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Chapter 1222 - Master Cloud Soul Yields

Wang Lin stepped outside the mountain while pondering. The crack above the mountain had disappeared along with all the light, and the Seven-Colored Realm had entered darkness once more.

Looking at the darkness before him, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out. Just as he was about to leave, he was startled and looked down at a valley below.

"Come out and see me!" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it contained a majesty that couldn't be refused.

His cold voice echoed inside the valley like a blast of cold wind. The entire Seven-Colored Realm trembled. It was like the word of law; anyone who heard it would feel their mind tremble.

Master Cloud Soul was sitting inside a cave in the valley. He had awakened the moment the light appeared above the mountain and Wang Lin returned. Following that, he felt panic and an inexplicable sense of fear.

He vaguely guessed that the person from 100 years ago seemed to have… returned...

His killing intent from 100 years ago had mostly dissipated with the passage of time. Just as he was hesitating, he felt an aura that almost made him lose his wits appear. At the same time, those cold words crashed into his body from all directions and landed directly on his origin soul.

His face was pale and a thunderous rumble seemed to echo inside his ears. A faint, blue flame appeared around him as if it was burning him, and thunder spread across the entire flame, causing his body to feel numb.

What shocked him even more was the crazed battle intent inside his heart. If he could vent this battle intent, it would be fine, but it was locked inside his body. This battle intent burned his origin soul, so much so that the pain even caused him to let out a miserable groan even with his cultivation level.

What made him feel even more terrified was that he had a powerful feeling that if he didn't go out immediately, the other party only needed but a thought to kill him!

"This… This… How could he be… this strong!!!" Master Cloud Soul's face was completely pale and filled with fear. He could clearly feel that the difference between the Wang Lin now and the Wang Lin from 100 years ago was like the distance between heaven and earth!

Master Cloud Soul charged out of the cave without any hesitation and saw Wang Lin floating in the sky. The moment he saw Wang Lin, his mind went blank and the pounding of his heart replaced everything.

The surroundings were completely silent without a single sound, but in Master Cloud Sea's mind, the world had become Wang Lin's palm. He was trapped inside Wang Lin's palm with no chance of escape. His life was no longer in his own control, but in the hands of the person before him.

In particular, he got a strange feeling from between Wang Lin's eyebrows. Although there was nothing there, he felt like there was an eye staring a thim.

The eye contained a law he couldn't imagine. He felt like the blue flame, thunder, and battle intent that could collapse his origin soul had all come from that third eye.

Back when Wang Lin distorted his transfer, making him appear in a valley filled with fierce beasts, although he felt fear, it was insignificant compared to this moment. In his view, the aura Wang Lin gave off could sweep the entire Seven-Colored Realm, and he was like an ant before Wang Lin!

This feeling became stronger and stronger, causing Master Cloud Soul's face to become even more pale.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Master Cloud Soul and raised his right hand. He pointed at the void and his cold gaze collided with Master Cloud Soul.

A strange mark appeared from Wang Lin's right hand and slowly flew toward Master Cloud Soul. This mark wasn't fast, and if Master Cloud Soul wanted to dodge, it would be very easy.

However, before Wang Lin's stare cold, sweat came from Master Cloud Soul's forehead, and he didn't dare to move. He had a strong feeling that if he dared to move, what awaited him would be a slaughter.

He believed that Wang Lin could do it and even instantly kill him! This was a sense of prediction he had gained from countless years of cultivation. He had never felt it as clearly as today!

He helplessly looked at the mark closing in and began to struggle, but in the end he gave up all resistance. He allowed the mark to embed itself deeply between his eyebrows.

The moment the mark landed, the blue flame, thunder, and battle intent inside his origin soul gathered between his eyebrows. They fused with the mark, and after flashing a few times, it disappeared.

Master Cloud Soul secretly let out a breath of relief, then he became very respectful and whispered, "This old slave greets Master."

With his cultivation level, he could naturally see that the mark was not to kill, but to control. Although the other party hadn't explicitly said it, Wang Lin's actions revealed his intent.

Either live as Wang Lin's slave or die!

This was indeed Wang Lin's idea. If Master Cloud Soul didn't yield, he wouldn't mind killing him. Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from Master Cloud Soul and calmly asked, "How long have I been asleep for?"

Master Cloud Soul felt bitter in his heart, but there was no unwillingness in it. However, there was a trace of confusion, especially when he thought about the Wang Lin from 100 years ago. He couldn't help but let out a sigh.

