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Chapter 1223 - Shocking Change

Inside the first cave, Wang Lin opened the bag of holding. There were a lot of origin crystals inside. It seemed that Chen Tianjun had indeed been earnestly collecting them. He waved his right hand and all the origin crystals from the bag were dumped out on the surrounding restrictions.

Popping sounds echoed as all the origin crystals Wang Lin had placed before had all their origin energy drained and dissipated into dust. As they dissipated, the new origin crystals fell.

Large amounts of origin energy entered the mosquito beast through the restrictions. Large amounts of vitality entered the mosquito's body, and it slowly recovered from its weakened state.

The purple on its body disappeared and was replaced by a faint, golden glow.

The golden light was very dim, but when it appeared, the mosquito's body released pressure.

100 years of refining with enough origin crystals to make any sect's heart ache, along with a special method, finally allowed the mosquito beast to successfully transform.

As origin energy continued to enter it, the mosquito beast looked better and better, and it began to struggle and roar. Finally, when about 70% of the origin crystals in the bag were consumed, the mosquito beast let out a roar and rushed out of the cocoon. The moment it flew out, its sharp mouth stabbed into the cocoon and sucked it dry.

The loud roar echoed out of the cave. The pale, golden mosquito beast was very cheerful as it circled Wang Lin. Its large mouth kept licking Wang Lin, and it seemed very excited.

The size of the mosquito beast had changed. It was now only 30 feet long, but it gave off an aura that rivaled Nirvana Cleanser cultivators.

Wang Lin smiled as he waved his right hand to put the mosquito away. The mosquito beast was his ace, and before he had his own horde, he wouldn't let others see it.

After walking out from the cave, Wang Lin pondered a bit and then took away all things in the caves, including the giant pill furnace. As for the caves with the Lost Ones and Enlightened Ones, they were now all empty. All of them had died in his battle with the white-haired old man when the white-haired old man summoned all of their dao intents.

Even the old man in the eighth cave had disappeared without a trace. There were only bones and ashes on the ground now.

Although Sima Mo had found all his sect members, none of them had awakened, and they all dissipated. Wang Lin let out a sigh as he stood outside the sixth cave and his hand pressed down on the stone gate.

The Time Restriction rippled, but at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his right fist mercilessly smashed into it. A powerful impact came from Wang Lin and landed on the rock.

Also, the star formed by Wang Lin's law flashed at this moment. There was a heaven-shaking rumble as the rock under his fist cracked and collapsed!

Chen Tianjun personally saw this. He gasped and looked at Wang Lin in awe. Even Master Cloud Soul outside the valley noticed it, and his mind trembled.

The moment he opened the rock, Wang Lin could clearly feel that he was much stronger than before. This feeling was very good...

Wang Lin entered the cave, picked up the jade inside, and scanned it with his divine sense. Just as he expected, the jade contained the method of the Time Restriction!

Using the same method, Wang Lin opened the seventh cave and also took the jade inside. Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense, and after memorizing the Time Restriction, he crushed the jade.

The Time Restriction was one of the four great restrictions, and even Sima Mo required 100 years to learn it. This restriction was so profound that it needed careful studying to learn. It was also powerful, and if Wang Lin's cultivation level hadn't increased greatly, or he didn't have great knowledge in restrictions, or he hadn't inherited the Annihilation restriction, he could not have broken it so easily.

In addition, the most important part was that Sima Mo hadn't learned the true essence of the Time Restriction. After all, he didn't have enough time and only just barely learned it.

Wang Lin wouldn't allow others to learn it from the jade due to his negligence. Therefore, he destroyed the jade so that only he could master it.

This ninth cave had the most restrictions and was also the most mysterious among all of Sima Mo's caves. Wang Lin saw seven-colored fog inside but couldn't see inside the fog.

Moving forward, he arrived outside the ninth cave. He placed his right hand on the rock and pressed down. Ripples spread across the rock and it slowly became transparent. Wang Lin's eyes were like lightning as he looked inside the cave and saw the seven-colored fog that seemed to have existed for an eternity.

The seven-colored light seemed to leak out from the cave, lighting up this dark valley.

Looking at the seven-colored fog inside the cave, Wang Lin vaguely saw something. At the center of the seven-colored fog was a skeleton.

