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Chapter 1234 - Welcome

The competition of the rank 8 sects involved all the rank 8 sects, but not all disciples were interested in coming. Some held disdain toward all of this and didn't participate, and they moved about as they wished.

The cultivators outside the Wind Celestial Realm were like this.

They were all the juniors of the various sects, but their cultivation levels weren't low. They had gathered together to try to explore the Wind Celestial Realm!

Li Yuanlei was one of them. Among these people, he was the leader of this group, as he was at the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser. He had a slender body under his green robe and gave off a majestic aura.

His handsome eyes were bright as he stared coldly ahead.

They were waiting for other cultivators to gather. Calculating the time, those people would be arriving soon.

Just at this moment, the fog ahead churned and Wang Lin slowly walked out wearing white with a head of flowing, white hair.

The moment he appeared, the more than 10 cultivators looked over. When Li Yuanlei saw Wang Lin, his expression changed slightly as his gaze followed Wang Lin's figure.

The other cultivators beside Li Yuanlei looked at Wang Lin once and withdrew their gazes. They no longer paid Wang Lin any attention, but Li Yuanlei frowned. He felt like this white-haired youth gave off a strange feeling.

Looking at the spatial crack to the Wind Celestial Realm, Wang Lin's eyes lit up an indiscernible amount. He had spent more than a month to come here just for the Wind Celestial Realm!

At this moment, he didn't look at the cultivators outside the Wind Celestial Realm. He charged directly at the spatial crack leading to the Wind Celestial Realm.

This spatial crack was like a giant crack that wanted to devour everything. There was also a faint hint of celestial spiritual energy coming from inside. Although it was very weak, Wang Lin clearly felt it.

Passing over the cultivators, Wang Lin stood outside the crack and spread out his divine sense. He immediately found that it was as if his divine sense had fallen in a bottomless hole and entered another space. It quickly dissipated.

However, the moment it dissipated, Wang Lin got a brief look of the scene inside the Wind Celestial Realm.

It was a world covered in a yellow glow. It was as if the entire world was shrouded in howling wind. Whether it was on the ground or in the sky, there was wind blowing everywhere.

The divine sense he had spread out was devoured by the crack and even the remnant was destroyed by the storm. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he subconsciously took a few steps back.

Just at this moment, laughter came from behind. It was one of the cultivators who looked mockingly at Wang Lin and casually said to one of his companions, "Where did this wild cultivator come from? How can he do something like trying to observe the Wind Celestial Realm with his divine sense? I guess he's just someone reckless that didn't know about the consequences."

The cultivators around him all looked at Wang Lin outside the spatial crack with a hint of disdain. It wasn't that they found Wang Lin displeasing, but what Wang Lin had done was simply too reckless for those who had lived in the rank 8 region. Everyone came here with companions and only carefully spread out their divine sense after entering the crack. Otherwise, their divine sense would be destroyed by the wind in the Celestial Realm. Probing with your divine sense was simply pointless.

Only the old monsters in their various sects would do something like this, and this was only because they had the strength to go into the Wind Celestial Realm by themselves.

Li Yuanlei also smiled as he stepped forward toward Wang Lin and clasped his hands. "I fear this is the first time Fellow Cultivator has come to the Wind Celestial Realm's entrance. Spreading out your divine sense here is very dangerous. If Fellow Cultivator wants to see the Wind Celestial Realm, you can come with us. Once several more people arrive, we can enter together and be able to safely enter and withdraw."

Wang Lin was still looking at the crack as if he was pondering. After Li Yuanlei spoke, Wang Lin didn't turn around and only calmly said one line.

"No need."

With that, he raised his feet and walked toward the crack of the Wind Celestial Realm. He wasn't fast, but a strange force surrounded him, and at this moment, he attracted everyone's gazes.

"It seems he wants to enter the Wind Celestial Realm by himself!"

"Big Brother Li had good intentions, but this person is just arrogant. Not even those old monsters would casually enter the Wind Celestial Realm…"

Li Yuanlei's eyes narrowed and stared at Wang Lin. He saw Wang Lin's figure speed up and charge toward the crack of the Wind Celestial Realm. Wang Lin closed in and was about to step inside.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he suddenly stopped. He immediately retreated hundreds of feet.

