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Chapter 1228 - This Old Man's Name is Liu Jinbiao!!

After a century of silence in the Cloud Sea, the great competition between all the branch sects of the rank 8 sects was about to begin. The great competition of the branch sects of the rank 8 sects that happened every 1,000 years was a festive event in the Cloud Sea.

It wasn't just one rank 8 sect; all the rank 8 sects did this at once. The branch sects would arrive at the main sect and go through a new round of examinations. The winning sect would receive rewards and the attention of the main sect. The outstanding disciples would remain at the main sect and be groomed by the main sect.

As for the losers, their status will be lowered again for the next 1,000 years until they were disbanded by the main sect. The remaining disciples would be scattered among the remaining branch sects.

The Origin Sect had continued to fall over the countless years. This was the last opportunity, and if they remained the same, the Origin Sect would be dissolved by the main sect. The disciples, including Lu Yanfei and others, would be sent to the other branch sects. From then on, the Origin Sect would no longer exist. Then the main sect would pick disciples and form a new sect in order to ensure the amount of branch sects remained the same.

The Origin Sect couldn't accept this, but they didn't dare to refuse. If they did, they would be wiped out. After all, the Origin Sect was merely a branch sect.

This brutal method was used to ensure that the rank 8 sects would continue to rise in strength, until one day, all their branch sects would grow to be very powerful and they were granted the status of a rank 9 sect by the God Sect.

Rumor had it that the Heaven Breaking Sect and Ghost Sect both grew like this.

There was a total of five sects in the rank 8 region. They were the Everlasting Sect, the Shadow Wind Sect, the Rainbow Road Sect, the Answer the Heavens Sect, and the Silent Soul Sect.

The Origin Sect and the Purple Dao Sect belonged to the rank 8 Everlasting Sect.

This holy festival was not a chaotic, all-out battle. All the sects were divided into their regions, and the strongest sects of the rank four to seven regions were selected.

Of course, they could also challenge sects above them in rank, like 1,000 years ago when the Purple Dao Sect challenged a rank 6 sect. Although they failed, there was glory in their defeat, as it caught the attention of the rank 8 Everlasting Sect.

Every single rank 8 sect's grand competition would have a member of a rank 9 sect attending. If there were any disciples they liked, they would directly recruit them. Although the rank 8 sects felt helpless, they couldn't refuse.

What was fortunate and sad was that very few people caught the eye of the rank 9 sects. In the past 100,000 years, only three people had caught their attention.

After each rank 8 sect's competition was over, they would choose three of the strongest disciple and began a real battle with the other rank 8 sects. This battle was very important. Although the rank 8 sects themselves couldn't personally join and the rank 9 sect oversaw it, this fight could show a portion of the rank 8 sect's true strength.

A portion of this strength was a display to the rank 9 sect. If the final victor among the rank 8 sects could keep winning for 10,000 years, they would gain a portion of the qualifications needed to enter the rank 9 region!

Every single rank 8 sect began preparing for such a important competition very early. The three people chosen for this important battle had already been set. Although they weren't brought back to the main sect, they were given the same treatment as the core disciples, and people of the main sect personally went out to teach them.

After the Heaven Breaking Sect left the rank 8 region, a total of 17 competitions had been carried out, with victories and defeats spread across the sects. However, 10,000 years ago, with the rise of the Silent Soul Sect, they had won nine times in a row. This was now the 18th competition since the Heaven Breaking Sect left. If the Silent Soul Sect won again, it would only be a matter of time before they become a rank 9 sect.

The Cloud Sea holy competition that occurred every 1,000 year was lively and would last several months. Large amounts of cities and trading grounds would be set up in the rank 8 region. There would often be con artists that would take this opportunity to profit.

Not every con artist could move as if they were fish in water during this competition, but there was one person who had succeeded many times. Each time came, he gained great benefits. He appeared every 1,000 years and cheated countless people. Each time he appeared, he would have a different name.

The sects that were cheated would care about face and would never say it out loud. Even if they secretly investigated, they would find nothing. Also, this person would carefully select the sects he would cheat. He chose sects that were like the Origin Sect, ones that were about to disbanded and had no hope of winning.

These kinds of sects would all be disbanded, so how could they cause any trouble for the con artist? Even if they told someone and someone believed them, in the end they would just get laughed at, so might as well not say it.

The Big Dipper Sect was a weak rank 5 region, and their main sect was the rank 8 Answer the Heavens Sect. Their state was similar to that of the Origin Sect, always ending up in last place. If they failed again, it would be difficult for them to escape the fate of being disbanded.