It was the corpse of a beast, and it looked like a small deer. However, there was a short sword stabbed into the beast's bones!

The moment Wang Lin saw this, his eyes lit up. He clearly remembered that he had seen something like this before in the Seven-Colored Realm!

He didn't understand what this meant. After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin's right fist fell on the rock. Popping sounds echoed, but the rock didn't collapse.

Wang Lin frowned, then his hands formed another first and he let out a cold snort. There was a loud rumble, and the entire valley seemed to tremble. The amount of cracks increased until the rock shattered into countless fragments.

The seven-colored fog didn't change at all due to the collapse of the rock; it still stayed in a blob and moved strangely. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly walked into the cave. He stopped outside the fog and began to carefully observe it with his divine sense.

After a long time, Wang Lin's expression changed and he saw some clues. This fog hadn't appeared out of nowhere, it seemed to… it seemed to have come from skeleton of the deer.

"Interesting…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he raised his right hand to reach into the fog, but his expression suddenly changed and his right hand stopped. At his moment, he could clearly feel the All-Seer's origin soul struggling to charge out from the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp.

This was the first time a soul that was sealed and removed from the reincarnation cycle showed signs of struggle when it wasn't summoned.

Wang Lin's mind immediately entered the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp. He swept through the 18 layers of hell to where the All-Seer's soul was and fused with it without any hesitation.

Wang Lin's aura gradually changed drastically. He no longer looked like Wang Lin but became the All-Seer. He was calm, as if everything in the world was under his control and nothing could move him.

Feeling the All-Seer's soul, Wang Lin could clearly sense the soul's desire for the seven-colored fog. This desire was very strong; it was obvious from its attempt to break out from the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

"Desire… I want to see what use this seven-colored fog has to you!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a seven-colored light and his right hand reached into the fog.

Just at this instant, the seven-colored fog churned and entered Wang Lin's right hand. Soon, all the seven-colored fog disappeared, but more appeared from the beast bone, and that new fog was also absorbed by Wang Lin's right hand.

The fog entered Wang Lin's origin energy and went directly into the Celestial Sealing Stamp. The All-Seer's soul began to absorb it like crazy, and as he absorbed, it was as if he had gone from being an illusion to having flesh and blood. Wang Lin felt like he was looking at the real All-Seer rather than a fusion of two souls from the All-Seer's avatars!

Time slowly passed. After 15 minutes, the beast bone no longer gave off seven-colored fog. All the fog that went into Wang Lin's body was absorbed by the All-Seer's soul. The All-Seer's soul sat down as if he was cultivating to digest. The feeling that Wang Lin disliked a lot became more and more clear.

"Very interesting…" Wang Lin observed for a while and then withdrew his divine sense. His gaze fell on the short word inside the beast's bones.

Wang Lin pulled out the sword and carefully looked at it. There was also a seal on it, and it was exactly the same as the one he got before. The moment he pulled out the sword, the beast bone turned into ashes.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin knew it was not the time to release the seal. He put away the short sword and walked out of the cave.

Looking at the dark sky, Wang Lin softly said, "Let us leave!" With that, he moved and took Chen Tianjun out of the valley. Master Cloud Soul followed as they charged toward the edge of the Seven-Colored Realm.

The three of them quickly moved with Wang Lin as the lead, and an aura suddenly appeared in the distance. It was the old woman in green. She seemed very hesitant and didn't dare to come in too close, instead opting to follow behind them.

The four rays of light flew across the sky and arrived at the edge of the Seven-Colored Realm. They arrived at where the altar was when they arrived, but the altar had collapsed.

Standing here, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and the method to leave he had obtained from Master Ashen Pine's memories appeared in his mind. His hands moved faster and faster and seals appeared in the void. As it gave off a gentle light, a hidden crack seemed to slowly open.

However, just at this instant, Wang Lin's expression changed, his hands stopped, and his head looked up at the dark sky. At this moment, a giant vortex appeared out of nowhere. When it appeared, it seemed to cause the dark sky to collapse and made the fragments of the sky part of the vortex.

Two ruthless gazes that had been marked by the passage of time appeared within the vortex and fell on Wang Lin!

"You've devoured my dao fruit and you want to just leave like this?"

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