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Chapter 1229 - Target, Wind Celestial Realm!

Wang Lin's return didn't cause any commotion. The great competition was occurring in the rank 8 region, so no one knew of his existence. After all, he was almost unknown in the Cloud Sea.

Even without the festival in the rank 8 region, no one would have known Wang Lin had returned. No one knew that his fame in the Cloud Sea was about to begin.

After withdrawing his gaze, Wang Lin sat down. This wild continent was really out of the way, so very few people would come here. Wang Lin guessed that due to the competition at the main sect starting, even fewer people would be coming.

While pondering, Wang Lin recalled everything that had happened in the Seven-Colored Realm and felt regretful.

"Seven people went and only I returned… When I went, I was only at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser, and now…" Although Wang Lin looked exhausted, his eyes shined and he muttered, "I'm half a step into the Nirvana Shatterer stage!"

Everything Wang Lin had experienced in the Seven-Colored Realm appeared one by one in his mind. Zhan Xingye's skeleton, Sima Mo's cave, the Vermillion Bird's third awakening, absorbing the lighting from the Outer Realm, the Lost Ones, the Enlightened Ones, the dao scripture that he didn't know if it was real or fake, he almost found the All-Seer's secret, he saw the imitation Heaven Defying Beads, and he learned of the existence of the Defying Ones.

He had battled Master Ashen Pine and was hit by the seven-colored nail. He had battled the white-haired old man and devoured the dao fruit. The Heaven Defying Bead had activated and seriously injured the flowers' caretaker. Most importantly, his cultivation level had increased and the mosquito beast had gone through a metamorphosis!

He had obtained the Time Restriction and also the two swords that were stabbed into the mysterious deer remains. All of this made Wang Lin excited. 100 years had passed by quickly, and the difference this period of time made was like heaven and earth!

"Things often change, and there are always gains and losses… In the battle against Master Ashen Pine, the iron sword that accompanied me for many years collapsed. In the battle against the Blue Dream Dao Master, the crystal sword collapsed, the battle axe collapsed, and even my ancient god furnace collapsed… Most importantly, my still fuzzy sixth star shattered."

Wang Lin let out a sigh and muttered, "Fortunately, the star made of law is still there… Although the fuzzy sixth star collapsed, as long as my body goes through the second trial, it can be restored, or if there are some other opportunity. After all, I have already reached that level before, and recovering will be a lot easier than climbing up."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he carefully measured what he had gained and lost. He clearly knew that compared to what he lost, his gains in the trip to the Seven-Colored Realm were far greater!

His right hand waved at the void and his storage space opened. Two dying origin souls flew out. These two origins souls were the two outer realm people with the lightning and fire tattoos.

Wang Lin didn't kill their origin souls but collected them. He pressed his hand down on their origin souls and searched their memories by force. The two origin souls trembled and let out miserable screams. They gradually weakened until they exploded into origin energy, which was absorbed by Wang Lin to help him recover.

Inside the Seven-Colored Realm, Wang Lin had already searched the memories of the youth from the slave clan. Now that he had searched their memories as well, his understanding of the Outer Realm increased.

His eyes lit up and he muttered, "The Ancient Star System… the Five High Ancient Masters!"

While pondering, Wang Lin took out a large amount of healing pills and devoured them while his hands formed a seal before closing his eyes. Although he was healing, his divine sense was spread out. If there was a hint of trouble, he would immediately awaken.

As Wang Lin healed, the origin energy of the world gradually gathered and was absorbed by him.

Time slowly passed. After three days, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His gaze was like a lightning bolt that could pierce through the fog before him.

He stood up. Although the injuries to his body had not fully healed, they wouldn't affect him in a fight; they only needed some time to heal. However, the injuries to his origin soul were very serious, and it would be difficult to recover in a short period of time.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He still felt pain in his origin soul. Even thinking about the palm from the Blue Dream Dao Master now, he was still shocked.

"This is the strength of the third step…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

"Sooner or later, I'll reach that step as well!" Wang Lin looked at the bracelet on his wrist and let out a sigh. He took it off and put it inside his storage space.

He waved his right hand and three origin souls flew out from his storage space.

The first origin soul was Chen Tianjun, but it was only half of it, and it was in a near-death state. It was blurry and looked like it would dissipate if the wind blew on it.

Wang Lin had promised to take him out of the Seven-Colored Realm. Although he was successful, Chen Tianjun's body had collapsed and his origin soul could be destroyed at any moment.

While pondering, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out and slowly entered Chen Tianjun's blurry origin soul.

"Fellow Cultivator Chen, we have left the Seven-Colored Realm." Wang Lin's message echoed in side Chen Tianjun's origin soul.

