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Chapter 1227 - The Blessing From 100 Years Ago

After their talk ended, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he moved even faster. The six ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly and ancient god energy filled his body. His body immediately grew into an ancient god thousands of feet tall!

Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky and waved his huge first. As the ring finger closed in, he grabbed the trident and swept at the ring finger.

Wang Lin's body trembled violently. Even with his ancient god body, he felt like his body was going to collapse. He borrowed this force and pulled out the trident!

The ring finger trembled from Wang Lin's kick. However, it didn't stopped charging at Wang Lin!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin had a ferocious expression. He had already used his spells, treasures, and law, but he was still inside the palm. It seem like no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't escape Blue Dream Dao Master's palm!

However, this was not enough to make him yield! Wang Lin's eyes were filled with madness. As the ring finger descended, Wang Lin charged up and attacked it like crazy.

Ancient god power was contained within in each one of his attacks. Even a cultivation planet would have collapsed from this bombardment, but the ring finger continued to descend. It seemed to want to crush Wang Lin to death!

The thunderous rumbles echoed nonstop and Wang Lin let out a roar. He was an ancient god, but under this finger, he felt an unprecedented setback. No matter how much he attacked, he couldn't stop the ring finger from descending. Even the most powerful finger, the thumb, was slowly descending!

What made Wang Lin feel even more bitter was that the three broken fingers were absorbing origin energy like crazy and quickly recovering. It seemed like it wouldn't take long for the three fingers he had poured all his effort into breaking to reappear!

"Could this Seven-Colored Realm be my grave? I refuse to give in!!" Wang Lin's eyes were red like a ghost's as he continued to bombard the finger. He clenched his teeth and let out a roar!

The blurry sixth star among the six rotating stars between his eyebrows gave off a crazy amount of ancient god energy. This energy was so heaven-shaking that even the ring finger trembled slightly!

"Star, shatter!!" After Wang Lin had become an ancient god, he had encountered countless dangers, but this was the first time he had chosen to shatter a star! As he roared, the sixth star between his eyebrows suddenly collapsed!

The power of the shattered star turned into a storm and was absorbed by Wang Lin like crazy. The ancient god energy surged through his body, causing his body to expand. Soon, a 20,000-foot-tall giant appeared inside the palm!

Borrowing the shattered star, Wang Lin's ancient god body reached the level of a 7-star royal ancient god. Wang Lin let out a roar as he rushed forward. Even the earth trembled. A crazy aura surrounded Wang Lin as he charged at the ring finger!

He was already prepared to shatter five stars in a row. Today's battle would be the most difficult battle in his life!

In this battle, his body would collapse, his origin soul would dissipate, and his dao would completely scatter. His nearly 2,000 years of cultivator would disappear. There would be thousands of people in the cultivation world named "Wang Lin," but none of them would be him!

Or he would break the five fingers and successfully survive the power of their attack. Then he could walk out of the Seven-Colored Realm that almost became his grave!

The Seven-Colored Realm would be the place where Wang Lin either succeeded or died!

With this kind of madness and a lifetime of unwillingness, Wang Lin seemed to be burning himself. He borrowed the power of the shattered star to become a 7-star royal ancient god and charged at the finger!

"I can't die, I'm not willing to die; I still haven't revived Wan Er! I still haven't let Ping Er be reborn, I still haven't been filial to my dead parents, I still haven't finished my struggle against fate!! There are still a lot of promises I haven't completed, so I can't die!" Wang Lin closed in on the ring finger and threw a punch carrying all his unwillingness!

This was a punch of a 7-star royal ancient god, a punch obtained by shattering his sixth star, and a punch filled with Wang Lin's unwillingness from almost 2,000 years of cultivation!

When this punch flew out, the world changed colors and a thunderous rumble echoed. The three collapsed fingers that were reforming trembled and even the palm paused for a moment.

It was as if the entire world had stopped at this moment.

Wang Lin's fist instantly landed on the ring finger. The power of the shattered star exchanged for this blow entered the ring finger. Wang Lin's body immediately shrank from tens of thousands of feet to only thousands of feet tall!

However, while he shrank, he sent out a blow equal to an all out attack of a 7-star royal ancient god!

"Collapse for me!!" Wang Lin's roar was louder than the collapse of the ring finger. At this instant, the ring finger trembled violently and countless cracks appeared where Wang Lin's punch landed. The finger suddenly collapsed!

Wang Lin's body was completely weak and blood was coming out of the corner of his mouth. He let out a miserable smile and was pushed back by the collapse of the finger. At this moment, the most powerful finger, the thumb, which was comparable to the previous four fingers combined, arrived!

If a person forms a fist, the pinky and index fingers close first, followed by the middle finger and ring finger. The last one is the thumb, and the power of the thumb is extremely strong. When it presses down, it can cause whatever is inside the center of the palm to completely shatter!

Wang Lin knew that even if he shattered all his remaining stars, he wouldn't be able to escape this most powerful blow. However, he refused to just sit there and be crushed.

"I'm a hero in both life and death! Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!! I, Wang Lin, have cultivated for nearly 2,000 years. If I was still a mortal, I would have already been turned to dirt. So what if I die? What is there to be afraid of?" Wang Lin let out a pitiful smile as his hearty voice echoed. He charged directly at the thumb!

"Father, Mother, if there is another life, Tie Zhu will not cultivate! I'll smile with you both for a century!

