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Chapter 1226 - Are You the Sovereign?

Now Wang Lin took it out and covered it in blood before it shot out as a ray of green light at the index finger. The index finger was more powerful than the pinky. The crystal sword collapsed the moment it made contact and created a powerful shockwave in the sky.

However, it only caused the finger to pause for a moment and not crack.

However, the moment it paused, the green light closed in and the axe swept by, landing on the finger. Under Wang Lin's control, the battle axe released a destructive aura. Popping sounds echoed as all the seals on the axe were released and its destructive aura was unleashed!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world once more. In this battle, Wang Lin had used almost everything, all his spells and two Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures! The rumbles echoed even louder and an impact even more powerful than when the pinky finger collapsed scattered.

Master Cloud Soul's body could no longer withstand it anymore and exploded. His origin soul flew out, looking miserable, confused, and bleak.

The index finger at the center of the impact still didn't collapse, but there were countless cracks on it The finger mercilessly pressed down on Wang Lin!

At this moment, the sky seemed to be replaced by the index finger. Seeing the index finger closing in, Wang Lin let out a roar and the madness in his eyes became even stronger. There was a flash of light and the ancient god furnace appeared.

The ancient god furnace was one of two ancient god treasures he possessed. It was a treasure personally refined by Tu Si. For Wang Lin, it was something he couldn't fully control and was more profound than it looked.

However, at this moment of life and death, Wang Lin was going all out!

"If I die, what use is a treasure? I don't believe I can't break that index finger!!" As Wang Lin roared, the ancient god furnace seemed to turn solid around him and collided with the index finger.

There was a thunderous bang and Wang Lin felt like he was hit by a cultivation planet. He coughed out blood, his face was pale, and he was seriously injured. The ancient god furnace trembled violently as it was pushed into the ground along with Wang Lin's body!

"Collapse for me!!!" Wang Lin's body suddenly stopped and he stopped himself from sinking more. The other three fingers also replaced the sky and descended like crazy.

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious, revealing madness along with a heaven-defying will. He had lived a life of danger, and the more dangerous it became, the more unyielding he became!

Both in life and death, he would be a hero!

The moment Wang Lin said "collapse," the ancient god furnace released a thunderous rumble. As it rotated, a heaven-shaking aura charged out and formed a storm. The ancient god furnace collapsed inside the storm and charged at the index finger!

The thunderous rumble caused Wang Lin's origin soul to tremble, and his mind took some damage. The mighty index finger suddenly collapsed!

It wasn't like the pinky finger that only half-collapsed, but completely collapsed into rubble. Wang Lin's mind was weak, but his battle intent became even more intense. He was pushed back by the collapse and he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He collected Master Cloud Soul's dying origin soul in the middle of this collapse.

At this moment, he was the only living person in the Seven-Colored Realm!

This spell sent in from the Outer Realm that turned the Seven-Colored Realm into a palm with five fingers had two fingers broken. However, even the completely shattered finger absorbed origin energy like crazy and was recovering at a rapid rate.

Wang Lin didn't have time to think. If he wanted to leave the Seven-Colored Realm, he had to risk it all!

The remaining three fingers continued to close in, and the thunderous rumbles echoed in his ears. The fingers bent as if they were the heavens that would destroy all life and charged Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was breathing heavily. He had used all his spells and treasures. The star formed by his dao rotated rapidly and his body was surrounded in battle intent as the three fingers closed in. The strongest thumb was a bit slower, but the middle and ring fingers arrived almost at the same time.

Wang Lin couldn't face two fingers at the same time.

He threw the trident he had been holding with a roar, and it flew at the ring finger. With the trident blocking the ring finger for a moment, Wang Lin charged at the middle finger!

His figure moved like a meteor and the star of law between his eyebrows rapidly rotated. Blue flames suddenly surrounded his body and more blue flames appeared at the roots of his white hair. It soon swept across his hair until the tip!

If someone looked from a distance, they would clearly see that the giant palm was holding a sea of fire. At the center of the fire was an upright figure; it was the unyielding Wang Lin!