"Thank you, Fellow Cultivator… Please…Help me one more time… Send me back to the Battle Beast Sect. My teacher can save me." Chen Tianjun's origin soul was too weak, and after sending out this message, his origin soul became even more blurry.

"OK!" Wang Lin agreed, then he waved his hand and put Chen Tianjun's origin soul back inside his storage space. His gaze fell on the second origin soul. It was the old woman in green.

Her eyes were closed at the moment, and although her origin soul was blurry, it showed no sign of collapsed. She was far from Chen Tianjun's state. There was also Wang Lin's seal on her origin soul.

Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and pointed at the old woman's origin soul. After the seal was released, she opened her eyes and looked around. She then silently looked at Wang Lin.

Although her origin soul was not seriously injured, her cultivation method had been broken. Her cultivation level had fallen greatly and she was now only around the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser.

Wang Lin also didn't speak as he coldly stared at the old woman's origin soul.

The surroundings were completely silent, and this silence formed an invisible pressure that shrouded the old woman's origin soul. She revealed a bitter expression and whispered, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, I'm willing to sacrifice my Life and Death Restriction in exchange for my life… If you don't believe me, you can search my soul, but I ask Fellow Cultivator to let me leave alive. After all, there isn't any great grudge between us…" She was sincere and in truth had no heart to look for Wang Lin for revenge. At first she thought she had completely seen through Wang Lin's strength, but she didn't expect him to survive the attack of a cultivator far above them! 

This point made her mind tremble and filled her with fear, so she only hoped to survive. The Seven-Colored Realm was like a nightmare to her.

Wang Lin looked at the old woman's origin soul, and after a long time, he placed his right hand on her head. His divine sense swept through her. She trembled as Wang Lin searched her memories and found the Life and Death Restriction.

A moment later, Wang Lin raised his right hand and a gust of wind pushed the old woman's origin soul off the wild continent and into the stars.

It wasn't until she was tens of thousands of kilometers away that the wind dissipated. The old woman was even more in awe as she bowed toward Wang Lin's direction and left.

The last origin soul was Master Cloud Soul. Since Wang Lin had accepted this person as a slave, he wouldn't treat him badly. However, now was not the time to help him heal. Wang Lin waved his sleeve and put Master Cloud Soul's origin soul back inside his storage space. Wang Lin pondered a bit before taking out an imitation Heaven Defying Bead from his storage space.

He took out one of them and his divine sense went inside. Just as Wang Lin expected, once the bead left the Seven-Colored Realm, it was useless.

"A pity…" Wang Lin frowned and was about to put it away when a thought entered his mind. After thinking carefully for a bit, Wang Lin's divine sense went into the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp. He found the All-Seer's soul and fused with it. Wang Lin's aura changed; it was as if he had become the All-Seer.

His eyes were calm and there was a hint of seven-colored light in them. Even his body gave off seven-colored light. He held the imitation Heaven Defying Bead in his hand and his mind entered it. The bead released a seven-colored glow and showed signs of activating.

Wang Lin clearly felt that as long as he willed it, the sealed spell of the Defying One would appear!

This discovery was a pleasant surprise for Wang Lin. He took a deep breath and dispersed his fusion with the All-Seer's soul. The light from the bead immediately disappeared and returned to normal.

After putting away the jade, Wang Lin was confident. Even though he was seriously injured, these beads would give him a large amount of protection before he fully recovered.

"The most important thing now is to heal and go to the Wind Celestial Realm to obtain a mosquito beast herd. Then I will be able to move as I please in the Cloud Sea!

"As for the Origin Sect's competition at the main sect, it will last for a few more months, so there is no rush to go. Right now I must go to the Wind Celestial Realm as soon as possible!" Wang Lin made up his mind and shot off into the stars at a very fast speed.

He had obtained a large amount of star maps from Peng Lai 100 years ago, and he had already memorized them. Now he moved like a meteor through the fog. This place was already at the border to the rank 6 region. Wang Lin quickly flew through the fog and entered the rank 6 region.

He flew toward the depths according to the star map. He flew at full speed toward the Wind Celestial Realm within the rank 8 region. Although his origin soul was injured, he didn't slow down at all. After he used the speed talismans, his speed was almost on par with first Heaven's Blight old monsters. Along the way, countless cultivators noticed him, and they were all shocked. None of them dared to stop him.

"What speed! Who is that person!?" In the rank 6 region, a group of more than 10 cultivators were flying through and only felt the fog before them rumble violently. An aura suddenly passed them at an incredible speed. It wasn't until this figure was far away that the sonic boom caught up. This person had obviously exceeded the speed of sound.

The expressions of these people changed greatly. They looked at each other and all saw the shock in each other's eyes.

"Even Teacher can't reach that kind of speed. If there is no treasure, then he has to be a peak Nirvana Shatterer or even a rare Heaven's Blight old monster!"

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