"Situ, you and I will never be able to meet again.

"Senior Brother Qing Shui, Junior Brother was unable to save you.

"Wan Er, I'm coming to accompany you!

"Mu Bingmei, our grudge is over!

"Wang Ping, our family can now reunite...

"Also, Li Qianmei… You love me, but my heart is dead. However, now that I'm about to die, so what if I take you with me?" Wang Lin smiled as he waved his left hand and his storage space appeared before him. The blue bracelet flew out.

This bracelet gave off a bright blue light like a star and released an inexplicable aura. The moment it appeared, it automatically flew to Wang Lin's left wrist. The blue light gave off a gentle glow that surrounded Wang Lin's body. It still seemed to contain a trace of warmth from 100 years ago, a body heat and warmth that would always exist.

Being surrounded by the blue light, Wang Lin instantly closed in on the thumb!

However, the moment the bracelet appeared and flashed as it flew to Wang Lin's left wrist, a voice filled with incredible shock echoed across the world!

"This is…" The ancient voice almost trembled, revealing an indescribable amount of excitement.

The thumb descending quickly rose up, causing Wang Lin to rush out past it and into the horizon.

This sudden scene startled Wang Lin, but he didn't hesitate. As he flew out, both his hands formed a seal. Following the memories he obtained from Master Ashen Pine, he opened a crack to return to the Cloud Sea!

His body moved like lightning toward the crack. The moment before he disappeared, the palm formed by the Seven-Colored Realm didn't chase but slowly put itself down.

"Treat her well…" The moment Wang Lin went through the crack, the tired, ancient voice appeared in his mind. The voice seemed even more tired and contained a hint of complicated feelings.

After Wang Lin left, the palm formed by the Seven-Colored Realm gradually collapsed as if the spell used to form it was slowly leaving...

"Yue Er…" The ancient voice slowly dissipated...

At this moment, deep within the Ancient Star System, there was a family named the Blue Silk Clan. This clan occupied a boundless star domain. In this star domain, there was an ordinary-looking planet with a mountain shrouded in blue light. The local mortals called it the Blue Mountain.

There was a simple cottage at the top of the mountain that gently swayed in the mountain breeze. The door of the cottage was pushed open and a tired-looking middle-aged man walked out. He looked up at the sky and his vision blurred as if tears were coming out. His hair was blue… He looked at the sky and was filled with melancholy.

If any resident of the Ancient Star System saw this, they would be shocked. One of the five masters of the Ancient Star System, the Blue Dream Dao Master, could have a moment where he couldn't control his emotions.

The Blue Dream Dao Master was a legend in the Ancient Star System. The Blue Silk Clan was a small family, but due to this person, who swept across the Ancient Star System, the Blue Silk Clan became a giant clan no one dared to provoke!

"Meng Er, our daughter has been reborn… She had your bracelet before she entered the reincarnation cycle, and it has the blessing of your Cloud Dream Clan that she inherited from you. If she hadn't personally given it away, even if someone else received the bracelet, her blessing wouldn't have appeared," the man murmured to himself, filled with reminiscence. 

After a long time, ripples appeared and distorted. An old man in white appeared. The moment he appeared, he immediately became very respectful.

"Dao Master, Teacher…" Just as the old man began to speak, the middle-aged man didn't even looked at the old man and interrupted him with one word.


The old man's mind trembled and he didn't dare to speak anymore. Although he was a disciple of the Sovereign, against one of the five masters of the Ancient Star System, he wouldn't dare to be presumptuous. He immediately returned back into the ripples and disappeared without a trace.

"If that child had nothing to do with Yue Er, it would have been fine, but how can I hurt someone who will bring our daughter happiness… So what if that child has the Heaven Defying Bead? I obtained my cultivation by myself and didn't rely on foreign objects. What does the Sovereign's greed have to do with me? Also, the Heaven Defying Bead used to belong to the lord of the Sealed Realm. If I'm unable to open the seal, it might not necessarily be a blessing, but a catastrophe. The lord of the Sealed Realm was a prime example! As for the seal… it is difficult, difficult, difficult!

"It was the lord of the Sealed Realm that opened the nine Seven-Colored Realms, but then they were taken over by my people. I only had the power of that one palm, and after that I had to retreat. Although the Sovereign has been in closed door cultivation for tens of thousands of years, his schemes run too deep. When he made me attack, I fear there might have been another purpose!

"When the Sovereign entered the Sealed Realm back then, he escaped with serious injuries. The warning that spread across the entire Ancient Star System makes one feel awe whenever one thinks about it.

"The place where the Seven-Colored Flowers are planted has been sealed by the Sovereign. Aside from the caretaker, no one else can enter it with their real body. He said it was to prevent the dao intent from being disturbed and for the growth of the flowers to remain uninterrupted, but what is the real reason?

"Also, that child is not simple. His power is heaven-shaking and he possesses the body of a royal ancient god. His character is similar to mine; with his present power he was unexpectedly able to break four of my fingers. Among all the juniors, even in the Ancient Star System, he would be considered the strongest. If he has enough time, he can definitely reach the Void Realms. He also has Yue Er's blessing and support. I wronged Yue Er in her last life, and in this life I won't let anyone hurt her…  I'll support the person she supports! Not even the Sovereign can stop me!" The man looked up at the sky with tears streaming down his face.

The exhaustion he felt in his life came from losing his wife and the regret from the death of his daughter...

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