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Chapter 1231 - Fire Centipede

The War Spirit Print was very large. It had absorbed so much origin energy that the power inside could even make a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator tremble in fear.

Three days ago, the War Spirit Print reached the limit of Wang Lin's control, so he cut off its ability to absorb more origin energy. The fog along the way was all pushed aside as he closed in on the rank 8 region.

On this day, the rank 8 region appeared in his vision!

Almost 20 days of continuous travel had made Wang Lin very tired, but his eyes were bright. Although he was traveling, he was still adjusting his body and continuing to devour pills to help himself recover.

There was no formation between the rank 7 and rank 8 regions, but there were a dense layer of fog. This fog was very dense and vast, and it completely surrounded the rank 8 region. There were many rank 10 beasts inside, and there were even rank 12 beasts in the depths. There were simply too many fierce beast here and was consider a very dangerous area in the Cloud Sea.

This place was called the Chaos Beast Fog Realm!

The reason it was described as a "realm" was because of how big it was. If an ordinary cultivator went in alone, not even their bones would remain. Only those true old monsters could enter, and even they had to be cautious.

However, the God Sect had used some unknown method, so the fierce beasts inside would not leave this realm; they would just absorb origin energy in there. It was as if there was a boundary at the edge of this fog.

There were four paths in the Chaos Beast Fog Realm, and only these four paths were safe. They were paths rank 8 sect disciples had to choose if they wished to leave the rank 8 region and not use a transfer array.

Rumor had it that they were opened by the God Sect countless years ago. They had used a special method to ensure the safety of the four path so that those passing through wouldn't get attacked by fierce beasts.

However, aside from the disciples of the rank 8 sects and those who obtained a guide jade, no one knew the paths. They could only charge into the Chaos Beast Fog Realm, and if they didn't die, they would have a chance of entering the rank 8 region.

At this moment, in the third path in the Chaos Beast Fog Realm, there were four cultivators rushing through. The one in front was an old man wearing a black and white daoist robe with a head of silver-grey hair. Although he was old, his gaze was like lightning. The fog before him would often retreat under his gaze. 

This old man gave off a powerful Nirvana Shatterer aura, so he had obviously reached the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage. The law of the world gathered inside him as he moved.

There were three people behind him, two men and one woman. They all looked young and were around the Nirvana Cleanser stage. Although the woman was also wearing a daoist robe, it didn't cover up her voluptuous body, yett she had a very pure appearance. She gave off an extremely charming aura, and often just a move of her eyes would make the eyes of the two men beside her fill with desire.

As they flew, the woman slowly said in a charming voice, "Teacher, where are you taking us?"

The old man didn't speak and continued to fly until they arrived in the depths of the Chaos Beast Fog Realm. Only then did he stop and looked back at the three of them.

"You all are core disciples of my Everlasting Sect, but you've relied on pills to increase your cultivation levels and therefore don't have deep comprehension of the heavens, much less the law of the world. The best way to comprehend the heavens is in a life and death crisis. Today, Teacher brought you here, where there are a lot of fierce beasts, so the three of you can go slowly comprehend!" After the old man spoke, he waved his hand. He didn't even let them talk before throwing them into the fog.

The old man silently pondered for a bit as he sat down and his divine sense spread out to observe his three disciples. Unless it was a real life and death moment, he wouldn't help them.

In the rank 7 region, outside the Chaos Beast Fog Realm, the War Spirit Print rushed across the stars, and Wang Lin followed behind. He was already aware of the Chaos Beast Fog Realm on Peng Lai and was aware of a route. However, he wasn't sure about the information, and it was likely for him to get lost in the fog if he didn't know the exact direction.

More importantly, the route he knew would require him to go around in a large circle, causing the time required to double. It also wasn't guaranteed, so in the end he gave up on this choice.

He decided to take a straight path and break through by force. This would allow him to enter the rank 8 region in the shortest time possible!

After making up his mind, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to close in on the Chaos Beast Fog Realm surrounding the rank 8 region, with the rumbling War Spirit Print opening a path.