"The competition will happen in one month and we will be transported to the rank 8 region. Aside from my Big Dipper Sect, the main sect has three more branches here. My Big Dipper Sect places last every time. This time… alas." There were three elders sitting in the hall of the Big Dipper Sect. At this moment, they were frowning and their faces revealed helplessness and confusion along with a trace of unwillingness.

Once their sect was disbanded, although they would be moved to another branch sect, their status would plummet. They would even be ridiculed for their whole lives without any attention put on them. Shame would accompany them for the rest of their lives.

One of the old men bitterly said, "The remaining three sects are all far more powerful than our Big Dipper Sect. We have no hope at all…"

"Unless a miracle occurs… Otherwise, it will be difficult!" Another old man let out a sigh and looked around nostalgically. He knew that once he left, he would likely never return. It would be difficult for the Big Dipper Sect to escape the fate of being disbanded.

The three of them were silently pondering when an oppressive aura filled the room. At this moment, a sharp howl appeared between the heavens and earth. This roar immediately caused the three of them to raise their heads.

A piece of jade broke through the protective barrier of the continent and through the roof of the building. It descended from above and arrived right in the middle of the three of them.

An extremely powerful aura suddenly spread out from the jade and filled the hall. It spread across the entire Big Dipper Sect, making the entire sect show signs of trembling.

Before this aura, the three old men's expressions changed greatly. They stood up one by one as they stared at the jade, their minds trembling. Fear arose in their hearts as this powerful aura made them feel the power of a Nirvana Shatterer spell.

At the same time, an arrogant voice came from the jade and echoed inside the hall.

"Zhu Yunming, born on the Heavenly Sea continent. You began to cultivate at the age of seven when you entered the Big Dipper Sect. 200 years to reach the Core Formation stage and more than 600 years to reach the Nascent Soul stage… Now you have cultivated for thousands of years to reach the early stage of Nirvana Scryer and are the sect master of the Big Dipper Sect.

"Luo Conggang, born on the Heavenly Sea continent. Your father is Luo Haitao… You used a large amount of pills to increase your cultivation level by force and stopped at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer.

"Zhou Chen, you were not born on the Heavenly Sea continent, but on the continent of Zhou Wu. You joined the Big Dipper Sect mid way… Now you have been stuck at the Corporeal Yang stage for 735 years!

"Did this old man speak a single lie?"

"Everything senior said was correct. Senior is?" The three where extremely shocked. Everything this voice had said was detailed, and some of the matters were even things they had forgotten about, but the person knew very clearly. Also, the Nirvana Shatterer aura shocked them and almost made them lose their wits.

"This old man's name is Liu Jinbiao! Dao name: Master Golden Tiger!"

Their expressions became serious. Although they had never heard this name, just a jade from him contained the aura of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. This person also knew everything about them, which made them respect him even more.

Zhu Yunming took a deep breath as he suppressed the shock in his mind and asked, "Senior came here…"

"A great disaster is upon you, and you don't even know it. Three days ago, someone came to me with the intention to pay 60,000 origin crystals for me to take the lives of you three!"

After this, their expressions changed greatly.

"However, I have no quarrel with your Big Dipper Sect. Although I need the origin crystals for alchemy, I feel reluctant to do such a thing. However, if there is no choice, then I can only take your lives." The voice gradually became gloomy and fused with the Nirvana Shatterer aura from the jade. This cause the three of them to immediately turn pale.


"Of course, this is not my will. If the  three of you can take out 60,000 origin crystals or something equivalent, then not only will I not kill the three of you, I'll also help you eliminate the danger of your Big Dipper Sect being dissolved!"

"60,000 origin crystals…" The three of them were shaking and filled with panic. Although they had their doubts, the Nirvana Shatterer aura and the details about their personal lives made that doubt insignificant!

"We don't have that many origin crystals…"

"This old man's time is limited; I will only give you 15 minutes to consider. If you refuse, then this old man will have to kill. If you don't have the origin crystals, you can give me something of equal value."

As Liu Jinbiao was showing off his spells, there was a wild continent deep within the rank 5 region. There was a loud bang within it, as if a powerful impact had come from underground. Countless cracks appeared and a white-haired figure charged out from the bottom!

Wang Lin fell. His face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. However, his divine sense immediately spread out and locked onto the crack under the wild continent that led to the Seven-Colored Realm.

This crack was no longer seven-colored. As Wang Lin's divine sense observed the crack, it quickly collapsed and disappeared.

Seeing this, Wang Lin was filled with uncertainty before his gaze fell on the jade bracelet. The bracelet no longer gave off a blue glow. It was now emerald green again.

After a long time, Wang Lin raised his head as he looked at the Cloud Sea Star System and muttered, "I'm back!"

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