The surrounding cultivators hadn't even reacted to the sudden movement when a monstrous roar came from the crack along with some intense buzzing sounds.

A red mist erupted from the crack to the Celestial Realm and began to spread. There were roars and buzzing sounds coming from inside as mosquitos 1,000 feet large appeared with ferocious expressions.

These mosquito beasts were covered in barbed hair, and their large mouths gave off a fishy smell. It was a shocking sight, and a fierce aura from ancient times spread out.

After the roar echoed, about 100 mosquito beasts flew out in the blink of an eye.

Just at this moment, Li Yuanlei's expression changed greatly and he retreated without hesitation, shouting, "A small group of giant mosquito beasts is being thrown out. Quickly, retreat!"

As he spoke, the expressions of the cultivators beside Li Yuanlei changed greatly and they began to retreat. With their cultivation levels, they stood no chance against these 100 or so mosquito beasts. They quickly scattered.

"Heaven Fragrance!" Li Yuanlei's voice echoed again. At the same time, his right hand moved and a incense stick as thick as an arm appeared. The incense began to burn and an extraordinary fragrance quickly spread.

It wasn't just him, but all the cultivators took out incense sticks and lit them. In the blink of an eye, the fragrance filled the area around the spatial crack.

The mosquito beasts seemed to hate this fragrance a lot and stopped their original charge. They stared at the cultivators and began to roar and reveal fierce gazes.

Staring at the 100 or so fierce mosquito beasts, everyone, including Li Yuanlei, recalled all the stories of how fierce the mosquito beasts were. After finding that the mosquito beasts had stopped outside the range of the fragrance, they all relaxed.

Just at this moment, a young cultivator beside Li Yuanlei stared ahead. Disbelief filled his eyes and he exclaimed, "This… How is this possible?!"

He lost control of his voice. The moment his voice echoed, everyone followed his gaze. The surrounding people were all stunned and shock and terror filled their eyes, but they were even more confused.

At the center of their gazes was a white figure moving among the mosquito beasts. Below him was a pale gold mosquito beast!

As he moved forward, the red mosquito beasts, which were originally extremely fierce, became a lot more tame. They didn't dare to block the youth in white at all and even made a path. There was even a… hint of worship in their eyes.

The hiss of these mosquito beasts echoed and they stopped paying any attention to the cultivators. Instead, they surrounded the cultivator in white, or more accurately, the pale gold mosquito beast. They formed a ring around it and flew toward the red fog coming out from the crack to the Wind Celestial Realm. 

This strange scene filled the surrounding cultivators with disbelief.

It was as if those mosquito beasts hadn't been spat out by the red fog, but had come out on their own to welcome someone! They were welcoming that person in white!

It wasn't until the person in white entered the fog and entered the crack that all the fierce red mosquito beasts all charged back into the red fog.

The red fog rolled as if there was something wrong with time, and everything began to reverse. With the mosquitos back inside the fog, the fog contracted and was sucked back into the crack.

From when the red fog spat out the mosquito beasts to when they returned to the fog and disappeared, less than 15 minutes had passed. All the cultivators felt their scalps tingle, and even after everything returned to normal, they were still in shock.

"Who… Who is he!?!"

"Was his appearance a coincidence, or… did the giant mosquito beasts come to greet him?"

Everyone looked at each other and saw the terror in each other's eyes. They couldn't forget what they had just witnessed. For the cultivators of the Cloud Sea, the might of the mosquito beasts that occupied the Wind Celestial Realm wouldn't be questioned. Not even the God Sect was confident in recovering the Wind Celestial Realm. They once dispatched a group of powerful cultivators, but they eventually all failed and no one made it back alive.

Most importantly, the giant mosquito beasts were impossible to domesticate. No matter what method was tried, it never succeeded. After a long time, everyone knew about this characteristic of the mosquito beasts.

However, that person in white had just made the impossible possible!

The surroundings were completely silent as they all pondered. Not long after, several rays of light arrived. The people they were waiting for had arrived.

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