this place was strange. The longer he was here, the more fierce beasts would gather, making it extremely difficult to leave unless he fully recovered.

Wang Lin used almost four days of time to reach the edge of the Chaos Beast Fog Realm. Once he made it out, he would reach the rank 8 region! However, at this moment, Wang Lin turned around and his right hand pointed at the War Spirit Print. The War Spirit Print suddenly moved and appeared before Wang Lin.

At the same time, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to form a seal and point at the War Spirit Print. The seal Wang Lin had placed on it to stop absorbing origin energy collapsed and it began absorbing origin energy like crazy.

Just at this moment, there was a flash of blue coming from the fog before Wang Lin. An unimaginable heat  filled the surrounding hundreds of thousands of feet. An angry roar came out from the fog. As the fog was pushed aside, a ferocious, 3,000-foot-long centipede charged out, and it was surrounded by a monstrous, blue fire.

The moment the centipede appeared, the aura of a rank 12 beast surrounded the area.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he waved his right hand. The War Spirit Print charged out and shot toward the centipede while it continued to absorb origin energy.

It was very fast, causing the surrounding fog to be pushed to the sides as it rumbled. It immediately smashed into the incoming centipede.

The centipede let out a heaven-shaking hiss and stared ferociously at the huge palm. It rushed toward the palm print while  being surrounded by a sea of fire, but when it got close, its body twisted and the blue fire collided with the palm print. As the thunderous rumble echoed, its body dodged to the side and charged at Wang Lin.

Its ferocious expression and sharp pincer made it look like it wanted to eat Wang Lin alive. This scene combined with the giant palm print behind it presented an unexpected sense of beauty.

Wang Lin's expression was cold as the star of law flashed before his eyebrows. It rotated rapidly as a blue fire spread out from his body. Compared to the light blue of the centipede, this blue was shocking!

The centipede's body paused for an indescribable moment and its eyes became serious. However, it didn't retreat, but charged out like crazy. The fire about its body became even more majestic and blue light shined brightly.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed with his finger. When facing anyone using fire, there was no need for fancy spells to decide the outcome! With the point of his finger, the deep, blue fire around him condensed and shot out.

As it shot forward, the blue light flashed and turned into a large, blue Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird let out a cry and charged at the centipede.

The centipede immediately let out a roar, and its upper body rose up like a snake and stared at the Vermillion Bird. The blue fire around it condensed like crazy to form a monstrous force outside its body. Then it collided with the Vermillion Bird that was rapidly closing in.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the Chaos Beast Fog Realm, and the beast sense of several rank 12 beasts shot straight to this place. However, at this moment, a very powerful aura that even shocked Wang Lin came from the depths of the Chaos Beast Fog Realm and suppressed the other rank 12 beasts!

The rumble was heaven-shaking when the two fires collided. The Vermillion Bird let out an unwilling cry as it rushed back into Wang Lin's body. The moment it returned, Wang Lin flew far away.

The sea of fire before the centipede immediately collapsed and its body exploded as its fire was pushed back. Half its body was a bloody mess, but it didn't die. It let out a miserable hiss and quickly retreated back into the disappearing fog.

In the fog, the old man from the Everlast Sect had watched all of this, and he was shocked!

"Who is this person!? He unexpectedly controls fire even stronger than the Fire Centipede and has a very high cultivation level. If not for his injuries, even I would not be confident in a fight against him!! But he is not from the God Sect. I have seen the War Spirit Print before, and while his is very similar, it's not the War Spirit Print!"

There were three disciples following the old man. They were all shocked and terrified of what they saw. They originally thought they were powerful, but what they saw had shaken their minds.

In particular, the beautiful female cultivator's eyes lit up as she watched Wang Lin leave. No one knew what she was thinking.

At this moment, the aura that suppressed all the rank 12 beasts' auras swept across the fog filled with anger. The old man's head jerked up as if he remembered something, and his expression changed. He waved his sleeves and took his three disciples toward the third path.

"I can no longer allow the three of them to train here!"

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