The moment this fire began to burn, endless thunderbolts rushed out like silver snakes. The thunder moved within the fire and also between the fingers, causing crackling sounds.

More and more thunder appeared and completely surrounded the palm. It created a beautiful scene.

In this scene, a giant palm was holding a blue fire while being surrounded by a net of thunder. This would be an unforgettable scene for anyone who saw it!

Inside the blue flames, the star of law between Wang Lin's eyebrows flashed violently. The sea of fire around him shot out toward the middle finger. It was very fast and instantly collided with the middle finger.

The moment they collided, the blue flames around Wang Lin gathered like crazy in his hand and then shot out at the middle finger!

It was as if Wang Lin had launched a monstrous fire at the middle finger and began a life and death battle!

Either the finger collapsed, or Wang Lin would die!

There was no retreat; he had to give it his all!

The blue flames charged at the middle finger like crazy. Wang Lin's face was pale and blood came out of the corner of his mouth. He was personally confronting the middle finger, and he felt the power inside it. It was enough to make his body tremble and rapidly sink.

"I will not resign to this!!" Wang Lin's angry roar echoed across the Seven-Colored Realm. He wouldn't resign himself to this fate. He had just devoured the dao fruit, causing his cultivation level to increase greatly, and saving himself tens of thousands of years to step into the Nirvana Shatterer stage. Just as he was about to leave the Seven-Colored Realm, he was faced with a life and death crisis.

He wouldn't resign to this!

As he roared, the monstrous thunder gathered like crazy and shot at the middle finger along with the blue flames! The thunderous rumbles now were even more intense than before, and large amounts of cracks appeared in the sky. These cracks were immediately ripped open and expanded the moment they appeared.

Although these rumbles were loud, they couldn't cover up Wang Lin unyielding words!

"I won't resign myself to this!!" The star made of law between Wang Lin's eyebrows rotated even faster. As the fire and thunder bombarded the finger, the power sealed by Wang Lin exploded forth!

This power wasn't extremely strong, but after fusing with fire, thunder, and the battle domain, it formed a new law! It was a law that belonged only to Wang Lin!

The moment this law exploded, the space around Wang Lin twisted as if time had overlapped and couldn't mix with the world. This area of distortion became even larger until it enveloped the entire middle finger. Wang Lin let out a roar of madness, and as the distortion from this law appeared, his body stopped sinking.

Not only did it not continue to sink, but as Wang Lin's veins swelled, he raised the middle finger and charged into the sky!

The twisted ripples surrounded the middle finger. The power of law fused with fire and thunder along with Wang Lin's charge broke the finger!

The moment it collapsed, Wang Lin was thrown out and he fell on the ground. He fell on the palm, and his own blood dyed his body. The star made of law between his eyebrows gradually dimmed and hid itself.

He was seriously injured, but the moment he landed, Wang Lin kicked off again toward the ring finger!

The trident was stabbed into the ring finger, giving Wang Lin a chance, but if he gave up now, all would be for naught!

There was only one previous occasion where Wang Lin was this desperate. The first time was his battle against the All-Seer in the Demon Spirit Land. This was his second time in his almost 2,000 years of cultivation!

A tragic aura came from Wang Lin's body. His face was without blood, and while he was seriously injured, his battle intent didn't weaken. Instead, it seemed…. even more fierce!

Some people were born for battle, born for slaughter, born to defy the heavens! Wang Lin was this kind of person!

After he fused with Zhan Xingye's battle domain, Wang Lin became even more like this!

"Life is precious and should be cherished, but I'm not afraid of death! However, I must die with dignity and self-worth!" Wang Lin let out an earth-shattering laugh that would even frighten ghosts!

Even this mysterious existence that had remained unfazed for countless years was slightly moved!

"If you can survive the power of the palm, I won't kill you!" A weary voice echoed across the world.

"Are you the Sovereign of the Outer Realm!?" Wang Lin flew into the air and charged at the ring finger.

"This old man from is from the High Ancient Blue Silk Clan, Blue Dream Dao Master!"

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