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Chapter 1230 - Strong

As Wang Lin flew at top speed, the fog before him split open as if being pierced by a sword. He flew through the fog in a flash.

According to Wang Lin's understanding, the rank 7 region had already been sealed to prevent outsiders from entering. There should be a defensive line around the rank 7 region with cultivators forming a perimeter.

This was completely different from the rank 6 region.

Wang Lin quickly flew through the rank 6 region, piercing through the fog. As he flew, he passed by many floating continents.

He was so fast that he caused large amounts of fog to churn. This caught the attention of all the old monsters in the rank 6 region, but after seeing Wang Lin's speed, they were all shocked. They immediately backed down and didn't dare to stop Wang Lin. They allowed him to pass through the area.

In the cultivation world, cultivation level was everything, and the strong would be respected. At this moment, Wang Lin's speed was sufficient proof of his strength. His speed was too fast for people to lock onto him, making it difficult to see his cultivation level. People would rather have less trouble than more, so they ignored him.

If someone else dared to fly through the rank 6 region like this, without going around all the continents, they would definitely be blocked and would even have to worry about their life.

Even with Wang Lin's speed, it would take a long time for him to go from the rank 5 to rank 8 region. If he had to go around all the various sects, it would delay him even more. Thus, he decided to be arrogant for once. No sect or continent was going to make him take a detour!

There were no cultivators that dared to interrupt him, but some of the old monster followed him. Although they couldn't compare to Wang Lin's speed, they followed. They wanted to know why such a powerful cultivator had come to the rank 6 region.

After flying through the rank 6 region for almost 10 days, Wang Lin had passed many continents and sects as he approached the border of the rank 7 region. There were very few cultivators around here.

Wang Lin looked at the rank 7 region. There was a ghostly light that formed a giant formation that prevented cultivators from entering. Unless one had a token, ignoring whether or not they could even break through the formation, the cultivators of the rank 7 sect placed here as guards would attack the moment they tried to enter.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral. He naturally didn't have a token, but instead of slowing down, he flew even faster toward the formation protecting the rank 7 region.

Dozens of old monsters from the rank 6 sects were following behind him. Although they couldn't keep up with Wang Lin, they could feel the fluctuations ahead. They felt strange when Wang Lin entered the border of the rank 6 and 7 region, but soon they understood. This was obviously an old monster who wanted to return to his region. Although it was strange that he didn't use the transfer arrays the upper sects had set up, they didn't think too much about it.

However, just as they were about to leave, they suddenly turned around and stared straight ahead. They all sensed that the person that had charged by their sects didn't slow down outside the formation around the rank 7 region and instead started moving even faster!

These old monsters were all smart, so they realized that this person didn't have a token and had decided to break through! This discovery immediately made them excited, and such excitement was something they couldn't miss!

"It looks like I didn't follow him for all these days for nothing. I'll be able to see someone break through the formation!"

It had been a very long time since someone dared to provoke the might of the rank 7 region, much less break through this formation!

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral as he flew faster and faster on his way to the formation! From a distance, you could see a meteor move at an unimaginable speed toward the formation.

When the cultivators from the rank 7 sect closed in, they saw this, but at this moment, Wang Lin smashed into the formation!

A thunderous rumble echoed across the stars, and the star fog was pushed back. The giant formation flashed violently and cracking sounds echoed.

In an instant, there was a loud bang as countless cracks appeared on the formation and spread like crazy. In the blink of an eye, the formation looked like it was covered in cobwebs until it finally collapsed into countless fragments that scattered due to the force of the impact.

Wang Lin's figure didn't pause for even a moment. After he broke through the formation, he charged through. He flew by those cultivators that were guarding the formation, and his momentum caused them to subconsciously retreat. They could only watch helplessly as Wang Lin left, and not one of them dared to even say a word.

The old monsters from the rank 6 region were all startled. Although they were prepared,when they actually saw it, they were still shocked. Looking at the faint light of the broken formation, these old monsters began to laugh.

They were all powerful cultivators who didn't have much good will toward the rank 7 region, and they found this formation an eyesore. Now that someone had smashed it, they naturally laughed. However, at the same time, they became cautious and began guessing this person's identity.

"This person must be at the Heaven's Blight stage, or else there is no way he could've broken that formation so easily!"

"This has nothing to do with me. Let's see how the rank 7 sects will deal with this. Interesting!"

"That old monster must have an eccentric personality. Rather than using the transfer arrays, he decided to break the formation. He clearly doesn't consider the rank 7 region a threat at all."

After entering the rank 7 region, Wang Lin started moving even faster. He just needed to cross the rank 7 region to enter the rank 8 region. The Wind Celestial Realm was there!

However, there were far more powerful cultivators in the rank 7 region than the rank 6 region. After Wang Lin flew by a continent, four Nirvana Shatterer divine senses rushed out immediately and formed a blockade to stop Wang Lin!

"Which cultivator trespassed on the land of my sect and just wants to leave like this?" A divine sense message echoed from the four divine senses.

Although Wang Lin's injuries hadn't fully healed, it would be impossible to stop him with just four Nirvana Shatterer cultivators. His expression was neutral as he waved his hand while moving forward. A giant pam appeared. This palm was huge and looked like it could cover the entire continent!

The moment it appeared, origin energy gathered like crazy and even the fog began to tremble and twist. A powerful might descended into the world!

The palm print appeared and swept toward the four divine senses before Wang Lin!

"War Spirit Print!!!"

"God Sect cultivator!!"

The four divine senses revealed looks of disbelief and retreated without hesitation. However, the palm was too fast and directly landed on the four divine senses.

A thunderous rumble echoed and created a giant shockwave. Even the continent the sect was on trembled violently and was moved several thousand feet!

This giant palm print rumbled as it flew forward and continued to absorb origin energy. It grew bigger and bigger, and the aura it gave off became more terrifying. Wang Lin followed after the palm print.

With the palm opening the path, the fog began to scatter!

All of this happened in a flash; fast beyond imagination. There were four pavilions on the four corners of the continent that was moved several thousand feet, and each had an elder sitting inside. They all coughed out blood and their eyes filled with shock and fear. They flew out and looked at where Wang Lin disappeared. They could still feel the rumble and gathering of origin energy in the distance.

They were shocked by the War Spirit Print and terrified by the power of the person who used it!

"That person is strong enough to swept through my rank 7 region!"

"Luckily, we didn't provoke him too much or revealed killing intent. We just wanted to him stay to answer a few questions…"

"He was able to injure us with just one palm, and he didn't even use full strength…"

The four of them looked at each other and breathed in a breath of cold air. They felt a burst of lingering fear.

With the War Spirit Print opening the path, a thunderous rumble echoed. Endless amounts of origin energy was sucked in, making the palm even bigger. If it was 100 years ago, Wang Lin would have lost control, but right now he could still handle more!

He flew behind the palm print as he swept through the stars. A shadow appeared before him; it was a wild continent. There was a thunderous rumble as the palm print directly landed on the continent. The continent rumbled and countless cracks appeared on it as the palm print pierced through!

The continent was split into two!

With this power, who in the rank 7 region would dare to resist? Everyone who saw the palm coming escaped quickly. Some were terrified because they calculated that their sects were in the way. They sent out cultivators to move their continent tens of thousands of kilometers away to make a path!

Wang Lin spent almost 10 days with the War Spirit Print opening a path, and he gradually closed in on the rank 8 region!

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