He was fast as a meteor as he crashed into the Chaos Beast Fog Realm. When the War Spirit Print got close to the dense fog, the fog quickly retreated as if it didn't dare to get close, letting the palm enter.

However, this fog was very strange. Although it retreated, it didn't make a path like the fog Wang Lin had seen so far. The fog surrounded the War Spirit Print and seemed to be devouring it.

The thunderous rumbles of the palm print caused the calm Chaos Beast Fog Realm to become chaotic, like a rock thrown into a calm lake. The ripples caused the beasts inside to roar.

Wang Lin's expression remained unchanged and his speed didn't slow down at all as he followed the palm print. His divine sense spread out and surrounded the area. He detected a large amount of fierce beasts inside this fog.

Just at this moment, a roar that pushed back the fog ahead echoed. It was a red centipede that was thousands of feet long, covered in hair, and looked extremely ferocious. It appeared in the fog and charged at Wang Lin.

This centipede was rather ugly, and the two giant pincers on the sides of its jaw gave off a cold glint. Its large body moved like a fish as it rushed over.

The moment the centipede appeared, the surrounding beasts within Wang Lin's divine sense stopped roaring and scattered. It was as if this centipede was the king of this area and its appearance would cause the other beasts to retreat.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm. Thanks to his cultivation level, he immediately saw that this centipede was rank 11, which was equal to mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Wang Lin was surprised a beast at this level would dare to appear before the War Spirit Print.

In an instant, the red centipede charged out from the fog and let out a loud hiss. This hiss was earth-shattering and echoed like rumbling thunder. This hiss caused the surrounding fog to churn even more violently.

This centipede stared at the War Spirit Print and revealed a look of hatred. It let out roar as it released large amounts of red light that turned into a monstrous sea of fire. Then it charged at Wang Lin while covered in a sea of fire.

Wang Lin didn't have time to pay attention to the centipede as the War Spirit Print moved forward, but the moment the centipede got close, the fire around it turned into a firestorm. The fire surrounded the War Spirit Print in an attempt to stop it from moving forward.

However, the War Spirit Print had absorbed so much origin energy that it contained unimaginable power. When the fire got close, it was immediately pushed back. A large portion of it was extinguished when the War Spirit Print passed by.

Wang Lin was behind the palm print, calmly moving forward. He moved extremely fast and didn't pause at all as he passed by the centipede. All of this happened in a flash; it was unimaginably fast.

However, the centipede wouldn't give up. It roared and charged after Wang Lin. Fire surrounded its body as it stared at Wang Lin with deep hatred. It was as if it wouldn't give up until it tore Wang Lin apart.

At this instant, several roars came from the fog in the distance. It was six more identical centipedes, all charging toward this location.  

Even farther away, a mighty roar that suppressed everything echoed. This roar revealed the might of a rank 12 beast.

A hideous, blue centipede 10,000 feet long moved at an extreme speed toward Wang Lin. All the fog was being pushed aside, making the beast even faster.

The moment this blue centipede roared, the old man in the daoist robe in the third path not far away opened his eyes. He looked into the distance and revealed a look of shock.

"Rank 12 Fire Centipede! Although this beast lives in the fog, it rarely appears. What the hell happened to make it roar so angrily? Not good. My disciples are still inside the fog. If they encounter it, it will be difficult for them to escape death!" The old man immediately charged into the fog.

After Wang Lin heard the roar from the rank 12 beast, he frowned lightly. He naturally understood that these centipedes seemed to have intense hatred for the War Spirit Print, so he was dragged in as well.

"The fierce beast closest to me didn't care for its life to stall me, and the other beast arrived to delay me as well. All of this so the rank 12 beast could have enough time to arrive… This is interesting!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes.

He didn't care what kind of hatred these centipedes had with the God Sect, but if they provoked him, there was only death! Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He knew he had to kill the one behind him, or else it would continue to roar and give away his position.

This roar was also very irritating for him.

"Since you're looking for death, then you can't blame me!" Wang Lin suddenly turned around as he raised his right hand and pointed at the fierce beast chasins behind him!

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