When he heard the question, he quickly and respectfully answered, "Master has been asleep for 99 years."

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, but his heart was shocked. He stared at the dark world before him and silently pondered.

"So… This much time has passed…"

Master Cloud Soul didn't dare to disturb Wang Lin's pondering; he just looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression. He could have never dreamt that the person he looked at with disdain 100 years ago would become his master.

A moment later, Wang Lin's body trembled and he flew off into the distance. Master Cloud Soul followed after and sighed in his heart.

With Wang Lin's current cultivation level, he moved very fast and arrived at Sima Mo's valley. Due to Wang Lin's will, this place was spared when the fire and thunder swept across the Seven-Colored Realm.

He waved his right hand Wang Lin walked into the valley. Master Cloud Soul respectfully stood outside the valley. Without Wang Lin's command, he wouldn't dare to enter even half a step.

Inside the valley, Wang Lin looked at the familiar scene. These 100 years had passed by so quickly that he was caught unprepared, which made him feel a sense of crisis.

"Tuo Sen should have already escaped!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he went straight for the first cave. His divine sense spread out and he let out a sigh of relief.

Inside the countless restrictions in the first cave, all the origin crystals had been used up and all the beast souls were gone. The mosquito beast was lying on the ground with a cocoon-like structure around it. It was extremely weak and seemed to have no strength to break free.

The moment Wang Lin's divine sense entered, the weakened mosquito beast immediately opened its eyes. There was a hint of confusion in them, but soon they filled up with joy. It began to struggle, but at this time, it still lacked enough origin crystals to complete its transformation, so it couldn't break free.

After Wang Lin saw this, his heart ached as he opened the cave and went inside. His right hand reached at the void and a crack to this storage space opened. All the origin crystals he had flew out.

The moment these origin crystals appeared, they released dense origin energy and flew toward the cocoon. They mosquito beast start absorbing them so it could continue its metamorphosis.

"Go bring Chen Tianjun here. He should still be alive!" Wang Lin's divine sense message penetrated out of the valley and entered Master Cloud Soul's mind.

Master Cloud Soul respectfully acknowledged before he charged off into the distance.

Chen Tianjun was sitting inside the same cave from 100 years ago. His mind felt very complicated during these 100 years, and his hopes of leaving seemed to have disappeared. He often stared blankly at the dark world before him and thought about his life before entering here.

"Teacher and my fellow brothers should be in the rank 9 region on the battlefield against the fierce beasts… That's where I should be… I shouldn't be here…"

He had spent the last 100 years alone in this dark world. He had become desperate, but the moment Wang Lin awakened, that bright light that appeared in the darkness made Chen Tianjun tremble.

He wanted to leave this place, he wanted to leave this place very much. This kind of anxious mood was enough to burn his soul. He suddenly stood up before he rushed out and looked into the distance, and his mind trembled.

"He…. He came back!!!"

Just as he waited anxiously, Chen Tianjun immediately saw the ray of light in the distance. He saw Master Cloud Soul inside the light and immediately felt his heart skip a beat, and he retreated a few steps. He became very cautious.

Master Cloud Soul floated in the air and coldly looked at Chen Tianjun. He slowly said, "Fellow cultivator Chen, Master wants to see you. Please follow me."

"Master?" Chen Tianjun was startled, and after silently pondering for a bit, he seemed to remember something. He took a deep breath and followed Master Cloud Soul without a word.

Shortly after, Chen Tianjun arrived in Sima Mo's valley. He clearly felt Wang Lin's aura here, and his eyes revealed ecstasy.

"Fellow Cultivator Chen, please come in," Wang Lin's voice said from inside the valley. Chen Tianjun excitedly entered the valley. He immediately saw Wang Lin's figure outside a cave.

"Brother Lu…" When Chen Tianjun saw Wang Lin, his voice trembled in excitement. After 100 years of waiting, the day had finally come. Even he found it difficult to control his mood.

"Did you get enough origin crystals?" Wang Lin nodded slightly.

"Enough, more than enough!" Chen Tianjun raised his hand and opened a crack to this storage space. He took out a bag of holding and respectfully handed it to Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin accepted it, he scanned it with his divine sense before leaving one sentence and walking into the cave.

"Wait for me. I'll take you out of here!"

Chen Tianjun had waited 100 years for this. He took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement. He then looked up at the dark sky. At this moment, even the dark sky seemed brighter.

"We can finally leave!"

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